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Default Rapest scoping elementary school likes girl and boys - Fiction, Boy, Girls / Female, Rape

Rapest scoping elementary school likes girl and boys - Fiction, Boy, Girls / Female, Rape

GIrls satisfy his need for virgin twat but boys he uses to vent
Obviously it's recess time and elementary school kids are running around and playing games as they would normally. Unfortunatly on this day a crazed pedifile rapist was on the hunt for your holes to insert his large penis into and also try out his new sharp razor dick cover which he invented on his own with the desire to fuck some while simultaneously tearing there insides apart.
The antisipation of what he was about to commit had his blood pumping out of excitement. Sitting down at a bench just at the edge of the playground at a bus stop seemingly waiting for the bus but really he was scoping out the 5th grader girl who had on a little skirt, brunette hair, long sleeve black shirt on, flat chested but very beautiful face which was so innocent but attractive. He waited to see if she is going to enter the bath room, meanwhile his cock is throbbing and he is debating if he wants to slam is dick in her mouth with his razor dick glove which basically had razors super glooded all along side it's shaft and slips right over his cock for giving the ultimate pre teen orgasm.
the bell rang and as soon as the kids started running toward there classrooms hi noticed she ran into the bathroom. He quickly got up and ran across the field to where the bathrooms were located. Still undetected he look around and slides in the restroom.
To his suprise there is a feet underneath both the stolls and without any hesitation he goes through the first stoll and before this defenseless blonde 8th grader which he had gabbed before she could even let out a squel. He quickly ties her hands behind her and threatens to kill her if she makes any noise while pressing his over grown fingernail up against her shorts hard enough to whare she could feal it pearcing her virgin womb. Crying and full of fear she listens to this strange man who's towering white supremosous prison tattooed coverd body and face was standing over her.
The other girl is obviously finished due to the toilet flushing. He hears the little girl wipping her butt, this immediately has his mind picture is cock pounding into her little dirty butt and his cock went rock hard and without and control he pushed the door open forcefully to see this little girl with a look of horror on her face, so frightened screams could not even come out. This is the little 5th grader that he was originally planning for and now he has her but not much time before people start to worry whare these girls are.
He pulled the little 5th grader brunett by the hair after gagging her mouth into the other stoll so now both of his soon to be deverginized bloody princesses were standing side by side.
I pull out a large blade and clearly warn the girls of what i will do to there breast if the scream. They nodd in a jesture to show cooperation. I remove the gags and the 5th grader is sobbing which gives him reason to fuck her mouth first to shut her the fuck up. He grabs her haid and holds it in front of his zipper and tells her to unzip him. She does so shaking, as soon as the zipper was down his dick expoded out of his pants and hit her in the hace. His large 9 inch red cock was uncircumsized and dirty as all hell.
When this guy isn't fucking little girls he enjoys fucking little boys without ever cleaning the shit and blood smears off his cock. He loved being nasty and also a man who was only aroused by vicous sex acts and should be in Prison but currently he is running from the law. Insane no just has a thirst for young ass raping and snuff sex scenes.
before she even knew it she was choking on a this rapist dick and could not breath. He pushed his cock a few inches down her little mouth and as soonas he let back she puked her lunch up on his dick. He said to her you must really not like this blonde girl because she has to lick this off of me. Me motions to her to lean forward and start clean up the little 5th graders mess. while she is licking his shaft gagging and on the verge of throwing up herself he is undoing her short buttons and the quickly rips them off her body. she had a little white cotton panty which she had peed in aparantly which unknowingly was one of this rapist favorite flavors. Kiddie pee, he dives down and starts sucking the pee off her panties and she is screaching trying not to cry, and all of a sudden feal a sharp nail pushing through her panties into her your virgin pussy. He then pulls her panties down and she hits the toilet seat with her face due to her hands being tied behind her back. He orders the little brunett to get on her beack inbetween his legs and beneath this little wet 7th graders pussy. He reaches down grabbing the girl by her cheaks and raising her mouth to this virgin masterpiece. He orders do not stop licking no matter what. If you have to hold on to her but dont stop licking her twat until i say stop or else...
the 5th grader proceeds to lick the olders girl pussy who is on the ground with her face in the toilet bowl now and her arms tied behind her back. Exciteded the rapist proceeds to insert his cock into this tiny womb and despite the tightness and the unwilling hole he used all his strength on his first thrust pushing through her whole while she experiences a ripping sensation so painful her body goes into shock. This is a problem for the rapist he likes his victims to be fully aware and awake so he leaves his dick barried inside the little blonde 7th graders no blood dripping pussy waiting for her to regain conciousness dunking her head in the tolilet bowl a couple times speeded up the process and she was wide awake and present which gave him the green light and not to make her pass out again he dosnt slam her as hard but proceeds to slowly pump in and out of her. his cock in great pain due to her extremely little pussy assured her whole must be on fire. He starts puping her faster and faster looks down and sees the little brunettes face covered in the older girls blood which erupted from her recently de virginized vagina but to his surprise she was