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Cool The rape of the neigbour

Hi guys, I read the comments written to the previous stories and decided to make a little appeal. If you don't like the genre of incest, rape and something like that, you better not start reading my stories. I'm not sick, not degenerate, not Horny, I don't remember how you called me and I don't like what I write, but I like the fact that most people who write comments after reading a story saying "I didn't even get up" "not exciting" in most cases it is the opposite. All of us have an animal instinct, so it will be. This story told me my friend, it is absolutely real, the names will be changed.
My friend Andrew told me this story two days ago, he called me and just cried into the phone some strange words. Something he did there, who he attacked, who ran away, I didn't understand what he's saying. Generally after a three-minute dialogue with himself he threw the phone and after half an hour I had. Next story will be on behalf of Andrew.

— Generally look. Last weekend my folks went to the country. I was left alone. My neighbors uncle Peter and aunt Marina came their daughter Nastya. She lives separately with her husband. She's just great, she's like 26 years. Her nurse — aunt Marina Nitsche such, but Nastya I hot. Well, on Saturday evening, standing on the balcony Smoking a CIG and I lit that uncle Peter's going anywhere by car. They came out in Troy from the entrance and said goodbye to him, he took a tent, fishing rods, fishing hike went. Well I forgot something about it sat down to play DotA, then found randomly open a bottle of whiskey. I wanted to call someone, still a flat, but then changed his mind again will be a farce, no desire to get out. Went to the store bought snacks and decided to plunk one in. Started the movie and started watching, sipping viskar.

Imperceptibly flown two hours, the street was dark, I went out to smoke and saw that Nastya goes to the store. She had on very short black dress, it is a pity there was no wind. And then suddenly I came up with the idea, a very dirty and Horny. I waited until Nastya will come to the entrance and rushed to the door peephole. The ass held her gaze, until she came into the apartment, the door was opened by a key, and I thought that her mother's not home. Well and accordingly I had a fire in his pants, snapped me very much, I left the apartment walked up to her and rang the bell. In a minute he heard footsteps. She opened the door and saw me so beautiful standing there in his underpants, made a shocking expression.

— You who? confused she asked

"Just you," I replied.

At this point, my mind told me "goodbye". I flew into the apartment clutching a hand to her mouth and instantly knocking her to the ground put the poor thing on the floor. The cry was immediate. I'd rather it was mooing, Her hair disheveled in the face. And eyes were full of tears. I realized that back there is no way and told her that if she yells something about the incident will be known all over the County including her husband. She grew quiet. I lifted her off the floor and taking one hand around the throat, and the second by the hair dragged him into the bedroom. I threw her on the bed. (Especially for sexytales.org — sextails.org) She rubbed her face with her hands. I pulled off his pants, my cock was burning with impatience.

— Suck! — I ordered.

She looked at me in a plaintive, puppy dog eyes, which was almost invisible due to the tears and look me in the eye slowly reached for my mate. She looked me in the eye and right hand kneaded my Agregat on his knees. I took her by the hair and practically nasadil her on his cock.

— What is the letter of the word "Suck" was unclear to you?

She didn't make a sound and went to work. Goose bumps ran through my body. After a five-oral sex I lifted her to her feet and grabbed with one hand by the hair, and the second began to massage her Breasts and body. After I put her on the bed, and sat down next to her left hand started to drive her legs, gradually approaching her pussy. When she reached pussy I felt that she was already wet.

I started to play her fingers in her pussy, she started crying and kept trying with his hand to pull my. After I looked at her back and stripped dress. She had small Breasts 2nd size, slim waist and a mole on his neck. I started to lick her nipples, caressing vagina parallel to the fingers. She began to moan. And then I parted her legs wider and entered it. I began to slowly move forward and back, gradually increasing the tempo. She broke down and began to scream, I covered her mouth with his hand and again threatened. But it didn't help. Harder I fucked her, and she cried out the more,

— Stop it, stop it, please, were barely audible through the palm
This angered me and I slapped her on the cheek.

— Shut up! — threatened me.

I started to turn her on her back and she began to twitch, to kick.

— No, please, I'm afraid, she tried to beg for mercy.

But I didn't care, I couldn't stop, I entered her from behind. She screamed not human voice:

— XB... AA... a... shiiiit through tears tried to cry out she

— Lie down quietly, and that will be worse!

I walked into her harder and harder and each time she screamed louder and louder. After five minutes I came. I came and collapsed on her as the dying Swan. I lay on her and tried to realize what was happening, and she sobbed quietly at times. I got up, slapped on the ass, thanked him, pulled on his boxers and left. Don't know what is happening, but I do not appear for the third day.
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