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Old 10-20-2016, 05:21 PM
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Default Nurturing nanny

13.10.2016, 15:17 Hot Tale
Rape, Domination and humiliation, Casual sex, Fetish, Rest, Whipping, Young and Mature
Is your casual wear? – strictly asked Valentin, scrutinizing him sitting in front of the girl. She timidly looked down at the floor and fiddling with your fingers purse.

Not too blatant in her blouse? There seems to be no. The cut, though deep, but not so much to exhibit her lush, firm chest. And the skirt? Tight, but long. Even the knees are covered.

– What's wrong with my clothes? quietly she asked, not looking up. She wanted to get this to work. Previously, Valentin Igorevich worked her friend, but was forced to change my occupation for family reasons. She often praised children Valentine. Telling them they are smart and calm. And Valentin himself a great employer. Always pays generously and on time. A single man was appreciated Babysitting, which allowed him to go about their business without the distraction of raising children.

– Juliana, stand – demanded Valentin. The girl obeyed, and the man meticulously surveyed her from head to toe. – Your clothes are just all right. Here only I do not understand why a beautiful girl is so sad things. Where do you dress? On the market?
"How dare he?!" – Uliana cheeks flared, but she bit her tongue. Refusal of employment has not yet sounded.

– Well, nothing. Not the clothes make the man. Gave me good feedback about you, so I'll see you next Saturday. All the best.

Words Valentine left a bad feeling in my heart. At the end of the week, when Juliana was preparing for the first day, she remembered them, and approaching the mirror itself critically examined. Pretty brown-haired. Shiny waves of hair fall on the shoulders. Childly a rounded face. Because of this poloskati she looked younger than his 23 years. Her whole figure was rounded, appetizing: wide hips, a lush ass. "I'm too fat, thought Juliana. – Therefore, Valentin I. was dissatisfied with my appearance". Instead of a skirt and blouse, she pulled out of the Cabinet tight tight pants that sat on her like a second skin and the shirt with buttons. The buttons barely stand the pressure of young flesh. Cost Uliana to take a deep breath, as the cloth on his chest parted, and out peeped delicate bow sewn between the cups of the bra. Like this girl, and went to work.

Valentin Igorevich in a hurry and sat in the car at the cottage, so only greeted the girl with a nod. Juliana fed children, played with them, put them to bed and settled in a chair with a book, waiting for the return of Valentine. Time passed, and the head of the family never showed.

Ulyana book quickly got bored. She began to pace the room, looking at paintings, book shelves and figurines on the shelves. On one of the shelves, her attention was drawn to a stack of tossed magazines. The girl took one, but realized that it has explicit pornographic content. She was confused and wanted to put him in his place, but curiosity overcame, and she decided to watch just one eye.
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Old 10-20-2016, 05:22 PM
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devstvennica Juliana was not, but an experienced and Mature woman did not consider themselves. She had an intimate relationship with a same age, same awkward and shy as she was. Therefore, the topic of sex is very interested in her: suddenly able to learn something new, unknown?

Juliana launched a random page and opened a mouth from surprise. Related fancy women. Women in collars and men, cynically having them in all holes. People curved in an incredible way, while other people satisfy their lust. Men, gratefully kissing the feet of the women in the skin. Woman satisfying four men simultaneously. The girl felt her cheeks fill with blush, but couldn't take my eyes off of these photos.

She was especially struck by the image on which the man fell to the pussy women in latex and eagerly licked her, while another woman, on her knees sucking his cock plump lips. Juliana was so fascinated that he didn't notice as he slammed the door. She didn't hear Valentin Igorevich entered the room and stopped behind her. Not seen slides his eyes on her firm buttocks, tight fitted trousers, narrow at the waist, puffy shoulders, and finally, according to the journal, which she clutched in sweaty palms. Men lips curved into a predatory smile.

– Juliana, – he said softly, watching as the girl jumped in fright and dropped from the hands of the magazine. He fell to the floor, revealing a shameless picture of one woman holding the wrist of the other, while a naked man had her in the ass.– What are you doing?
– N-nothing, – the girl whispered. – I was cleaning and found...
– You clean up in the living room? It's not part of your duties.
"Yes," said Juliana mouths. It was dusty and I...
– You went through my stuff. Found something interesting?
– No! It is not so! She paused. Muffled heart pounded, the blood rushing in her temples.