licking away like her life depended on it. No amout of pleasure could take away the pain this little girl just experienced but she is moaning now, her body filling with pleasure mixed with pain giving her a gulty concionce but anable to stop the pleasure ahead. "Get up here little girl" grabbing the bruntett 5thgrader in the little skirt by the hair and blacing her head above his cock with access to the blondes butthole which was still a little muddy and smelly but without any other choice and fear of being stabbed by this huge cock which is devouring the girl who is 2 grades ahead of her could only make her imagine how much wose it woluld be for her tiny body. the 7th grader could not be over 95 pounds she was very cute and was most likely one of the more popular 7th graders. her little breast could not have been any bigger than a b cup, her flowed down passed her face into the toilet but it was obvious this was a very pritty 7th grader. Now her ass is being eaten by the brunett 5th grader he takes his dick out finally and she unexpectedly did not want it to leave her. now her strethched hole is spread open and she kneals thare on all fours totally fucked and helplesy s.
The rapist cant hold back his anticipation anymore and he slides on the razor covered glove for his cock his his first victims of the razor terror which he couldnt wait to see the destruction it will do to these pritty little rich raped girls. real quick he grabs the 5th grader and slams his cock all the way down hor throat terring skin all the way down her esophogus. The razor sharpness did not rip through the skin as he was hoping but instead sliced clean all the way down it's path and even momentarily not even seeming to have cut anything but soon after her mouth starts filling up with blood. He shoves her face in the blonde girls pussy muffling her bloody screams with the blondes already dripping pussy meanwhile her screams start causing vibrations against the little bald pussied blond girls cunt which send unstopabble shots of pleasure through out her body. the rapest notices this and wanting to make her orgasm he sticks his pinky in her little butt and pushes the bloddy girls mouth farther in the blondes strethed pussy while jamming his finger up the 5th graders ass the squeeze more screams of pain which are being converted to orgasmic pleasure for the blonde 7th grader who is now completely given up any fight and has no hope of escaping. He finally grabs the 5th graqder by the hair lifting her head and also does the same to the blonde girl pulling her head out of the toilete and forcing them to kiss. The blonde girl so beaten becomes angry at the 5th grader who forced her to experience her first orgasm while being raped. Suddenly she grabs the little brunetts head and starts kissing her real hard and reaches around to her pussy and immediately tries shoving 4 fingers up in her. After a couple miniutes of struggling the 7the grader had her fist slamming up the little girls pussy and the girl was bleading but obviously also cumming. The rapist turned on by this puts his razor glove back on his throbbing uncurcumcized coke and firecefully grabs the these brunetts tiny ass cheeck spreqading them as hard as possible almost splitting to poor girl oppen but gives off on the ass cheeck just as he slides his cock strapped with razor blades into the her tight unwilling ass hole which was actually most likely only possible due to the razor blades cutting open her butt alowing his dick in. The blonde sees what is going on and feals that she did this to the 5th grade girl but she could not live with being raped so now this fith grader falls onto the floor bleeding and slowly losing life. Satisfied with his work on the now gone brunette he turs to the blond swings her around fiercefully by her arm the slides on his razors over his cock right in fornt of her face and oreders her to suck his dick. She tries butt immediatetly cuts her lip and starts crying hoping to god he is not going to ramm theis razor modified penis down her mouth and as soon as that thought ended he reached around his head with his fingers through her head and proceeds to push her little pink lips down his razor sharp knife. The design of the razor gloves actlully enables his dick to be mostly exposed with the razors only being a trio to on the sides and on on the bottom. The bottom razor slices the blondes tongue deeply straight down the middle and proceeds to cut her more severely as he starts jamming her head harder down on his joyfull blood covered cock he manages to get down her throatat and proceeds to pump her mouth which is now gushing blood but the cuts are not deep enough to kill her quickly instead she will have to wait intil he decides to stike her pussy or her ass with his razor cock which would then cause internal bleeding but instead he removes the razors and starts pushing against the blondes tiny ass hole so hard she managed to push out a scream which indicated her ass was officially being raped. The blood covering her body also works as a lubricant while he is pumping her ass he starts banging her pussy and he want sher to cum befor ehe will be satisfied with his sinful actions of cruelty and evil. Reaching around fealing for her clit he starts rubbing it fast and percisely hitting her spot with his dick deep inside her ass she screams out a orgasm and cum comes squirting out of her pussy pushing some of the blood to the side leaving behind a clean streak of shinny cum covered pussy surrounded by what looked like a massacure but the man who has done this he had loved these young girls for they fulfilled his sexual desires and he had no guilt do to his lack of control and insananity driven mind. He is already looking foward for the next victims which will be a boy which will have to pay for he owes this rapest his life and will soon be in a similar situation which to innocent youog girls were victims of rape which left one tore to shreads b ut alive to live her the hoorible memories which she screamed out in pleasure to and left another brunett girl convinently dead
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Default The Brain Bug's Correct Feast - Dark Fantasy, Alien, Anal, Death, Domination/submission, Enema, Mind Control, Rape, Snuff, Young

