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Default These girls like it - a little Rape

These girls like it - a little

The loss of virginity under duress


After returning from the army Sasha first threw a party in honor of the return. There were many of his friends, some of them army. Of course girls. Two years and eight months, he was not female. At the sight of the already Busty classmates, he ran to the bathroom, and came not to faint.
Girls a good drink. Among them was his good friend. She was the youngest among all that were at the party. Her name was Tanya. She was almost 17 years old. A month and a half will be.
Tanya was a very beautiful girl. Not skinny not fat, long, dark brown hair to the butt, small Breasts Tanya in its modesty emphasized. Beautiful gray eyes, and a small tattoo of a butterfly on the ankle.
This evening she almost did not dance. Kept asking about the army, like what they do. And in the winter? And if it rains? And if were ill? And things.
At the end of the party it was very much drunk army buddies, Sasha, and slowly began to undress her. Tankini "friend" was rasatala that she's still a virgin, and drunk already not skinny roach and inflated, strong, and hungry Umballa decided to fuck her in all holes. (to show how strong they are, and who is in the house Khozin)
The two holding her, one she tried to undress, and the rest were laughing, and intimidated her. Sasha, who at the time smoked in the kitchen, heard a noise in the living room, and ran. What he saw shocked him. Small, fragile girl with a broken lip, and stuck the dress lies on the floor, and trying to escape.
— E! You che ohueli?
With these words he rushed to one of the guys. Gradually the fight turned into a massacre, and the boys had to separate. Fortunately, in the morning they do not remember what happened yesterday, and so were the friends. But now not about it.
Tanya as soon as she had saved, Packed up and left. I once saw closing the door behind her hastily dressed, and ran after her. Far from home she was gone. Slowly stepping in rusalochku, crying quietly. I stopped, calmed down, guys are drunk half to death, do not think. It calmed her a little. As it was already dark and lived, and she and I far away, I offered her to drive you home.
Half way she asked to stop the car. Said that he can't come home like this, and a little walk. Yeah. The alcohol hit her brain. Walking is one to two hours a night. Winter.
Offered to go with me. Then I didn't have any intentions. I was a girl. Literally two hours before the party we were in a cafe. But then everything changed.
I asked her to take a shower, gave her my Bathrobe, made coffee. It could not be better for clearing the mind.Grayer, drank. I put it in my room and he went to the next. Somehow could not how to sleep. And finally began to strew and you.
Serge... are You sleeping?
— No. What happened?
— I can't sleep. I'm scared.
We got to talking. That would not sleep I turned on the Desk lamp. During a later conversation, the belt on the robe was untied, and could just see her small breast. Don't remember exactly how, but Tanya was on the bed. I dramatically put on two blades, removed the robe completely, and began to strongly knead her breast.
— It is not necessary. Hurt.
But I have changed. I continued to squeeze her small Breasts. I felt how hard her heart beats. For rosy cheeks flowed with tears. It seemed she was paralyzed from fear. Then I could not understand why, as it was also not a weak drunk, and now I understand. The apartment that we were alone, and to pull me away from her already was nobody.
— Spread your legs, baby.
After some hesitation, she does not much spread her legs to the side, and covered hands still virgin crack. Parting her legs even wider, I lay on her and began to kiss the red from the blow of the lips and tear-stained cheeks. She soon calmed down, relaxed and even a little moist.
Does alcohol played a role, fortunately at the right time. I slowly and quietly not to frighten her, went to play the virgin, still a little caressed her, then gently lifted her ass and abruptly entered. Tanya quietly annula, almost without straining, and calmed down. After a short while that she'd used to, I began to move in her. Blood almost was not. It was so small that on sheets there were only two small drops.
Sometimes Tanya tried to escape, it was hard for her to breathe, and then began to have fun. Began to eat the sponge near the wound, to close the languid gray eyes, and expose a little breast with my hands.
Slowly putting her ass on the bed, I bent her legs at the knees, and began at the same time to have her, and caress her hardened, even very tiny nipples. She began to move beneath me as much in the pan, and for some reason began to cry. Began to compress the legs, and bend. At first I was afraid, maybe she was hurting, and then I felt like shrinking her vagina, and she froze like a statue and collapsed back on the bed.
With sleepy eyes she looked to the side and quietly breathing.
— Will suffice. I just can't.
She whispered quietly. I made a few more progressive movements, and came out of it. She instantly fell asleep, and I still have almost half an hour stroking her body and kissing her.
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the loss of virginity, under duress

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