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Default ME AND MY GIRLS - Rape Story


Lesbians forced


My name is Alex, I'm 28 years old, red hair, a size two, I'm a young writer, I write detective stories and fiction. Only books I write more for the love of creativity, and not by necessity. While studying in College died a distant relative of mine and I don't know why, bequeathed his fortune to me, even though he was closer heirs. College, I still finished. Wandered a bit around the world, got into some serious adventures. But then I decided that enough is enough and started what I had a soul, and that seems to work well: write books. So I decided to buy a small house in a quiet location. Neighbors like normal people. In other people's Affairs do not climb. Well, no problem if not looking for the head and other parts of the body adventure.
And among them were family. The mother, a beautiful forty-year-old blonde, famous lawyer, receives a substantial fee. Father was not disappeared in the unknown expanses, when her youngest daughter was born. The eldest daughter is a student, a lawyer, as the mother of the blonde. The youngest daughter, a schoolgirl, in appearance – angel: blond hair to her waist, charming face, huge naive blue eyes. But only this angel loved to crack jokes. And the jokes are not good. One a bucket of paint over the door was tacked, uncle in the morning to go out – whoops, all blue. Another aunt wheel pierced, and she's on the plane late. Something smelly in the kitchen tossed. After a search of the source of the stench, people had a major kitchen renovation to do. Well, I was greeted with the move: shut off the water to vanity. It was fun, fuck... I was going nuts, looking for a cause, while undestanding that need water in the house turn on. Then enlighten me, who is fun accordingly, I burned with a thirst for revenge. The girl was clearly looking for adventure on his ass. And I found...
Developing a plan of revenge, I started to implement. In secret, I bought a few VI-decamer and placed them so that they on all sides had shown my home. In the office I placed the monitor and could see who comes to me and around the house hanging around. So in anticipation I spent three months. And as long as I was sitting in the office, at the same time and wrote books. And one day wait.
Fruitful came the waiting. Just do not think that this is a monster all that time sitting idly. One neighbors girl put in the water some nasty dye. And where it this stuff got? In the pool he was invisible, but out of water is blue-green. And washed the paint is very bad. And they celebrated the birthday of the hostess, had a lot of guests and mass bathing. If this bitch was caught on the spot will be killed. The girl managed to slip away. And another woman made a joke such: when she got into her car suddenly locked all the doors, sepulchral voice said, "Here is your grave!" and hell laughed, and then exploded the bomb with tear gas. The poor woman described, alcabalas and all miraculously escaped from the car without a heart attack.
That day I, as usual, was sitting in the office at the computer and typing your next masterpiece, occasionally throwing glances at the monitor, where was the image from the cameras. And, looking again, I froze: someone was sneaking along the wall to back doors. Exactly, that's the same girl! And in fact stalks: not a sound made when crawled under the window of my office! Could be spanuth her, but I decided to teach the bloody girl on the full program. And switched the monitor on the corridor.
Tihohonko opened the door and Diana — the so-called villain — slipped into my bedroom. I put the Las on the bedroom, but didn't see: after removing the backpack, the girl hid under the bed. I began to wonder: what did doing the devil this time? So I waited until she finished, and sing it at the small bedroom door. You should have seen her face when Diana saw me, flexing handcuffs.
-Hello, Diana! — I welcomed her and slapped across the face.
The girl flew back and landed on the floor beside the bed. I grabbed her by the hair and yanked him her to her feet. She was frightened and defiant at the same time. I stripped off her backpack and strapped the girl to the bed. With interest he opened the backpack and was taken aback: the backpack was empty. Face and Diana was the impish-impish. Only I will not take: I crawled under the bed and looked at the attached to the bottom of the bed thing. With difficulty tearing them up, I got out and asked:
And how to understand it?
Girl poskuchnee, but said nothing. I said
-You have two options. First: since I caught you in your house, where you snuck secretly, I call the police and accuse you of attempted robbery. There are records of surveillance cameras. Perhaps the mother is a lawyer and you will be able to get, but it will cost a lot of money and career: who wants to deal with a lawyer whose daughter is a thief?
Diana clearly didn't like it.
-A second option? she asked.
-You explain to me what it is, and I deal with you without police.
After thinking a bit, the girl launched into an explanation:
-Well, you would lie in bed, I would know about it and turned on the tape recorder. I have recorded the voices of the bandits, noises break open doors and the like. Would be a fun night...
I've already started. This girl devilish imagination. Her energy, but on good deeds...
Well, the police contact, I will not. Will deal with you at home.
Diana cheered. In fact, she did the right thing.
-By the way, why aren't you in school? – I asked.
-Ill — muttered the girl.
And nobody knows where you are? Well... I nodded.
At school think she's at home, his mother and sister – she's in school. My plans this answer could not be better. Laughing evilly, I went to the basement, where he kept a box of various parts, specially purchased for the occasion, and brought her into the bedroom. The view from Diana was frightened, she clearly suspected something bad. Right!
To begin, I locked the bedroom door and drew the blinds. Then slowly undressed, caressing herself. From-Stepnov Diana, and asked her to undress. She was stubborn, but I grabbed the girl, put her on his knee, lowered panties, along with panties and a good spanking. Rubbing his red butt, Diana promptly took off everything. Putting her on her knees, I got a bright red collar and leash and fastened it on the neck.
-Now, girl, I told Diana — you are my sexybest.
And what does that mean? – a challenge she asked.
-And now you know.
Having laid her on the bed, I tied her hands and feet, pre-prepared ropes. Diana looked blank. SEV on her chest, I asked someone to lick my pussy. Plaintively looking up at me, the girl hesitantly touched her tongue.
-Let's cheer up, bitch! – I grabbed her by the hair and rubbed my face in PI*do. – As bad things to do, so the power goes out. ! – And for the credibility slapped her PI*the Zdenka.
Diana gasped and kicked tongue. Licked it clumsily, but under my strict guidance teach-was something gradually. Having eventually orgasm, I decided a little to please and a slave. Beginning with her neck, a long time caressing her Breasts, and slowly got to her PI*dy. Sitting between his legs, I began to treat her pisechka. Skilful work with tongue and fingers quickly brought the girl to orgasm.
But I did not stop there. Taking the Dildo, I rushed to assault her holes. The first principle of her ass refused to let me in, but heavy grease yielded results. And soon Diana felt another orgasm, the anal. And then I fucked her right in the p*do and ass. She could not calm down, everyone moaned and groaned.
Bringing such pleasure slave, I decided to please myself. Taking the double Dildo, I have one end inserted in the ass Diana and the other in her pussy and went to work. Very quickly come to a double orgasm. When I started the girl, she rushed with kisses, babbling about what had never received such pleasure that she is now forever my slave.
"Very good," I approved. – Now after school I wait for you at home. Come, undress and wear this.
Out of the box I got scarlet fishnet stockings, red platform shoes with eight inch, and again the scarlet corset. The girl's eyes glowed.
-Alex, but you can...
-Madam! – I corrected her, slapped in the face. – From now on, only you and the lady! Well, you can still apply "Madam".
-Madam! – tastefully Diana said, rubbing his cheek. – Allow your slave to try it on now?