The Brain Bug's Correct Feast - Dark Fantasy, Alien, Anal, Death, Domination/submission, Enema, Mind Control, Rape, Snuff, Young

The Master purifies Jonothon of his silly, human head-meat in a way that really, really stinks.
A boy named Jonothon lies face down on a stone table. He is only fourteen. He wears nothing but a short, tight, thin, white little cotton nightshirt. The shirt is almost skin tight around his body, damp with sweat. It is buttoned right up to his neck, forming a tight seal around his neck. It has very short sleeves and comes to just above the cheeks of his rectum. He wears nothing else but a pair of thin cotton ankle warmers. His body is strapped down to the table with thick strands of slime across his shins and thighs. The legs are spread wide. Jonothon no longer struggles. His body is weak. He has been shaved of all hair. His skin is smooth, and supple. There is a groove in the table for him to slide his little penis into. His rectum cheeks are stiff and smooth. They are perfect and round. They quiver gently, separated and exposing his tight, pink little bumhole. Sweat glistens over the skin, and trickles down into the crack. Gently the sweat trickles over the tight, pink lips of the bumhole. He knows nothing of sex. His bumhole is for pooing only. But the master will show Jonothon a new and better use for it. He is an innocent boy. Every night he must sleep in the tight shirt. He must never take it off. He is a smelly little boy. He is damp with sweat. In his fear he has twitched himself until he stinks of warm, moist BO. His body is slimy with it. He is afraid. He can smell his stink. His eyes are wide and staring. His breathing is fast and his mouth is open. He knows his fate. The wall in front of him is mirrored, and he stares at himself, but his eyes do not see. He is too scared. Jonothon stinks in the hot room as thick beads of sweat trickle over his skin. He sniffs his stink. He waits in terror.
Behind him, a low sucking noise gradually becomes louder. Jonothon's eyes widen. He tries to escape. His penis wanks gently as Jonothon twitches forwards, futilely trying to free himself of the slime. It becomes stiff with sexual excitement, hard and slimy. Gently, spunk pumps from the stiff, horny penis. But Jonothon does not notice his orgasm as the jism sticks to his shirt. His brain is soft and prepared. He thinks only fear. The brain bug slowly approaches behind him. Jonothon watches in the mirror. Slowly, a long, semi-transparent tube erects from the brain bug's puckered bumhole-like mouth with a gentle, wet skwidging. It erects above his rectum. A huge spike bends down from the front. The pipe has a thick, meaty stink. Droplets of thick, stinking slime drip from it, onto his purt bottom cheeks, trickling down the crack and making it smelly. Jonothon watches the spike, mesmerised by it. His breathing becomes very fast. Suddenly, the brain bug slams the spike down. Jonothon screams in pain as the spike thrusts deep into his hole. The front of his body twitches into the air in pain, supported by the arms, in a spasm of obedience. Slime from the spike collects around the lips of the bumhole as the spike slides inside, and trickles slowly down the crack. The cheeks are pushed apart by the thick, wet pipe. For a few agonising seconds the spike is slowly pushed deeper up Jonothon's sweet, tight, pink lickle bumhole with a slow, wet squeak. The boy's eyes roll in his head as he squeals. His hole becomes wider, and wider. But his real suffering begins as the brain bug begins to suck through the hollow organic tube. Jonothon's eyes slowly begin to bulge. His breathing becomes loud and slow. A gentle sucking noise begins as Jonothon's brain is slowly, gently sucked from his head. The brain is sucked out as a thick meaty soup as it is sucked up the pipe. Small chunks of brain can also be seen as Jonothon's head is scooped clean of meat. His eyes roll up into his head, leaving only the white balls glistening in his head. Foam pumps from his open mouth, thick white foam like chocolate mousse. There is no hope for him now. Froth. He froths. His body steams as he stinks, wracked with spasms. It twitches and spasms rhythmically. He gurgles gently in a continuous stream. He can no longer breathe. He can no longer think. There is not enough brain left to think. Slowly he dies. His brain is almost all gone. The pipe sucks harder and harder and pushes slowly deeper. His body spasms. His penis spunks as it wanks to a spasm.
Then it is over. Jonothon's head is clean. His body twitches upwards with the suction. His eyes are rolled into his head. The foam still pumps. Only the spike in the lips of his rectum keep him animated. The rest is spasm. Then the pipe twitches up, out of the rectum, it steams and stinks of hot brains and slime and faeces. Jonothon flops back to the table, dead. His body still twitches slowly. The brain bug places a piece of toilet paper between the still-quivering butt cheeks, over the open, steaming bumhole and wipes it clean of slime and B.O. and brain. Gently he wipes Jonothon's mouth clean of foam, and then wipes the smelly mixture onto Jonothon's tongue. Jonothon is now pure. But the Master is not finished with Jonothon yet. The brown soup of Jonothon's brain is pumped down a pipe from the Master's bumhole, into the brain bug which controls the Master. The brain bug begins to cook Jonothon's sludgy brain, conditioning it until it is a thick green slime. The brain bug pumps the slime back down the pipe into the master's bumhole, into his testicles. The master's penis erects, the leathery skin squeaky. He mounts Jonothon's body. His thick, leathery penis pushes slowly into Jonothon's wide, steaming butt hole. It is lubricated by the liquid brains sticking to Jonothon's bumhole. He begins to thrust. He pushes until the whole mighty shaft slides inside, and the tight, wrinkled, leathery testicles gently bounce and jiggle underneath Jonothon's open bumhole. They bulge with the slime for Jonothon. The hot, slimy bumhole hugs the master's cock tightly. There are soft, wet slaps and skwidges as the cock thrusts in and out, filling Jonothon's hole with stiff wet leather. The balls jiggle and dance in triumph. The Master thrusts long and hard. His penis feels good up Jonothon. Gently he presses close to Jonothon, his tight buttocks pushing so hard, the muscles rippling across the erotic butt as it pumps up, and down in such dominating strokes. Suddenly he orgasms, pumping the thick, warm slime into Jonothon in long, hard spurts. His tight, sweaty, dripping balls clench tightly with a gentle leathery squeek as they push the slime up to be pumped out the bell end. He orgasms long and slow, enjoying the orgasmic feel of tight and wet, the juice dripping from my hole. Jonothon twitches as he is given the Master's slime. More froth. More stinks. Slowly the thick sludge fills his head, his new brain. Gently it begins to take control of Jonothon's body, burbling slowly down his spinal cord. He will think only what the master wants him to think. He will do only what the Master commands. He is a robotised slave. He shall obay. He shall obay.
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Default My daughter. The porn star - Fiction, Anal, Cheating, Drug, Hardcore, Humiliation, Incest, Older Male / Female, Rape, Teen

