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Default Sex with a sleeping girl in the Park

This happened to me in 2003. at that time I was married, and in the rules of the sex life of me, I was arranged. but after this I know I need a new experience, and now From time to try something new and don't really like women.

Once I go back home through the quiet, and left the Park and suddenly saw lying in the garage. little girl she's on the dirty street benches't budge and of course I thought something happened. I Pretty sure yelling, baby girl, little girl, but she didn't move now, my heart is racing and I caution to her, but the smell of alcohol so I think she was drunk.
I sit down next to her on a bench and lit a cigarette recovering, and suddenly I started to notice how she has a pretty face, what a beautiful thought, what wonderful legs in General, I I could not resist and put my hand on her legs. and I was so excited that my head climb under the skirt of her, and stroked her crotch through her panties, but soon I was pulled out. First, and then a finger moistened with saliva enter her, there was no reaction, and I quickly began to enter and withdraw my fingers.

The woman started to breathe more often, but didn't Wake up so I have to of course, the bolder and pulled her skirt and panties. see her clean shaven crotch, I could not resist and began to fondle her tongue, but the Girl who never woke up and I decided to enter it.

It was amazing-she's hot hole. gripped my cock and his body trembled. then I started to have it gradually increase the tempo and was fucking her.

After that, I wanted to run, but to look around and make sure no one I decided to stick around and stay a bit longer with her.

Send point I sat down near her target, which started to leak my seed and began to knead her thighs, and suddenly I want to see her ass. I turned it over and saw neat little jagodichki, and it's up Dance brown hole between them, my cock swelled again, then there is nothing to fear I'm starting to knead these jagodichki, and slowly, enter the name of your moistened with my seed, finger in her ass.
The fingers that entered her easily of her, and then I decided that it was time to try anal sex.

I once again unzipped his fly and drench ass women saliva starting to introduce him to her.

A member, of course, and at some point a woman half asleep, trying to push me out. I froze in fear that she'll Wake up. but luckily, it's not about what happened, and I again pressed my dick. Her asshole.

And suddenly, as if breaking from a member slipped into her ass. I made a few movements and finished(apparently playing the role of strong excitation).

After that I dressed quickly and pulled a slip of a girl panties and all the memories run back home.

Now I can't understand what strong shame for their actions or happiness of got feelings but I still don't dare to even think about what the experience of poor women up. Up on the dirty bench with no pants on and with the consequence of both teacher male seed.
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