-Well, I approvingly patted her on the head. – Making progress. Put this on!
He jumped onto the floor, Diana wore the stockings, the shoes, and I helped her to wear a corset. Girls have turned out so sexy that I could not resist and fucked her again right on the bedroom floor, then her tongue enough wandered around my caves.
They stripped the girl, I took her to the bathroom on a leash, Diana ran by on all fours. While I was washing it, she told:
-I have never in my life have not had such sex, mistress.
-And you managed to sleep?! – I asked.
Three times, — said Diana. But all this you know... Pain and little pleasure. I'm never going to fuck with men!!! I promise you, Madam!
"Very good," I smiled, wiping the girl. – So tomorrow after school I wait for you.
He dressed, and kissed my hand, Diana ran home, rubbing his ass after my savory slap.
Then Diana stopped acting funny, spending all day with me. While I was sitting at the computer, she was either busy on the farm, if you had a job, or sitting at my feet. Sometimes I asked her for advice about his books, which were written read written. Her unexpected comments and opinions helped me very the ability side view. If I have found flaws, then smacked Diana. And of course we fucked a lot. It seems, really liked the girl.
Interestingly, my mother and sister were grateful to me for what I was able to tame their wild daughter and honored me with their friendship, especially a sister. She came to me in my own way, often consulted. Diana could not bear to look at his sister, and urged me to fuck her.
-Madam, I ask you to do something, tried to persuade it, licking my feet.
Honestly, I sister loved, and, in the end, I succumbed to the entreaties.
-Well, Pussy, ' I said. Pussy – it was the nickname of Diana. Somehow she bought a scarlet ears and dressed, I liked it, and I was allowed to wear them. – How do you imagine it? You can't just babahnut: "I want to fuck you!".
-Not necessary, Madame. – cried the girl. I still have the drug after one of the jokes. It was last year, you don't know. There is one couple liked to drink in the evenings wine. I noticed it and somehow add La stimulating her and him – on the contrary. However, the dose of the excitation was small. Wife was up all night trying to inspire him. For action has passed.
-Well, you sadist! – I laughed.
Only that nothing that was not required.
-Oh, God! – was heard from the door and the crashing of fallen things.
Together, we looked there. Pressing her hands to her mouth, horror and, perhaps, admiration older sister Diana and Barbara. You can imagine the scene: I'm sitting in a chair, legs apart, my "attire" consists only of straps and chains, before me on all fours is her sister in crimson shoes, crimson stockings, a scarlet corset, a scarlet collar, tail in the ass and licks me PI*do.
-Diana, what are you doing?! And as such... murmured the student.
What am I doing? – Diana looked at each other. – Let me explain!
A moment – and we picked up Barbara's Pussy under the arms, seated her in a chair. I leaned back and, thrusting his hands under her shirt, beginning to squeeze her Breasts, a tongue in this time to caress her ear. Diana, raising her skirt, spread her legs and sisters, pushing striped panties, and began to caress the clitoris. The girl is shocked, unable to recover, began to moan and groan. I, not ceasing to caress the ear, pulled down her blouse and removing her bra, began to knead and squeeze her Breasts with large pink nipples. Slipping tongue on the neck, I caressed her Breasts, teasing the nipples and prakusya. Diane went into a rage because she fucking his own country, stripped off her panties and right after dug into the penis. It was for Barbara too, she huddled in a strong orgasm.
Meanwhile, I pulled Diana's tail and laid it on the floor, tucked under her ass pillow from the couch, then rose from the chair and retreating Barbara, dropping to her knees, rubbed my face in the crotch of a younger sister. Barbara immediately began to lick. I put strapon and began to be attached behind. The girl wanted to look, but Diane pressed the nurse's head to her pussy. Decisive blow I walked in PI*du Barbara, lubrication is not required, and so it was dripping with juices, and began to RAM her. Barbara screamed almost louder than a fire siren. Meanwhile, Diana turned around and began to caress his chest sisters. This time the orgasm was even stronger.
-Cigarette bring, — I asked Diana.
She ran on all fours and brought cigarettes and ashtray, and then raised the fire.
-Oh, girls, said, getting up, Barbara — I've never experienced...
-Whether there will be! – cheerfully replied Diana.
Barbara looked at her, took a cigarette from me and sat in another chair, straightening his skirt. I asked:
-So how do you like our classes?
-You know, very interesting and informative, — said the girl. – I did not know much. I want to continue education.
-So why are we sitting here? – asked Diana. – Went to the pool there and continue the lesson.
-How are you? I asked Barbara. She nodded. – That's fine. Shut the front door and get your things. Pussy, you bring the table with fruits, drinks, and I'll bring some toys.
Five minutes later we met at the pool. I took the cream and smeared it on the nipple of Barbara's, began to lick and suck, lightly biting. Diana immediately repeated this with the other tit. Gradually I started to shift down. Barbara was excited and pulled the handles to my pussy, but I got behind his back and handcuffed:
Is our toy! To climb you with only my permission.
Scooping up two fingers of the cream, I put it in my mouth girl, she accepted them passionately to lick and suck. Mmm, an incredible feeling!!! Meanwhile, Diana, abundantly watering the sisters pussy cream and began to lick her, and I felt Barbarin anus and began to massage it first, and then I entered first one finger, then two. And then removing from the drawer a small dildos, I gently brought it into the girls ass and began methodically fuck her, holding her other hand to his mouth. Diana also increased the speed, ramming into the tongue vagina sisters. After a few minutes, our efforts yielded results: Barbara huddled in a strong orgasm, almost falling into the pool, we hardly it managed to keep.
-God! she said, sitting down on a chaise lounge. – SO I still have no fucking.
She, with shaking hands barely took a cigarette, fire gave her Diana.
-At me such with any man was not, she added, releasing a stream of smoke. – Just great, girls. Divine!!!
Why Diana calls you Madame? – asked Barbara.
And because she's my slave, — I smiled.
Is there? they live with Barbara. – How is it?
-Yes here so, — I smiled. – Who are you?
-I am your humble slave, Madame. – said Diana, who was sitting on the floor next to my bed. On-gnowsis, she kissed my feet.
-It is forbidden to walk normally, — said I, — only on all fours or knees. Well, what kind of work does the housework. She's in the kitchen with their bowls for water and food. If she is guilty, I punished her.
And you like that?! – horrified Barbara.
-I don't have her forcibly, I said. – If she didn't like she could leave and I wouldn't take her back. But she's not leaving.
Yeah, I like it! with the call answered the girl, looking into the eyes of his sister. – Won't.
-By the way, I want to fuck her? – I asked, stroking the ass of Diana.
Barbara's eyes blazed.
Here? Now?!
-Here and now! I ordered Diana: — Bring your favorite strapon!
That on all fours ran away and immediately returned, bearing in his teeth big al strappon who put on his knees sister, and then turned back, putting a sexy ass. Barbara puzzled asked me:
And you don't ask her whether she wants it or not?
-Diana? – I looked at the girl.
-I'm a slave! – dazzling smile the same. – I have to obey the wishes Madam. I want no Madam not care.
"All right," I said. – So are you going to fuck?
-I will! did Barbara. – Since it is nice to feel a thing, then why not borrow.
