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Default Slave husband

Slave husband

Group sex Observers under duress


Svetlana went home in a bad mood. Her husband recently behaved strangely – he shied away from intimacy, was annoyed. First, Svetlana decided that her husband trouble at work, but my husband said that things are going well. Yesterday Svetlana decided to have a serious conversation. She asked her husband to be Frank. What she heard, she was just freaked out.
Husband told Svetlana that he was tired of the monotonous classic sex. He wanted new thrills. But he was not sure that she would agree to his proposal.
The proposal was as follows. Svetlana should be on time to obey her husband. To carry out all his orders, desires and whims. Even the most unusual. "Then, — has confidently said the man, and our feelings flash with new force".
Svetlana loved her husband. She was ready to do everything for their family life was harmony. She did not ask, what will be her obedience. Just promised that I will do everything I want husband.
In the morning, she was awakened by a slap in the face. Clutching his reddened cheek, she jumped up and saw her husband's face with displeasure.
— A Horny slut! How dare you sleep when your Master is awake! On your knees!
Svetlana wanted to rebel, but then remembered about the agreement and silently knelt. Husband sharply lowered her head to the floor and put on the head of a foot. He suddenly from a gentle wife turned into an evil master.
— Remember, Bitch, now you're mine. Any disobedience will be punished. Otherwise – divorce! Now remember the rules. And he handed her the printout with the rules to be performed by the slave. The rules were many. But Svetlana realized that she had to obey orders unquestioningly and then everything will be fine.
The past 3 months. Svetlana 3 months of training, learned the rules, and now every step was bound to give pleasure to her husband, who is now named only as "my Master".
This morning she was up early, made Breakfast, cleaned up, and then sat on her knees and began to Wake his Master with kisses. Kissing in the morning she was allowed only a member. The master was awake. The member has hardened. Then he just roughly fucked her mouth, flooded her with cum face mouth. Sperm wash was not allowed. Svetlana and walked around the house, down the street, shopping. After that, the owner went to the bathroom. Svetlana sat on the bottom of the tub, taking his body with jets of Golden rain. The owner wanted to gradually teach her to drink his urine. He started with the body, but then the jet rose above, fell into the open mouth. Svetlana swallowed. She was already used to this procedure which on its face sperm become less.
Then the Master went to Breakfast. During Breakfast, Svetlana was sitting on the floor at the feet of master, trying to guess his wishes. She is either kissing his feet or sucking cock, or licking toes. Her master could throw her a piece from the table, which Svetlana gently took teeth like a dog. Her bowl stood in the corner. The owner loved to watch, like, bulging out his ass, Svetlana lapped from the bowl.
Every morning the husband informed Svetlana, what name she will have for the day. It was names such as "Nipple", "Beast", "Hole", "Bitch" and others.
This morning, leaving for work, my husband announced Svetlana that night to give her a surprise. Ordered to lay in the living room gala dinner, wear jewelry, make bright makeup and hairstyle.Svetlana was delighted. She decided that her husband tired of using it as a slave and today he will announce that everything will be the same. But it is embarrassed that the table should be served for 4 persons. And that to meet her husband she needs in her usual attire of a slave (naked, in a small lace apron), on his knees.
By evening all was ready. Hearing the sound of the opening door, Svetlana knelt down, preparing, as usual, to lick the boots of his Master. Husband came, and with him three of his buddies. Two Svetlana knew. They often met, and the third was a partner of her husband's business. Svetlana froze. She fulfill every whim of her husband, but believed that it was their secret. But then my husband poked his boot into her face. "Whore did not expect that today she has many gentlemen! Now bring her to life!" Laughing, he said to friends. And Svetlana explained that all of his friends today will use Svetlana, as anyone who wishes. Svetlana remained nothing how to obey. She licked the shoes of all four men, then on his hands and knees held them to the table. Men were visible all the intimate spots Lights. They were lewd jokes in her address. While the men were at dinner, Svetlana under the table suck all the members in turn. Men noticed that a slave brought up very well. But the husband warned that this is only the beginning. He told the guests that she can be used as an ashtray, toilet bowl, toilet paper, and most importantly – a machine for sexual pleasure. All night Svetlana was served by three men. First used it three at a time, constantly changing places. Then men began to wonder how many members can simultaneously take each of the holes Lights. They managed to put it on 2 members at the same time, poking 2 cocks in mouth and fuck her. Swallowing another batch of sperm, Svetlana thanked his torturers for "pleasure" which she allegedly received.
The husband did not participate in this Orgy, he filmed. Sometimes, he spat on the face of Svetlana, calling her a Horny bitch. He announced to his friends that now, when Svetlana prepared, he would like to make a film about a dog wedding. First, according to the scenario, she will run a pack of dogs, then the winner will become the bride Lights. Will be held the ceremony and after the ceremony – marriage mating. She will veil, so as not to break tradition. The ceremony will invite guests who will watch the marriage intercourse. And while guests continued to party. They decided to play hide and seek. Blindfolded Svetlana had to guess, the guest who Fucks her in the mouth. After a few long hours, the men finally left the World alone. They expressed to her husband admiring reviews and agreed on a new meeting.
Svetlana was on her knees. She kissed all the guests feet, thanking them. All her body was in the semen, the fluid was filled all the holes.
After the guests had gone, the husband whipped her for "treason." And called yourself at night a prostitute. "You do realize I am now disgusted to sleep with you," he said Light. All night Svetlana is not only watching love games husband, she was preparing their genitals to copulate – licking, sucking, and after the act – licking the anus and vagina of a prostitute. When husband fucking a prostitute in her mouth, she spit all the cum in her mouth, Svetlana, which she swallowed.
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group sex, observers, under duress

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