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Arrow Brutal Rape story...

My name is Igor, and my best friend - Maxim. We learn in the 11 "B" grade school X city N. I and my friend sank on informatics teacher, Olga Konstantinovna. She is now 29 years old, but she looks so that always want to call it is not the young woman and the girl.

Growth 156, accurate breast about 2 size, plump lips, smooth and slightly olive skin, taut buttocks and relatively narrow hips. Olga K. often wears pants or jeans, tight ass or her short skirts. She's a good person, she has a husband, she loves when her stare on the man, but her husband is not exactly going to change.

At first I jerked off and Max after her lessons on a photo in the toilet, then Max tried to roll to her, but she (naturally) refused. At the end of the school year I had the crazy idea to rape Olga K., and in May, this is what I suggested Max. I, without hesitation, agreed. Approximately 2 weeks we spent on it, to find out where she lives, when he returns home and is there a place on the road deserted.

She lived in a rather dangerous part of the city, I waited, when it will take place one dark and deserted quarter of the evening, went behind her back. She must have felt something, because the beginning to turn around, but I did not let her turn, left hand grabbed her shoulders, turned her back to him, and put his right to the back of her father's army knife. As soon as Olga K. felt the knife, she stopped and whispered, "What do you want?". I emotion in my throat was dry, so I did not answer immediately, "You got a bank husband works?"

Of course, she said yes, and I lied that now we will take her to him, and released for ransom. It seems she was very quiet, and I loosened his grip, Olga K. immediately knocked my knife, pushed me and ran toward a crowded street, but on the way stumbled upon Max. I ran to him and heard her words, "Maxim, please, call the police!" She frantically looked around and saw me, her face a shadow of surprise ran, she just whispered "Igor?".

Our teacher was always smart and quickly realized that Max came here not by chance, she was jerked from him, but Max hit her on the head. She immediately hung in his arms. We dragged her to the car, which Max took their ancestors. On the way we caught a passerby. I really thought that we end, but Max pretended that we just bear to the car drunk girlfriend. We have taken her to the forest in an abandoned forester hut (hut bought the parents, but decided to live alone in the woods scary). So we know that no one here will not come in spite of the warm weather, and that Olga K. will not run away.

She was wearing an open dress. Max went to cook us for tomorrow, but I stayed put in the consciousness of the teacher. She woke up almost immediately and tried to kick me. But I quickly grabbed her legs pulled up to her and touched the very tip of the knife to her neck. Olga K. froze in fright, she looked me in the eye. She asked quietly, "Do you really need a ransom for me?" To which I replied, "Well, you're a smart woman, we do not need the money. You understand that now is? "At these words, I put my hand on her knee.

"No, I do not understand", but I knew by her eyes that she was lying. How do I like her green eyes! "Can I call you Olga?" "Did I have a choice?" "Well, Olga, and you were a virgin until her husband? No. Do you like it when you fuck? Olga is all tired, and she responded with a challenge, but if the husband! You just two concerned bastard! "I'm a little angry and said fiercely," But to say it was not necessary, Olya! In your tender neck or a knife Now you want me to start cutting you? "" Lord, no, do not "

The first time I saw in her eyes is not just fear, and horror, Olga shrank together and quietly began to cry, "Why are you doing this to me? What am I to you all done? "I laughed, and then ran his tongue over her lips, she did not resist, and I kissed her. I penetrated tongue in her mouth, I examined everything, but wanted more and started to push the tongue closer to the throat of this young woman had to endure could not and pushed me away. I thought that I would make it to allow me to enter it in your mouth as deeply as I want it, but it is not.

I threw her on the bed, Olga instinctively clenched her legs, but to her surprise, I did not try to loosen them, I left the knife cut on her neck, Olga stared at me. I have already touched on the tip of a knife of her face, I gently pressed the knife. But do not cut until the skin. With the push I had a knife blade, first to her breasts, tummy, lifted his dress and stopped the knife in the abdomen, almost pubis. I was so carried away that he did not notice that my teacher beats already trembling. I thought she was scared of the roof, but Olga grabbed me by the arm and threw the bed.

The last thing I saw was approaching the edge of the table. I woke up because Max was pouring water on me when I saw one that I am conscious, he asked me, "Strong bitch was. Do you want to punish her? "Of course I would, then Max got from somewhere and offered to whip to flog her. I was angry, I rushed into the room where lay tied Max Olga. I did not see her face, but it began furiously lashing whip. At first, Olga just lay there, biting her lip, but then almost audible groans were heard before me, and Max at this time masturbate.

I was surprised at first. How can he do in such a moment, but soon the kind of woman iskhlёstannoy stirred me. Max walked over to her, untied, roughly dragged out of bed and ordered, "Suck me, whore!" I thought that Olga will start again to resist, but she dutifully sucked. Then it was my turn. She ran her tongue timidly at first by the bridle, followed took in her mouth and licked her head. Olga played a little bit with my testicles, and then swallowed a member to the throat! This blowjob me nobody has ever done! I was well, I moaned and closed his eyes in pleasure.

After a blowjob, I lifted her to her feet and took off his clothes, Olga K. timidly tried to cover her breasts, while Max took off her bra and panties. She was wearing a thong. I kept wondering why Olga is silent? Finally, she said, "Boys, dear, let me do you a blowjob on a regular basis be? Just release the "Max snickered," Oh, no, we will test all your charms, bitch. You will be obedient. Leave alive! "Meanwhile, I was seized in a handful of skin Olga on her hip and went up to her pubis. Loboc was clean-shaven. When I parted the lips sex, Olenka again tried to squeeze the legs, but it turned out that my hand just moved to the entrance of the vagina. It was hot and there is absolutely dry.