I helped her to put strapon, and then put another.
-What are you doing? – surprised Barbara.
-See, — smiled and winked at me.
Diana was already on her knees and carefully licked strapon. After waiting a bit, I slipped your. Diana began enthusiastically to lick him. After a while I stopped her:
-Enough! The table, cancer!
Instantly all removed, the girl took the specified position. I pulled out a ball gag and put it to Diana – if not screamed, and then pushed Barbara:
-What are you waiting for? Forward!
A College girl approached his sister and hesitantly froze it for the first time in my life enjoyed by straponom. I had to order her to help her. The sure hand sent a dick in her vagina. There's Barbara knew what to do, very just fucked. She began methodically to fuck his sister. After waiting a bit, I stopped them, both were very unhappy, put Barbara on the table, and Diane was ordered to jump than that and started with all the fervor of the young. Hearing the groans of Barbara and me and her would gag her own panties, she almost did not react. Decided it was time to join, I stopped copulating couple and put Diana in the anus your strapon. Fuck went so that we almost ruined the table. Thank God, it was then that it was a culmination of all three of us because I had been on edge.
Removing strepponi, we allowed her to lick our dripping pussies, and then I showed Barbara in pussy sister. Few per second, we measured attitudes, then Barbara lost and, kneeling, kissed the pussy. I sighed with relief. Maybe Barbara never realized, but now was the time, when they decide, or we are equal or I'm older. Get the second one.
Velisav the Wiener sisters, Barbara took a cigarette and sat back in the lounger. Diana crawled over to me and rubbed her cheek against my leg. I pointed to the wine and glasses. The girl crept up, and poured in two and on the third detained the bottle and looked at me, I showed the bent finger. Diana poured herself half of ours, and then on his knees, handed a glass of wine.
-But not before her? – asked Barbara.
-Anything can be a bit, — I smiled. – This doesn't happen every day, after all.
-What exactly happened? – I do not understand Barbara.
-You joined in the Pink order, — I smiled. – Steel sister lovers. This is not enough?
"Enough," agreed the student. When you look at her sister, her eyes lit up greedily.
-Barbara! – imperiously called me.
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The girl looked at me. I smiled and spread her legs. Some seconds we again were measured views, and again she relented and stood up.
-On his knees! – whipped her on my team.
Much paling, Barbara knelt down and crawled to me. I grabbed her by the hair and rubbed my face his crotch. And Barbara began to lick me. And look Diana expressed delight and admiration, she did not expect that I'll tame her proud sister. She looked at me and pointed at the ass sister. I shook my head and patted his chest. At the same moment Diana has stuck to them, began to lick, kiss, bite... I felt that I've started to orgasm – which there in a row? Right hand I began to squeeze the breast of Barbara, left, found pisechku Diana and began to fuck her fingers. Diana also found another her sister's chest and began to knead it. First start to quiver in orgasm I, later joined by Diane, and the last finished Barbara – unexpectedly. She did not expect that will fire to such an extent that they will be able to orgasm from the licking of someone else's PI*dy and fondling of Tits. I am attracted to the heads of the sisters, and we were hungrily kissing, licking of the lips with each other with my juices.
-Madam, — suddenly asked Diana, — and if Barbara wants to give her something to do?
-Hmm, ' I said. – Give so. No more than before. If you, my dear, want to be my slave you lick or fuck her, then... I finger raised face, Barbara -- you need to call me and ask permission. You okay, darling?
-Okay... — said Barbara and unexpectedly for myself added: — ...lady.
-Clever! – I stroked her cheek and pointed to his leg: — Lick!
And Barbara began to lick. And then I mark the other leg began to lick Diane. And I admired the sight of two lovely bitches, submissive to my will, and enjoyed their tongues.
Half an hour later I allowed the girls to relax. Then Barbara looked at the clock and hurried home.
Wait! – stopped I jumped the girl. – A solution?
At first Barbara was confused, but then realized. She knelt down and said:
-Madam! I beg your permission to leave!
-That's another thing — I nodded. But first you will help me dress.
Accompanied by behind Barbara and running on all fours Diana I went to the bedroom. There's a girl putting me in my chosen outfit. I handed the car keys Barbara:
-Bring the car to the entrance.
She broke out, but dutifully took the keys and ran off to comply.
-Hey, Madam, you have her tamed! – he giggled, sitting at my feet Diana. – And I'm not, Madam?
-Do you want me?
-Yes, Madam! – eagerly exclaimed Diana. I never took her with him.
-Well... — Then ran into Barbara. I ordered: – you Put by the pool and get dressed.
Sisters race rushed to execute the order. But Barbara I saw the doubt: she was not very comfortable in the role, not the maids, not slaves. Just think, she's just condemned her sister, but now she's almost on her position. But for some reason she did not protest. Girls coped very quickly. In parting, I gave Barbara a kiss to his hand, and we parted: Barbara's home, and Diana.
I had to meet with my publisher, or publisher, an energetic lady of about thirty-five, miss Laura Andreas. We met a few years ago when I came with the first book. She was one of us, we spent a few stormy nights and not without regret parted. Laura could not imagine life outside of a huge city, and I loved the little quiet towns. The date was set at our favorite restaurant, with good food and helpful staff. I'm a little late because a couple of times stayed. And try not to stop, when you solicit such a cute slutty angel?
When I pulled up on his red Lamborghini to a restaurant, silver "Mercedes" Laura was already in the Parking lot. We entered the restaurant: I'm in a classy white pantsuit, and next to Diana in the pink dress. All men, and women, too, accompanied us views. When passed a bar, the corner of my eye I noticed how jealous Babeshko crashed head on his cavalier bottle, dissolve drool too obviously, Diane noticed, too. We looked at each other and almost laughed.
-You're late, sweetheart, — I met Laura when we entered the room.
-It was a good reason, — I answered, kissing her.
-Isn't that angel? – businesswoman squinted at my companion, who was standing at the door and modestly sweat-drinking eyes.
'Yeah,' smiling, I answered. Is my slave Pussy. Show yourself!
Dazzlingly smiling, the girl lifted the hem and turned around. Panties on it was not, and ass sticking out a little ponytail. Lowering the hem, Diana bowed and straightened his dress. Laura shook her head and said, I thought, with some envy:
-You have always been a big restless inventor!
All happened quite by coincidence, I insisted with a shrug, but we did not regret. Really, Kitty?
She smiled, knelt down and kissed my leg.
"Yes," Laura said, and what it does?
-Pussy – breathtaking lick-her — told me. – I trained. I fuck her in all holes, but she only allowed herself to lick.
And do you like it? – did not believe Laura.
-Really, Madam! – said Diana, after my nod.
-Can experience her art for yourself — I suggested. – Pussy!
The girl readily dived under the table. Looks like she didn't care about the little things, like the views of the party, she was to obey orders mistress. I looked under the table. Diana lifted up the hem of the dress, first to lick laurino PI*DN through the panties and when a woman is excited, pulled the panties and began to lick, penetrating tongue into every crease.
Then came three of the waiter with the order and began to lay the table. That they saw someone under the table, they are not filed and mind. Any guys here have seen enough, it was for them things. For the ability to ignore superfluous and keep your mouth shut, and appreciate this place. As I knew, not able to keep quiet for a long time here did not work.