Cheeks suffused with a bright colour, and her breast heaved so high that the button finally broke down and popped open with a resounding loud Bang.
– You're looking for? My personal belongings? What were you hoping to find in the home a lonely man? Valentine tried to make his voice more brutality, but inside he was jubilant. He now has an excellent opportunity to see what he wanted from the very first meeting with this girl. Her appetizing forms stirred his mind.
– No! It is not so! – Uliana lips trembled and my eyes were dimmed by tears.
– How could you? The kids are asleep in the next room, and you looking at dirty pictures. Shame! And if they woke up and came into the room? What if my daughter saw THIS?!
– Excuse me, Valentin Igorevich. I won't.
You're not what? See obscenities in my house? Is that so excites you that you can't help yourself?
– No! Not the least bit exciting!
– Then why did you get them? Answer! – Viktor shouted at the girl. She cringed, as if expecting that it now will strike.
– I... I was curious.
The man laughed out loud.
– Are you really trying to convince me that watching vulgar pictures is not exciting you? Watching porn and not the least bit wet?
Juliana shuddered. Of course, her panties already soaked with hot moisture, but she stubbornly shook her head.
– You're lying, ' said Valentine, watching as the girl's cheeks blush even more.
– No.
You're not just a pervert that looks at porn magazines in someone else's house while the kids sleep, but also a liar.
She barely restrained so as not to turn around and not to run out of room.
– No, Valentin Igorevich! I'm not a Perv, it's all your magazines! And I'm not a liar!
The man suddenly took a few quick steps and was right in front of her:
– I don't want my children looked after by the liar.
His breath lightly gave the alcohol, eyes shining in the twilight. He smiled and from that smile Ulyana shiver. She took a step back, but ran into a bookcase. Men hands rested on her hips.
– Valentin Igorevich! What are you doing?
– Shhh, – he hissed quietly in her ear. – The children Wake up. I want to make sure you're not lying. But if you lied to me – so you're a real pervert.

Zip on the trousers was undone so quickly that Juliana didn't even have time to grab Valentine by the hand. Besides, her strength was nothing in comparison with the strength of a grown man. His hand slid down her pants, pressed my hot belly and slid lower between the tightly compressed thighs. Juliana started to squirm, when rough fingers touched the elastic of her panties, but Valentine grabbed her by the hair gathered in a ponytail.

Finally, he snuck into her panties and found a narrow crack. Lubrication was enough for fat finger effortlessly slid into the vagina. The girl gasped and sat down.
– And you said that was not erect. Yes, you just flow! – Valentin said. The trousers are so closely grasped his hand that he couldn't move. But he could move his finger inside the hot, throbbing holes. He slowly bent it, feeling the little sensitive area on the anterior wall of the vagina. The girl's Clit hardened, rested in his palm.
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Old 10-20-2016, 05:22 PM
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Juliana gasped again when the finger Valentine found the desired point. The hand holding her hair, was too strong and she couldn't escape. Stood, strung on finger men. The girl twitched, trying to escape but Valentine was still more inside of her.
– Liar, – he said quietly to the girl. – You are all wet. What were you going to do with this journal, you little pervert? Wanted to relax a little while I'm home? Rubbing her wet pussy?The text is written specifically for the site http://pornorasskazy.com/
– No! – wanted to meet Juliana, but could only barely audible exhale. It felt like it slipped another finger, and the palm harder and harder on her clitoris.
Is a liar, ' said Valentin. He released her hair. She recoiled, but a strong hand grabbed her neck, slightly squeezed throat. He did not strangle her, only held, but the girl shook with fear.
– You lied to me. Said not excited, and she expire with grease. Why should I believe that you were just innocently going to look at dirty pictures?
– I didn't mean to!
I didn't want to finger myself?
– No!
Are you trying to convince me that just because I watched a porn magazine in the house where I work as a nanny? Get wet from this and not even trying to masturbate? Or maybe you're just a slut and like it when others touch you in different places?
I'm not a slut! whispered Juliana. Her legs trembled and began to buckle. The fingers inside of her vagina began to move a little faster.
– I keep my fingers in your tight, slippery twat. And you're saying that you are not a slut?

