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Default Sex story of rape of two heifers for the debts

This story is about date rape, about how two women, alienated other people's money from the store where he worked. Yes, and it took the nursery under the warranty from the store. Well, that's what being raped.
The girls were 25 and 30 years, worked for earrings and Andrew in the store managers.
- Well, what do we do? Angrily says Andrew
- We will work quickly began to speak Marina will be working overtime.
- 50 thousand? Did you know that this is a criminal case? - Undress quickly.
- Yes you that? "Natasha blushed.
- EB@t will be in all the cracks - now you won't, and I don't want to know the Prosecutor nacetem. Am I on the right and Serge.
- Well, come on, Come on..! Natasha, I got fucked@t want to.
Marina firmly began to unbutton the blouse:
- Come on, Natasha, since I arrived. I'm in the colony don't want to sit.
She threw the blouse on the table, undid the skirt and took stanula along with the shorts and socks.
"Well untie me," said Natasha, and turned back to her friend.
Natasha was standing all red but silently undid Marina's chest. Marina turned to our host:
- Well, first? Natasha is not available.
No, I will not, " roared Marina
- Oh no, then how is that shit even know how to work...
Serge ran up to Natasha's hair sharply tipped to the table, slipped his hand under her skirt.
"No, please.
"My dog had sex@naya...
Sergei suddenly pulled off her panties and lifted her skirt there was a crisis in this matter.
- Rupture of the same.
- Fuck...
Serge unzipped her fly with one hand. He pulled out his dick and took him Pease@Natasha.
- No, I don't.
Yeah, yeah, bitch.
Natasha helplessly spread out on the table. Her hair was in disarray. Hands were outstretched to the sides. Tears of humiliation and pain flowed from her eyes. Serge frantically, swinging at every movement, it was accompanied by a sigh.
"You're a bitch.

Serge finished quickly. Scream pulled the members. Natasha deprived of support,slipped. Standing wiping his cock on her head. Natasha began to cry from the humiliation.
Stop crying bad area.
-Then wash the clothes,you fool.
Marina watched with arousal obvious. It has been found by Andrew.
-OPA Marinochka we will start. Come here.
Marina approached.
-Yes all of it.
"Oh,they say love Andrey fuck me please.
-Dear Andrey fuck me please.
-From protection, and movement.
Marina quickly undo your pants, and Andrew is selected.
Woman holding a member of the lips began.
. If you are a Pro.
Serge leisurely took off his pants and shirt and go to the Marina. Thought for a moment,then pushed her Magnus@two fingers. Woman. Marina obviously excited. She immediately began to report podmahivat.
--Andrew pushed the tub.
Marina didn't mind. Andrew down in the low chair and she on her wet pussy.
-Return itself.
-Fast,more fast.
--X--x--x-Andrew of after ejaculation ejaculation and Marina.
Her orgasm lasting almost a minute. Surge sitting on the couch his ferry Marina. That chicken at breakneck speed in the throat of the woman.
When Marina started to choke,Sergei suddenly pushed her. Yes,it's a bit to catch my breath,he is a new command:
-Quickly take off your clothes.
Natasha jumped from a torn skirt. Rasta bent blouse and quickly threw it on the table.
-Standing here.
The girls were standing.
During that period of service months. EB@t will be if you want to absorb the money excuse. Agree?
- .
Tomorrow is no panties....... In the evening Bath.
-Natasha come here,lie on the sofa.
Natasha lay.
-Marinka on the top. Face to face Magnus@E.
Marina lay.
-Sergey, use of the Marina or woman.
Mall,Marina as he wants.
-Marina where you want to be in Magnus@or buttocks.
-Help request.
-Sergei Anatolyevich fuck me Magnus@.
Sergei fell in behind the driving dick in the woman's vagina until the stop. Members holding good the warmth Bordeaux thought the uterus. Marina herself. Sergei began to move intensely at first, but more slowly,and under him was the head of Natasha looked at it with wide eyes,and did not move very convenient. Andrew frame hip on the pillow and a cock in her mouth Marina. Marina moves in the members of a sense of crisis but still tried to suck. Andrew,for convenience,in their legs. The surge continued. Suddenly someone shouted:
It is Natasha. The sight in front of her eyes, she over and over again. This realization comes Sergei. However, began more violently peck Magnus@Marina.
-A,a,a-Marina also roughly finished.
-Get the girl can be washed off.
Marina heard a member of Andrew. She himself with his hands podrachivaya cock and a minute later Andrew also finished. A few minutes the whole company came to life. After that Andrew was standing.
-Woman's Day stretches.
-I like Natasha? -Sergei, " you never wanted to.
-I liked Sergei Anatolyevich,adopted the style of Marina said Natasha.
-General wash, and the house will continue tomorrow.
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