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Default Diary of a freshman. Second semester

Diary of a freshman. Second semester

04.10.2016, 22:15 PM44
Rape, Incest, Blowjob, true story, Students, promiscuity. Off the hinges
▼ This story consists of 2 parts! ▼
Part 2
"The previous part
The author of the story apologizes for the large amount of profanity. It is solely because of the desire to convey to the reader a complete image of the person on whose behalf the written story

1 Feb
The holidays passed like a day and then studying. Not even had time to relax. Before the New year came with army brother. He is older than me by two years. One day I went to the store for groceries. When I got home, he sat in my room and read my diary. This is fucked up! Said he was looking for in my purse for cigarettes and found it. I rushed at him and wanted to take, but he didn't. Said, pay me back when you're done. Bastard!!! In short, it ended up that I hit him with a knee between his legs and took the diary while he was crawling from the pain of cancer on the floor. However, it just hit me in the face. I had a week to conceal the black eye that the parents did not notice. We have with him before any particular problem in the relationship. And here such ambush. Still don't know how to react to this? Although, I can react asshole he is.

3 Feb
Yesterday came to see me she asks. Drank a bottle of wine for two. She admitted me as friend on vacation had an abortion. It's fucked up!!! I'm in shock. Turns out she flew from the Bone. When I learned I was afraid that her parents would be killed. She went to the doctor agreed with him and had an abortion. She is three months it is impossible to fuck. Kostya do not know. She tells him that she has something feminine, and the doctor forbade her period of "treatment" to have sex. And I, too, could fly. When I realized this, I immediately became so shitty. Well, at least my period was. And that would be me fucked. Decided Svetka to put a spiral, when she held a course of "treatment". And I do in this matter is a complete idiot. Before this even did not think never. Well, she's pregnant, not me.

6 Feb
The group leader said that we have organized a meeting with guys from another school. I sit and think, go for it or not? Probably have to go and say I will be a nun and then clarity.

10 Feb
Yesterday there was a meeting. This is the third course. There were a few normal kids. Not that our goats. You can feel that these are more adult and serious. Met two. One Sasha, second Cyril. Everyone gave me your number. Asked me, but I decided not to repeat the mistake with the Second Fame. If she wants to, I'll call you.

11 Feb
Something science has ceased me inside the head. I guess the concern between the legs prevents it)))).

13 Feb
Today the whole night didn't sleep well. Had a dream I fucked some guy. Don't know who, but I think it was Valentine. Woke up this morning and the bottom of all the whining. Fuck, I've never been. This is probably because the guy I have. Can call Sasha or Cyril??? But if again, bummer, as Slavik?

18 Feb
All, I can't do this anymore. Need something to do, and then this pain in the lower abdomen pain in the ass. And in the end I nun Kaka...
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