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Default Blind lake - Rape Lake

Blind lake



Roasting day is over the hump, but the heat of 35 degrees standing on the peak. Two sisters and girlfriend for life, Tanya and Elia were returning home from the district center to the village. Bus as always in times Berezniki, which is put on in the form of coats and laminated it, cut in foreign pubs all with the talker and thief Mikhail the country's budget, broke. I had to go on foot. The path was not close, about 7I miles. The legs go, the heat just poured down. When he reached the forest that stood on the half way, the girls sat down on a fallen birch, ate, drank a bottle of lemonade.
Oh to swim schA – said of Ale, lifted up the hem purple dress, blowing them your amazingly beautiful legs.
— Yes, said Tanya, while doing the same thing, only dress she had was blue.
The girls were stunning beauties. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, dark glossy skin. Narrow young pelvis up chubby legs. Small breast size two were high and tight, the waist could be caught by hand. In the village and school, and even beyond that they had a reputation for its beauty. The guys beat each other's noses for them.
— Here in the woods somewhere there is a lake, the current to it the glory is going bad, there, drown, hang, just drowning, and then you can walk ' said Tanya, his high hem dress, flashing her white panties.
— Let's go, what believe his grandmother, we could swim and home – could not resist Ale.
The girls found a trail and went down to the lake. After about a kilometre through the forest thickets, eerie forest, they went to the lake. It was not large, 30 meters in length and 20 in width. All of its banks were overgrown with impenetrable bushes and only two sides exactly opposite each other was visible as a 3, a 4 metre firebreak not large platforms, beaches. The picture really was scary, near the lake was a dead silence, even the birds could be heard. Ale first took off his panties, the bra she still wore, her newly formed breast was tight and high, though not of large size. She jumped into the water, shrieking and screaming, that was not scary. Tanya wanted to go in the water in bra and panties.
— And then that the crude go? asked Ales. – No W anyone, I let naked. Tanya timidly took off my panties and bra, carefully began to enter the water. Ale swam up and started splashing water. The silence of the forest broke the squeals and laughter. Girls Ecopolis got out of the water, lay down on the grass. They were wide apart your legs are full, putting out their slits in the form of mouse holes, enjoying the coolness. Tanya the rear shaved, and Ale do not need it. Her pubic hair was overgrown Rudenko neat and light as the down of the bird.
— Tan, and as it is with a guy in bed probably great? Tell us how you have with Dima was. –
— I do not have, that will come from the army then, and we only kissed –
— Well will suffice me for the stupid hold – Pushed Ales – I Think didn't see you sneaking in the bath had come to be washed away, crying quietly, when I gave myself to him, your bloodstained panties were hiding?
Yes first time it does not sugar, the pelvis is what I have that you have a tight, and tiny slits, was very painful.
— Well, tell us more – not behind Ale.
Tanya closed her eyes, remembering and telling every detail of your sister.
Dima they were friends for 3 years. Well kissed Dimka squeezed her small, neat Tits, and sometimes he allowed himself to slide under the sweater and stroke Tanya's tummy. Tanya was strict and always pulls it, sometimes these liberties ended in a little quarrel. Tanya studied at the senior, Dima was a year older than her. In late February, Dima received a summons from the recruiting office. The question on appeal was resolved. When in the evening, he showed Tanya the agenda she was upset, 2 years a long time, because they loved each other, really.
They entered the building garage, in the van guard, which was not long ago. Dima took out a flashlight, put on the table, they lay down on the bed and kissed for a long time. Dima unzipped his tan coat, stroked his tummy, slid under the sweater, lifted up his started kissing Tits. Tanya was breathing heavily. – Dima do not, please get out of the army and as much as necessary, but not now – faltering voice whispered Tanya, myself twining around his neck. – Tan, here I go into the army, but I don't know what girls she looks – whispered Dimka oglivy Tanya between my legs through the pants.
Dima really was faithful to her, although he was a decent Thani. Tall handsome, strong. On the beach the girls admired his muscles. And with the punks knew how to talk. In the village and beyond were afraid of him. He never smoked, consumed alcohol, engaged in Boxing.
Undoing the zipper on the pants-Thani, he began to pull them off of her. It seemed to snow-white panties. Tanya embarrassed, grabbed Dima's hands. – Dim, but don't, please – a barely audible she said. – I am a current look and all, well Pat – he turned on the flashlight. Taani pants crept down, exposing amazing plump legs. Dima slightly parted her legs and began to kiss them. Tanya often and jerky breathing, she lacked air. In the light of the flashlight her figure was just irresistibly adorable. Dimka took her already unbuttoned coat, sweater.
