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Exclamation Raped guy

I met Jimmy through a friend, and we hit it off immediately. I enjoyed his talk. If my guy didn't say, I never would have thought that Jimmy likes guys.

One night he invited me along with a bunch of other guys, friends of his flatmate, to the party. They all knew each other because everyone was on the same soccer team in College.

Although the guys were strong as the selection, Jimmy stood out among them its appeal. Black-haired, with a radiant smile. For his 22 years and the growth of 185 cm, he was very muscular.

I, for example, while you exercise, can not gain weight and remain skinny, though with good relief. I'm a bit below Jimmy, and he once said that he likes the way my fringe keeps falling down over my eyes.

We talked and had fun, then the guys noticed the girls and started chatting with them, and in the end we are left with Jimmy for two. His friends knew he was on the part of the guys, and it's absolutely not strained. We finished our pitcher of beer and began to move to the exit. On the way we were joined by his roommate: two girls with whom he met, had just sailed away. They both invited me to come to him, drink another beer. Jimmy added that, if I want to stay, we can do hugs or anything like that.

When we went up to the apartment, I drank another beer with his neighbor, Jimmy said that he was already quite nakushalsya. Neighbour talked incessantly and in the end, Jimmy asked, I want to see his room, and I said "Yes".

When we entered, he locked the door behind him, then turned and kissed me. Then he pushed me on the bed. I laughed, but he grabbed my head and forced to lie face down, almost completely burying his nose in the blanket. With one hand he clutched my neck and the other tried to pull off my jeans.

While I tried to get rid of his iron grip on his neck, he pulled my jeans and grabbed the panties. I was seriously scared, his dramatic grip was completely unexpected, and I didn't know what to do. I belatedly realized that I not so well know, and already began to regret agreed to come to his apartment. He pinned me facing the bed so much that I began to choke.

Finally, I was able to turn his head to the side and said:

- Stop, please!

By this time he had ripped into my underwear and pulled them almost to his knees. Then he said:

If you want to save your ass, you'll have to work hard and how to suck.

I was so afraid he was gonna rape me, I agreed. He loosened the grip on my neck, but continued to keep my hair. Then he took out his cock from his blue jeans - cock was big, bigger than I have ever seen, uncut and about 8 inches long. He looked even thicker than my wrist, and oozing slime.

Jimmy pulled my head to the cock and gave a light slap.

- Come on, open your mouth, bitch! - and I obeyed.

I felt the taste oozing from his end of the liquid, which spread and covered the entire head and the barrel member. I had to open my mouth as hard, whether his cock is a little thicker, I would have my jaw dislocated.

About a minute he let me do all the work, and then just started to fuck my mouth, ignoring my efforts. He acted very rude, held my head with both hands, and shove you dick down my throat until the very end, but still detained him there until I began to cough and gasp for breath. He did it again and again, it reminded me of the torture in a barrel of water. He shoved me deep into her mouth, through swollen lips, in the throat and keep you there member, until I began to wheeze and panic beating, trying to breathe.

After a while he pushed me onto my back and sat on top, her legs wrapped tight so that my hands were completely trapped. I was completely helpless and could not resist his huge cock while he again and again made me choke, itikawa it down my throat.

Whenever possible, I greedily grabbed the air but could not inhale enough. He fucked me in the mouth like some pussy, my face was drenched in tears from pain and tension.

Finally, he turned to me, as if in position "69" and told me to suck his balls. I felt relieved, at least he me they do not suffocate. They were huge, covered with hair, and even one almost didn't fit in my mouth, but I tried to not to choke again.

After a moment he pulled the eggs out of my mouth again and shoved his rock-hard piece of meat through my swollen lips deep into my throat. He again fucked me in the mouth, and his heavy scrotum slapped me in the face and eyes. I felt that it inserts my fingers in the ass. There were two fingers, dry, without grease, they felt like two rusty screws. With force he shoved them into me, tearing my hole, and began to suropati them while I wriggled and tried my best to Dodge them. Finally after a few minutes he stopped to shove dick down my throat; while I was coughing, and convulsive breathing, with eyes full of tears and bloodshot, he grabbed my legs and deftly flipped me over on my stomach. I realized with horror that he was going to do, and prayed:

- Please no, you promised that you wouldn't be, if I blow...