My daughter. The porn star - Fiction, Anal, Cheating, Drug, Hardcore, Humiliation, Incest, Older Male / Female, Rape, Teen

Rape is wrong, I do not condone it but it does make some good stories.
The father sat at he desktops chair. Lately he and his wife have grown apart. She had let herself go and eventually he made excuses not to have sex more and more. So he found himself astray. He started watching porn more and more... But today, was a very special day. He was scrolling down a porn site when he say a video with a small white girl having her ass fucked by a black man. The title read "daughter raped by intruder". He was already stroking a 7 inch hard on, but seeing this he felt like steel. He continued to watching for two minutes of her ass getting smashed brutally. Then the camera panned around and he came to the view if her face. She looked like she was in extreme pain, but the father just continued to watch with his jaw dropped. In front of him was his 19 year old daughter. But he still felt horny as hell, so he just kept watching.

He started to get a interesting idea. He started to craft a plan... A plan to finally score in almost two years. He shut the porn off and dialed his daughter number. She answered to a happy, "hey daddy!" He replied with a quick answer saying, "hey baby, would you like to come home for a week, it's my treat."

The line was silent for a minute until she answered with a enthusiastic yes. She would fly out from Denver in about 4 hours. With that in mind he began to make arrangements for his wife to be out of town on a, "special spa treatment".