I decided to fix it, found the clitoris and began to twirl it. After 5 minutes, she finally slightly wet, but still strong after 2 flowed. Max abruptly parted her legs, and I went back under the quiet Oli requests not to do so. Vagina she was narrow, I almost did not finish when its walls encircled my trunk. I finished very quickly. It was the turn of Max, an excerpt from it was more or less it has not been so excited, so fucked her for a long time. Olya for both of our call had finished 2 times, tired, hung in my arms.

We all fell to the bed, and then I realized that it is not bugging me on the issue of Parliament, but then it hit me. Olga then asked, "Why are you doing this to me? What am I to you all done? ". Almost immediately, I noticed on the back of her red stripes from the whips, bruises, while the blades had a terrible bruise. I stiffened and said, Max, "It's you it so?" "What am I?" "You beat her so? ? When I was knocked out? "" No, "- he pricked up his ears. Olga tried to be as inconspicuous as possible, but I noticed this "Olga, who was it? And you're saying is not only about us, when asked, for what? "" I can not tell you, or I will be very bad. "

But it was very interesting and I began to threaten her "Ol, who it did to you, far away, but we are close. Do not say in an amicable way, will be in a bad way ", to the credibility, I took a knife and inflicted a deep cut right on the bruise. She screamed and tried to get away from the blade pressed to the max. Max began to leave aspirated and talking on her neck, now we'll fuck her again if she did not say. But the threats we have not noticed that it's time for school, I decided to stay with Olga. Max gave me instructions - thrust the poker into the fire to his arrival, it was heated. I then pretended not to understand why this is Max, but in my heart I felt sorry for Olga. I thought it would be very cruel, but did not even know that Max is not going to just "brand" her, but even to enter the red-hot metal in Olin pussy.

Olga, as we chatted, slipped into the yard, I quickly found her there. Olga suddenly cried out that all we men bastards and bastards who only want sex, and for them the woman does not matter, and again began to cry softly, falling to the ground. In its position strongly bulged elastic ass, I immediately wanted to fuck her. I picked it up and threw it on the log, and then asked, "Do you know what your pretty ass? You have someone let themselves go? "" Nnnett. You're not going to do it? Please, I beg you, just do not touch me there! "" But you have no choice! "With these words, I turned the power on her stomach, hands tied and fastened with an ax"

I spread her buttocks and saw huddled in terror tiny ring sphincter. I remembered the speech sexologist, who said that the woman has a basin, so it will be harder during anal penetration. Olga cried, without ceasing to be pulled out. I spun all the way introduced in the middle finger of the anus. Olga immediately groaned, I introduced a second finger, and the girl had screamed, but I was not paying attention and started to stretch the sphincter under the plaintive cries. Olya hardly had time to breathe. I've got time on your fingers, and Olga asked in a trembling voice, "I beg you, at least smazh me, though I am very hurt" I looked at her, but did not go for the grease. Again, I spread her buttocks and pulled introduced penis. "AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aa! Noooo! Boooooolnooooo! "

I abruptly put her through, her hands frantically scratching the ground, Olga writhing and bending his back, trying to weigh my monster (my dick 6 cm diameter). I have every cell in his body felt her defenseless body. I did not wait until her ass gets used and has become sharply to drive in it a piston. Shouting will not stop. There were narrow and I quickly finished and pulled out a member, held up his victim, has introduced two fingers into the vagina and 2 under her moans in the anus and pressed the thin partition. I even thought to break her, but Olga plaintively and very quiet screamed and fainted from the pain. Max came and did it the same, but the dildo (8 cm in diameter).

We ate there made Olu. I went up to her room, she huddled in the corner with my appearance. I asked, "So, who you beat?". "Yes you do zhivodёry! You are so tormented me, only to find it? My husband is a pervert like you, they like when I hurt. Well, kill me better. " "You want the death ???" "No, I want to live, but I can not stand more than a pain!" Then Max went with a red-hot poker, spread her legs and pulled her to her pussy. Olenka I looked at and thought, what her husband has done, we do it ?! It is quite helpless! Just a toy for sadists, especially Max.

I knew I could stop it immediately and cease. I knocked out Max and locked it. Climbed to Ole and asked, "Olya, lie down on your stomach," "Why, what do you want? Are you a little was in the courtyard? "" I will not hurt you, I promise. I just lost my head at the sight of you naked. I just grease the anus, so that you feel better. " Olga obediently went to bed, I began to light, massage movements apply the cream. "Olya. You got me ever forgive me? "" It does not matter, my husband would kill me. When I learned that I had sex with you "" But you could forgive me? "" Only probably, do not torture me more, "I kissed her and whispered in her ear," I will not let your husband hurt you. "

"As long as I'm with you and I will give you? And then, what will you do then? Again going to torture me? Kill? "" Why do you think that? "" You want me to believe that you let me go ?? !! "" Yes, just trust me and everything will be fine. " The next day I took her to her home. The husband saw me and thought she was cheating on him. I wanted to kill her, but I twisted it, then grabbed Max and went to the police. I wrote a confession, but Olga asked for leniency for me. I have received 5 years probation. Now I live with her, protect from everyone. We have even been friends, I love her and I will always regret this brutal rape.
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