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Exclamation Whether exists "Snuff" – a pornography with murder?

Whether exists "Snuff" – a pornography with murder?

From all types of illegal, obviously criminal pornography Hollywood most of all loves "снафф" – a porn with murder. From the movie to the movie screenwriters and directors are terrified to moral degradation of those who create such cinema, and zhivopisut just anger of the detectives solving these crimes. But whether exists снафф actually or it is only a screen "city legend"?
Before discussing reality of a snaff, it is worth agreeing about the term as different people understand under "snaffy" a little different things. "the city legend" of a snaffa is presented in the fullest form in the famous thriller of Joel Schumacher "8 millimeters". There it is told about the underground industry creating pornographic rollers which begin as a usual low budget porn and come to an end with cruel murder of the main character. The woman at the same time really perishes – creators of a snaff don't use any special effects. As such video is the proof of a crime, he is created for the checked "elite clients" – the corrupted millionaires ready to pay a fantastic sum for access to bloody documentary cinema.

In some screen options of this legend video have no pornographic aspect – it passes to tortures and punishments at once. However thrillers and horrors adore connecting sex and death and therefore снафф usually it is considered the most extreme kind of an illegal pornography – even more extreme, than child porn. Though, apparently, that can be worse than violence over children …

The word snuff which in English, in particular, means "to blow into [candle]", several centuries are used as a slang synonym of the word "murder". In a combination "snaff-movie" it was for the first time published in the documentary book of 1971 "the Family: History of fighting group of Charles Manson" where the poet and publicist Ad Sanders claimed that the famous maniac Charles Manson and his helpers imprinted the crimes on a film. This statement was hearing, but it has quickly acquired "the shocking details" and has formed the basis of the modern myth about a snaffa.

That 1971 the American trash makers Michael and Roberta Findley have removed the low budget horror "Slaughter" inspired by Manson's crimes in Argentina. In the 1976th this picture has been let repeatedly out in the USA under the name "Snaff". The new version of the movie included the additional scene which is allegedly incidentally mounted to the main material and representing the real murder committed by a film crew ("In Latin America everything is possible!"). The film distributor Allan Shackleton has thought up this advertizing course to draw attention of journalists.

Shackleton of the has achieved. Mass media have lifted such turmoil that the prosecutor's office even had to make investigation and to assure public that allegedly killed actress is live and healthy and that "crime" has been committed by means of special effects. Further снафф has been popularized by such more serious and thorough tapes as Paul Shreyder's drama "Hardcore" published in 1979 (we will remind that Shreyder is a screenwriter of classical dramas of Martin Scorsese "Taxi driver" and "A mad bull").

Why снафф so we love directors – since Shreyder and finishing Jim Mikl who used this motive in the thriller "Cold in July" recently? Because it not only the dramatic, but also socially loaded legend. She reminds of danger of the unscrupulous capitalism operated only by thirst of a profit. The maniac murderer is, of course, the terrible being, but them can't be much because maniacal pathology, fortunately, meets seldom. Unscrupulous capitalists dime a dozen. And each of them, in principle, can be engaged in something like a snaff if it considers that it is rather profitable and rather safe.

However, many people risk life and freedom for the sake of insignificant profits. So, street drug dealers in the USA earn approximately as workers of snack bars, and they are attracted not so much by money, how many almost illusory opportunity to promote and become "the big boss".

From the very beginning of the existing the legend of a snaffa was fed with rumors that it is real business. And at first sight these rumors sound authentically. Really, whether there are unscrupulous capitalists ready for murder? Yes, exist – the same drug dealers. Whether there are underground producers of a dreadful illegal porn serving inveterate perverts? Yes, exist – children's pornographers who sometimes work with big groups and commercially. Whether there are people ready to pay big money for sophisticated "exclusive"? Undoubtedly, exist. For example, the well-founded gourmets spreading round sums for the rare, protected animals dishes. So why not to exist also to a snaff – especially in the countries where the police sits on houses and doesn't lean out because order is kept by gangs and cartels?

And nevertheless for all history of officially documentary police operations any snaff-gang which has put production on a stream hasn't been revealed. Perhaps, is the closest to it two Germans have approached (we won't tell their names not to draw attention to geeks). In 1999 they have tried to create such studio and have tortured the girl in front of a chamber, hoping to sell the video in America. When the first shooting didn't suit them (the unfortunate victim has too quickly died), they have kidnapped the second girl, but that has managed to run away and contact police. As you can see, it were ruthless, but not too competent criminals. And, seemingly, the idea of creation of snaff-studio can also attract only such villains.

Why? Usually in this place authors of articles about a snaffa undertake to argue on danger and riskiness of such business. Really, killing people in front of a chamber and extending records, criminals provide to justice of a proof which can be used for an identification of murderers even if masks have been put on them. Besides, if pornographers pedophiles can remove for years the same unfortunate child, then "snaffer" have to find the new victim after each shooting, and this obviously touchy business because the victim on the victim isn't necessary – you watch history of the German bastards. And even if criminals select unfortunate among those whom nobody will miss (for example, among cheap prostitute foreigners), there is always a chance that they "will miss" and will capture that whose disappearance will provoke a sensation and police raid.

However if the fear of justice stopped criminals, we would live in the paradise world. Snaff exists because murderers are afraid of police but because such video would be difficult to be sold for the big money justifying risk and expenses on his production.

The main problem of a snaff is that it is easy to simulate it. The image of murders in front of a chamber – an essence of a profession of masters of special effects. And those from them who strong knows the business can quite create plausible video which will nonplus even experts. Especially if quality of shooting is "amateur".

It, by the way, doesn't mean that death at artly cinema are always realistic. On the contrary, directors often demand, for example, unnatural small or, on the contrary, the exaggerated amount of blood. But if the creator of effects decides to shoot realistic video, he will be able to make it. Also it will manage rather cheap. And time so how creators of a snaff will prove to inevitably suspicious client that they really have killed someone? Will show the decaying corpse? It is unlikely someone will want to contact it.

Besides, simplicity of imitation of a snaff does quite probable that the person trying to sell such video – the police provoker who is looking for those who agree to become the accomplice of a crime (more precisely, "the accomplice after a crime" – is such legal formulation).

And what child porn? It can't almost just be forged. At least that which is in the greatest demand among pedophiles, – video with the children who have obviously not reached a maturity. And such video has no competitors. Except unless legal Japanese pornographic animation where heroines sometimes are schoolgirls.

At a snaff, on the other hand, of competitors would be more than enough. Here both bloody horrors, and the casual shootings of death of people, and intended records of public executions, and the "trophy" videos of maniacs stolen from police leaking to the Web (some psychopaths remove something like a snaff, but especially for "collection") … All this at desire can be found free of charge or cheap. And for those who need a sex combination to violence there are especially perverted pornwebsites where offer "fake" снафф with imitation of murder by means of special effects. Both it is effective, and is rather lawful. And it is besides quite available not only to millionaires. Among which, by the way, there are hardly a lot of people ready to pay for a bloody porn. It much more specific thing, than roast from a panda.

So, it is possible to sleep peacefully? Unfortunately no. The German example shows that the criminals idiots impressed with the Hollywood thrillers quite can try to organize "snaff-startup". Business at them will hardly turn out, but blood to shed – business simple. And therefore, by the way, it would be healthy if gollivudets and other have ceased to advertize снафф. One business – to shoot film about crimes which really occur. And absolutely another – to offer on a silver platter with a kayemochka the business plan of a crime which exists only at cinema and in rumors. Not to tempt the clever criminal with it, but there is a lot of fools. And some of them – murderers.
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