With that taken care of he went to his garage and found several feet of nylon. He set it under her old bed and went to the kitchen mixing sleeping pills with some strong vodka. With that he waited...

Several hours later he heard a knock at the door, he went to it and unlocked it smiling at Ashley. She gave him a tight and long hug which let him get a great view if her fitting little ass. They sat and talked for awhile. He offered her a drink which she greatly accepted. He grabbed a bottle of vodka. And pour her a large amount without watering it down. He handed her a glass and she quickly gulped it down. After about an hour of drinking she got drowsy and he helped her to bed. He kissed her goodnight and left the room.

After two hours he came back and tried to wake her up. Fortunately she was laid out, and would be so for several hours. He took out the rope and tied her down. He cut her shirt off and gagged her. Then he waited until she would awaken.

Slowly her eyes drifted awake, then they suddenly shot open. She tried to move around feverishly. He stood above her looking at her small, yet firm boobs. Her perfectly proportioned tits. She looked at him and screamed, but the gag prevented anyone from hearing. He smiled at her devilishly.

"You will be my bitch, just like you were on those videos... I'm going to treat you like the whore you are." Her eyes widened at his words. He didn't waste time looking at her. He ripped her jeans off and looked at her soft pink underwear. She screamed even more. He grinned at her and climbed up her chest. He took his pants off down his hips and let loose his massive erection. Her eyes widened again as he shoved his dick down her throat. There was not warned just fast and vicious thrust repeatedly down her throat. She loudly gagged and started spitting up saliva. He pulled out quickly and slid off her bed taking his pants off completely.

With her gag now off she looked at him pleadingly. "Please dad please... Just let me go..." He smiled and said, "oh honey... We're just getting started. ". He put her gag back on and ripped her pink panties off. He sniffed them taking in the aroma of her pussy. He looked down at her pussy and dropped her under wear. He slid his dick into her, she didn't squeeze his dick very tight but damn it felt amazing. He stopped for a minute just enjoying the pleasure. Then he looked deep Into her eyes and hammered away. Every time hitting her cervix, each and every time this happened he would here a loud and quick yelp from Ashley.

He kept going for several minutes before he pushed in completely and began spurting several streams of cum into her belly. He pulled out and saw his cum trickle out of her pussy.

He left for several hours until he found her sleeping again. He went in and un-tightened her right arm, giving her an attempt at freedom. He went and bolted the windows. With that he grabbed all the clothes and left the room. Lastly he set up a trip wire outside the door. He sat in the shadows... Waiting.

She awoke again slowly. She felt her right arm dangling slightly. Ashley started struggling to get free and eventually got her right arm undone, then she got her left. After that it was decently easy to get her legs out. She tried the windows first and found them bolted. She crept to the door and walked out. She thought she was clear until she tripped on the wire.

Within 2 seconds he was on her. With her completely naked he easily spread her ass cheeks and forced his dick into her ass, taking his time he slowly pushed in, all that time she was screaming with all she was worth.

By then the neighbors heard all the commotion and had called the police.

With Ashley on the ground he lay'd on top of her crying. He felt a the tight walls of her anus squeezing on he wide penis. He took his dick out to the head and slammed it just as fast back in. He took it out again, then he repeatedly slammed it back in faster and faster as she cried and screamed.

He heard foot steps, he looked up just at the police kicked open the door, rushed in tackling him off of her. A young officer grabbed Ashley and pulled her away putting a towel on her back.

The scene fades away with a image of the man being driven away in a police car.
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Default Betamax - Dark Fantasy, Gay, Rape

Betamax - Dark Fantasy, Gay, Rape

Something completely different I hope u like it message me to let me know what you thought and also for new ideas for new stories please
A month or two had passed since my chance encounter with Dad at the motel. He never mentioned the episode again and shied away from every attempt of mine to broach the subject. It had created a tension between us which badly needed breaking for both of our sakes -after all, we were the only family we had left. The opportunity came when I had to look out my graduation certificates when I was applying for a job. "They're in the den" said Dad "Look in the desk drawers." He had converted our basement room into his study/den and the main item of furniture is one of those massive old-time roll-top desks -you know, the one the sheriff always has in his office in westerns.

I tried all of the drawers in turn until I came to the bottom drawer, which, in my haste, I pulled hard out so that it hit the stops. All the drawers are really deep, so that things tucked at the back rarely see the light of day. Right at the back, behind a homemade wood partition, I saw about 6 or 7 videotapes. From their size and shape I realised that they were the old Betamax type, long gone from the stores. Glancing up, I saw our old Betamax- player still on the shelf -Dad NEVER throws anything away I thought, as I replaced the drawer and went back up with my certificates.

