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Default A pervert of some kind

A pervert of some kind



– Oh my God – lady of fifty startled and bewildered looks around Maniac! Pervert! – in the voice of disgust and annoyance. Purse clumsily beats him in the face, on the shoulders. But Vasya is already splashing fountain – this little "Oh my God!" he had to cum; he quickly pulls up his trousers and hiding in the bushes nearby.
* * *
No, he never thought that has come to this...
Friends he never had. Parents died in one year from a heart attack first father and then mother three months later. And he's already a couple of years since I graduated University, and all as an eternal student, a skinny, stooped, with glasses. Not very pleasant subject. Besides the virgin.
No, jerk, he, of course, began with ten years. While in high school, he wanted to fuck for real. They have been in school only one, which gave everyone. In my head she had no brains at all, but even she was smart enough to break off.
When he stood before her, naked, in his socks, and then, holey – more pathetic of a type she had not seen. He was then and pimples, glasses was on the tip of the nose; his chest was sunken, the body is milky white. And Bang it was so long, that hung and beaten with head on knees.
This girl just poured, lying on the bloody, sagging couch and poured. Her huge knockers swayed.
And then Bob stood up.
She immediately stopped laughing, her jaw dropped. Probably introduced as it is in her will, and break in half...
She ran away from him with bulging eyes.
Then this was repeated more and more often, and it only remained for him to sit and stupidly to masturbate. Or rocking member of the front of the old aunts – they get scared, scream; he cums. It's simple.
* * *
– GOD! – she screamed and backed away, finely trembled – Just don't hurt me... don't you... – she turned pale all in her huge eyes took on a mad endless fear.I suppose, thought I want to rape her, although she was very kryvozub and incredibly scary as a nuclear war.
Bob barely finished, and he spurted cum, out of nowhere appeared an unknown man, and, approaching it, one blow knocked him down. It all happened so fast, Bob fell bare ass in the dirt, his glasses flew off. Its great saw it a little in your mouth not climb.
The man loomed over him, his face was distorted with rage.
Pervert! Well, he's up! – yelled the man. This from truth-seekers, and where do they come from, damn them to hell?
Horror stories have never been around.
– No, that's not what... – stammered Bob, but the man himself has raised him, and again drove on the right. Nose Vasya splattered blood.
But I'm not going to...
– Shut up! – cut the man and threw him to the nearest bench in the Park. Bob fell, hurt himself with his elbows. A man came from behind and for a moment Bob did not understand why he does it, but later...
In the butt Bob entered something hot and hard, and the pain in his eyes nearly broke, he turned and through her tears saw a man fuck his balls.
Pervert... pervert... – Horny wheezed he.
* * *
Old homeless Gennady walked through the Park, looking in rubbish bins in search of a glass. It was getting dark, though the time was still very childish. On one of the benches there are two pidorka, a young College boy and a little older. Like, they had sex.
– The Dicks out of your fucking mind, – Gennady evil spat in their direction, but turned away, immediately forgot about them.
He had to collect bottles.
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