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Old 02-29-2016, 12:14 AM
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Exclamation Frank Real Stories of Russian Girls About Violence

When I, being absolutely little girl, have read in one of newspapers that each woman of time in life has been raped, I was terrified. Means, from five of my friends precisely it happens to one? Yes. It happened. However, in many years. And with two. And then it has turned out that in life of my many acquaintances there were both unfortunate attempts, and rape cases. There are only several stories. You study on others mistakes and don't repeat them.
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Old 02-29-2016, 12:15 AM
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Default Tatyana's history, 25 y.o.

Having entered the university to the city the Eagle, I have gone there to study. The feeling of freedom from parental guardianship has made me conceited. I have got acquainted with devchonkamiodnogruppnitsa. Began to walk together. Then it was difficult to distinguish, good it is little girls or bad. Sometimes it seemed to me that they, and together with them and I, we behave too provocatively and dissolutely. There with them I have learned to drink vodka and to communicate coquettishly with an opposite sex in independence of age.

It was pleasant to feel that I am pleasant to guys and men. To me it was cheerful with my new girlfriends. We several times a week went to a disco to the bar. And from there one never came back – constantly with new familiar men.

However, after that I was brought most often home, to the rental apartment, and girlfriends went to have a good time further. And I in it bad saw nothing.

Naive. I trusted little girls who told that they just communicate with all these guys and anything else! Several times I also got on a visit to unfamiliar and there really nothing occurred, except wine and pleasant talk. As "girlfriends" admitted then, I had a sobering effect on them. But once we late came back from a party. Money for a taxi wasn't, and we, as usual, have decided to catch the car and to sweep on a night Eagle a little. Two guys on "eight" have stopped (because it two-door, it is called still "a trap for girls" as, if something happens, not to get out of her). We have got into the car. One of girlfriends was taken to the house. She was lucky. We remained four together: I with other girlfriend and two guys. They have decided to give a ride a little us, and we have agreed. When have understood that we somewhere not there are carried, was already late. One guy has violently taken away the girlfriend in the wood, and another began to stick to me. I was a virgin, but he hasn't believed me. I cried, begged him not to touch me. I tried to escape, but nothing left. It has occurred. Roughly and terribly.

He has raped me and was surprised when he has understood that he was the first. Then I have brought home. In militia I didn't begin to declare. It was a shame. Itself is guilty. I led an unworthy life, it is a pity, I have understood it too late. For me it was the big psychological trauma … The girlfriend has overslept with other guy too, but as then it has appeared, for her it was a commonplace. More I didn't communicate with her. Then I within two months was treated for clamidiosis.
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Old 02-29-2016, 12:17 AM
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Default Yulia's history, 18 y.o.

In the summer I had a rest on a visit at the aunt in the settlement of city type. I went with acquaintances to local club. To that evening there have arrived several guys from neighbour's settlements. They were adults (about 30 years) and looked ominously. Especially one of them – huge, bald and two tattoos on the head in the form of the palms which have clasped a skull between which the scar is tattooed. I danced when he has approached me and have told that I very well move and that he didn't dance for a long time because he was released recently.

Week on freedom...

I began to say that all little girls avoid him because of his past. I felt sorry for him, and I have continued to talk to him. Now he to me didn't seem such terrible. With him it was interesting. He has asked whether I have a guy, and I have told: "Yes", we already meet three years and very much we love each other". Then we left club and continued to stir. He told something there. And then I have suddenly asked whether I am ill. I have thought that it because of my voice, slightly with hoarseness, he has thought that I am chilled. Also I have told that isn't present. He has answered that health – it is important and it is good that I am ill nothing. Already at this answer it was necessary to prick up the ears, but I have understood nothing. We continued to stir. And, having got to talking, somehow imperceptibly began to move away from all people who hung out at club, a walking step have gone on the road. When we have appeared meters in forty from all, in the middle of the night street, he has strong taken me by hand and has told what he wants from me. I have answered that I have darling and nobody is necessary to me. He has told that nobody learns about it, but I have roughly answered "no" and have pulled out a hand, being going to leave. And here he has shouted at me a mat that "it is better in an amicable way", otherwise he will hit me and will be badly. I by that moment already have managed to depart from it approximately on three steps. And when he has threateningly brought a hand and began to approach me, I have shouted very loudly that there are forces. And suddenly he has got up as driven. On my shout the whole band of boys ran. Having snatched this moment I have run in darkness, to the house which stood nearby. Itself I don't know how has climbed over a fence and I have hidden in the yard. The benefit there of a dog wasn't.

Then boys have run up, among them there was also my younger brother. "Released" on the road wasn't any more. Everything has managed. And they have taken me home. Shout sometimes helps with such situations and that in general be to get to them such trustful as I, and be not frank with unfamiliar people.
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real rape story

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