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Default Planet of love on the first date

I've walked through a long and narrow corridor leading me to a new life. It was our first long-awaited date. Before him I spent hours in front of a mirror, creating the image of a casual girl that did not overcome the embarrassment and shyness. In fact, in my heart all mixed up so badly that I almost ceased to understand, do I need to go to this meeting. We met on the street. Someone may say that this fateful, but I don't believe in fatality. So my every move was bound by a feeling of unknown and severity.

luxury double bed was strewn with rose petals I knocked on the light oak door. It opened instantly, as if waiting for me since morning. His broad smile revealed perfect white teeth. I slightly pursed my lips and crossed the threshold. I have ceased to breathe: luxury double bed was strewn with rose petals. It was incredibly beautiful, but clearly hinted that he is not a supporter of procrastination of time. I was not myself. But as soon as he squeezed his strong hand, my delicate fingers and led me to the box doubts were dispelled as the mist is changeable in April. He sat me down on the edge of the bed and gently held the back of her hand against his cheek. I frantically shuddered and recoiled. But he kept his head and with a jerk pulled me to his chest. I heard his heavy breathing in his ear and felt me growing arousal. Aching in the abdomen, that it became sweet to shrink...

He threw me on the bed He kissed my neck hungrily, like he wanted to drink all my objections in one gulp. He wanted to show me his personal planet of Love. I involuntarily gave out a quiet groan, trying to suppress the feeling of fire spreading at the bottom of my stomach. For him it was merely a call to action. He looked me in the eyes and immediately stared at my moist lips kiss, full of passion and dedication. I bit him boldly, but gently. Then he pushed me on the mattress and a sharp movement of his hand tore the buttons on my blouse one by one. His sweaty palm slid across my stomach. I unwillingly caved in. His fingers slid under my bra, and after a split second, I was already half naked. Rough fingertips touched my nipple and I flinched. I started in the intention to get up to answer him with a kiss, but he only pulled me back, making it clear that he fully controls the situation. He almost fell to me in order to kiss my firm Breasts. He teased me, sucking my nipples and caressing their lips. His hand sank lower and lower. He slowly ran his fingernail along the line where my jeans began. Yes, I knew that there will be sex, but that he was so...

turned me on my stomach and put the cancer in a moment he had already unbuttoned my pants and button them. His fingers climbed into my panties and began to caress my Clit. I screamed in lust. Very soon I was wet and Horny. He pulled off my skinny jeans together with panties and threw them on the floor. After that, he finally allowed me to touch him. I gently pulled his t-shirt and immediately took up the pants. His tight boxers drove me crazy. He dazzling smile, and they ended up on the floor with all the other things. More he pulled no punches, and resolutely turned me on my stomach and put on his knees. He walked up to me defiantly and rudely. His hand clutched my hair. He drew me to himself, then loosened his grip. The tremors were so strong, I was moaning non-stop. As soon as his hand once again touched my clitoris, and a new spurt almost knocked me to the floor, I felt my entire body trembled with impending orgasm. I screamed, and crumbled into small pieces. We came at the same time, and wearily collapsed on the bed. It was the best sex of my life. It does not matter, what will happen then. I just felt the feeling was in the present moment and catch every detail. I absorbed his planet like a sponge, and it was the best thing that could give each other two unfamiliar person.
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