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Exclamation My Mother was Raped by a Dog

This incredible story has recently happened to my mom. Her name is Ludmila, we live together with her, not in a large private house, after we lost dad. I know my mother loves me and spoils constantly, all I want, she buys for me. Even with fifteen years I was interested in astronomy. And on my birthday she gave me a telescope.
Now every night I see the stars in the sky, I installed it in the window facing the street. Sometimes during the day look to the neighbors in the window, where you can often see interesting things. But in addition to neighbors, most of all I like to spy my mom.
She, in her thirty-five years a slim figure and a beautiful bust. I have a very strict and always walks around the house in closed outfits. So my vantage point is the bathroom, from a small window in the bathroom I often watch as she bathes. These days I have a real feast, and in the evenings, after going to see a lot of mom's naked body, I lay me down to sleep and before going to sleep can definitely masturbate a couple of times.

The other night I put the ladder up to the window of mother's bedroom and decided to see what she was doing there. The night was dark, the neighbors have no lights, so I confidently stood on the first rung and began to climb up. Mom was sitting in front of a mirror in a thin robe, under it was only the silk panties. She suddenly stood up from his stool and headed for the door, I flew like crazy from the stairs and ran to her bedroom.

He slammed the door of the house. I looked out my window and saw my mother, she was carrying a bag of garbage. Usually a car came by the dumpsters at about one o'clock. Which is probably why she decided to throw a package before, so stray dogs don't pilfered it across the street.

Mom, of course, did not know that I'm watching her. All in the same night gown she ran out into the street, not intending to stay there for a long time. But as luck would have it just before the container exploded bag, and all the garbage scattered on the asphalt. She swore, the first time I heard swear words from her lips. Then she ran for the broom and dustpan. I pointed the telescope to the street. When mom bent down and started to collect the garbage, I instantly jumped up dick in your pants. I grabbed his hand and began to masturbate.

The telescope saw one stray dog came to my mother's back. And then events began to develop quite spontaneously. I hear my mother's scream, the dog suddenly stuck its snout under her mother's robe back between her legs. She turned around and saw a huge dog. I heard again a three-tiered Mat. Mom pushed the dog leg and swore again.
Then became more and more interesting. Most likely, the dog smelled my mother's smell, when he climbed his nose into her panties. Instead of running away from shock, he walked a few steps, but to escape absolutely not going to. Mom once again waved at the dog with his fist and went on to sweep the garbage. As I stood waiting, it was over, even a little bit fantasized.
I imagined that my mother's Bathrobe can be opened, and maybe I'll see what it is. The telescope has increased all the details down to the smallest details. My mom was standing up like in front of me in the room a step away from me.
The dog then resumed its attack, mum didn't even have time to react.

- What are you doing, damn dog! "cried the mother, when the mouth of the dog shut on the hem of her robe.

Horny beast pulled him along with her mother. But she did not panic and once again he hit the dog leg to the side. It was her fault. The dog freaked out and my mom got scared no joke.

Oh, yay!!! He will break me now!!!

But to call for help somehow didn't. Perhaps, he was frightened that the dog will become more aggressive. Or maybe, afraid of neighborhood gossip, suddenly word will get out, as she in the morning one in the robe, almost on the bare body takes out the garbage, and even with a stray dog in the neighborhood. She just started crying, the dog cut off her path to the house, there was nowhere to retreat. The dog bared his formidable fangs and growled. He began to move her mom, she slowly started to retreat backwards towards the garage.

- What do you want, stupid animal? - in a whisper asked mom. You're a bad dog!

The dog was advancing, and the mother departed farther and farther from home. It is already quite close to the garage and accidentally tripped on a rock. I saw how she fell and fell hard, a few minutes she lay without moving, and when he wanted to get to his feet, the dog came close to it. Now it was clear what he wanted from my mom, and he wasn't going to tear her to death, but rather took another his bitch and wanted to fuck. Mom was already up to her knees, her ass sticking up. The dog grabbed her Bathrobe and began to shake his head in different directions. The subtle matter instantly exploded and turned into small rags. The belt of the Bathrobe was untied, and its floors broke apart. I saw my mother's naked Breasts hanging down nipples. The dog again pulled the remnants of his robe and it completely broke off, leaving the mom in a Thong.

