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Exclamation Additional classes of Rape

At the Age of 16 Years, Igor finally realized what he have unlimited power over the Girl. Big, handsome, he is the sport, and the Girls he fell down at the Feet of the lots. The father of Igor was in the Army and often moved the Location of the Service. Respectively, his Son had to often School. But, Unlike other Military Children, for the Young man, a Womanizer, was just for Fun. In each School repeated the same Story: the Girl without a Memory of falling in love with Igor. The Guy enjoyed their first Success in the case of Classmates and in a Penny do not put Your Attention on your Person. Little by little, became more cold, to stop the Violence and even cruel in Dealing with Them.
In this Summer, a Father again in a new Part, and in the Fall won Igor Girl's Heart back-to-School. After a Month of Education to him to the Death boring that you fell in love with Looks, and Dating Fans, and he began to think like him to talk, but at the same Time, and make fun of these "stupid Chickens". Bright, in his Opinion, the Idea arose immediately. In his Class they learned how to 15 Girls, and each one of Them wrote a note with an Invitation to a meeting. Where appointed to all the same Time and the same Place of the half of the Depth of the Roundabout at the old city Park. Goodbye, of course, didn't want to come, and you wanted it to in the next Ward Bushes a lot to see and to laugh about the Reaction of the Girl, who come to meet with him.
Everything happened exactly as he thought: Classmates, gathered in the Pavilion almost at the same time, and some Time ago, I could not understand what is Going on. And until We achieve that Igor is only making fun of Her. Someone the Girl was crying, someone shouted. Gradually they calmed down and separated. Enough насмеявшийся in its Hiding place, a Casanova, is pleased by the Success of his bad Jokes, also went to the House, is waiting in the morning as well as Classmates says to him through this Adventure.


Light, Katia and Natasha were gathered together with those of the first Class of friends. Even if Your School Man very handsome appeared Igor, the Bride and fell in love with him without Memory, did not break Their Friendship. Invitation to date, each one of Them a little bit of Pity in the depths of two of Her friends, which is an Honor that will not be forgiven. Of course that Is not informed each other of Igor to take into account, and most shocking was Their Encounter in the Gazebo. The Knowledge that the boy laughed at Her, the Girls were aimlessly through the Park, and they comfort each other and real Emotions, Igor, in the Light. Tired of your Feet and Rushing around, sitting on the Bench, still violently to discuss the cruel Reality of Their Idol and, without realizing what for.
- Coward until within a couple of Months учудил! — Раздавшаяся Phrase that had next to Students with surprise and a grimace of pain.
They looked back and saw that, sitting on the same Bench, two Girls of twenty Years.
- If what here is spoken, but have a Bock should be a Lesson! — has one of neigbours in the Bank, indignant Sound.
- Yes, as you punish, — depressed-said Katia, not to strike...
- What is not to hit, that's for sure! Is otpi... dit must be like a Dog! — clearly followed His Companion.
Girl having fun looked forward to It.
- What glotzt His way, laughed ta, — exactly otpi... dit! By the way, let's get acquainted, my name is Ami, and my Friend Lena.
Girls, as a Response, they called His Name.
- Yes, it is, especially, and not to attack, and he in us, the Athletes, — the Conversation continued Katja, the Idea of Hitting Igor strange like that.
Katja and Natasha has remained silent, not like all the Violence and fear.
The athletes... we have seen that the Athletes, with a smile, said Ira, and us, that God dandelion, or what? Отделаем the full Program, such as Silk! It was not the first!
Katja's secret was in the Girl. "And, as such, might be able to", he thought. Anger was quite tall and thin, with a short Skirt and high Heels emphasized Her beautiful Legs, and beautiful Face framed by long Hair and dark. Lena attracted in Jeans, at the Foot of the Sneakers, the Features a little bit of spicy, hair-Cut among Young people. She was his Friend on the Shoulder, a Figure more strong and помассивней. Both, in накинутых in the short Shoulders, leather Jackets, looked very sporty and efficient.
- Well, Girls, Lena came into the Conversation, how are we going to Proceed with the Goat?
Student confused замялись...
"Well," continued Lena, gave an account of His Confusion, that is why we say now, as you can catch it in a solitary Place, and he, to punish. If you want to, you can come, if you do not want to, then don't.
- Shortly after the Training in the Night, returns Home for the vacant lot behind the School..., — almost whispered Kate tried not to look into the Eyes of His Classmates, of the People there, almost does not go, no one is going to prevent...
- That is very good! — cried out in Anger, to punish him today. Come on Girls, do not regret it, you see something!
The students that saw it, and as in a Word got up of the bench. In the Soul of each one of Them was disgusting. Only in the case of Kati, this Feeling that prohibits Its own incomprehensible Excitement.
- We do not know — he replied to all of Katja, — maybe... if...
- Well, as you wish, with a chuckle, " said Lena — your Will.
Quick step, the Companions left the Park and walked toward the House. Before Punishment Igor was a couple of Hours.


