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Default Gang rape at 16

I am 23 tears old,blond hair blue eyes. 5' tall 100 lb. My first encounter with black men was when I was 16. I went to my high school football game at a visiting school. I was one of the cheer leaders for our team. I lived in Virginia at the time and we were playing in Petersburg which is mostly an all black school. While they normally have a great team we beat them pretty bad this time which did not make them happy. We didn't help with the comments we were making regarding there abilities. Well, after the game we went to the locker rooms to freashen up and somehow I got lost in the unfamiliar school. My friends all thought I was with another car and left before

I found my way to where our cars were. I was standing there wondering what I was going to do when a van full of the opposing team pulled up and dragged me into there van. I screamed but there was no one to hear me. The took me deep into one of the local parks, ripped my cheerleading outfit off of me, slapped me hard a few times, then tied me spread eagle to 4 trees and gang raped me. There were 5 of them and they all took there turns raping me over and over. They called me names like slut and whore and asked what I thought of their abilities now.

While I was not a virgin at the time I certainly was not prepared for what they were giving to me. I was very petite and they were very large, very black and very well hung. They fucked me like animals in heat. They said they had never had a white girl before and that they were going to fuck me hard. Well they did. As I laid there crying and screaming in pain they continued to ram themselves deep into my pussy harder and harder. their weight was crushing me as they gang raped me. I do not know how many times each one took me but I am sure that each one came inside of me at least twice. When the were done with me they gagged me and put me back in the van.
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