My cock stood stake, I had already cum a few times watching this scene.
Mom was crying loudly, but again not invited. The torn robe lying next to her, the dog scratched her mother's feet, they were covered in blood. I only had time to see how he jumped on mom's back and grabbed her by the hair with his teeth. It was the first time mom screamed, but nobody heard. I couldn't see, but I knew that it's fucking dog. The screaming stopped, now the dog was standing with my mother in the castle. Their Asses were tightly pressed one to another. In about fifteen minutes-twenty, I saw, as the dog cock popped out of my mother's vagina. The dog stepped aside and growled, and then began to lick her wet club.

Mom still continued to stand with cancer, she was terrified from the fact that it just happened. After some time, she slowly got to her feet and walked slowly from the garage. The dog wasn't paying her any attention.
I heard the entrance door slammed. Then mom came upstairs and walked into the bathroom. I quietly went out into the corridor. Went to the toilet and looked out of the window. The mother stood before the mirror and examined her body, her cheeks still streaming with tears.

Maybe I still should have intervene and not allow the dog to fuck her. But on the other hand, why she behaved and did not call for help? All of this remains a mystery - I thought, and looked again into the bathroom.

Mom already stepped into the shower and lathered my body with the soiled washcloth. Great attention she paid her pussy, carefully rubbing her soapy foam. I even first thought that she Masturbates, so very long her hand lingered on her vagina. And indeed, I distinctly heard my mother's moans.

- How do I now calmly and safely. The dog I was first scared, and then I even got some pleasure. So I still have no fried!!!

Yeah it was great, but on the other hand, what a shame, with a dog on the street!!! Good thing no one saw!!

The next morning we met mom in the kitchen. She behaved as if nothing had happened. Like yesterday never happened. We had Breakfast and I went to the river. On the way I met the right dog.

- And it would be great to put it in our yard and open the front door to the house. I wonder what would be next? If after the river meet him again I will.

Nakupavshis, we decided it was time to go home, in my stomach from hunger was growling guts. Almost near the house again saw the dog.

- So it's still destiny! - I decided and called the dog to him.

I opened the gate and let him in our yard. When they come into the house, deliberately left the door open.

- Hey mom I'm home. Very hungry, what have we got for dinner?

- Sit down at the table, I've got everything ready.

Before she had this to say, as in the doorway of the kitchen appeared the muzzle of a dog.
Mom saw my abuser yesterday and dropped the plate on the floor. You should have seen her face! It is skewed, whether from fear, or surprise.

- Son!!! - mom screamed and hid behind my back. How did he get here?

- Don't worry! He doesn't bite, is an affectionate dog! - did I look that I know nothing about her yesterday's meeting with the dog.

- Tender mean? You should have seen me last night he nearly broke when I was taking out the trash!!

- Quickly put him out of the house, I'm afraid of him.

- Yes, last night I really saw it you ....

- What? What did you say? - boiled mother.

I saw the way that dog fucked you. But most importantly I heard how you spoke about it out loud is in the bathtub. And I think you even really liked.

The mother's face instantly reddened, she lowered her head down and went quiet. The pause lasted about a minute.

- Well, so mom, since we all know now and have nothing to hide, it might still leave him to live with us?

"Son, since you saw everything yourself, you know that I didn't want the dog he attacked me.

I don't blame you, I was just wondering. You said in the bathroom that you still haven't been fucked and that you liked it.

- Yes, said. But it's probably not right!

- Why not right? Moreover, in addition to this we saw no one will ever know!

- Tell me honestly, would you want to try it again?

Mother pondered long before answering.

- I don't know son. Maybe I would, but I'm ashamed of you to discuss such things!

"But I still saw everything yesterday, so that you now I have nothing to be ashamed of. Let's feed the dog.

Mom put the dog in a plate of food and carefully walked up to him. Cautiously held out his bowl and put it on the floor. The dog wagged his tail and began to tuck into smelling dinner.

- The first thing necessary to invent him the nickname " I said. Would you like it called?

- Bastard!!! - cried the mother.

- Well, you already have enough to pout at him, no such nicknames. Let's call him a Pirate.

"As you wish, let it be the Pirate. I don't care.

Now we need to atone it, but some of it bears heavily of dog.

- Mother type in the bathroom while I take a smoke.

