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Question Why women dream about rape

Rape imitation – one of enough widespread scenarios of female erotic imaginations. What it can be explained with?

Imaginations about sexual violence from men are one of the most widespread for women. Why our imagination gives rise to the fact that it in reality risks to be traumatic and life-endangering?

There isn't a lot of researches devoted to female imaginations about sexual violence, since 1973 only nine works are published. The writer and scientific journalist Mathew Hudson (Matthew Hutson) considers that they intentionally aren't made public. "Many don't want to admit the fact of such imaginations, being afraid that it can be an indirect justification of real episodes of violence, – he says. – However it is important to study more deeply "dark sides" of our sexual nature, but not to try to keep them in a shadow". At the same time all published researches confirm prevalence of these erotic dreams – every fourth woman from ten indulges in them. One of the last polls was carried out by psychologists of University of Northern Texas Joseph Kritella and Jannie Bivon (Joseph Critelli and Jenny Bivona) *. Scientists have interrogated 355 women how often they dream about use of force to them at the time of a sexual meeting and how far their imaginations come. 62% have answered that they met in life such imaginations. At the same time answers changed how the question has been formulated: 52% admitted imaginations about rough domination of the partner, but at the same time described a situation obviously safe. As soon as in a questionnaire there was a word "rape", only 32% have noted existence of such imagined scenarios. Frequency of emergence of imaginations also strongly varied: 25% of women have noted that they appear less often than once a year, 13% – several times a year, 11% – once a month, 8% – once a week, 5% – several times a week. These figures in many respects are relevant to the previous researches.

"Similar imaginations can be erotic attractive or, on the contrary, repellent, – the psychoanalyst Bret Kar (Brett Kahr) says. – In erotic the woman takes from symbolical domination only pleasure, in the aversivnykh imaginations the sexual violence is perceived negatively". In Kritelli and Bivona's research of 45% of women described the imaginations as joyful experiences, 9% called them frightening and causing disgust, 46% admitted that their imaginations were mixed and contained at the same time elements of both erotic excitement, and fear.

In Kritelli and Bivon's metaanalysis have compared also 20 previous researches to estimate those reasons which can be behind the widespread scenario of imaginations about sexual violence. **

Attempt to avoid internal fault
"I have grown up in a family with very strict rules, – Anna tells. – It was impossible even to put on with a delicate hint on feminity, without saying about close to communicate with boys. Long time I lived with feeling that sex is something shameful. And only imaginations in which I have been forced to give up: there came the doomsday and I by force was carried away on hands by the beautiful hero often similar to the Hollywood actor, – allowed me to relax". "If the woman was brought up in the conservative environment where the ban is imposed on interest in sex, then from early age the only imagined scenario at which it is possible to afford erotic imaginations and not to suffer a remorse, there are episodes with man's violence, – Jannie Bivona says. – When she just has no exit as soon as to be given to the man". Researches show that the women living in the environment where manifestation of female sexuality is exposed to repressions dream much less. At the same time imaginations about violence in sex at them prevail.
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