For the next few days I puzzled over those tapes: We didn't own a video camera until fairly recently and anyway, if they were 'family' tapes, why would Dad hide them away so carefully? I didn't want to play them in secret -I guess I'm not that sneaky, but I really did want to know what was on them! It was only a few days ago that I finally found out: Late afternoon I was helping dad on the garage roof -the winter gales we've had recently had lifted quite a few shingles- when our conversation came round to the movie we had all been to see the night before: "I might get the video when it comes out." Said Dad. "Sure, it'll be good to watch it again." I said. Then -after a deep breath. "I wouldn't mind watching those old Beta tapes, either!" (I can't believe I just said that! I thought in panic.)

There was a pause, then Dad muttered, "Oh.... so you've found them.... They belong to Uncle Bob...I must give them back sometime." Dad doesn't lie a lot -he's not very good at it and I knew that this was one of those times. "OK" I said casually (although my throat still felt tight with anticipation) "But make sure you let me see them first!" He must have read something in my voice, because he just nodded slowly and turned back to his hammering and the subject was closed.

Later that evening, Dad and I cleared up and settled down for an evening alone. I'm still waiting to hear about my job and I started to read up on the company while Dad was watching some garbage on TV. He was obviously getting as bored as I was and said over-casually. "You still want to watch a video?" (YES! - I could hardly stop myself from giving an air-punch.) But I said equally casually "Sure, why not."

The den is next door to the boiler and warm -too warm for me- so I slipped off my tee-shirt and made myself comfortable on the old chesterfield. The leather felt warm on my naked back as I watched Dad set up the big silver Betamax video.

I remember noticing that the Sony badge had fallen off the front, but everything else seemed to be working fine. The screen was high up on the shelf next to the player and caught the glare of the main light, so Dad switched on a small reading lamp instead and the den became gloomy. The first video was not very good -a poor quality copy of an n'th degree copy, but the second one was great and we both watched spellbound as some good-looking guys wanked and sucked and generally horsed around. The second part featured a trio of handsome black guys who started to stroke themselves and each other into a frenzy.

I was only wearing a pair of jogging pants and when I slipped my hand down past the waistband to clutch at my aching balls I saw Dad glance over and give me a shy smile. In the gloom I heard a click as he undid the fastner of his jeans and the quiet "zeep" as he opened the fly. He lifted himself off the chesterfield and slipped his jeans down to his knees, his white legs catching a greenish glow from the lampshade as he sat back. His cock was already standing stiff above a jungle of thick hair which glistened in the soft light and his ball sack drooped low, resting on the leather seat between his spread thighs.

Taking his cue, I quickly slid my pants down and we both sat there, each waiting for the other to make a move. Eventually, after a long pause, Dad's fingers slipped over his cock and began to stroke gently up and down, making his balls bounce lightly against the leather seat with a quiet slapping sound. He kept glancing over at me and watched with a slight smile as I began my favorite two-handed stroke.

The black guys were still sporting with each other and I remember thinking enviously "Why does God gift only some guys with cocks like that?"

I saw Dad's hand begin to move faster and faster in rhythm with the show on the screen, so I reached over placed my hand over his and stopped him, shaking my head and mouthing "Not yet". He twitched nervously at my first touch of his penis but he loosened his grip reluctantly and we both went back to our stroking. But now it was different: It was my hand firmly wrapped around Dad's thick cock while he was making his first tentative exploration of mine.

Not long after, the video finished and Dad's hand slipped away from me and he looked at me enquiringly. I noticed the appeal in his eyes -he didn't want this to end any more than I did. My mouth had gone dry, so I only smiled and nodded "Yes" and he got up to get another tape out of the desk drawer, holding up his drooping pants with one hand. While he was busy, I went up to the kitchen to get us some beers, hoping that one of us had remembered to draw the shades, since I was nekkid as a jaybird and it's a nice neighborhood.

When I returned downstairs, Dad had stripped off his jeans and check shirt and was lying naked on the couch. I noticed with some pride that he hadn't let himself slide into that middle-aged flab you see on so many older guys and his body was still in good shape. He was lying full length with his eyes tight shut, one hand lifting his balls while with the other he pinched at the tip of his long foreskin, stretching and relaxing it in a slow insistent rhythm: He hadn't missed me, that's for sure!

I put the beers down and knelt beside him, gently moving his fingers away and replacing them with my mouth. As I began to explore him, he began to lift and buck his body in time with my sucking, all the time giving out little grunts and gasps of pleasure. When he had relaxed, I held him gently between finger and thumb while I burrowed through the hood of his foreskin with until I found the smooth silky meat beneath, feeling the soft outer skin stretch as I slid my tongue from side to side.