He stripped to his shorts. Tanya was lying in her panties, shyly hiding his eyes. – Lift up a little – asked Dima, removing her panties. – Don't please, I'm embarrassed –gasping for air she asked, as she obediently lifted her pelvis, so Dima took off her panties. About a minute Dima looked at her down, taps on it, ran his fingers at the lips of the vagina. – No Yes Dim sum, stop breathlessly asked Tanya. Dima lay on her and kissed her Breasts, his hands squeezed jagodichki. Between the legs of Tanya became wet. Dima stood up and began a finger to feel her cunt. He tried to get her back is Painful, do not — asked Tanya, and she took his fingers to her clitoris. He began to stroke him, lightly pressing. Tanya pushes the Pelvis, her muscles involuntarily Saakashvilis.
From the chest came the sound of intermittent moaning. – Nena - Yes no no not right now, gulping air, barely uttered it but she was attracted to him. She was about to finish, a sharp pain shot through her. – AAAA-AA-, she cried clinging to him, nails into his back and tried vyrvatsya. – Have a little patience, everything will be schA – kissing shew whispered to Dima, continuing to drive his cock along the narrow crack. — Pomed-len-Ney, easy, pain-nooo, not enough mA - GU-AAA-AMM-ayyy ahhh mmmm moaned Tanya, mosinyi under his thrusts, her eyes welled with tears. It seemed that her body rips in half, the ceiling is illuminated by the light of the flashlight was shaking in front of her eyes.
Sometimes Dima penetrated very deeply, and made her quite hurt. Tanya felt sinewy solid hot piston rubs its walls, burning them as oozed blood runs under it in a thin stream. Five minutes hot jet hit her womb, lubricating the patient suffered a crack. She covered her face with her hands and wept, cursing Dima — You monster!!! I was hurt, and you have gratified your lust, bastard – she roared, spraying saliva. Dima tried to calm her down, but she slapped him a slap got dressed and left. She walked with small steps with her legs apart and holding his lower abdomen. More than a week she didn't talk to Dima, he was forced on his knees to beg pardon. Only on March 8, she forgave him.
Dima barely persuaded her to repeat to have sex. This time they climbed into a warm bath. Dimka long stroking her Clit, she was down with a groan, involuntarily moving the muscles of the pelvis. When Dimka got into it, it was painful, but not as much as the first time, although the blood flowed again. Again she moaned and asked not so deeply and slowly. And again, she remained dissatisfied. Even more, the relationship began to deteriorate. She liked how he caresses her, but she didn't want to slip her the big cock. Dima has made conceivable and not conceivable effort to do this. So they suffered more than a month. Tanya gradually ceased to feel pain, and even learned to bend midsection to Dimkinoy member did not reach the uterus, and was not so painful.
One day, Dima left home alone, he called Tanya. They straightened the bed and lay down, He kissed her again and again, then shaved the crack, Tanya screaming cumshot, Dima continued to caress her, and when she was on the verge entered her. Tanya grabbed his legs and almost frantically moved the basin towards Dima. In two minutes she moaned, a raised pelvis exhausted collapsed on the bed. On this day, they had sex about four hours, tried different poses, and when exhausted, just lay there kissing. – I became a real woman, I get orgasms from you and your big friend fairly said Tanya. Now they were having sex everywhere several times a day. As Tanya gets pregnant and she does not know, because they didn't use a condom. In mid-May, Dima was taken to the army.
Tanya was telling all this to the sister, and her hand involuntarily reached for the clitoris. – Oh, I could I was with him until he lost consciousness ready to fuck, whether he's around – sadly said Tanya. – I would also like you guiltily whispered Ale. – Previously you about it think, Oh, you 16 no — - Alright one more time we could swim and have to go home – offered Ale. The girls screeched and jumped into the water.
Special school for troubled Teens located in the city. In the summer the residents were home for the holidays. Those who remained had nowhere to go. Its leaders found small contracts to work in rural areas, where manpower is not enough. For food and housing and they worked on the field or somewhere else. On this day, they having worked as a juvenile, until 14: 00 and went for a swim taking half a dozen inflatable mattresses, the time until dinner was much.
Going into the forest, he heard voices from the lake. At the hearing, it was clearly young girls. The whole crowd of 14 people, they crept up to the lake opposite from the girls side. They were in shock. Not everyone actually previously had the opportunity to see such beautiful girls, and then there's naked. Tanya Eley floated on her back, flashing her plump slender legs, legs, from the water show tverden breast. All guys literally burst his pants. Quietly and silently stripped to his underpants, they rushed to swim to the girls. Animal instinct took over.
Seeing that it floats arava guys, girls came up and tried to escape. Tanya began hurriedly to put on her panties, but she didn't, she was immediately grabbed. Guys 10 people gathered around her and began to examine. Ale seized into the hands of the panties and gown, his feet in sandals, started to run. To call someone for help was the only chance to save her favorite sister and her, too, out in the field, working harvesters out of the forest to start screaming, help. Four guys rushed in pursuit of her. Once she so quickly ran, ran a mile, it seemed for a moment. Now and the edge of the forest, 50, 30 meters, Elle felt the breath of the pursuers.