Carl, I asked. – Vivian is working today?
-Madam, — he bowed to Carl. – I wish that she served you?
-Of course. Why would I, then, asked about her?
Here Laura howled and crumpled the cloth into tight fists, and from under the table popped up Diana with a happy face all smeared with the juices of Laura. Not submitting and the waiters bowed and left. Laura came to himself a little, pulled her and began to shower her with kisses, licking her face with their juices:
-The divine tongue. Lick-her best of all! I'm crazy about you!
Then the door opened and in came a slim girl in my waitress uniform, carrying a small cart. Seeing us, she immediately knelt down, took out a pocket leather collar, buttoned at the neck and said:
-I'm ready, Madam.
What is it, Madam? – surprised Diana, which continued to hold in the arms of Laura.
It is a special restaurant, Pussy, ' I explained. – For special customers for a special fee for special services. Laura and I occasionally use these services. Laura often, I rarely. Vivian, take care of a girl full. And we are with Mrs. Laura discuss some points.
Publisher reluctantly let go of Diana. She took off the dress and looked at me, Vivien, too. I grimaced, said,
-Lick, fuck in every hole, well, your holes don't forget to put under her tongue.
-Yes, Madam! – told the waitress, and turned to Diana.
She was already leaning against the door, thrusting out his ass. If Vivien was surprised to see the tail, it gave no sign. Gently pulling that thing, she started it to fuck a girl in the ass, simultaneously licking her pussy. Watching them, we discussed our Affairs. Diana, already excited pussy Laura, could not long resist the onslaught of Vivian and violently came down on her face. Vivien continued to swallow her juices. A little away, Diana turned around and began to lick the waitresses pussy. The sight distracted me Laura, literally Smaliukas:
Alex, I can't!
-I'll help, sweetie! – I replied.
Quickly throwing off his clothes, I took the truck with a thick blue strapon and put it on. Naked Laura was already on her knees and greedily began to lick it, desperately fingering herself. And Vivien Diana and the events developed further. Rapidly finished from the tongue of Diana, Vivien, placing the girl on the floor and took two dildos and began to furiously fuck my slave both holes, sitting on her face. Diana is such a turn obviously liked it right borer tongue both holes waitress.
I put Laura in the chest on the table right in some dietary salad, and entered her. Friend howled, swearing and demanding more fucking. Near yelled Diana and Vivien had brought each other to orgasm. I fucked without stopping, working as a piston. Laura squealed even louder and suddenly fell silent. Only I haven't finished. Selecting a thin vibrator, I slowly began to expand her anus, watching with interest the actions of the waitress. She laid Diana on the back, bent legs over head and tied hands forced the girl to hug the foot, tying in that position, put strapon and began to fuck in a lifted ass, slapping the ass. And it's, like, Diana liked. I switched the vibrator on the large size, then more, and finally entered your strapon. He went slow, even though I liberally greased it. Laura first groaned in pain, and then the moans turned into screams of pleasure... Soon finished all three.
Then I took a little break. Putting the waitress on my knees, I first took off my dress, took the truck handcuffs and bound her hands and feet, and then joined them. Laura and Diane with shining eyes watched my actions.
-You naughty, sweet, — I told her, tying a stick to the knees, badly legs spread. – You tied my slave, without asking my permission.
-Excuse me, Madam, — it was bent Vivien.
-Well, forgive forgive but must punish the attempt on someone else's property, ' I said, thrusting in her mouth gag. Podkachal it, I was completely bezzvuchno girl.
-I didn't know that you know how to handle it, — said Laura.
-There is more fantasy is needed, ' I answered. – With handcuffs every cope, and gagged.
Searching, I found the special panties, put two vibrator and put it on the waitress, carefully sticking them in the vagina and ass, and turning them on. In conclusion, I put on Vivien's special hat, now she couldn't see and hear.
-Boobs left — said Laura.
She chose the clips and put on nipples. He could not resist Diana. Bondage waitress was so aroused girl that she planted his feet, bent down and began to lick itself. Very soon she reached orgasm.
-Strange method of self-gratification, ' said Laura.
-I was forbidden to use her fingers for this and other things. Only the language, ' I explained.
If it is not broke! snorted Laura.
-Yes, — I agreed. – I once caught her with a vibrator used. Don't forget the Pussy?
-Hard to forget that, Madam. exclaimed Diana and explained to Laura: — Madam brought me almost to orgasm, then he puts on a chastity belt and sent home, allowing only come after school the next day. I moved from the desire and inability to be satisfied. The next day I rushed to Madam. She took off the belt and allowed to settle for language, threatening next time to leave a chastity belt for three days.
If you can convince — admitted Laura.
I am attracted to Laura, hot, kissed her and then lowered her lips to my Breasts. The woman took them greedily licking and biting. I aggressively lowered her head lower and lower, until she reached my penis. Then Diana, in obedience to my gaze, lay on her back, tongue embedded itself in laurino slit and substituting my own. I with pleasure have used the idea. A couple of times when he finished, I reached into the truck and took out two dildos, one of which gave Laura, and the second applied myself on the couch.
Only two hours later, we calmed down and left, signing a very solid account, leaving Vivien in the same position. Nothing. The girl we left a very nice tip and well paid... I motioned to Laura to follow him. Only after fifteen minutes I stopped at some gas station and sat down at a table in a cafe. Unhappy Laura plopped down next asked, pulling a cigarette:
-Why did you put me here?
-You have a problem will you, sweetie!
-What? Because of Vivian?
-Yes for God's sake! – I shrugged. – Who cares about the fucking?! Partly because of her — I nodded at Diana, but mainly due to the Manager. When I left, something caught his anticipating gaze. So do not look at the customers and guaranteed loot that is here to stay. Most likely, he holds a record of our fuck with the participation of Kitty. Next time such meetings will hold me from prying eyes away.
-Looks like you're not afraid of him... with her lips Laura.
-Why should I be afraid? – I was surprised. The books I write for the love of art. On the contrary, the scandal will increase their sales. Well, get a few years, and a fine, this was going to end. And then it will not with good lawyers. You have bigger problems. You can lose reputation, business and all state.
It was the truth. Laura immediately turned serious:
-What to do?
-You know, it's not so much the idiot as in the dirt that collected these freaks — zadumki-I said. – I have a few friends on the old cases, they can help you. I'll call you after it's all over. You're after my call hint to their friends about the blackmail. But you owe me, babe, — I shook his finger at Laura.
Diana I brought home, and an hour later she called me and told me with a chuckle that mom was ru-corduroy road for coming home late, but immediately calmed down when she learned that her daughter was with me at a business meeting with the publisher. In the details of the meeting Diana, naturally, not devoted.
To close this subject, said that a few days later the Manager appeared in person, because talking on the phone or through the network I flatly refused. The guys were really serious, able to convince and quickly split Manager, where his archive. Then cleared the staff, changed the management, protection, and part of the staff.I wanted Vivienne, but Laura got to it first and give flatly refused. Say, you got a Diana! Okay, I still find my own slave and better than Vivienne.