Ten minutes later, I dragged the dog into the bathroom, and my mother and I began to clean it. I held the dog by the collar, and mother, pouring on his back half a bottle of shampoo, started to wash. When her hand dropped on his belly in the center of the rear paws, the dog cringed, but continued to stand without moving.

- Wow!! - exclaimed the mother. Yeah that's it!!! And that huge cock he fucked me yesterday? How did he not ripped me my whole crotch? Look son, what is it hefty.

I looked down and there indeed did I behold a police baton. Fuck dark pink out of its hood, probably by 25 centimeters, no less, and hung his head pointed down. Mom took it in her hand and began to stroke the dog whined slightly.

- Again, very sorry son, but I can no longer restrain yourself, you look at this treasure?!!!

- Mom, I want to kiss him?

- I'd be afraid!

- I'm with you, fear nothing!! - I said confidently.

Mom bent down and pulled his cock back between his legs. I with one hand holding the dog by the collar, and the other removed the tail of the dog to the side. Mom opened her mouth and lightly touched the small appendage on the tip of a sharp member of PSA. From him constantly dripping ejaculate.

- Sour taste, and nothing!!! mom said and inserted the cock slightly deeper in her mouth.

I heard the sound of her working sponges, so sweet she slurped the dog's cock that I wanted to participate and give to mom to try my dick to taste.

- I don't want to compare it with mine? "I said, and pulled the tip of the prick out of your pants.

- OOO!! Yes, he, too, is not so little anymore.

Mom pulled my rod completely out of his pants and smacked into my little red head.

- Your son of course tastier. Maybe it will suffice to wash?! Wipe the dog and went into the room she said.

When I walked with the dog in her mother's bedroom, she was sitting naked on the chair. Legs wide apart, he called us to himself. I let the Pirate, and the dog immediately stuck his black nose between her legs. When I saw the long tongue of the dog, which was licking my mother's furry pussy, instantly excited. My cock was standing for twelve hours and waited for me to further action. I decided that mom needs a second lover. My penis slid across her lips, she opened her mouth and kissed my prick. I hugged her head in his hands and deeper he inserted his cock into her throat. At the bottom of cunnilingus from a dog, and at the top a blow job from your mom.

- A wonderful trio! - I thought.

After a couple of minutes, my sperm has filled all my mother's mouth. As long as she could, swallowed, and the rest of the liquid ran down her beard. The filibuster has to Shine polished my mother's pussy and stepped aside with a hanging tongue, came out of his mouth, he panted, his drool splashing on the floor.

- I think the dog is ready. I'll make you a bed on the floor, something soft, not to put pressure knees and elbows.

"You're so thoughtful!! Why I haven't noticed before.

- It turns out we still have to say thank you for this wolfhound that he brought us together with you son. I mean in terms of sex.

- That's right mommy " I said and spread a soft blanket on the floor.

- Everything ready, can pose.

Mom got on all fours, I saw her juicy hole, and I wanted to fuck her, but the Pirate beat me to it. He's like a hungry beast jumped on mom's back and began to move his pelvis, thumping into my mother's ass. I ran to him and brought a camera, and then began to take off. The dog tried several times to copulate with my mother, but nothing worked. The dog jumped off of her back and again began to lick her holes. Then he jumped on her and so several times until we actually hit the target. My mother screamed, and I realized that the Pirate had entered her, but that's the kind of hole I could not see.

- Oooh, son, it worked! mom said and groaned.

Pirate so quickly rammed her from behind, the mom's body went back and forth like a Shuttle. The moans escalated into screams when a huge ball of dog stuck inside of her.

- Oh, son, he grew inside my vagina and squeeze on the walls! I have twice managed to finish. It's not sex, but just a miracle of light.

For twenty minutes they stood in the lock, and I held a Pirate by the collar so he wouldn't twitch and didn't hurt my mom. When their Union broke up, the dog walked to the side, licking his heroes.
Mom remained standing, as if inviting me to take a seat dog. I, without thinking twice did, but for some reason disdained to insert his cock into mom's pussy after the dog and abruptly entered her anus. He was well soaked in dog sperm and from the mother's repeated orgasms was well relaxed. So, what dickhead came into the sphincter without any problems. Mom even did not have time oyknut by surprise. Realize what had happened, only whined like a bitch on wheels.

- OOO!!! And ass is also very nice. Well done, son! Insert deeper, I want to cum with you!!!

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