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Default Изнасилование моей жены в автобусе

Again, I and my husband ( with whom he lived together for 8 years), decided to go relax in the cottage. It was necessary to go far - 2 hours by bus, and then, one bus was not. I had my wife standing tickets.

And here we are, my husband went. People on the bus were like sardines in a jar and we huddled back on the bus. In such close quarters, it was impossible to notice how to pull out the pockets. I was afraid your wallet. Although, now I think that it would be better if it dragged on.

Somewhere through a floor of hour our harrowing trip, in the bus sat three drunken burly men standing grinding for us.

By the way, I forgot to say. My wife - modest and cute girl 26 years old with a stunning figure. In addition, at the time she was wearing a short dress and a light beacon lightly over a large chest.

That men and could not resist. They began to feel my wife climb up her skirt. Unfortunately, at the moment, I did not notice it. My modest wife has suffered in silence the arrogant actions of these three great guys, but when I started to climb out of their fingers due to his crack, he began to twitch, as if trying to shake off his hands. Then I figured out. But as soon as I tried to resist this buhariki, one of them put me kidney a knife.

And from that moment began not provided. One of the men pulled out and lubricated it with his saliva, sharply drove it, my wife. I have to say that she was a virgin. I tried many times to persuade his wife to try anal sex and we tried but it hurt and we failed. And then, some unknown people staged rape my wife, on the bus, and unceremoniously drove the full length of the undeveloped, my wife. Pain, he shouted, but people do not understand what was happening.

He took my wife, and she silently cried.

In friend, the man who kept my kidney the knife, he ordered me, "fuck her in Magnus@". I was no where, and I thought it may a little mitigate her suffering, and I dutifully complied with the order, the benefit of seeing the rape of my wife BB has long coveted ass, I was Horny and my dick stood like a stake. I greased my crack dry shivering from the pain and humiliation of his wife with his saliva, and gently introduced his penis into it. At the same time, men decided to change. Rape my wife in the ass on the bus went on, but in the ass of my poor wife, over and over again into a different member.

I soon came, but to pull cock out of pussy wife gave me, but on the contrary, ordered us to stop. And, behold, the men again changed. But the third is not going to have a rape gene in my ass. He began to settle down to her slits, which at this point, the hedgehog went my cock. And Ambala, drove there and its not even bobreshova my semen. My wife screamed as much from pain, but on the bus again, no one paid attention to it. Soon he came, filling my wife's vagina with his hot sperm.

Then, one man took my wife by the shoulders and turned me around to face him and ordered me EB@t her in the ass. I was very disgusted to take his cock smeared with someone else's semen in his hands, but otherwise I couldn't insert it into the ass of my wife. And here I had my wife in the ass. Strangely, as much as I long time didn't dream about it, but this time for me it was a punishment. Meanwhile, the rape of my wife was over the fact that all three take turns fucking her in Piz@, cumshot in her.

After the rape my wife in the ass was over, the tyrants ordered us to go to the first stop. What we have done. My wife almost could not walk - she barely moved a foot. And it was evident that each step is her pain.

At first I thought that we have not yet reached our cottage, but it soon became clear that we drove on for 20 miles! So the rape of my wife in bus three healthy men lasted almost two hours! Horror! No wonder she couldn't move his legs.

I'm not going to tell you how we got home. I can only say that, since the rape took place on my wife's ass right in the crowded bus, it's been half a year, but we still sleep with it on.
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