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Default Sleeping beauty, or night hunters - Incest Tales

Lena, the girl is beautiful,slim, and culture. Looking at her, but she didn't know, without a doubt, this is not so easy to drive, it will not appear. I roll. Although it occurs in a usual way.

I went to a business trip on the night train from Moscow, St. Petersburg. Entering the compartment, I noticed that the frame on the contrary is a beautiful slender woman of about thirty. The train pulled out, two on, and is still free. Taking small sedan, crept out did not work and the conversation ensued. This girl is, all in itself, it looks tired. In a moment, I even thought she was a little under the sand fly.

Somewhere in an hour after everything settled down, and extinguished the light, I realized that sleep is impossible to gather in the hallway Smoking. Bending down in search of the Slippers, I caught a glimpse of a glance of the sleeping noted that, in the dark deep piece on the ee body very sexy depict ee thin figure, in the region of the butt is not completely ee hide, exposing part of the thigh and the edge of lace panties.

Could not resist, touched his fingertips to the tender and warmth of the skin of the outer thigh. Touched, stop for a moment, listening to the ee breathing, and then stopped herself, fearing that would Wake her. Went out for a smoke, calm down. Returned, a little crazy is not experienced from the seen. The girl is still deeply asleep lying on your back, only bent legs apart, one piece covering only one leg, by its edge as"the border Fox", just in the white ridge of the mountain the pubic bone Silk panties.

I won't cover you with the details, but in the steady noise of the wheels and one beating heart began timid contact and hmeleya impunity, I was arrogant with every minute. Stroking the touch quickly turned into a Frank affection, and in the light of the erotic massage. The girl was deeply sleeping, the soft. Arriving,I first stroked, and then do a thorough squeezed her Breasts. Ee cat drip. Encourage and muzzy finally, I slowly move inch by inch, pulled down her pants and the slant of her crotch, the first time touched his lips to shave no more than a week ago, the pubic bone, and penetrated his tongue in her arms.


I finished in the towel, a little podrochu ee hand, put his cock in ee hot hand, which is spontaneously contracted, tightly grip the dry. This is amazing!

Outside the window, dawn. Carefully concealing the girl a piece I could not resist and kissed a few times ee cheeks and lips.

I'm going to the platform, lit a cigarette...when he put the second cigarette into the corridor she went, my Sleeping Beauty. I want a cigarette. We lit up...I really want her hug, but I decided not to. I stared at her face, trying to guess if she knows something, sleeping, or just pretending?

Then we began to talk, and the tone of the dialogue, and based on the topics covered, I was finally strengthened the view that she was still sleeping or unconscious feelings. I calmed down, although it is a bit sorry, she did not realize how much I was gentle and tender with her.

We meet. The train arrived at Moscow Station and we ran their travel business. A few days later, when I returned to Moscow, and we to call,meet and start Dating...

After a year of being here and slightly lyrical mood to drink champagne, I told him the story...


The first night touch it is to Wake up early when she was only sixteen years old. In the summer time ee of the family and the family of my mother's sister lives in the country, the husband of my mother sister uncle John, the night quietly to enter her bedroom, quietly crept to the bed, touched her to sleep. Helen, continue to pretend that she was asleep. listened carefully to their feelings, and gradually learned that touching her is extremely enjoyable.

Day after day, a contact visit gum night after night, and when the last day of May, my mom, sister, uncle Tori, complete your holiday season went to town,Lena even is does not happy, my own is generally not able to explain myself why. More precisely, somewhere in the depths of his feelings, she understood why the fire blazing shyly, but eagerly and with the sweet fading already waiting for the next summer. And a new summer came. Everything is the same as before. Now she just falls asleep no panties, eliminate them every times after my mom kissed me on the doll the night, leave the ee alone.

Access to happen again, almost every summer night, but sometimes she wakes up in the process of her uncle's caresses, a different time and sleep in peace, until woke up this morning fully confident that tonight he was definitely her.

The repertoire of Uncle Tori Asia-Pacific different. The first time he sat down with ee a small bed upstairs in bed, a few minutes listening to the ee breathing. Then put the blanket and lifted her nightgown on the stomach. After also busy pushing ee legs apart, and at first just poglazhival thigh, and then poloskov, Dong refers to the ee kittens, Tilt down, gently licking the tuberculosis of the pubis and sexual sponges, periodically penetrate the tongue in the cracks. At the same time Blowjob,he gently massage her anus, and then gently and not too deeply pushed in her ass fingers, patiently develop a hole. This is the most pleasant feeling.

Then he put his dick in ee the palm of my hand and slowly masturbating my own ee hand. 特别 是 对于 sexytales.org at such a time she secretly opened his eyes a little and saw that he cock and huge balls.