He slapped me on the back and grabbed by the hair, pulled my head back, simultaneously attaching the member to my hole. Before that I had sex with men only three times in my life, I wasn't even sure that I really like, and don't consider themselves gay... and now this guy was going to turn my ass into a hole for his own pleasure. I knew how painful it would be, if he tries to stick that cock in me, and I begged him not to do it.

- Please, please, no, don't! - I couldn't believe that he was going to do this to me after all the suffering that I endured when I was sucking his cock.

I felt the hot head of the member pressed against my anus.

- No, I'm serious, please don't do this! Jimmy, well don't!

He took a bite out of the money changers on the shoulder and even harder pressed my cock tightly compacted UN-lubricated hole. I hopelessly realized that nothing I can do.

- Please, at least put your gum! Please!

He slapped me with his palm on his face and said:

Don't worry, bitch, of course you will!

Then he stood up and fumbled in the drawer of the bedside table, still clutching my neck face in the bed. After a moment, he again sat on top of me. I felt his rubber covered cock poking at my hole, he's not oiled, even saliva, the feeling was like being torn apart alive.

- A-Ah! Oh, Oh, please stop, it hurts! Jimmy, for God's sake, it hurts me, it's too much, please slow down, I can't!.. Oh-Oh-Oh, Oh, Oh!

I wriggled and tried to wrench away. I begged him to stop, but he grabbed me by the neck wrestling grip and growled in my ear:

- Stupid little eblivaya bitch! Tell me you want my cock, you bitch!

No, Jimmy, really, really hurts, I can't, don't! Don't!

I arched back and tried to push his hips, just to get rid of this huge cock, tearing me, but he was too strong and continued to rest against my tightly clenched hole. I struggled to push him away, but Jimmy grabbed my hand and hurt it made him vomit, and then hit me on the head, really hard, and even neck... I cried, and he lifted me, began to say that such cute jerks are only good to fuck, and suddenly, with the force shoved me all your cock, I screamed... or rather, whined. I never knew such pain. I, choking and screaming, crying and choking on tears, begging him to stop, from my carrying it barely even resembled the legible words.

I felt the condom burst inside of me, and told him about it. He laughed and pulled me from his cock. Stripped off his scraps of rubber and shoved in my mouth.

- Come on, chew properly, I'll lick all the sperm and all the blood off my dick when I'm done with you, and then I'm going to piss in your mouth, and swallow every drop, I you in the ass baseball bat stuff, bitch!

He quickly changed the condom and again hard to the end stuck in my ass his cock.

I again begged him to stop, his cock entered me to its full length, and he fucked me hard and fast. He called me a bitch, and saying that if I sucked his cock, he wouldn't have to fuck me, this is all my fault. He told me to say that I want his cock I want him pulled at me.

You better beg me properly and not making it worse! - he threatened me.

I was afraid he would mutilate me, and repeated his name and asked him to pull into me... I felt him stiffen, driving into me his cock, and realized that he was going to finish me in the ass. Torn condom fell out of my mouth on the pillow, Jimmy pushed my face right up to that slippery and sticky gum. He began to vkolachivaya in me screamed:

- Take that, you dirty slut, that's you! and I felt him squirming, his balls slapped my ass; I felt his cock seemed to have swollen even more in my poor intestines.

Member pulsed and shuddered, and I knew he jetted streams of sperm deep inside me, filling me. Finally Jimmy stopped jerking and froze, breathing hard, pressed against my back; his cock was still stuck in my bleeding ass.

He told me:

- Now, ask to lick my cock.

I said quietly:

- I really want to lick your huge cock, please.

- Good slut, enough said.

He took the cock from me and put it in his face. When I finished, he went to the door and said:

- Don't move, bitch!

When he returned, after him came his big neighbor. This guy stood over me and started to unbutton the zipper on the jeans.

Jimmy told me:

- You know what to do next!
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