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Default Olga Vladimirovna Raped

Olga Vladimirovna

Execution under duress


Olga Krylova was a real shark tourism business. At 35 years old she had two degrees and well-earned the position of General Director of the well-known firms, major customers which were very influential vip-person St. Petersburg. Having a strong character with a bright dedicated leadership qualities and IQ level close to genius, she felt the mistress of this life. Besides, she was incredibly beautiful — height 175, blond hair with a short well-groomed hair, bottomless blue eyes with big eyelashes, a little neat, a little cocked nose, a large lush lips... High elastic chest size 2.5, graceful hands, a perfect waist, beautiful slim legs "from ears"... At receptions to Olga dared to approach only the most successful and wealthy men, but even they dealt with it with trepidation, and black, and lose their importance by comparison. She was the standard of female beauty, grace and spiritual strength.
On this day, she as usual went into the building of his company and the gait model went on to her office. One was to take their staff with different questions or documents to sign, simultaneously talking on the phone with business partners and handled the daily Affairs. Sooner it resented the fact that men coming into her office, could not contain his erection, and she even, in a fit of anger, once fired two managers, but then was OK and stopped paying attention to it. She was well aware of her sexuality and was extremely pleased with himself. She wanted all men without exception, and perhaps even some women... Late in the evening she had to fly on business in Dublin and decided not going home, to go to the airport straight from work. After he buried the papers she didn't notice how time flew and, looking at his watch, realized that much late. Despite the fact that she had two very expensive cars, a job she preferred ride service Audi with driver.
Descending down the Elevator to the main entrance to the building, she went outside and looked around. Machine on a habitual place was not.
"fire the goat..." — a barely audible she whispered and glanced at the clock.
Realizing that very little time, she reached into the purse for my cell phone to call a taxi. Still a chance still remained.
"Olga!" — shouted someone across the street.
Olga raised her head and saw the puny boy 25 years old, standing at a scruffy nine.
"Olga, can You ride?"
"Young man, and you are who, exactly?" — suspiciously asked Olga.
"I Pasha Skvortsov, I'm a system administrator working! You I had to see!" with a smile from ear to ear shouted Pasha.
Here Olga remembered how the other day I went to accounting, and this the Pasha with a straight face sat in the corner and studied the network cable.
"Oh my God, what a day..." crossing her arms and stepping gracefully forward, whispered Olga.
"Pasha, I really need to get to the airport! Can you organize it?"
"Yes of course, Olga, what is it?! Sit down!" — jumping in the car shouted Pasha.
Olga approached the car and stood there for 2 seconds and, realizing that Pasha is not going to open the door, she opened and sat back.
"To the airport, we mi-and-yoke, Olga" cheerfully muttered the guy.
The car started with a Bang and rushed forward. Olga was looking out the window and pondered details of the Dublin meeting, and did not even notice how the car stopped.
"Something in the engine knocking, Olga, I'll quickly look" — not even looking at her, Pavel said and got out of the car.
He opened the hood, fiddled there for about thirty seconds, then shut it and stared at Olga Leer and malicious grin does not Bode well. Olga was not myself. She had no time to look around, from the stove on the dashboard threw some kind of smoke. Olga severely dizzy, she tried to find the handle of the door, but it was not there. The window was also blocked. Her eyes began to slowly close. Darkness.
When she came to, she realized that lying on the couch in some apartment. She sat up on the edge of the sofa and saw in front of himself Pasha sitting on an office chair in front of the computer.
"Ah, woke up finally," not taking his eyes off the monitor said Pasha.
"Starlings! Are you shittin ' me?!"
"Yes, you know what you'll get for this trick?!" — choking with rage shouted Olga.
"Yes, you have me now, even work as a janitor in this town, you bastard!"
Olga tried to get up and attack the Pasha with his fists, when suddenly it struck a blow, from his eyes sparks and she collapsed back on the couch. Catching his breath, she felt his neck and realized that it buckled a collar that is normally used for training dogs. She grabbed it with both hands and tried to break, but immediately received another blow, she screamed with a dramatically curved back and removed his hands.
"Don't do that, still nothing happens. This is my modernizirovana model" — calmly said the Pasha, looking at the remote keychain in your hands.
"What do you want?" — frightenedly whispered Olga.
"You are now my bitch, Olga" — said with a smile Pasha.
"What?! How dare you say that to me, bastard?!" — overwrought shouted Olga.