Sometimes, he drove his cock, her lips and even tried to deeply inserted into her head, her partially opened mouth. This practice Lena is not particularly fond of, but all the same port at the same time, she somehow, trying to open wider. At these times Nina liked all eyes to see his cock, to touch it, mash it.

However, the most anticipated and awaited moment is at the same time the feelings of the tongue of the cat and massage my ass.

This is very beautiful! One such meeting Helen for the first time with an orgasm is not able to cope with emotions, crying issued a loud sound of moaning. Uncle stood up suddenly, their eyes met and he immediately left the ee room.

More important, the end of the summer he did not come to her. This is a severe punishment for the outbreak, and Lena half years of beating yourself up about.

Their next meeting occurred at night, when the parents of the ee with him to visit relatives. Lena has 18 years old.

In the hallway they met with Andre, son of the uncle of roofing felt and Natasha aunts, uncles Lenochkin brother. He is younger than her by two years and Lena lived several of his shelf. In the holiday season, they almost never said kids always went somewhere with his friends. The one he sleeps in the room with their parents.

The celebration is in full swing, the adults a little drunk and happy. About Helen to say that all(more precisely, it is the above specifically for an uncle), it is very tired to go to sleep. Upon entering the room specifically for the children, she saw the sleeping Andrew. Looking for a near trembling of his eyelashes, Lena suspected he was not asleep, one eye behind her. Interesting idea to consider. She deliberately slowly undressed, let his own special consideration. After removing her panties, she did not wear pajamas and get the bed covered with a duvet on his head, leaving only the legs, the naked line of the female.

I had to wait not for long. It's just a violation of the assumptions and serious steps to uncle John.

Make sure everyone is asleep, he practiced motion, pragmatic and elegant start Helen.

Through slightly parted eyelids, she saw almost no...

Hiding is happening with his own eyes everything in this work is overshadowed by Andrea. And these sensations of growing arousal mixed with shame, somehow wound ee stronger. My uncle, the performance of the traditional program, activity Lin was strong and happened suddenly, quickly. Podrochit his cock he opposed, and ended in the towel the man soon withdrew.

A Helen is trying to continue to pretend sleep, not waiting for any activity from Andrew really fell asleep. I woke up, as before, the pleasure feeling the excitement growing in the abdomen. Someone once again very gently and carefully tugged ee pussy. This time there was someone Andrew. His actions were very sensitive and accurate, but nevertheless, it's still a sweetly enjoyable.


A few months later, once the holiday season, literally on the second day, I heard Andrea said his friend Vodice, about how in the New Year was to spy on her father and saw that he's doing with sleep Lin.

Wait for the pirate attacks did not last long and the next night, friends came to visit with her. Helen is of course able to play the role of Sleeping Beauty, in spite of the fact that the inept breathe between ee feet, almost did not take away any great fun, it was satisfied that the trap was set and the prank failed night in general, all the same and nice.

Next summer, all repeated. Once a week my uncle came to town and was staying in an apartment in the city. And Ah this week Andrea went back to her and not just with his friend Vadikay, but with some friends who are people they don't try to lane and could not see. There's probably four of them.

Andrey started with Vadikay first usually two, and again Helen felt all of them more than necessary. And that brought her more crazy. Youth emboldened by shopping almost openly greedily snatched everything in how the pairs of prints, and from side to side, put my saliva on her licking her pussy very hard to play the role of agents of Doom was more difficult. When the excitement reached the height of strong and the boys began to pay not only tongues and fingers, Helen moved into the role of participate in the orgy, while continuing to pretend that makes it all the stronger waves of excitement without awakening.

The only thing that's really bothering her is the fact that these horny bastards without shame nakonchal right into it. And also only if the in the ass in the mouth, so her and the pussy was napustili complete three times each. Promptly identify the pill.

Uncle John didn't and ended up always brings only a towel.

But the fact of the gangbang girl left the most lasting impression full of delight.

I hope the holiday season ended once again.


Lin I love these games. She was growing up the situation when he was able to provoke a new victim of "sex" (he himself called it) didn't happen as often as we would like, but she felt herself the "huntress Diana," set a trap for mature men and boys. Until one of the colleague caught on this bait. It was interesting and unusual, but later came to understand that "games for girls" doesn't subject.

After she had and traditional relationships with men, good sex, true, but still, stronger and more intense multiple orgasms get here such as fishing, fun and preferably with strangers.

You are very then I began to here the story, although a little disappointed in that night in the train still had the cup, I'm on it.

Later, even staged a joint hunt one of my friends.)))

When he went to fury to lick her pussy, into the room quietly and went and put his finger on her lips, hinted to him that he can use and that you are interested in joining. Kissed licked and caressed ee four hands then I'm sure you know exactly what it will not wake up a very high quality gun with in the development of ee in all the holes.

My boyfriend and left not knowing that Helen got a very special pleasure with anyone I'm not sharing...)))

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