Katja fall through the Space, finds Its Place. They love to go in the Afternoon, in a unbebautes Ground, but at the same Time, it was very fear and shame, because, after all, She was the "new Ways" of Igor new friends. Call of the Light, and Natasha, but the two were still in shock by the Scene today, crying on the phone and refused to go. One was worse and only after a couple of Hours She decided. Quickly drawn and invent, which is then an Excuse for the Parents, I ran outside of the House. After about half an Hour, the Girl was already in the Barrens are gone. Lena and Ira, Was discovered sitting in Boxes, Deep in the Ground, Near the trodden few Passers-by Road.
- Hello, Katia, and the Fun of greeting, Anger, — that's good that you've come, it's Fun! Here is the Ass?
- Yes, after this Path is returned, " said Kate and sat down next to her.
- Now there's you..., uplifting said Lena — we can not kill, but only to learn correctly. You stay here and look, we're going to do now.
"Yes", supported the Ira, and most importantly — do not be Afraid, we are with you.
By painful twenty Minutes at the End of the Trail, which stood in an ambiguity in the Figure.
- Is he — промямлила Katja, you know the unmistakable Silhouette of his former Idol.
- Will, there is no rush, our little Goat, he laughed, of Anger, as if an Instinct, which smells of roast!
When a Man placed the Girl to sit down and began to blatantly see, Katja necessarily walked away, trying to hide Her Face.
- Hey, good Man! — shouted out of Anger, пружинисто the day with a Drawer. — Hast ' ne Cigarette?
- I don't smoke-said Igor, with a wide smile and immediately got of the Girl Kick in the Groin. He left the Sports bag and, kauernd, fell to his Knees.
- Are you hurt?! — he said mockingly Anger and hit him with the Shoes in the Chest.
Igor crashed on the Floor and a little bit fun began повизгивать, slid the Hands in between the Legs. Подскочившая in the same Minute Lena began to enter him in the Belly. The Guy tried again in the Direction, but was met with the incessant Blows of Anger. The two Girls within a couple of Minutes focuses entered извивающегося in the Earth Igor, you try but no, the hit in the Face for no visible Traces. And only when the unhappy Lovelace stopped moving, the Girls have left. After His раскрасневшимся People and the brightness of the Eyes, and see what that will give us a great Joy. Wrath leaned forward and grabbed Igor in the Hair of an Idiot sat him in the Knees. The young man was crying, shaking all over his Body, their Lips move in silence.
- I hope you understand that we're going to hit?! strictly, said Ira.
- Нееееет... I don't know ... — said Igor, smeared the Snot and Tears by the dirty Face.
- What you, your Idiot, you have to flegelhaft you act with the Girls! Today, you will receive a Lesson of good Manners, and you're going to Pai Young. We will overcome, as long as You are not going, we unconditionally obey! Understood? — Anger made the Hair of the Victim, and Igor Ass of the Earth.
In the same Minute of the Thing began to Lena.
- I don't listen to the Answer! — threatening said, — Come on, stand up! You obey him? Say something, you Asshole...., — Lena with a Hand raised to the Face of Gor of the Chin, and the other gave him a strong Slap.
Suddenly, the Boy began to заваливаться on the Page, but it was immediately followed by a Punch in the Face, on the other hand, you have to keep the Balance. Lena began to laugh.
- Well, exactly as the Quechua-vstanka, move and not fall down! And you? See hol! Now that you have the Brain quickly прочистятся! You are going to us as Silk!
Igor tried, was to say something, but sound, Slapping Lena Mouth gagged.
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