I used all the tricks I had learned from my jerking days at college, so that soon Dad was whimpering with ecstasy as I gave him my all. I had always loved my Dad, but never so deeply as then and I felt a desperate need to prove to him that his son could give him that height of pleasure only another male can give.

He arm slid off the couch and I felt his fingers scrabble across my belly, catching and tugging at my bush, searching and urgent. As I shifted round to face him, I couldn't keep back a groan of delight as I felt his cool fingers fold round me. He tugged on me gently, lifting me, so I straightened my legs until I was leaning over his chest in a sort of stooped crouch. I felt the brief rasp of his whiskers on the sensitive tip of my cock as he drew me into his waiting mouth. (Dammit Dad, why couldn't you have shaved first!) I thought, before I was engulfed. We stayed like that for a long time-a father and son lost in the wonder and enjoyment of sharing each other's bodies.

It was a good hour later when we could take no more and sat facing each other, watching our separate strings of sperm make a glistening crisscross on the old blanket we had placed on the floor, while on the shelf, the old Betamax video sat hissing to itself, its tape long finished. I was so aroused that some of my cumming had splattered over my old man's thighs, but his hadn't quite reached me -his sperm was thicker and tended to bubble out, rather than spurt in a thin jet like mine. We had been sitting cross-legged for some time so that when Dad got up get a box of Kleenex from the desk he moved stiffly and I could see little pearls of my sperm glistening on the curly hairs of his legs. As we wiped ourselves off we smiled at each other, both wondering what to do or say next.

Now it was all over, I guess we both were going through that post-sex feeling when, for a while; your body seems to lose interest. I saw that Dad was getting embarrassed, searching behind him for his discarded clothes -was he already regretting this lapse with his only son? If I didn't do or say something, he'd retreat back into his shy, repressed, shell and I'd never know another wonderful session together. Impulsively I went over and hugged him hard, feeling the warmth of his groin press softly against mine -the hug I got in return told me that I had done exactly the right thing.

By now it was in the early hours when we both showered and went off to bed -not together, I'm sorry to say - I guess Dad still makes the rules there. I slept soundly for the rest of the night and for once, I didn't wake up with my morning flagpole salute. This morning, Dad has been his usual self and hasn't mentioned last night, but the occasional shy smile he gives me tells me that last night won't really be our last.


Some months have passed since my first wonderful encounter with my Dad in the den. Since then I can't say that we've had as many sessions as I would have liked, but he is a lot more relaxed now. Even so, his shyness still wont allow him to talk much about them, so we have developed a sort of signal code which doesn't need words. Often it's just a raised eyebrow and a quick glance at the door leading to his den that tells me when he's in the mood. We still watch the old Betamax tapes -It's become almost a tradition although we both know every scene off by heart.

We had just finished a short but intense session and were dressing to face the real world once more after our latest fantasy trip. I watched as Dad carefully stripped the last few drops of cum from under his long foreskin and tuck himself back into his shorts. As he dropped the damp Kleenex into the bin, he looked up at me and said casually. "When we next visit Bob I'll ask him if he's got any more tapes we can borrow." My ears pricked up at the "we" part - I was definitely being included in the deal.

Uncle Bob is my Dad's older brother by a year or so and he runs the family farm in the next state. I had virtually grown up there and spent every summer playing with my cousins and helping round the farm. For me, no summer camp could ever compare with life on the farm and the carefree evenings we shared after a day's work. I hadn't visited much while I was away at college though, and during that time my three cousins had either moved on or gotten themselves married, leaving Uncle Bob to run things alone except for a few migrant hands.

It was some weeks later that Dad and I took the long highway to visit with Bob. I was in my final year and would be staying on, but Dad would have to return to work at the end of the weekend. The miles drifted by until we finally turned off onto the long blacktop that led up to the farm. The long journey had made me feel incredibly horny -the movement of the car and long periods of inactivity always seems to have that effect on me together and I had already had the hint that this visit could turn into something special.

Several times during the drive I slid my hand into my pants to rearrange myself, but Dad was too busy driving to notice and didn't suggest we make a 'comfort stop' along the way, so I just nursed my aching balls in silent agony. Eventually the familiar white gates came into view and we turned down the track to the long, low farmhouse that was Uncle Bob's home. He had seen the lights of our approaching car from a long way off and stood waiting for us on the porch steps.

