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Old 03-12-2016, 02:00 AM
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Asian Persuasion

Sledge plays a nerdy, philanthropic scientist who just invented a cure for cancer. Rather than try to sell it for profit, he decides to do the �right thing,� and give it to the world for free. Unfortunately, many pharmaceutical companies do not share his level of generosity. In fact, his altruism has warranted him as a target for assassination. Little does he realize that the task would be delivered by a beautiful, exotic, Chinese vixen who pays him a visit in his hotel room. The lovely damsel enters his unit dressed in a short, tight, sexy oriental garb, with every intention to use her �asian persuasion� to attain the cure. Christine acts like a call girl, hired by his associates to reward him for his achievements. At first, Sledge is thrilled� excited by his visitor. It isn�t until Christine pulls a knife on him, does he realize the fun is just beginning. The spy reveals she�s there to ascertain the cure. She dominates over sledge, mounting him, and holding a knife over his throat. Then suddenly, he gains the advantage by knocking her down, thus giving him an open window to choke her unconscious. He squeezes her throat tightly in a panic. Alas, she falls asleep. Now still, Sledge realizes he�s still very much excited by the beauty. He decides to finish what he started, and begins to undress her. He plays with her supple breasts, kisses her soft body, and caresses her soft feet. Before he can continue, she awakens in an utter rage. His panic fuels his instinct to silence the beauty permanently. He grabs a rope and chokes her to death. Within moments, the spy expires. Sledge decides to keep going. The party must go on.

Description: Beautiful, Asian, HBO & CINEMAX starlet
Fetish Elements: Super sexy death stares, arousing bare handed choke, garrote rope strangle and kill, necro-stripping and fondling, eyes bulging, neck- reddening, tongue-out, legs kicking and twitching, pantyhose, high-heel pumps, oriental dress, FULL NUDITY, foot views and worship, post-mortem camera death pans

Starring: Christine Nguyen

Filesize: 550 MB
Duration: 00:15:00
Resolution: 1280x720
Video: MP4, 24.000 fps, 4967 Kbps
Audio: AAC, 2 channels, 152 Kbps

Download: File.al

Old 03-12-2016, 04:55 AM
angela angela is online now
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Asian Wife Choke Out

What do you get when you mix a nagging wife, with a frustrated, drunk husband???? A deadly marital cocktail for sure! Beautiful asian housewife is at home watching a little TV when her obviously inebriated spouse enters the living room. Since he's been out all night for the fourth consecutive time this week, she greets him with visible aggravation. He tries to be demanding�she blows him off. He attempts to be amorous, she pushes him off ever more adamantly! Annoyed with her defiance, he starts to get violent. Within minutes after her final refusal, he charges toward her sleek throat and squeezes until she's becomes unconscious. He strips her completely naked, and plays with her supple body. He caresses her skin, and moves her around playfully� then she comes to yet again! She wakes up to another painful choke session, until the strangulation takes her helpless breath away.

Fetish Elements: Erotic death stares, sexy choke torture, arousing strangulation sequences, necro-stripping, and nudity!

Filesize: 526 MB
Resolution: 1440x1080
Video: WMV, , 8000 Kbps
Audio: WMA, 2 channels, 320 Kbps

Download: File.al

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fantasy, necro, roleplay, snuff

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