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Default Rape my wife

What a turbulent life led my wife before marriage, I didn't know quite a long time. Not to say that she never told. They said that even in school, located in a small working village, loved listening to the evening birds singing, climbing into dark secluded places. While she enjoyed the songs of nightingales, the kid (usually accompanied by someone from a parallel class), who accompanied her, carefully kissed her lips and climbed into my bra. Nothing wrong with that Lyudmila was not seen. But if the guys tried to climb under her skirt, definitely cleaned out their sweaty palms.

Under skirts in those years the girls wore panties and stockings with a belt, which today can be bought in any sex shop. And men extremely excited, when he noticed a piece of gentle maiden skin between the hem and the edge of the stocking. And, however hard the girls did not hide from prying eyes intimate details of their outfits, and it is not always in the fashion began to enter mini skirt. Rescued pants, but wearing them was not welcomed.

Lyudmila did not like and I was in College a teacher of political economy. So, the girls certainly put in the years of scarce coffee produced knee-length skirt exam and jobs. Children rarely brought large for the examiner — the porn. Sipping hot coffee and Looking at overseas beauty negligee, teacher, student, knee stroking, responding to tickets. The fee is not in hand, he drove out from the audience bratty girl. Retake only at home. Upon delivery of such a scene about it, none of the girls does not apply. But in the audience, examiner, head of hidden prying eyes, sometimes got the girl under her skirt and gently stroked the leg between the stockings and panties. ..... he did not get in such a situation, Lyudmila spoke. A man first and not told. After two very entertaining the wife's wardrobe dresses the opportunity to learn the truth.

Thin translucent tissue, clearly visible in their declines uniforms and linen. But that summer, where a lot of girls. Another feature was the dress. Both consisted of two parts — a skirt and jacket. Sewn Skirt made of piece of fabric was large, he wrapped himself around the hips, but not sewn together. In the end the one that was on top of him, dressing, shoes, prying eyes and conceal a wide bottom. She ate the legs to mid-thigh when walking, just below the rubber bands, socks detained. The seat does not light up panties, very gently. Blouse tailored in the same principle, which he was. Therefore, in such clothes would not bend. To prevent possible problems that are tied with a rope at a level slightly above the knees the skirt portion diverging only wife. So made and blouse. But the dress only once or twice went to Lyudmila. He's the second dress, I decided to drink on Friday after work with two friends, he had not.

The gatherings continued until the closure of the café canteen: drinking establishments in 23 hours friendly and then stopped. Before the Barmaid tried to escape. And to drink I wanted. This time, the buddies of the house wives and children, and there is even one, could not take part in them. And my son went to spend the summer with his mother in the village. Come to me, and we bought vodka from a taxi driver.

The Elevator does not turn it off at 11 o'clock, and here in one day. We went up to the fifth floor, entered the apartment in the dark. Conducted buddies in the kitchen, found a candle and went in search of a wife: something to eat, and this is a big problem of mass deficit.

At the moment the house lights went down Lyudmila out of the shower, not dressed, lay on the bed and fell asleep in the room, far away. He was awake, trying to understand what it comes in, and, the other, a cigarette lighter, looked in the closet. Dress, tailoring the wife she did not, in the eyes immediately rushed. I have removed it from the hanger and handed it to him.

— Get out of the bedroom linen and removes his clothing, asked Lyudmila.

Yeah, you sheep replied. — Still dark and nothing is visible. That you Shine linen in front of strangers — in the kitchen, lit a candle, and they will see me when I exit.

The unsuspecting wife agreed. And wear a belt with stockings: bare foot walking is still uncomfortable in front of strangers. I have no words of logic: it was necessary to raise socks in their bedroom. But not awakened until the end of Ludmila realized, that this reduction, the dress is still not ready for it. And yet, shoes heels. In short, it's not for the kitchen, the suspect, came in an unusual outfit. Only the wife came under the Bush fabric and a belt with stockings and began to Shine through a subtle matte light hair, with protruding nipples Breasts big. Friends are stupefied and think and fried for Lyudmila to warm up the potatoes, fry some more. Standard time, knowledge and a snack — pickles and tomatoes, sauerkraut and compote which. All, of course, three-liter cans. They are curled.

