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Default Sex stories about rape and coercion

Of course rape is, and also to punish those who's conscience to commit such a crime. There is, harmless rape and the music of both partners:

First, the vegetables;

Second, the terminology of"we will rape forcibly sex, gender, and ability to resist, and strength and sex, sleep, drinking people even if your spouse

And third, the strength of the order of Sacrifice! Yes, Yes, Yes ... sacrifice! Is that some of the women I had lunch depraved nature is not to be disturbed, even raped. There are even special institutions. That is, women can be mechanism, but the experience of the rapist pounce on her and rape. And it's not directing to the actual violence------was each other. Minutes it comes to that. Are raped, women have not yet paid the price.

It is 100%in the case of sexual abuse is bad! But only if it can not be called a"crime." Therefore, there is nothing wrong with public sex story about rape, if self-sacrifice.
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