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Old 04-24-2016, 10:16 PM
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Lightbulb Rape Friday in Ivanovo, Russia

Probably real unpleasant event. However, to name the incident probably enough problem – probably forcing, the role of the tyrant was made by myself. That's probably out.
I exist in Ivanovo, perhaps such a city – regional center of the Ivanovo region of the Russian Federation. The city of brides and textile region. Our castle is quite unsightly: gloomy grayish buildings, unclean streets, and including once again delivered a large screen on one of Central squares did not improve the external discharge. Probably the screen installed on Pushkin square (it is called that way) – most of the space in the town where rests and spends time the young shoots. To rest, in a single, more nowhere.
On Pushkin square, in common "Cannon", a large full size fountain. He, naturally, has no effect, however, on his side comfortably-fits-all idle and Neporozhny young shoots great and disappointing city. Drink all the beer. All. Almost. Boys and girls, kids and absolutely vetshev. Glasses and lack.
Beer – a drink typical: his desire to scribble. But bathrooms, after all is natural, is lacking. Probably accustomed in the Russian Federation. Nope nope. Sweat where to begin. There are some tiny booth – free bathroom, however, he with a massive flow of eager to pee does not cope. In particular screams from Pushkin square is a small grove: 10-4 ka trees growing on the mound and in front of him. Specific affinity to the place drinking beer predetermined function of the grove – social restroom. Write after that the boys and girls; in a single, different crowd. After that all happened.
Remember – I'm not a fiction writer and not a storyteller. Everything I scribble about than the truth, and was released on June 21, 2005 in Ivanovo, as I grow closer and spoke.
It was Friday, extreme working day of the week. As constantly, for relaxation, I together with the rest of the population according to the Friday drinking beer. "With the rest of the population" — loudly pronounced, I'm stealthy and know no love. I just slurp the beer alone. In this feast I drank a couple of cans, taphanel and went for "the Gun" — a breath of brisk air and look at the young shoots.
Arriving at the "Cannon" and pouring himself a couple of cans of "Baltika", I wanted to use the bathroom, to pee. I am a natural, went to the grove, not thinking, generally, about than bad. Going into the grove and not quite looking as faces, I walked over to a thick log, took the device and began to scribble. Agitation stirred up my mind, mind, as it were stratified, clarity was not. The evening was drawing closer, but for the time Ivanov was childish – near 10 PM. In the grove, and the day is not especially clear, and at 10 PM – even darker. Around me were heard girlish voice; they parted then in a lower, sonorous and were allowed to grasp, like their owner – not very sober. At one point, to the place where I stood, came almost attractive and sober woman. She was dressed in a narrow skirt at the knees. Her legs were thin. Located in 2 steps away from me and looked at me in passing (if something was immoral in her eyes, wanting to pose, probably), she turned her back on me (more precisely, flabby ass) and slowly began to touch the skirt obviously posing. Raised his skirt and showed me the snow-white trunks (these trunks were worn by athletes in Russian films), she slowly withdrew them and sat up straight here – ass to me. At first I wanted to santusita and quickly exit. However, here I came up with the idea – if she is bold enough news that way myself, why I never quite obliged insolence to see her. The most, though probably she obviously liked him (the guy I marked, with longish hair). She was obviously drunker than this, than seemed. Sitting on the squatting up-skirt and panties deflated, extensively extending the sandals – she began to urinate. Vigorous stream flowed from it to the territory near by, and I was standing near and sincerely looked her straight in the crotch! Her 2 holes – pussy from underneath and on top of the food – looked unbeatable. And the trickle was more each in glory!
I was Horny in the extreme. Any touch to the member would have caused my orgasm (for some reason saving idea – to povarirovat, why then in no way occurred to me). I realized – another moment and she would be raped, no matter if. She probably also relied on probably. However, I "stopped" and the episode was lost. She slowly, not wiping pussy, pulled on swim trunks, pulled her skirt up and, secretly glancing at me, left the grove.
I felt terrible. Of rabid impulse does not pass. I was obliged to finish and probably got to be something better if you want something unusual and a duty to exist straight at the moment, this very moment!
I had someone to fuck. Here and in the moment. My mind became a cybernetic machine configured to coercion. In my head
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