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Default Casual sex on a train with a companion

Casual sex on a train with a companion

I like the train. The noise of wheels, measuring the swing of the car. However, even if the travel companions are very lucky, it is all wonderful. However, once I had a special trip. The road is not particularly far-reaching 12 hours. In the evening sit down, and in the morning in the field. Convenient.
Well, I was 19 years old. The second course of the Moscow University, the parents in the area, in General, many more. By the way, when I've had a sexual experience, but it was gentle, restrained. Oral sex or anal sex, then, seems to be something transcendent, inaccessible and even shameful.
Companions, I met a young male in his 40's. Fit body, aroma desirability, experience, and charm before the young girl did not resist. We have a good dialogue. My partner's name is Jack he is a design engineer in the past and now quite a successful Manager. Surprisingly, all of our dialogue had taken takes place entirely in a sober environment, we occasionally drank tea, went to smoke and have a good chat. I'm flattered by the attention of a Mature man, then, he may enjoy the companionship of a young girl. And good conversation is more interesting mediocre puzzles.
Jack and I seemed to be 4 or 5 times I went out to smoke. Train once famous swing on the next turn and the light flying out of his hand. We all rushed to her, this brief moment of tactile contact suddenly change the nature of our acquaintance and the evening. My Breasts pressed to the shoulder nice, and his nose buried in his neck. Perhaps, this is the first real sense of passion. I would even say–desires. Animals, all-consuming blur the line between"decent"and"bad." Yes, I never thought of. Just stood there, afraid to move,feeling the light touch of his hand to her waist, inhaling the scent of his skin feeling the warmth and muscle of the shoulders on the chest. I don't know if my companion the same range of emotions, or just to understand my situation, I decided to take advantage of this situation, but he somehow suddenly withdrawn, he took my hand, with her carriage compartment. At that moment, I longed for my concern is what will be happening and silently pray to the point of not even with an hour.
We stand in the shadows of the car and just looked at each other. A mixed feeling of wild desire and unable to move. Jack held up a hand, touching his cheek.
"I want you."
This whisper-polupriznanie broke the invisible line to stand in between us. I'm just floating in the waves of pleasure, pay attention to the amazing how quickly and easily disappear with our clothes, because he guessed my desire...a person the feeling that his arms, body, everywhere. Here, he bites his lips on a nipple, and a moment later, it caresses the tongue to the hollow of the navel. His men slip, all of a sudden, through the strand of hair. Hot, moist skin of Eugene's behavior is more powerful than any aphrodisiac.

Sex in train with a fellow traveler

Desire for his affection, I bent into the Arc, not the force asked him to have sex with me. I want to scream, pleading, begging, asking it took me to stop this torture of pleasure. Bare skin I felt a slight breath of wind and abdominal burning. Painful, pleasant, pulling the other desire of the flesh. Away from his face, I can only quietly said to them, to free and free I very far. But he seemed to understand what I want, perhaps, at my burning with desire eyes. Gently, as if fearing intimidation, he lowered to me on the couch sports car...
Silently pulling the shirt, I did not resist. My nipples stuck out like little pink cherries, relentless tongue continued to caress them, licking in a circle, and sucking,Jack sank lower and lower now and the skirt on the floor and her panties, and before his eyes appeared clean-shaven pubis. The man began kissing the belly, near the chest, and then on the lips. He kissed me, his left hand holding the shoulder, while the right gently brush from the top down with your fingers on small sexual lips. Jack thought they were wet,I was almost inaudible moans, and could not tear myself out of this quick to put my little table in the cabin, he spread my legs and began to caress the clitoris tongue. After such courtesies, I have quite a no longer held. I moan, writhe and caress his head, pressing closer to his crotch.
-Turn over, please.
I silently obeyed, he in here with my ass, spreading his hands buttocks, he began kissing, sucking and licking, finding the language of the anus, he began stroking him, up and down, drawing circles before it reaches the entrance to the vagina and return. Very lubricating with saliva fingers, Jack tried to put him in the hole priests, but I'm not familiar with anal sex and afraid of it.
-What happened?
-No, Jack, don't...
-I have never had anal sex, I'm afraid will hurt.
-It will not hurt if you do everything right, you like it, I guarantee it will hurt, we will stop.
-Okay, let's try
He began again to give me cunnilingus and at the same time to introduce the little finger into the anus, feeling very strange: the agitation, embarrassment, uncomfortable, curious...
-Be patient, it will be in now
When Littlefinger pushed all the way, I relaxed a little, he began to make the level of the movement and at the same time the tongue stroked her Clit.
-You taste good
A few minutes of such caresses he has launched two fingers, then three, I breathed more preravista, my hand randomly stroked his shoulder hair and body involuntarily arched to meet him. Hope is so strong, the fear disappears in the background. Screaming my heart only one thing–to belong to this man. Is his body and soul. Here, right now.
-Come on, come with me I can't wait.
I even do not ask. On the contrary, the requirements. Eugene smiled, looking up from my womb, he slowly pulled me off the table on his knees. Directly on my face I see the excited members. Neat, medium size, he, like his master, is very good.
-It is necessary to moisten, and then we get nothing.
His voice in excitement is hoarse, his eyes seemed to become even more dark. I took the penis in hand and began to gently kiss and lick the entire barrel run rich saliva. Then my partner looks drastically changed my cancer.
I did not resist, on the contrary, I liked the feeling of his strength and power over me, I like to feel wet between my legs,and I look forward to this moment. Jack the power of my inner and after a few short and sharp efforts, resting his cock in my back hole. In a fit of passion, I completely forgot about the fear. So he quickly entered my ass. Anus a tight ring around the trunk. After a period of time, he did not back pierced me, in your gun I hit the fantasy to more and more. Feel the intimacy of the interchange, he took his penis and I on my back, into my vagina. The fast pace and stimulation of the clitoris is not forced to wait for a long time to climax, and I finished third in that time. Jack waited until the waves of pleasure subsided, and kissed his chest, continuing the sexual activity. Finally, he suddenly went out of me, arosev my belly and chest with my sperm.
I lost my virginity to her beloved child's first year. But I still think that woman is that night in the compartment of the car. When the sound of wheels and the hum of the engine, giving the body and the soul was virtually unknown, but the artist's lover. I found a vaginal orgasm, a very interesting oral sex, exotic forbidden fruit–anal sex. And the ocean of sensual pleasure that lasted almost all night.
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