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Default The provoked violence

That evening I had a fine mood. Also was from what. I have passed the last examination this year! And on the physicist! In which I understand it no more, than a pig in pineapples. And the success recipe has appeared to horror idle time. It has appeared, quite enough to put on this celebratory action a corresponding uniform. My breast was fitted by a blue satiny blouse. I can not tell that the breast I in bed will strangle any, more likely on the contrary but if to place it in a suitable (expensive) bra there is it can prevent "prays before death" to a strong half of our group. It is impossible to transfer that pleasure which I tested, noticing their greedy sights turned on me. However, when they noticed that I look at them, unanimously went deep into repetition of optics, dynamics and everyone similar лобуды. My God!!! To what these muzhiks diffident cowardly stupid persons. They, probably, think that all women only and want that as conversations under the moon about light love. If these morons have learnt that in fourteen I already did, a cocksucking and as that guy from a disco excellently assured, even, probably, then they would not dare to suggest to strike to me. Here so we бабаньки also remain in old maids! These goats only also have boldness to translate sights from my breast on feet. By the way here that really is my pride so it is my fine-moulded legs. Should tell that I have tried to show them today in all beauty.

More likely a hip, rather than feet, the black leather skirt, from under which if me, even a few to bend covered, elastic bands from stockings of corporal colour will be visible to the interested person. Yes, in them it is a little coldish, even in May, but it is very effective. Also finished a picture black varnish shoes. Know, such, on high metal hairpins. When that has elicited them at the father by March, eighth.

The teacher of physics, our Paskal, has appeared the same lout, as well as all the others. While I in the most impudent way передирала answers from spurs, this old pervert examined my feet under a school desk. And when I "casually" have moved apart them, it so has stared in a strip of mine стрингов as if wanted that that to see through them. Hour Х has come. I left to a board, and with a clever kind began to tell what that nonsense. Even has tried to draw pair of formulas. But ah, my God, has casually dropped a chalk. Has risen a back to Paskalju and, without bending feet, has tried to get it. Thus, washing a charming bottom it has appeared before lenses of points of an unfortunate victim.

- There is enough, I see, you really prepared.

As though could not admire longer. Anyhow, while it deduced at me in зачетке the five, I have casually spent on his back a breast from what its hand has trembled, and have deformed mine оценочку.

It has not affected my fine mood in any way, and I have decided to celebrate such day in one of барчиков on the way home. I have come into twilight where it has appeared cosy enough. In good weather will be a few interested persons in the afternoon to stick out indoors. Only behind a little table near a bar counter that that was marked by three guys.

I have ordered to myself martini, and to the horror have noticed that only on it at me money and suffices. "Yes, not cheerful the party turns out." - I have thought, and have followed a little table in a premise corner.

Time went, martini inevitably disappeared from my glass. Guys behind a little table, seemingly, have curtailed heads, looking in my party.

And, they at all did not hide the interest to my person. That now they discussed only my forms was similar. At last, one of them, obviously on a bet, has risen and has gone to my little table. In my head the artful plan at once has ripened. Here it a holiday! Day of Sacred Holjavy of the Martyr!

- You will allow to divide your loneliness? - It is banal it has begun.

- Well poprobujte. - I have stretched.

The hint has appeared understood, and at once on a table it has appeared good drinks, and not less good snack. Soon all company was restricted behind my little table. It was found out that children celebrated birthday "my the first" Andrey.

To it has knocked twenty five. Fun went at full speed. Irritated пошловатые jokes of the birthday man, but for such entertainment a little, I have decided it to forgive to it. Soon the quantity of alcohol in it has pulled it on dances. It was necessary to please the newborn.

- Has lived about such years, and to dance and not nauchilsja. - Mark, obviously senior in this digging has told.

Well and then already I learnt most younger of them sixteen-year Eugene as it is necessary to conduct correctly in dance the partner. That it is time to finish this party, I have thought when I have begun the next dance with Mark, and have finished three together. In the middle of dance to me Andrey was behind attached and began to lean with such force that as though wanted to please me with the demonstration эрекции. Mark too has followed to its example. Thus I felt at myself in the bottom of a stomach and on back at once two them хуйа which all nestled on me more strongly and more strongly. Thus their hands impudently felt my body. Mark's hands investigated my buttocks, sometimes going down below a skirt, touched my feet. Andrey's hands from a skirt on a breast and back.

