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Default Rape from Husband's Boss

I am from India from e very conservative family coming from south India. I was 22 years and my parents had arranged my marriage to a boy working in the gulf.withing days i was married and went with my husband to UAE. My husband is a meek person and not very good at his work and constantly makes blunders. On arrival we stayed in a hotel and after a week his boss suggested that we can move in to hi

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s home as he owns a villa totally empty. we agreed to stay for a few months until we get a company accommodation. This suited us fine.

His boss was and elderly male about 57 yrs old dark and skinny quiet ugly as I see him. Immediately I noticed him looking at my body every time i am a at the home. Unfortunately i am made heavy in the bust line and but slim otherwise.His stares were growing very strong and he would easily look at me without shame at my private parts always. he was the G M of this company and we were just new here and my husbands fate was in his hands. As usual my husband always used to make mistakes at work and now his boss used to openly scold him in front of me at home and this caused a lot of pain to me. My husband used to be in distress all the time.
One day my husband make a grave mistake and his boss was totally annoyed as hs company has to ow incur losses for this mistake. He sent my husband to Saudi saying he should work there on an important assignment to make up for the loss. He went to Saudi and i was told to stay back as it was a short visit and i was safe here. I stayed.

For 3 days every day his boss came home he would complain to me about my husband and how his blunders cost the company lot of money.Now his comments were directed to me and he could see i was worried a lot.. He started commenting on hoe good i look.He said i have ripe breasts and much too big. for my age.I behaved as if i had not hear. On the 4 th day the home had a a short circuit and we had only one room which was his bedroom and he told me to sleep on his bed till the next day the repair was done. i tried to sleep on the floor but he asked me to sleep on his bed instead and i lie down on the back side. he was asking me if i was a sound sleeper and i said yes i sleep deep. soon i found him restless for about an hour and he called my name and i pretended to sleep.i was fully clothed wearing an Indian saree. slowly he moved towards me and i felt his hands on my waist....he rubbed me and slowly he waved towards my breasts and while touching them he called my name... i dint respond and i was frozen in shock and dump. within seconds he unbuttoned me and his mouth was sucking my nipples as he turned me over ... i pretended to sleep.he had unbuttoned me fully with my breasts fully exposed... he whisper some bad words and said u fuking look at the big breasts u have and went on sucking and kissing them....i just lied down.... shocked but eyes closed .... slowly he came over me and his erection was now between my legs as he kept it on my Vagina and started fucking i was ready to wake up once he tried to enter me but at the same time i thought how m husband was suffering....... now his penis was fully against my Vagina ....over it and suddenly his fucking came... i thought to myself ... i was saved.... in few minutes he had drained out and went back to sleep.... i was thankful....and went to sleep..... i woke up early morning with his naked body on me and his mouth again sucking and again he had drained out outside of me...... 2 times it was same night.... next day i pretended to be normal and he said u slept well and i said "yes" ....2nd evening he brought me some clothes and wanted me to wear them ..... they were scanty ..... this night he took me fully as i slept he spread me and shot inside me without warning and this was a shock to me....this animal was completely out of shame as he held my hands above my head and thrashed me against the bed repeatedly...he was saying u fucking see how u have aroused me with ur breasts full of milk.... he took me whole night.... this was my first experience of abuse and until before marriage i had not experienced sex and even after marriage my husband had not used me much.. maybe because of his problems of work.....Its now about a year now and this old man uses me almost every day.....but my husband problems are lot lesser than before... but i have decided that now i should get away from this man or report the same to police.
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