Finally, we sat down at the table and chair for dining room Lyudmila, we are teenagers, facing the wall, the couch. Yuri, who sat next to me, finely trembled with excitement. And more: in front of it sat. I almost Topless. When Lyudmila leaned over the plate and began to eat, and pushed under the table, fork and touched it in his hands. Yuri, what appeared before my eyes, worthy of special description. And although at the beginning of the dark time of the day, he, they, I highlighted him a lighter, and eyes are accustomed to the dim light. He could see the sides move the fabric and labor, it, open lingerie, but their Lyudmila. AO under the belt with rubber bands, was attached stockings, fleecy dark hair, hiding a narrow strip of the genital slit.

Ludmila raised her head and saw, we look under the table, "What happened, guys?" We explained the situation is relatively normal. The wife, without leaving the chair, turned and took out a new energy source.

We had another drink, already understand everything and winked at Volodya. Here he dropped his fork. In the same dazzling light and a Bang. Our views and artworks, large nipples wife. Noticed them immediately turned red and looked his chest. I realized that the wife jumped up, totally naked, she is practically in the company of two almost unknown man. Ludmila gasped and closed chest hands clean of the women's movement.

And confusion. On the one hand, it is inconvenient, you guys shamelessly look at the miracle of my wife. On the other hand, it is nice that it causes their libido: two significant groin, resulting tubercles on the pants.

And unexpectedly stood up and opened his arms to the side, Lyudmila: "Come on. All all seen. Shame on you. On the contrary, should be proud!" And hugged me, pressed his wife lips lips. At first she resisted the kiss, and then started to answer. And, it seems, this situation began to excite him.

And also this question? — settled voice asked. I nodded and sheepishly added Lyudmila, to listen to music. He slowly danced the first dance together with Yura. First, he timidly pressed her to him. She resisted. The hotel hands below the shoulder of his wife and children. Stood at the back and the ass in hockey. She resisted. He glanced at me and began to knead his buttocks. And kissed hugged her shoulders. After a moment, he turned slightly and took his chest. Don't Move the fabric the mixer. He took the finger over the area and gently squeezing a nipple. Finally the kiss ended. Waves of jealousy washed over me. But not being in.

Volodya stood up and pulled his lips to face my wife. Ludmila said, "I love him! And they, arm in arm, started to dance. Then him and danced, Yura, Volodya, again. When played fast music, beat out of blouse Boobs wife. And Lyudmila, and think long, just tore myself a jacket. The guys ran up to him, skirt removed easily. And clung and eyebrows " my wife's nipple.

Lyudmila lay horizontally in a moment of couch, and we kissed her Breasts and lips, caressing nipples and clitoris. My wife started to squirm, to shiver, moan, her crotch quickly got soaked — the excitement reached its climax.

— In the bedroom — even groaned, and growled Lyudmila.

It was almost completely naked, into the room that Yuri in his hands. Main wife when dropped back on his pillow, and whispered in his ear: "Luda, Who's first?"

"Okay," he said. And he corrected himself: "Yura!" We put her cancer behind him perched Yuri, and, on his knees and began to insert it into the drinking bed. Volodin hand crumpling the ass wife stroked his chest, caressed her tender nipples. Yuri jerked and came, finally her ass. Later came and I began to pour out to him her tender mouth. Volodya could not resist, and seizing him by the hair and began to tear the whore in her mouth wife my last. And he wiped the semen on her buttocks, fell back. Yuri began to kiss and knead her Breasts, and beneath it subsided.

— And in the ass to finish. — said Volodya.

— Make BL@dew — replied.

— Let's get all three holes! — after a little rest, suggested Volodya.

Volodya again came to her back, Yuri began to batter from the bottom slit of my wife, I began to fuck her in the mouth intense. We came for a long time, it Tore his body, his mouth lowered. Cum flowed from the corner of his mouth.

As soon as we have filled his body circulation, he became rougher.

— Swallow it, bitch! "said Yuri and kicked him back. — Spoofing and mouth rinse.

We pulled her labia, biting and pinching her nipples, wanker members and finished him in the face. We are not only forced to lick the members, the anus. Then collected a mug of semen, Bay his vodka to the brim, made him drink. Ludmila cried and asked to let go of his intoxication. We left in peace, its only in the morning, the question of where her husband was gone, calling me Yurkin's wife. We lied, and children began to gather home, and in the end once again tearing Lyudmila. And Yurka-the event, or to photograph.

Wife talked with me for a few days. We not only take Offense, when he blatantly and cynically tore wives Yura and Volodya. And then he told me of his impetuous youth. That night the three of us brutally and cynically used it and it's not the most unpleasant. But about that, and about Yura and Volodya, and rape, and the second time say.

Of course, if you like, and you want to continue.
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