Pasha smooth motion sent the FOB to the side of her and pressed the button. Her body was again pierced by an electric shock and she moaned squirming. He again and again pressed the button until the screaming is not passed in a painful roar. By the time Pasha decided that it was enough, Olga was lying on the floor next to the sofa on her belly and was breathing heavily. Her body stopped cramping.
"Stop... Please stop... No more.." she whispered.
"In my girl. I never heard any "bastard" and "bastard", got it?" — bending over her asked Pasha.
"Now you'll call me Master, okay?"
"Didn't you hear?"
Olga put her hands on the floor, sat up and looked at his tormentor a vacant look.
Pasha hissed, turned and deliberately pressed the button.
"Aaahhhh!"- she collapsed face down on the floor.
"I got it! Got it! I understand, my Lord!" — crying out of Olga.
"Alrighty then" — cheerfully said Pasha and took from the drawer of the computer Desk prosumer camcorder. He put it on the table, turned a lens on the middle of the room and turned on "record". When Olga saw her looking at the lens with a red light, she felt dizzy...
"Lord, what now will happen to me?" she thought.
Pasha sat in his chair and loudly barked: "get up!"
Olga obeyed, awkwardly rose to his feet and stared at Pasha.
"Strip down to your underwear" — he said quietly.
From these words, Olga's knees buckled. It is the first time in my life heard such rudeness in his address.
"I could make you anything while you were out, but it wouldn't be interesting, right?" — continued Pasha.
"I want you to think ponytales in front of me, so you can stop acting like you're better than anyone on this planet"
"Well? I don't see action!" he said and reached for the thumb.
"No! No! Please! I'll shoot!" with tears in his eyes, said Olga.
She was wearing one of her strict gray suits. The gray skirt to the knee, jacket, blouse. With the simplicity and formality, this suit was quite expensive, and Olga looked very sexy.
"Come on, slut, show me what you got" is intently studying her figure said Pasha.
Olga's face was crimson with shame, resentment and shame.
"Oh, my God, how can that be? Why it is happening to me?" thought Olga and with shaking hands undid the button of his jacket.After a few seconds the jacket was lying on the floor behind him fell down blouse, and then with feet slipped and skirt. Olga stood in one of the lower collar and pink lace lingerie. She covered her Breasts and pubic area with his hands and waited with dread for what might happen next.
"cross your fingers behind your head and elbows take ago. Put his feet shoulder width apart. Want to consider your toy in all its glory" — his thumb said Pasha.
Olga obeyed. From this posture, her chest came forward and the buttocks parted and she felt so vulnerable like never before in life. She narrowed her eyes, from which fell the large tears from the humiliation. Pasha came up to her and began to move my hands all over her body. Released the breast from her bra and began pinching the nipples, slipped her hand into her panties and touched the labia... Walked back and stroked her buttocks... and All this time Olga dutifully stood nesaules as a soldier in the honor guard, only force his eyes closed and biting her lip. Pasha strongly slapped her on the ass, from what Olga even screamed, and abruptly walked back to her chair.
"Take your rest!" — he snapped.
"I can't!" — Olga squeaked, covering his face with his hands.
Current. Olga collapsed on the floor.
"No, my Lord! Now..." — whispered Olga, removing the bra. Then she quickly removed the panties and pressed his knees to his chest, trying to somehow hide their nakedness. She, Olga Krylova is a successful business woman now sitting naked on the floor and fulfills all wishes of some computer worm! From these thoughts the head was again spinning...
"Get on your knees and crawl to me, slut!" with visible excitement roared the Pasha, pulling off her jeans.
Reeling, Olga knelt down and crawled to his master.
"Teeth take off your pants, bitch! And hurry up! I want you to try out!"
Olga has long been realized that it is waiting for abuse. Now she wanted only to have it quickly ended. She grabbed the teeth of the elastic band of his shorts right at the belly button and gently pulled down, pushing his nose into his pubic hair. Passing his nose on his cock, she felt it a slight stutter.
"Ah, what a Smarty-pants Olga Vladimirovna, is" continued to scoff Pasha.
"Now take it in your mouth!"
Eyes Olga just got out of orbits! In the first Institute, it was determined that it is higher to have oral sex, even with someone you love. Let any Chicks doing Blowjob, but I don't. And now? Now, in order once again to obtain the electrical discharge, she will have to suck this minor nerd! She winced, shut his eyes and hugged his lush lips on the head of the penis.
