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Default Why girl napkin

My name is Mike,I'm 18 years old. It is like this. Then,on the way to school,Tunis. So that is another path to the house, went through the garbage and warehouses. People usually go. And on this day,and the weather is terrible,and drizzle. All the snow melted, turning into a puddle that mixed with clay,in some places there was ice. First thought was:"heck I'm here?"

Suddenly,from behind me a woman's voice,"boy,boy, wait!" I found my girl. The first thing that surprised me how she was dressed:jacket,long skirt,ladies ' heels. She walked to me,hesitantly, avoiding puddles. Years of 27-30.

Boy can this is where I asked the beautiful blonde.


-And there is no chance for these white pass?

-The following!

The show,like me,then I lost!

-Let's go!

We went,it is on the right..

Here's what transport?

-No,just walk on this road from the subway.

This way at least people?

-Walk,but almost-I looked around,no one can see.

- ?

-No! You see the building. There are some traffic!

At this point,my companion slipped and fell,hitting his leg on the ice. I jump right in.:

-Not hurt? Let me help you! I her my hand.

-Knees! She stood up,holding his knees,well at least in the dust!

-As to walk in high heels?

-If you but know,I'm here! Can I have you,-she took my hand.

We asphalt the road,it told me thanks,absolute black went. She suddenly had no idea? Almost a minute later,she walked out,she was anxious:

Here is a completely different company!

-What to do now? –Water.....

-Ne-zna-Yu! I am in your area the first time emerges from the other side of the city. She the side of the road-but unfortunately I want to write.

But,it's not a problem,placed a lot!

The woman smiled and looked toward the bushes:

-There is a puddle,I go around? And in the forest,probably some wire somewhere.

Writing right here,you really can not endure!

At this point, the delivery of some girl.

-Yes,here people! –Said the girl.

Wait. He now goes!

Grandfather walked past us toward the pool.

-In,nobody here,'I said.

-Pass them on,and suddenly look back! I'm too ashamed. Damn,how are you sitting on me knee!

-And you opisite each other! –Proposed.


-If you're a kid pee standing!?

-One boy and lost the dispute,had to run home to change pants! Hair!

I her purse,and her skirt,low white panties and high squat,thick stream of urine that flowed from a direct path to forming a puddle. We felt that she catches the buzz. Maybe she sit, but she has a bad knee.

Turn. –A woman-I've seen how women pee?

I shook my head.

-And do you have a girlfriend?

-No! I said. Continue to look at her.

-You accidentally swipe no?


- .

,What is the reason?

Don't you know that girls wipe the gap?

-It wasn't!

You are ignorant! Nothing here will be you girl,and can tell you all.

Dry off the water droplets. She had a finger bald her pubic hair,her shake off the drops of urine that stretched panties. I gave her the part.

I don't know what is that building,she pointed to the Standing not far away the object is.

-Do you know? Maybe that's what you are looking for?

-Well! Thank you!

Before she walked from the car,doused her from head to toe. She wants to say something,and spray and crash her right on the mouth! She spat them, looked down and cried. I walked up to her and said:

-Can be seen today not.

-How can you go in the subway?

-Have an idea. This fall,not far from here. Clean your jacket,skirt.

- . Oh,my name is, We you.

- ! My name is Misha.

We my house. Lena went into the bathroom,brush jacket,I wash the skirt. I eat her tea. It turned out that she is 22 years old. She was going home and she is now in the company of is not required. Lena gave me his phone number and I her.

Before leaving,she,or someone wearing,say no. Then she talks to me first.

Since we are still friends. With movies,restaurants. But that's another story!

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