It seems that the lightning which at me is in front and which pulls together two halves of a skirt did not give it rest.

It is time to be taken up from here, with a fright I have thought.

- Well children, me pora. - I have carefree told.

- On посошок! - Mark has opposed, and has carried away me for a table.

Behind a table, Andrey sitting to the right of me has leant back on a sofa, and has involved with the left hand me in itself. Force to it was not to occupy. For fear blood pulsed at me in temples.

I have tried to turn all for fun, in reply to what its right hand has laid down to me on a breast.

- Children, you that, me, truth, is necessary domoj. - I have uttered indistinctly.

- You will be in time, here only you will suck away at imeninnika. - Mark has burst out laughing.

I with hope have looked at the barman. After all all таки the working day still visitors also can come. The barman has risen and has gone to a door.

"At last, now he will call somebody, and these morons will lag behind me" I was delighted.

The barman has approached to the door and.............. Has closed it???!!!

-Dimka join us! - Mark has called.

- I that do? - With a question the question was answered with those.

I was horrified.

"There are they friends!!!" I thought, and shivering lips whispered

- Children it is not necessary, it is not necessary.....

In the meantime the hand, sitting to the left of me Eugene has got under my skirt, and Andrey already unbuttoned a blouse.

-E muzhiks, muzhiks so it is not necessary. To us with Dimkoj you, what, дрочить will order? And well its luggage on a table.

At last I have found forces to shout and call to the aid, and, even have tried to make it as there and then Andrey has squeezed the iron hand my throat

- It is not necessary to shout native, all the same here nobody will hear - you it "has calmed".

I have obeyed more likely to his hand, rather than argument.

Four pairs strong man's hands as a fuzz have lifted me and have laid on the next table. And I as the silly woman only also did that on стоянно repeated "children... It is not necessary, it is not necessary". From outside, probably, could seem that I still hope for any turn of events to the best. Actually, of course, I did not feed similar illusions, I was even sillier. At me in a head why - that the phrase "here only span you will suck away at the birthday man".
And these males considered the victim.

- Some all the same are able to put on on birthday! - Mark laughed, spending hands from my shoulders to hips. It was easy enough to it to do it, as Andrey stood at my head and strong pressed my hands to a table, and the two last made too most with my feet, and they moved apart them in the parties. From it it seemed that, and without that the close skirt now will disperse on seams.

- Does not press?

Вжжик........................... And........... The skirt is unbuttoned.

For the others it has served as a signal to action.

My God!!!! These lewd goats considered me, as any thing! In passing getting rid of everything that it disturbed.

Here I feel, how from me remove a blouse..... Even an instant........ And in a corner the brassiere flies away, and someone already pulls together from me shorts. Their greedy, impudent hands creep on all body.

For fear all floats in a fog.

As it is sick!!! He is Mark the nipple bites.

- Look small, what accurate cunt. Likely shaved this morning. - and the barman thrusts the finger in me.

The birthday man "my the first" reels up my hair to itself on a hand, and turns my head in the party. Before my person it appears it хуй. It seems to me simply huge!!!!

- Work native - хуй rests to me against lips.

In the answer I only compress them more strongly

- Well! - and I feel a slap in the face

From unexpectedness of companies hardly it is slightly opened, and in it its vile shoot at once forces the way. When it completely comes into me to a throat the nausea, such it huge drives!!!

"My the first" methodically bangs my mouth. "Here only you will suck away at the birthday man" flashes in a head. Except it хуйа and a stomach, I cannot see anything else.-А-а-а-а-а is someone has driven the хуй in a vagina.

"Well when it will come to an end"....... "Here only you will suck away at the birthday man" flashes in a head.

I have tried to help it, having started language. Has not passed also five seconds as "my the first" has begun to tremble all over, with force has driven хуй in a mouth for all length and........... To me in a throat the dense stream of sperm beats.