The phone call came about midnight. "What the hell?!" — I thought. Izumi to my opinion, it was Barbara. With a trembling voice she said:
-Mistress, your slave really want you. Let me come?
-Barbara? So late?! To come? Well, waiting for you...
And I laughed heartily. Wow – she called and called himself a slave! Myself!!!
Of course, in the morning I will not let go and continued training. You should have seen the amazement of Diana, when she came home from school, saw her sister running around on all fours by my orders, Corno suffers punishment and looking droopy-eyed.
On the one hand Diana happy: my older sister, stuck-up bitch turned into a submissive slave. And on the other – remained unhappy that she had a rival for the attention of MS. She started to tease Barbara, to cling to nothing, even two times started a fight. To bring Diana to life, I'm twice her flogged. Did not help, only make her more angry started on the sister.
Instead of so a couple of weeks, I took it and drove Diana, forbidding to appear. The girl was already sick from the experience: high fever, vomiting. This was told by Barbara. Though her and got jealous of Diana, but still she was her sister and lover. The girls were very sad, tears in her eyes, and fucked it without much enthusiasm. And to me the lack of Pussy was a burden. Without her smiles and merry laughter, the house became somehow dull and empty, and the sex ceased to please. Shit, do I have time to fall in love with this girl?! Apparently so. I suddenly understood that I was eager to see Diana and decided to go to visit the sick. Diana really did not look very good: thin, haggard, eyes tears redness after him and hair all in disarray.
When I went, was probably the period of weeping: pillow wet with tears, a pile of napkins. When he saw me, eyes Diana, already large, became even with the saucer. At first she didn't believe, thought her hallucinations went, but then her face lit up with such joy that I already feared that she would faint from happiness. He jumped off the bed, she literally hung on me rusalova all and mumbling at the same time:
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-Madam, you came... you forgive me... lady, I'm so glad...
I was not less pleased with Diana and all is well. Included in my sister's room Barbara was also glad that all is well. Nasilovanie with the sisters, I still found it necessary to warn them:
-Girls, I want to warn you that no jealousy will not tolerate any more! Next time ravni-vitsa will be banished once and for all, how would I seriously would not exist.
-Madame is also experienced? – surprised Diana.
-How! 'said Barbara, kissing his sister.
"Lord," said I, — I line these days to write are unable! Well, Pussy, ' I kissed a girl in the nose. – Get well soon and tomorrow is waiting for you.
-Madam, do today? – clasping my neck, and whispered in Diana's ear. – I feel well, very well!
I smiled and nodded. Diana darted around the room, changing clothes. In the car she could not sit quietly, all Les with hugs and kisses, twice I almost had an accident. Fortunately, the ride was close. This time we made slow leisurely love, with many kisses and caresses, to classical music. There was no light only was burning in the fireplace, the glow of the fire played on our bodies. It was very beautiful and romantic.
Still, Diana was too weak and soon fell asleep happy. I took her to my bedroom, laid on the bed and covered. Back at the cabin, I sat down in the chair, Barbara lay down at my feet, occasionally kissing them. Povorotu blond haired girls, I suddenly said:
-Why don't you get a haircut? Under the page?
Barbara had lovely thick hair almost to her waist, but she was already so used, bespeco like to carry out my orders and wishes that asked only one thing:
-When to do it?
-What are you waiting for? Tomorrow and a haircut. Oh, and call your mother, tell Diana everything is OK, you will stay overnight.
Diana marveled at the sister act, until I found out that it was my order. My orders discussion could not be. Somehow, seizes, she asked:
Why Barbara bald not to shave? She won both the haircut "page". Naked head in her sing-children even more.
-Do not hurry, my darling, — I snapped this photo of Diana on the nose — all the time. By the way — I squinted — why don't you take African hairstyle with lots of braids? That's how it goes.
The next day Diana from "Afro" of the many braids. I laugh wove her ribbons hung tiny bells. Judging by the stone face, this idea struck her as not the most successful. The whole evening she was frowning. But I came back from school she with a smile from ear to ear and told me that all the girls almost peed myself with envy, looking at her new hairstyle with ribbons, bows and bells. I kissed Diane on the cheek and said,
-Are you angry, lovely!
A week later, after rough sex I smoothed his tousled hair Barbara and invited her to shave my head.
So you'll be even more lovely, — I said.
-Bald Barbie snorted a snide Diana.
We laughed, and Barbara, too, could not resist. And when she came the next day with a shaved head, we wondered how the right turned out to be Diana. Now a nickname for a Bald Barbie forever stuck to Barbara, or she did not call.
And suddenly somehow, after returning from College much later than usual, Barbara became hysterical. She screamed, threw things, threw themselves on us with Diana with his fists. Hardly managed to calm her down and get to explain what the reason for this behavior. Trudging through the confusion of her Ohoven, poisoning substances and endless repetitions, we finally understood. Since that memorable day, when I and Diana told her lesbians, Barbara just couldn't get more satisfaction from anyone. She tried several times over the past three months, with guys and with women, but failed every time.
The day before yesterday I slept with two lesbians. Damn, those cumming and cumming, and I though henna! And yesterday I deliberately got involved in a Threesome, — weeping, said Barbara. – I fucked a few guys, sometimes three at once in every hole for hours. They all came a few times, but I remained with his interest. And violently burst into tears.
-Well, why so desperate, honey? – I raised her tear-stained face, gathered tongue tear and kissed him on the lips. – Well, I'm not without sin: I can meet only women.
-True, Madam?! – Barbara opened wide his blue eyes. – But I...
-And you is who is driving, silly? – I kissed her again. – I really love you and want you OS-tava with me as long as possible.
-And I, Madam? – asked Diana eagerly.
-Listen, girls, I have driven? I Express my disgust to you? – I hugged my sisters. – You, of course, guilty, and very much for these scrum, — I chided Barbara, but to punish, I won't. Because in my experience that it is best for you to contact us. Am I right, Pussy? I asked Diana.
"Oh Yes," Madam! – she exclaimed, trying to reach his mouth to the nipple of the sisters.
-Do not go! – I flicked her on the nose. – You both have now a vacation, and your mom's going anywhere, right?
-Yes, Madam! – the voice replied sister.
So I have agreed with one another that we for a week will give your cabin in the mountains. Can be more, if possible. To me there happened to be. Have fun. The main thing — not to tear the house to pieces in half at the Orgy. How are you going?
-YES, MADAM! squealed in delight girls.
On the way I stopped at one place and decorated a little with my girls. Pipiska Barbara was decorated with five rings: the four small rings in the lips and the fifth more in the clitoris. Diana liked then inserted into ring fingers and stretch the sponge, getting to the cherished hole. The Diana was decorated by two tattoos: on his left shoulder the Golden dragon, and the abdomen on the right – a little black bat, looked very sexy. I was very surprised that the sisters are very jealous of each other. Diana liked to play with the rings in the Ling sisters, and Barbara to stroke and kiss the tattoo.