Juliana said nothing. She panted from weakness and shame and didn't even try to make excuses.
– Well, maybe not whore. Your hole feels so tight. But you lied to me. And in my house all liars are punished.

Punished? Juliana could not believe what was happening. What is it? Nightmare? She must have fell asleep and she dreams a horrible dream. The girl's feet were shaking, chest heaving wildly. In the sweet belly tightened, and the body ran hot wave of pleasure. Ulyana eyelids dropped, her lips parted and she gave a long drawn-out moan. Valentin, carefully watching her reaction, did not allow the girl to have an orgasm. With a quick movement, he pulled the slippery grease from the fingers from the vagina and shoved them in his mouth all the time?.
– Taste our lies. And try to convince me you're not excited.
Juliana coughed, choked, but Valentine hand firmly squeezed her neck and held so until she grabbed his fingers with his lips.
– Suck them. Lick.

Valentin watched as the girl carefully sucking his big hard fingers, and then pulled them. He again grabbed her by the hair, dragged him away from the bookcase. Juliana tripped. Fortunately, to go far not necessary. Valentine led her to the kitchen. He dropped into a chair with a high back, and the girl pulled the hair down and set myself on my knees, trembling so that her round ass sticking out the back. Finally, but he let go of her tail. Strong hands moved to the lower part of the body of the girl, caressed and explored her thighs and a firm butt.

Face Uliana tightly clung to the pants Valentina, so she cheek could feel his rising cock.
– Valentin Igorevich, do not, – whispered the girl, but a strong slap made her stop. Palm men loudly fell on her ass.
– Don't whine, calmly said Valentin.
Slap! Another one!
Shut your mouth or I'll shut it for you. One more word and I'm gonna whup you not only with your hands.
Juliana bit her lip. Her buttocks overflowed the burning tingling. It was not painful, but highly embarrassing and humiliating.
– Well, – smiled approvingly Valentine and then hit it again.
– Ay, – Juliana gasped. He's been hit twice in the same place. A flash of pain covered her mind.
– You said something?
– It hurts me.
– Did I say you could talk? Valentine grabbed her by the hair. – I warned you.

He hauled the girl off his knees and pushed up to the table. Juliana fell for him. Her Breasts pressed against the cold countertop. Before she had a chance to protest, the man with one sharp motion pulled down her tight trousers along with panties. She began crying softly when the cool air touched her exposed buttocks. Clean-shaven pussy appeared before the eyes of Valentine. He lifted her legs completely pulled his clothes off, and then leaned back. His cock pulsed, pressing against the hot bare skin Ulyana.
I told you to keep your mouth shut, he pulled her by the hair, pulled his head back. When the girl opened her mouth and tried to scream, Valentine shoved him with her own crumpled wet panties.
– If you try to spit out them, I'd shut your mouth something worse and wrapped with tape. Nod if you understand, ' hissed the man in the ear of the girl.
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Old 10-20-2016, 05:22 PM
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Juliana vehemently shook his head. Valentine again pulled her by the hair, pulled her off the table and sitting on a chair, put the girl on her lap.

Without pants, the pain became brighter, every beat louder. Juliana felt her ass blazed with fire. "Probably there all red", she thought, but lay still, afraid to move. From his eyes flowed with tears. Valentin stopped, put her hands on the girl's buttocks and squeezed them.

He gritted his teeth and nearly choked on my panties when the man ran his fingers on her crack, and then plunged into a narrow hole pussy.
The spanking has made you even more wet, – stated Valentin. Are you really a pervert!
He began to have her two fingers. Fast and hard.
– You like being spanked, huh? A Randy little bitch.

Juliana squirmed in the man's lap. His fingers continued their shameful work, and sometimes sliding out for a moment to again squelch located inside the hot hole. Caviar girl trembled, she blinked – that was a sure sign that soon it will reach orgasm.

Juliana stiffened, and then arched, when a powerful flood of pleasure swept through her tense body. She loudly moaned and almost spat out of his mouth crumpled panties.
– Very well, little whore, î chuckled Valentine. – And now it's my turn.
Ulyana legs still trembled, and she gasped when Valentine picked it up and sat on his knees to face him. It is widely spread her knees, unzipped his pants. Hard dick popped free. Pressed against the girls thigh. Valentine two hands lifted Uliana and lowered her so that she felt the head of his penis, which goes into it from below. For a moment, holding the girl in such a position, Val is abruptly lowered her down, completely ramming the penis inside her.