I choke, try to be removed from it, but Andrey's hand strong holds my head, and хуй fills all mouth. And I swallow almost of all........

And that, below all is not appeased. Having settled down more conveniently, it holds my feet for ankles and from all force drives the tool in me. At last, Andrey releases my hair and pulls out, still strong enough хуй, from my mouth. I turn a head and I see that it is barman Dima "works" надомной.

"Strange, they have for some reason left on me stockings with a belt and shoes" are noticed by me. And suddenly, I understand that I think of it, with any indifference.

- У-ф-ф-ф-ф - Dima strengthens rate, and fades, finishing in me.

- Watch change! - Mark rejoices, removing, the weakened barman.

My God!!! Me banged, as last блядь, twirled, as a doll, and I silently submitted. Here me put a stomach on a table, feet stand on the floor. Mark claps a palm on back, being attached there, and again someone's trunk gets into me. This time it enters very easily, and it is not surprising, considering that, how many sperms in me were given vent by Dima. These champing sounds, in my opinion, are audible all.

Mark begins, at first slowly, and even, somewhere is tender, stroking my shoulders, a back... Then rate amplifies, blows all become stronger, and here I again hear behind the back wild growl and a clap of its basin about my back. In me so it is a lot of sperm that I any more do not feel a pain, there was one disgust... A-a-a-a - Mark is not appeased, from its blows the table shivers even. For a second it stops, and me transfer on a sofa. Here it changes one pose for another. That I lie on a stomach on a back, here I on one side, and my mouth again is compelled to accept хуй, this time it is young Eugene.

"Well when it will come to an end" thoughts flash. And Mark seems strong, me again turn also it bangs me on the dog.

I feel in such pose as it хуй at blows rests against a wall of my vagina. Before eyes constantly flashes хуй, smeared with my lipstick. Someone compresses my breast.

"Well though this does not smother me the shoot" I think, once again spending language on the smooth end.

- Suck, suck.....!!! - I hear, and the hand again presses a head to хуйу. In a second it pulls out it from me and in the person the saltish liquid splashes.

Soon Mark finishes also, having lowered me on a back.

Further all repeats again and again. Me twirl, as a live doll. I have lost count, how many time they me отимели, how many хуйов have visited at me in a mouth.

Here once again me, for a long time already grown weak, bang a cancer. I do not look for a long time already, who now THERE. The mouth, as always, is occupied by someone's slippery trunk.

-А-а-а-а-а-а-а!!!!!!!! - I am am returned in consciousness by an acute pain, "my the first" has stuck to me into an anus of huge "friend".

- Look, and it is pleasant to it - he in own way understands my shout and pushes it for all length.

The pain is intolerable!!!! I again shout..... This torture, apparently, proceeds eternity!

SO me bang for the first time in life.

Gradually the pain passes. Probably, that хуй all slippery from sperm and my saliva, probably, that as I heard, back pass can adapt to such, but it seems to me, it because I already lose sensation of an event.

- Try it. At - this freak gives way, preliminary having lowered in an anus a portion of a seed. Its place occupies the following. Already completely not painfully.......... Following.............. The following................. I насаживают on someone's кол, in a mouth me am am banged by Dima, someone pushes into my hand the хуй, and.......... Forces it дрочить.

At last last moves apart my buttocks both.... And..... Slowly, hardly enters in into my back. It seems that now these two will break off me. Through their thin partition хуйы rub the friend about the friend. Me BANG ALL AT ONCE!!!

I all sticky from their sperm. It everywhere! On stockings, a back, a breast! It flows down on a chin, is visible on eyelashes, hair!!! Yes - yes!!!..... More strongly, still! Still! Still! More strongly! Еб. е me!!!!!!!!!

And I swallow once again, sharply I turn and I suck at which дрочила.... And........

I open eyes. Under me the crumpled bed, near a bed lies the abstract on the physicist. "That only will not dream" I calm down and I smile. "After such nightmare what there examination" I think and I dress a belt, stockings, shorts стринги. "Not to forget to make up a lip indelible lipstick MAYBELLINE" I remember, clasping mine супермини... A leather skirt.
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