The day before I bought a big jeep, so as not to ruin your car, because there's no road, and espically the landfill. Went back and forth and the car in repairs. I sat behind the wheel, with envy glancing at the back seat where Barbara and Diana had fun to the fullest: Diana licked the pussy sisters, as Barbara fucked her in the ass a solid vibrator. Suddenly, a little slowed down, I took the binoculars. On the roadside stood a girl. Apparently, she was driving and hitchhiking. The face and figure she was very personal, you can have fun with her...
Hey, nymphomaniac! – I called sisters. – Zakruglenie your fuss!
-Timing? – dull eyes looked at me Barbara.
-Finished, I said! – I yelled.
The cry worked. The slave pulled away from each other and began to get dressed.
-Now we will select the fellow traveler. Barbie, get behind the wheel, and my Pussy make girl.
The girl's name was Jennifer, she was on her way somewhere to the East, she said, when sat in the car. I was calling themselves and their girlfriends, and then offered orange juice. Jennifer, seeing we have cups, agreed, Diana poured her the girl drank a cold drink. In fact, we had juice from the same bottle, but especially for girls I put a tranquilizer. Took it, lost orientation, could not speak clearly and to use hands feet, operated at a low dose for about an hour. So after five minutes Jennifer was ready: sitting, idiot smiles, eyes looking nowhere. We girls looked at each other and took up a fellow traveler: carefully undressed, removing things in the package, tied hands and feet, so as not resisted. I slightly felt her Breasts, though small, but correct form. Diana wanted to lick her pussy, but I stopped:
Wait until she wakes up. What's the point if she doesn't understand who and what she is doing? Barbie saroli on over-editing. Better do it now before she woke up.
Barbara nodded. Unfortunately, the gas station caught only when Jennifer began to rebound. I pulled out a huge knife and lightly stabbed a girl in the nose, and then put a finger to her lips. Still not completely escape the burden of the girl, eyes filled with horror and she nodded. And all the time, until the car drove away from the gas station, she saw a knife which I held to her throat.
-Good girl, — I smiled and patted her cheek. – You wanted to ask something? Listen.
-Who are you?
-What do you care? – I smiled. – The important thing is that we caught you.
-What do you want?! Jennifer clearly didn't understand. – You want the ransom demand?
-Worse! laughed Diana. – We want to fuck you! In all holes!
We have amicably laughed. Looks like Jennifer is the idea that it can kidnap girls to use it for this, it seemed wild. She looked at us incredulous look, as if not believing that we are in his mind. I pushed Diana:
-What are you waiting for? Like I wanted to taste the prey.
That asking for a long time there was no need: she vividly pulled up the legs of the victim and stared at her pipisku. I pulled off my slacks and panties and sat down on the face of Jennifer:
-Come on, lick! – demonstrated the knife.
Horrified glancing at him, the girl obediently started to lick. Until I got home, we had to stop several times, including the prisoner. And Barbara managed to fuck a sister straponom, while she once again licked Jennifer. Arrived late in the afternoon. Two-storey house glumly looked at us with dark Windows.
That's the hut! – Diana whistled. – And why is it dark?
-The generator must include, — I said. – Wait me in the car, I'll go. Pulling out of the glove compartment a flashlight and a pistol, I went into the house. The generator was, where everything was safe and co-hraneste. Turning on the generator, I lit home light. Diana drove the car.
-Someone you allowed to drive? – I asked.
-But Madam... – tried to argue that.
-So you're still arguing? – I was surprised. – You know, relaxed. Be doubly punished. Here's the first: now it will be in your care. Will feed, led to the toilet to wash it?
All three of them with wide eyes, not understanding me.
-What are you looking at? – I was surprised. – Our prisoner will be constantly connected. Allowed to unleash on the night, and then chained. — I got a collar and put it on Jennifer. The leash I gave to Diana: — Hold on! Yes, Pussy and fuck her only with my permission. Remember?
-A second punishment, Madam? – asked Diana.
-After dinner! – I shrugged. – So, Pussy, tie... Hmm, what to call you? Jennifer too long, Jen – don't want... Hmm, since we caught you, like a bird, you crow, the more and color choice. Tie, Pussy, Raven here somewhere and go to dinner. And Barbie and yet move things.
Crow tied to a stake at the entrance, bulging eyes watched as Diana and Barbara took off all her clothes, and Diana on all fours and ran away. Apparently, she decided that she came to the crazies, because recoiled when I and Barbara passed by with things.
-Madam, what do you need it? asked Barbara, when we began to climb the stairs to the second floor where the bedrooms were. – The Pussy is not enough?
-Why would the rest not to have fun? I replied. – Moreover, it is some two weeks. Then we let her go and all. But fucking her will often, to imbued. – I winked at Barbara.
I chose the bedroom with a huge bed-a fuck pad. We laid out things, which, however, was not so much to wear clothes we did not intend. Not that I went. And then went to the kitchen. Barbara switched to a more familiar type of walk: on all fours. Untie Jennifer, she took in the teeth of the leash and dragged the girl behind him. She was stubborn, but got the full blow of the whip. I usually hit not much, it was more a signal of disapproval that the sisters knew, but here it was necessary to use force and power. The girl gasped and grabbed his ass.
-Went on all fours, bitch! – I swung again.
She jumped in fright, almost ahead of Barbara. In the kitchen Diana had already finished cooking. At the sight of us, she opened a bottle of wine and poured three glasses, one standing on his knees, gave me, the other two just put on the floor. Barbara took his and nodded to the second girl.
-No, get out — ordered me. – Now the Pussy I'm gonna finish cooking and water Crow. The only way!
Then began what, according to Jennifer, resembled a madhouse. Was put six dog bowls, poured three water, three put in food, put them on the floor. For me, put in a dish and served on a tray.
How can you behave like that? – poluprezritelno, polyglossia Jennifer said. – Where are all-above the dignity?!
-Where is yours, ' I said. – Pussy, to feed a Crow not necessary. Let myself eat. Will not want to leave. Let her go hungry.
-Yes, Madam! nodded Diana. – Crow eat. No? Then work with that tongue! – I spread her legs.
The girl first says no, but when I took the whip, and crawled on her knees and began to lick. So nice to feel in my pussy young nimble tongue. To Diana, Jennifer, of course, was far away, but, nevertheless, something she could. Diana quickly ate it all, but then I got:
-Take the Crow to the salon and make us coffee.
-Yes, Madam! – had to say to a girl.
Barbara clearly giggled.
-And you're quitting cigarettes and ashtray, I said to Barbara. – I there have not noticed anything.
-Yes, Madam! – answered Barbara.
Now giggled Diana.
Bringing Jennifer to me, Diana returned to the kitchen to make coffee. Barbara had to run to the car for my started pack because I left her. Jennifer watched with amazement at the girls, but said nothing: I told her not to speak, only to answer the questions and very briefly. For each sound without permission relied punishment: three strikes of the whip. After fifteen strokes Jennifer, rubbing her red ass, and decided that silence is Golden.
When all had gathered, I declared:
-Tonight's The Big Night Of Fucking. Fuck will mainly Crow. Between we also, but it should be all the time at work. Okay, girls?
-Yes, Madam! replied Barbara with Diana.
