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Default For the first time.

For the first time.

Obedience and humiliation forced


It happened in the early 90s.I then studied at the Institute.Worked as a students, one at a commercial kiosk.I lived with my parents, but pocket money worry-less ordinary, history.The owner of the stall was a pretty tatarochka.
Slender, medium height, tocheny figure, neat ass, small Breasts.A sort of deer, but not meek.Character, I must say, bitchy.A spoiled life.Daddy cool, the lover of bandyukov.Well, I already then learned.And so cute bitch! I'm discussing with a friend, noticed probably cool Blowjob makes, referring to her sensual lips.
And she seems to hear, eyes glared in our direction.A few days after that, I worked normally, and here the shortage.Like what? Meant it to be.So rude, apparently, in a brazen framed.Day three I worked for another-all hoping, is formed.It was not there.Arrived in the evening at 11, the cool kids, called me in for a stall, began to squeeze, a couple of times hit.Scared, what can we say, strongly.
I thought, fuck me.Then there she is.What's the matter, guys?-he asks.-Oh, Rita, explained the goof policy of the party.-Okay, you all go-I'll talk to him, he's a smart boy, he'll understand.We were left alone, went to the kiosk.There were no customers, she took the bottle of whiskey, opened, poured into glasses, we drank.-
You know why all this happened? -she asked-I Heard you my oral abilities dared to discuss... but for that kind words! I want you my guys will drop a fag make, vafler.The circle goes.Introduction to the her words were convincing, and I said nothing.-You have another drink and think ' she continued.We drank more, she smoked.-In short, you're in the market to answer-get up on my lap and make me pleasant.Mouth and tongue.
What you said at the time, only a pacifier will you! I broke out, intending to protest.-Well, if you don't want, I'll go back guys.And, after a pause, said-Okay, you do not tushuysya, the girls are guys, some even like it.Why don't you do this to me? Then, suddenly, the ears will not drag! I promise, nobody will know.
Apparently realizing that I was broken, Rita got up, closed the blinds on the window, put the plate closed.Whiskey, apparently, the hard hit her in the head, so it is not enough without hesitating, took off her skirt, remaining in thin panties, came up to me.I was sitting on a low chair, she pressed my head-Kiss! At first I kissed her pussy through her panties, then she pushed them to the side-a here!
I gently licked, my nose hit the tart smell of her pussy nepoznati.-Take off my panties-ordered it, and when I did it pressed against my face with her pussy.-Labor, come on! Carefully, tongue, earn the petition, the nipple! I started to lick.She put a leg on my shoulder.I cocked his head, plunged into the fragrance of her cunt she pressed my head, I crawl in her nose, and tongue.-Now, suck my Clit! Oh, you're my lizunchik! She did not hesitate in expressions.Then pulled back.Here is not convenient, I will sit down.
She sat on the bench, one leg buckled, the other was set aside.-Crawl here! I continued to diligently lick her pussy.I kissed and sucked, licked her juice.It profusely flowed, filling my mouth.-Oh, well, let's work! It lasted half an hour.My head was buzzing, I have a stiff neck, tongue barely tossing and turning.
Finally it was all shook and drawn-out moan came, tightly clenching my head with her slender legs.-What a good boy, how cool lick! Before the girls licked? No? Now you will! You now pistoles.My pistols! Will be good to lick faster the debt will be forgiven.And then voluntarily going to do it!
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humiliation forced, obedience sex

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