"No, it's not me..." thought Olga deeper taking 18-inch dick in his virgin mouth.
She did not know how to do a Blowjob and paid for it. Pasha grabbed her by the hair and threw to the side. Immediately grabbed the FOB and pressed the rage button.
"Aaah! For what, my Lord? I do everything as You have!" — tearfully asked Olga.
"Once again I feel your teeth, bitch, and I will increase the voltage!" growled the Pasha.
Olga clung to his cock in advance making the mouth a tube and carefully planted his head. Now she was sucking very gently... Trying to keep the teeth as far as possible and hug a member of the inner side of the cheeks. His plump lips she massaged the head of your cock, then I played with her tongue. Pasha leaned back and groaned, holding her head with one hand. She had begun rhythmically moving his head.
"Oh...... Yes..."
"you were made for this, slut!" — breathless with excitement murmured Pasha.
Olga stronger and stronger and squeezing dick in her mouth and with each new movement increased the tempo... this helped her Pashkina hand. After a few seconds she felt her mouth filled with cum.
"Swallow it! Swallow, surucua!" cried the Pasha.
Gathering all his will in a fist, Olga took one SIP and recoiled from his dick. She was unable to swallow all the sperm at once and more was dripping from her plump lips down her chin and dripped to the floor.
"Uh... that's what I understand. Did good, girl..." — eyes closed, said Pasha.
Olga sat with her face a few inches from the swinging member and was afraid to even move.
Pasha opened his eyes and looked at the puddle of semen on the floor, stecchi on her chin.
"Ah, Ah, Ah... why are you so carefully, Olga?"
"I... I..." suddenly it was trying to tell Olga.
"Well ka quickly wilii all here!" — he snapped.
Olga bent over and several times licked the floor. The sperm were stained. And then she clung to her lips and sucked it like when you kiss.
"Purely, my Lord," she whispered.
"Well done, girl. And now the second take," — said Pashka picking up the camera.
He grabbed Olga by the hair and put his dick in her mouth.
"Now will be a little tougher, but with time you get used to it, bitch"
"look me in the eyes until I cum! I want you to feel every ounce of his humiliation, self-righteous bitch!" he shouted and began with all his strength to batter the Olga's throat.
Olga tried to hold back the gag reflex and how wide you open your mouth. She couldn't breathe, her face was red from the choking, but she dutifully endured while a cock goes in her mouth at the speed of the piston in the engine. She looked Paschke in the face, but could hardly see from the tears navorachivayutsya. He furiously continued to batter her exhausted mouth. It felt like his balls beating against her chin with a nasty smacking sound. Olga began to lose consciousness, when Pasha with all his strength pinned her head to my crotch, driving the cock down her throat until it stops and richly finished. Olga leaned back and clearing my throat, was hard to miss the air.
"It was an excellent movie, Olga," said the Pasha, looking at the small screen of the camera.
"Well, you took a breath?"
"Now get under the table," said Pasha, otchityvayasj on the chair giving way.
Olga unsteadily stood up on all fours and forgetting everything went to its place.
"That's enough from you, now just take my balls in your mouth and do massage language"
"And I need something to do..."
Olga was sitting under the table, holding in his mouth the eggs Pasha, and gently twisted their language. She was not ashamed, she was just thinking about that this morning, she was unapproachable Queen, what a goddess. And now she's the property of Pasha, the doll for sexual pleasures... Just a whore he can do whatever he will give his sick imagination...
"All ready, Olga Vladimirovna!" — enthusiastically said Pasha and unfastened from its neck the ill-fated collar.
"Now, your adventure lies in a safe place on the Internet with me and if anything happens or you tell someone, this video spread across the Internet, across a local network of our company, and will be sent to all your pathetic friends on the website vkontakte.ru. You wouldn't want that, huh?"
"Get out and get dressed!"
Olga got out from under the table, pondering what the Pasha. She felt a shock. Not realizing anything she pulled her panties and skirt, wearing a bra and blouse, picked up the jacket and looked at Pasha.
"I hope you understand that this is only the beginning, Olga?" — with a devilish smile asked Pasha.
"Tomorrow, you will find a reason to call me to his office. You should not be underwear. Will explore your other holes. At the same time and discuss my promotion. Do you understand, slut?"
"... Yes, my Lord..." said Olga with his head down and headed for the exit...
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execution under duress

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