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Talking Erotic stories - Zoophilia

Elena woke up the next morning refreshed and full of energy. She slowly got up and got dressed. Today, she decided to wear another skirt, which was shorter than the one she wore yesterday, and a white blouse. After she was dressed, she swung her into the kitchen, where her mother was preparing breakfast, bacon and eggs. "Good morning, Mom," Elena said. "Good morning, dear," said her mom, smiling. Following Elena went out of her father. They greeted each other, and they all sat down to lunch. After breakfast, Elena went to her room, found his book, then said goodbye to his parents, and went to college. This time, it was not through the field, not wanting to face the dog prematurely. Day at the College Helen held as usual. But this time, she thought about what had happened to her yesterday about her having sex with a German shepherd. During change it just a little to pay attention conversations with friends. Later, Elena was happy to hear the sound of a bell on the end of the last lesson. Elena grabbed her things and rushed out of college, not even stopping to chat with someone. Her friends looked at each other and wondered what happened to Elena why she behaved strangely all day. Elena was in the direction of the field, at this rate, how could so as not to arouse suspicion. Finally she got to the place where she met a dog yesterday. "The dog? Are you here?" Elena called out, thinking that will need to come up with the name of the dog. It's no fun to be fucked, someone without knowing his name)). Elena decided to wait. She came for a couple of minutes earlier than yesterday. While she waited, she put her backpack on the ground and took off her panties, which for the whole day already soaked. Yesterday raped her here, but today it has come of their own accord. Excited every moment more, she lay down on the grass and began to caress her pussy finger. A few minutes later, at about the same time as yesterday, the dog came out of the tall grass. The huge German Shepherd looked at her, barked as if greeting and then went up to her. He sniffed her playing. Elena began to stroke him, and he licked her face several times, covering his saliva. Not going to waste any time, Elena spread her legs and beckoned to her dog. "Come here, boy. I have something for you, I know you love it." The dog also did not waste time. Before Elena had time to say anything, his tongue was already deep inside her pussy. His tongue stir within her, and Elena was writhing with pleasure. After a few short minutes, she felt the approach of orgasm. Rough dog language constantly stimulate her clitoris, causing waves of pleasure that flowed over her body and gave tingling in the back. Orgasm fell on her like a sack of bricks. Elena arched her back, spread her legs as she could, and cried out in ecstasy. Her screams reflected from trees surrounded the area and forced the frightened birds fly. In her eyes darkened and she passed out. Subconsciously, she wrapped her legs around the dog's head and he nuzzled deeper into her pussy. Finally regaining consciousness after a five-minute orgasm, she decided it was time for him to fuck her. He certainly earned it. Elena rolled over and got up on his hands and knees. A huge dog, without losing a minute, jumped to her and hugged her front paws around her waist. Elena turned to him, smiled, and kissed him. With one hand, she took his red hot cock that has already emerged from the sheath, and sent it to his open, languishing excitement pussy. "Oh my God, so much better when I want to ... Well, now, fuck me before losing my mind," she told the dog. As if realizing what she says, the dog sank his thick red cock deep into her vagina. Soon, he began to make thrusts into her wet pussy, slowly at first, but quickly picking up speed. Its coarse fur, constantly rubbed against her sensitive clit and her tickling her back. Elena began to make thrusts eagerly forward, and they soon gained a good rhythm. From the constant excitement of his fur on his skin, and his penis inside her, Elena did not last long. She came intensely and began to squeeze his penis muscles of your vagina. Her world is turned upside down, her mind exploded with happiness that she fucking. "Ahhhh! Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me! Yes!" she screamed. Elena had already begun to move away from his orgasm, but the dog continued to fuck her in a terrible pace. A minute later she came again. This orgasm was not as strong as the first, but far more powerful than ever, she experienced until yesterday. By this time her hair again were filled with saliva that dripped down his language. Approaching close to an orgasm, his unit began to swell inside her. Prepare for this, his unit did not hurt as much as yesterday. After some discomfort, her pleasure began to increase the density and fullness. Completely swollen pussy Helena node sealed them. He finished deep inside her, and she could not do anything, but she did not want to do. German shepherd growled, then started to finish his canine semen into her. Viscous liquid began pouring in Helena, completely filling her vagina and uterus. The feeling of hot cum filling her, caused her to finish last. They were both exhausted, they rested together, waiting for his host is reduced to disconnect. While they were waiting, Elena kissed the dog's tongue, getting it saliva in your mouth. Half an hour later, his unit finally fell and came out of it, causing a wet sucking sound. A mixture of her juices and his sperm began to flow from her rastrahannogo vagina, but she tried to save as much of their juice inside, raising his ass up high and his head bowed to the ground. "I want to keep as much of your sperm in itself, as long as I can," she said a large dog. The dog came up to her and began to lick her face, and Elena stroking it tenderly said, "I think I'll call you King. King, from now on I will come here every day after college. From now on, I'm your bitch . can you fuck me and cum in me all you want. " The end.
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