Jennifer opened her mouth and then shut it, remembering the ass. I pointed to the girl on the coffee table. After all I've taught her to it, Jennifer crawled on his knees. Unleashing her hands and feet, I put La Jennifer back on the table, and we immediately tied to the legs of her arms and legs. Diana immediately went to her and started to pee, Barbara sat on the face, exposing his, and I took cream and started in on the ass. Still, Diana's great train for this if there was some competition in licking female genitalia, she'd be in the top ten, and even entered the top three. Jennifer began to moan almost immediately under the action of her tongue. Only now Barbara won't give her much to escape, forcing them to lick themselves.
I worked on the Crow's anus, hammering first one finger, then two. Three things have gone worse, but I was stubborn. Gradually entered three fingers. Not stopping there, I added lubricant and began to push four. And Jennifer and Diana got to orgasm. Looks like Diana to lick someone else's PI*dy start not less than fucking. Then the ass Jennifer relented and I entered her ass all the brush and began to peck. But the girl was not before. Barbara finally got an orgasm from inept language Jennifer and lost his seat to the sister, and she wore strapon and engaged in the kitty left by Diana. Considering that the anus is developed enough, I took a hefty strapon and plentifully brushing, gradually entered the hole and started working there. This Jennifer could not endure, and shook her unprecedented orgasm. And we continued to work and work. Finally, after several orgasms, I and Barbara decided to rest, only the insatiable Diana stuck to the vacant holes.
-Madam! – Jennifer suddenly for the first time gave articulate, in addition to the Mat, getting fucked. – I want to pee, Madam, untie me please.
The three of us laughed, especially her "pee-pee", but still untied. Just in case she still hand forged, and Diana took her on the leash in the closet. Suddenly, Jennifer jumped up and began to run. Only here the doors were closed. As she realized what was happening, Diana and Barbara wanted to grab her, but I gave them a sign not to rush. Realizing that the flight has failed, Jennifer somehow squeezed into the door, crumpled to the floor and held herself.
I squatted, took her hands and looked at her face. Jennifer cried, she tried to hold back, but tears still rolled down her face. I hugged her and began language to lick the face of the tears. And then the girl burst into tears, and pressed his face into my chest. I began to whisper in her ear something crazy, and Barbara and Diana began to fondle her. When Jennifer had calmed down, I asked:
-You don't like fuck?
-No, liked...
-Do you want to continue?
-Really want!
-Then why'd you run? — continued to ask me.
-Apparently, just out of a sense of contradiction, smiled Diana.
-I did not like what I have and ass beating! suddenly said Jennifer.
These are our orders, sweet, — I smiled. – I give the orders, and the rest, and you, too, should perform them. I decided that fucking you will be only associated – all, so be it, whether you like it or not like it. So make your peace, honey, and enjoy.
-A peel-why? – did not calm down Jennifer.
-Then, to my orders executed — cut I. – Girls perform immediately and without further ADO. By the way, Pussy, I mean punishment is not forgotten! You, I, too, will be punished, but later. And while the Night Fuck is going on!
Jennifer grabbed and tied on the stairs. As I started to lick her pussy and Breasts began Barbara, Diana dug into my PI*Denk. Bringing me to orgasm, she moved on to sister. Then we shouted Jennifer: our affection drove her to climax. I put strapon, waited until under tongue sisters cum Barbara and took hold of Diana. Lay it on the table, I began to fuck her. Barbara, remembering my orders, too, wore strapon and began to fuck Jennifer in the ass. Until the morning we did not calm down. Bedolazhku Jennifer we were tied in different places, poses and actively fucked with no rest. This night she will surely remember for a long time.
Shagged impossibly Jennifer passed out first, barely made it to the bed in his room. As I chain her to the bed chained, she didn't know. The three of us lay on the fuck pad, place another six left. And suddenly, two hours later we woke up to wild screams. Ran outside and look on a long chain out of a bedroom window hanging Jennifer, before earth runs out a few inches and screaming so that the glass almost out.
Be the first to laugh Diana started, it was supported by Barbara, last I laughed. And she almost wept with rage. After a laugh, we helped her, at the same time finding out how she got. It was all just. Two hours later, waking up and finding that free, Jennifer immediately decided to escape and leaped out the window, fortunately it was not very high. Same here and found that still it have not forgotten to chain. Jennifer tried to control herself, but it didn't work, had to call for help.
-Well, at least you and Raven, but to fly you can't... — I failed result.
Four days we entertained on the fifth day I got a call.
-So, my favorite, I'll have to disappoint you, said I your slave. Our holiday ends a little early. I need somewhere to go.
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-And how do we, Madam?! – she escaped from Diana.
-I'll carry you home. – Barbara opened her mouth, but I interrupted her: — All the market is over! Dress.
Upon reaching the place where we picked up Jennifer, I passionately kissed the girl and said:
-All right, sweetheart, you're free.
You mean like this?! – the news does not pleased her.
-That's it. Come on out.
But I do not want! – stubborn Jennifer. – I want to be with you, lady!!!
What can I say? Leaving the car, I silently pulled Jennifer out and left her on the roadside. And then began to cry, large tears rolled down the face, but she made no attempt to wipe away or stop the tears. It broke my heart, but I with a straight face, got back in the car and drove on. In the side mirror I saw her figure disappear. Sister gloomily silent. I stopped the car and turned around:
-I think I really like it? If not the case, I would have joined Jennifer to our trio. But, alas, it all came together in such a way that I can't do it.
I brought the sisters home, drove to his to get changed and get some clothes and sped to the airport.
Three weeks later, I returned. The first thing that caught my eye: burning in the house of light. To say I was surprised is to say nothing. When I walked in, I nearly got blown away three girls hanging on me with a cry: "Madam is back!!!", and I began to squeeze and obclavate.
Of course, among them was Jennifer, whiteflies to find me the number of the machine. A few days ago, she saw Barbara, regularly several times a day passing my house. The joy was boundless on both sides. Called Diana, too, was pleased with the appearance of Jennifer. She opened the house, and the girls were on fire out there. And as my appearance was happy – words can't describe, it had to be seen!
With endless kisses and caresses I took off his clothes and began to caress. Such a wonderful time I had sex was not very long ago. I experienced orgasm after orgasm and three Babes was inexhaustible on new ways to deliver enjoyment.
In a few weeks, suddenly I was the mother of Diana Amalia. We became friends, she shared secrets, told different funny stories from his law practice, gossiping about the neighbors. Roughly the same thing happened with me. Of course, Amalia had no idea that both my daughter mistress. So, to me, rushed, dragged by the hair his daughter Diana and indignantly said that she was called to school today.
-Any idea of what I was told?! The whore — followed by a resounding slap in the face, caught in the locker room over the fact that she licked his classmates! Can you imagine?! She was lying on a bench, and a lined up. Would come and put Asses!
-Out of your mind? – I was surprised. How long are you doing... in school?
-About four months... — confessed Diana, correctly understanding the hint.
-You bitch! – swung Amalia.
"Wait," I stopped a woman. – It's not enough. Here a good spanking is needed. That ass was black and blue. So imprinted in these stupid brains: do not... — said I, in the person of Diana, drawing to itself by the hair and ending among lips: — ...without the permission of the Madam.