Out of the forest she couldn't get caught up. She started screaming she was gagged and hit in the solar plexus. Ale sat on his haunches panting. When she caught her breath, she wrapped the arm and led him back to the lake, Lapa in all areas. She resisted, cried, begged me to let her go, but the guys and didn't want to hear. To the lake it was about half an hour. Tanya also looked threw her on the mattress, she struggled, screaming. Her gripped hands feet and head. The major slipped off her panties lay on her, he could not enter her narrow pussy, Tanya overachieves, not allowing me to enter you. Others grumbled discontentedly. Finally someone just kicked her in the head and ordered to lie still. Tanya obeyed. – Ale will run away and do not have to call someone – he reassured himself she. The most important entered her sharply, the first shock on the eggs.
Tanya screamed with pain and surprise, she has been more than two months not having sex. Though the guy lying on it was cute she turned her head away not to breathe old odor of tobacco coming from him. He finished quickly, in a few minutes. The sperm of the rapist struck in the uterus wall, it was familiar to Tanya, she silently accepted it. Not having time to recover, don't immediately climbed another. Moist vagina, though it was very narrow, easily took a member, once a lot of hands caressed her everywhere, stroked legs, rubbed the sides. The second came too quickly. – Don't let please don't let me softly almost in a whisper asked Tanya.
Someone came up and shoved her cock under his nose. And in the mouth, you can swallow – they All laughed. Tanya not arbitrarily threw his head up. Around the crowd stood, in an exposed protruding members of different sizes. Someone wanking. – Let's not keep the turn – rang out from the crowd and it again lay and puffed a rapist. Her five little flaw handled without difficulty, and even came once herself, trying not to show the form. Then I started to hurt the pubis, not enough air. – Give AA AA I'll rest, nothing AA AA AA dy-ahh-solve – prohodila Tanya, under the tremors wracked her young body. Those who had it on already stracili on the grass and broke her in two minutes and five seven. Besides, it was the bespectacled, long and lean, he had a member of 20 centimeters and plump.
Tanya screamed that it was urine. Rolled his eyes in pain trying to escape, were working under him, trying to ease the pain. Tanya felt his dick bursting the uterus, everything inside is burned with fire, it seemed his cock will come out in the stomach, because it hurt too much, and scream had no strength. He, too, felt like rests in her, but pushed my cock to the end. As he was fucking her, Tanya does not remember. The boys brought some to the Bank, lifting her legs they podmilj her fumbling in the vagina fingers. Then began the torture. The vaginal walls began to ache as if rubbed with sandpaper. The pubic area ached from the constant tremors of the air is not enough. She lay there and moaned with each push – AMM-ahhh-Ah the pain-but AAAA AA give rest ahh. Then to the lake brought a tear-stained escaping Ale.
Where Tanya took power? She slipped off her regular rapist, and struggling to get up cried. Don't hurt her please do anything you want with me, I'll take in your mouth if necessary, but do not touch her, she is a virgin — the Last words cheered guys — Nice day today — said the chief, saying he knocked on the Ale next laid out the mattress and said to her kept. Guys on top of her. Now her legs spread, watch her play the virgin – and he began to separate her lips. Ales screamed in a small voice; — No-Yes, please let Tanya gasping from the pain and the severity, too, asked a faltering voice to let SIS.
Looking at her virginal barrier, the main lay between the legs of Ali and started kissing her legs, caressing finger clitoris, he wanted that Ale was wet and caressed her long before it happened. Ale finally was ready and he entered her. The woods were filled with another round of screaming and pleading. Ales remembered the narrow pelvis, when I almost lost consciousness from the pain. In five minutes she felt the male semen that hit her, not allowing her to breathe, she climbed the other, third...fifth. Everything inside her burned like coals, his head was spinning, the air is not enough. Blood mixed with semen running down her elastic buttocks. When the turn came before long she was already unconscious.
Tanya saw, swaying in the aftershocks of her unconscious body, she was afraid will it survive under this onslaught and tried to see her face covered with shredded and stuck to eyes, drying the tears with her hair. After half an hour she fainted. Sometimes she came to, and saw how the guys were sitting in a circle around them, waiting their turn, feeling unbearable pain then Found out the girls only in the morning, guys until midnight tortured them. Ale barely saved, she lost a lot of blood, guys just committed atrocities on her. There was a trial, the rapists imprisoned. Parents of girls were forced to change their place of residence. Dimka returning from the army found out about it, he was trying to find Tanya, but she did not respond, he went to serve in the area, and especially lyutovali in conflict with the law, seeing them as bad people.
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