Both Juliana and Valentine groaned. The man released her hips, undid the buttons on his shirt. A few seconds admiring the hemispheres of the chest, upholstered in satin with lace bra, then put her hands on his shoulders and pulled the shirt together with straps of linen, revealing a large, swaying Breasts.

– Your nipples against his palms, his fingers, he squeezed one nipple. Hard, almost painfully. Valentine leaned forward, kissed a nipple, then dragged him inside. Ulyana again moaned through the panties, and her pussy clenched tightly clasping his bursting inside her cock. Valentin immediately lost interest in lush maiden breast. He put his arm around Elsie's waist and began to stick it on his penis, like a soulless doll. Her Breasts were jumping in front of his face.

The girl couldn't move at that pace, no matter what he wanted, so he picked it up and, without removing member, put on the table so that her buttocks hung over the edge of the countertop. Juliana almost lost consciousness when Valentin Igorevich started hard and fast to have it.
The man fucked the girl until she again began to squirm, and then pulled a shiny from vaginal juice member. If she came, he wasn't sure I could hold back and not cum too. And to merge in this young hole without protection Valentin didn't want to.
He turned it face down. Froze, trying to catch his breath and cool slightly. Lush ass was trembling slightly in front of him. He loudly slapped her and she swayed. Valentine slapped her a few more times until he felt himself on the verge of orgasm. Then grabbed these hot young buttocks and smacked them right between the plunging heavy strength member in the gaping hole pussy.

Juliana was arched beneath him.
– Lie! – strictly shouted Valentin. He watched the shudder of her buttocks each time he enters her. Then spread her white hemisphere with your hands.

Juliana panicked. She felt in her narrow virgin hole ass squeezes the finger men. She tried to rise, but Valentin pushed her to the table.
– If you keep moving, I'm fucking your ass with a finger. Without preparation! – tone men does not Bode well, and Juliana froze, spread-eagled on the table. Valentine stroked her pussy, which still was excited to the limit member, gathered clear, warm grease and smeared on a dark ringlet anus. Then slowly began to plunge into him one finger.

The finger was very crowded. Valentine smiled and started to act more carefully, trying to gently stretch tight muscles. View finger slowly sinking into that tiny, fringed with dark red folds of the hole made his dick throb even more. Valentin stood, admiring the spread before him the girl. And then he started fucking her so fast that the table shook at a furious pace. Juliana writhed and screamed. Her hole clenched and relaxed, squeezing the member and the finger Valentine. Finally the girl stopped, mouth wide open, so crumpled panties spilled out and fell under the table. Her body shook in convulsions. She wheezed and clung to the edge of the countertop, fingers were white from the strain. Valentin barely managed to pull out his dick. A thick jet of hot seed and watered the ass and the back of the hive.

Both could not catch my breath.

Now, when Valentine had finished, he began to feel something similar to shame.
Wait, I'll get you a towel, ' he muttered and left the kitchen. Juliana heard the water gurgled in the bathroom. Then Valentin is back on the move wiping his falling penis. The same towel he wiped the cum off of the girl's body. Juliana took a towel from the hands of men, wiped excess grease between your legs. Dressed. Panties are so soaked her juices and saliva that she did not wear them. Just pulled the pants over his naked body.
"Sorry," Valentine said, helping the girl to fasten the bra. – I shouldn't have...
"Thank you," whispered Juliana.
What? What did you say?
"Thank you," she repeated a little louder. – When my next work day?
Valentine puzzled considered postupivshaya girl.
– You want to come here again?
She nodded.
– I... I Have little experience. And you, Valentin Igorevich, you could have a lot to teach me.
His eyes widened in surprise. But Juliana smiled at him.
Well, if so, my ex-wife takes the children on Tuesdays and Fridays, so in the evenings I am completely alone.
– Then until Tuesday – Juliana smiled again and adjusted his shirt on his chest. It was still shaking, his legs buckled, and his head was spinning as after a glass of strong wine. But she's already eager to quickly come Tuesday.
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