Amalia my offer was accepted not. Beginning to wrinkle, to say that this is inhumane, you should try to explain in words, and so on. I noticed how the lips of Diana slid a sarcastic smile and discreetly showed her the fist. And mom suddenly, grabbed his daughter by the hair, began to inspire her daughter what a bad lesson. Diana listened, and then said:
-Mommy, you tried, when your pussy lick?
Amalia was nearly struck dumb by this question. And Diana pulled up her skirt, spread her legs and pressed against mom's pussy. I was already beside him and held her hands, not allowing to push daughter. First Amalia struggled and swore, but soon went limp and began to groan. And Diana had broken my mother's panties and worked on the pee-pee. I found it possible to let go. The mother immediately grabbed the girls hair and literally fuck her face, something unintelligible shouting. Suddenly she went limp and he let go of daughter's hair. She looked at me and winked.
I have shown the thumb and made the sign to continue. And she took Amalia blazer, blouse, bra and began to fondle her large Breasts. I was surprised that at that age her Breasts have kept shape and not limp. After the next orgasm I put strapon and patted Diana on the back:
-I dare you to kiss mommy.
Daughter immediately dug into mommy's lips. I spread her legs mom (very slim and beautiful, I must say) and began to enter dick in pussy. Amalia did not understand at first, abstract daughter and then it was too late: I already was fucking. Soon she was beside himself and screamed wildly, alternating with the mats requirements to fuck as much as possible. The appearance of Jennifer and its inclusion in an Orgy for Amalia gone unnoticed. She framed his penis from the woman and a successful lawyer and mother of two daughters began greedily to lick someone else's PI*du, while younger daughter caressed her Breasts. You should have seen the amazement and joy Barbara caught this scene. Dropping the clothes, Barbara immediately took one of the Breasts beloved mother, and with one hand fingering her Clit. Four girls were treated a woman.
Finally, after another, not the fourteenth, not the sixteenth orgasm, I gave a sign to leave Amalia alone, sending Jennifer over coffee. Diana cook, of course, a good coffee, but with Jennifer she was not leveled. Little by little, come to Amalia asked in a weak voice:
-What was it?
-Lesbian love, mommy! – answered Barbara.
-Barbara? – surprised Amalia. – As you engage in this?!
-And why not? – reasonably said daughter. – Diana long this captured.
-Diana... repeated Amalia and looked at me: — And you, Alex drew the girls to this abomination! Seduced minors...
-Oh, you don't need morality just to read! – I winced. – You're not very she was outraged when Diana you tongue fucked and then her pussy licked.
-I?! – struck Amalia. When?
I looked at Barbara. She nodded and brought the CD. And struck the woman looked like, grabbing Diane by the hips, literally fucking tongue her holes. The recording was felt, brought all, but the sight calmed his harem, and then stuck his hand between my legs, asked Amalia:
-Judging by the fact that you are once again wet, that you really like.
-Well, I like that, blushing, replied the lawyer. – And then what?
-Nothing, — I smiled. Just join our lesbian club. Girls will not be against?
The girls shouted in unison, you will be very happy. Especially yelled Diana and Barbara. Only then to Amalia realized that all naked, and her only stockings and a belt. She got shy and started to hide behind. Diana laughed:
-Mommy, I don't need you we've seen and tasted. And you have too.
Just then, Jennifer arrived with coffee. Amalia looked at the girl:
Well, just this morning I had no idea what is going on!
-Very well, — I smiled, — so others know about it. So let it remain. Should not everyone know about our orientation.
But anyone would guess? asked Amalia.
-So what? Speculation is one thing, facts another. Do you agree?
-In General, Yes, ' agreed the lawyer. – Though rumors are already flying. It seems that you have some kind of mystical order in the house. So we will continue?
— A must! – I laughed. – A mystical order, you say? That's the idea! Well, more on that later and went to the bedroom. There is still not a very good place for group fucking.
Then the bell rang.
-Who could that be? – I looked at the monitor. – Wow, our regiment has arrived!
Both were naked I went to open it. It was Laura Vivien. Laura we kissed, Vivian I patted on the cheek. Looking around all naked, Laura chuckled:
-I see an Orgy in full swing?
Just begun, sweetie! – I laughed. – So the time had come. Undress and go!
Can you imagine what dick can have seven females with a known orientation? If you submitted, then multiply by ten and you'll be wrong. Until the morning the house was shaking. Everyone was in frenzy, like a mad. Fucked each other all what is possible. Remember the scene where Diana licks Barbara, who Fucks a candle Louise, which in turn Fucks a hairbrush Diana. Me at this time stormed Vivienne long straponom. And Jennifer and Amalia merged in the pose 69...
In the morning, when everything seems to have calmed down and fell asleep, I went into the kitchen and made coffee. Then appeared in a Bathrobe she was yawning widely. I offered her coffee, she nodded.
And often you have it? – asked the woman.
-Rarely, I replied. – How long have you not have sex?
-Mmm... a few months, ' said Amalia. – With lover have a fight, started in the bastard, a novel new sekretutka. A girl slightly older than Diana. A new novel and is not brought. And you, you look not a day without sex can not do, — said with a note of envy in it.
-So what's the deal? – I smiled. – Come and see me often.
-At home I have two of his whores, ' he smiled Amalia. So it's you, come in.
-You probably don't know — said I, — but today they live with me.
-How is it?! they live with Amalia.
-Yes here is, ' I said. Girls suggested, well, I, after some hesitation, agreed. And so they almost all their time. So why go to sleep? Good space enough for another five. Today, for the rest of my things will go.
The lawyer was silent, digesting heard. Then she asked:
-But why, Alex?!
-I don't know — honestly I said. – Maybe there is something not home? Talk to myself, try to convince them not to do it. Only to shout and no need to fight. Will only get worse. By the way, there is one option...
Walked in Nude, like me, Louise, asked for coffee. I pointed to the coffee pot.
-What options? asked Amalia.
-My neighbors on the right are going to leave and sell the house. Why would you not buy it and move?
Interested woman.
For me it is too big, — with doubt she said, ' although if so, then it will go... But until buy old...
And old house buy Louise. Her city apartment is getting too small.
Why? – surprised Amalia.
I only have one slave, and from Alexa's already three, explained Louise. – Apartment for harem will be small.
What is a slave? – Amalia asked in a suspicious voice. – I do not...
'Yeah,' I confirmed quietly. – And they love it. Otherwise not lost to me all this time. So, Barbara.
-Entered Barbara looked at me:
-What are you, Madam?
-That you like being a slave. Right?
-Very much, Madam! – answered Barbara. – But only yours!
Mommy stunned eyes looked at her daughter.
-What are you saying, child?!
Is my choice! snapped Barbara.
-Stop! – I cut the discussion. – Poured coffee? Shoo!
I slapped her ass. The girl ran off, rubbing his ass, which imprinted my fingers.
-What the hell are you doing? ominous tone he asked Amalie.
-Nothing special, — I insisted with a shrug. – Fuck as the forces and capabilities. And that's all.
-A slave? – said the woman.
-Game is such — I smiled. – If everyone likes, then why not continue?
-What, and me in the slave will write?
-Only from you, my darling, depends on, — I grinned. Okay, enough of this squabbling. Maybe will continue if no one is sleeping?
And so we continued.
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