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Default Heaven Sex

About me i have joined corporate 6 months back aged 22 with ok ok body and 8 sized dick... There i met my girl aged same with great figure and
Good flesh at right place with sweet smile and childish nature...

We have joined together and completed our training and slowly got to know each other.. We were in relation and i used to drop her daily to her home. One day she was upset with her family issues and hugged me and started crying for which i supported her made her calm..
I never had any intention for her but since that day i felt something happening between us.. She used to hug me and kiss me on my cheeks...

I already had signal to proceed further and so i planned to have her.... We live away from home and so i had good opportunity for my luck...

Last month all her room mates were going out for 3 days and she had to stay back for work. She called me up to be with her as she is scared to be alone in nights in a big apartment.

I reached at her place got settled and was waiting for a chance.... Then it started as we were all alone she came to me hugged me for long time and then started kissing me allover. Here i had my chance i took a step forward and planted a kiss on her lips.. She never expected that.. Tried to move back but i hold her in my arms and kissed her for 20 mins..

We already were in a relationship since 4 months but never gave sex a try she knew about my fantasy... But never accepted it but today it was my turn...

She then stopped resisting and started responding to it and our tongues met and we were literally eating away each others lips and saliva....

Then i moved my hands towards her boobs which were in shape and i had a glimpse before but never had seen them naked... But today it was the chance.. I started fondling them above her kurti and she was so tempted that she started biting my ears which made me more tempted...

Then slowly i took her to her room and closed the door..All this while we were still kissing each other...

Then i removed her Kurtis and her boobs sprang out.. She was wearing black bra from which some part of was visible...I then kissed her neck her ears .. Navel... And the mean time moved my hand to the love hole .... She was already wet...Without wasting time i just removed her lower and she was only in her undies....

As i was cherishing her beauty she threw me on the bed and unzipped my pant and my prank came out... She was shocked but mad too ...She took it in her mouth and started giving strokes slowly... I was in heaven ... All these i was just thinking and masturbating but today it was happening in real...

She was doing it so good that felt like she was an expert .... It was the first time for both of us....I unloaded my cum in her mouth in 15 mins and she drank it all...Them i took her in arms and unhooked her bra and started sucking her boobs... They were so fair white colored and brown nipples was like cream on it...I was eating them madly and was pressing the other boob roughly....

I moved my hand to her panty and it was all wet like she had her climax... But it just started.. I removed her panty and it was clean shaved and i started licking it...Pussy smelled great and tasted too god...With all her love juices... She was pressing my head into her pussy..I licked for some time and then moved to her lips and kissed and then came on her and kept my tool on the pussy and gave a small stroke...

It want a little inside and then second stroke and half of it was in.. It was tight as she was virgin... Brought some oil and applied on her pussy and on my tool and started stroking her...She was moaning like hell room full of noises... Hhmmmmm ahhhh ahhh ahhh... Yes.... Fuck.... Ahh...

Sounds made me more excited and i was fucking her more harder... And i was reaching my climax.. And made my movements more faster and we reached our climax together. I dropped all my cum on her stomach.. And then rested on her ... With biting her boob...

I didn't knew when i slept and ... Back when i had my senses i saw some one licking my tool and it was my girl friend ... She was siting between my legs and sucking it like ice cream...I just lied there and kept watching and then my tool was ready for second round.... She then took it in her ass and started moving up and down...With moaning... And kissing me.... We fucked for some time and then reached climax....

Then i took her to shower and we took bath together and i played with her private parts and she played with mine ... Then we went naked into the room and had 4 more sessions at day 1....
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