He isn't the typical image of a rancher; no dungarees or straw hat for him. He's stocky and tanned with curly hair that was just beginning to go gray round the temples. He was wearing a smartly pressed check shirt -and were those designer jeans tucked into his polished boots? He and Dad had earned the reputation as being a pair of hell-raisers in their youth and they had remained close buddies into their middle age, so the welcome we both got was warm and genuine and we were ushered into the house, where Carrie, Bob's Filipino housekeeper, had prepared a gigantic meal.


For the next two days, Bob kept us well fed and entertained and we spent most of the daylight hours exploring the beautiful country around the ranch. Church on Sunday gave me the opportunity to meet up with a lot of old friends and I was quick to notice that some of the girls I remembered as gawky teenagers had bloomed into real lookers. I collected no end of invitations to visit -my vacation was getting off to a good start already.

Sunday evening came and Dad left for the long journey home. Bob and I watched his departing plume of dust as it trailed all the way up to the highway. A gorgeous sunset had thrown the distant mountains into sharp relief and cast long shadows over the upland pastures. Freed from the smell and sounds of the city, this was a paradise for me -and now there was only me and Uncle Bob left to share it. I was roused from my romantic mood by the sharp hiss of an opening beer-can which was thrust into my hand with a smile.

"Sometimes I think that there can never be another evening as good as this." Bob opined. "But sure as hell, along comes another even better the next day." He had caught my mood exactly and I nodded slowly saying nothing. We made ourselves comfortable on the porch chairs and watched the sun setting over the ridgeback of hills. A set of lights turned off the highway and made their way down the track towards us. "That'll be my new foreman." Said Bob. "I told him to come up for a beer after he has checked the stock."

I gave him a quick look of surprise - he was generally reckoned to be a good boss but I'd never known him to socialize with his farmhands before. Seeing my surprise, he added. "You'll like him, he's different." A dusty red pickup turned off into the yard and we heard the door slam. A while later a figure approached from the barn, climbing the long flight of steps up to the house. Just as Uncle Bob was no typical rancher, his foreman was not the grizzled old-timer that I had imagined either. He was tall and lithe with the high cheekbones and long black hair that declared his Native American ancestry. Peter Long Wolf was very proud of his Nez Perce roots and I was to learn that he had inherited all his peoples' legendary skill with horses. No wonder he got along so well with Bob -they were soul mates.

The introductions over, Peter settled himself in one of the chairs and helped himself to a waiting bottle of Coors. From his casual manner, I gathered that this had become something of an evening ritual for them both. As Peter savoured his first beer of the day, I studied him closely, trying to guess at his age.

His smooth unlined face made it difficult, but I finally put him in his mid-thirties. Until then, my only contact with Native Americans had been at my local drive-in, and this guy, with his long ponytail and richly decorated shirt, could have starred in any screen western. Realising that I was staring, I busied myself with my beer while he and Bob began to plan the work for the next day. "I'll head into town and pick up those trailer tires." Bob said, adding. "Perhaps Mark here would like to ride out with you to check the out-bye herd." I caught the hint of a strange smile on Peter's face as he nodded his agreement. Thinking he was about to poke fun at a tenderfoot, I said defensively. "It's been a while since I last sat a horse."

"I can take the pickup if you like." Peter replied. "But your ass might be just as sore by the end of the day!" I joined in their laughter, not appreciating the joke at the time.

I was up early the next day and made my way down to the barn where Peter was already waiting. He had selected a gentle old roan mare for me and after an hour or so my riding skills returned and I relaxed in the saddle and began to enjoy the countryside. Peter kept the pace slow, although I guess he could have made far better time on his own, but it gave me time to get to know him. He didn't seem much into casual conversation at first, but as the day grew older he began to open up and I started to get more than a 'yes' or 'no' to my many questions.

He told me about his life as a boy on the reservation lands, where money and opportunities were scarce and how his father had left the family never to return, leaving his mother to bring up a family of seven alone. Peter had been shipped off to a State boarding school at an early age and from the little he said, I guess it had been pretty tough. Dragged away from his tribal culture and forbidden even to speak his own language, it was to his credit that he had not become resentful or bitter but had gone on to do well. He left school for agricultural college, gaining a string of diplomas along the way. After a disastrous marriage, he had struck out on his own, first as a traveling rodeo rider and then as a combine driver, following the ripening grain ever northward up the Mid-West Corn Belt.

Although he never mentioned it, I suspected that he had run into a lot of discrimination in his time and he spoke warmly of the easy-going Bob who treated him with genuine friendship and mutual respect.

It had taken most of the morning to prise Peter's life story from him and by the time he had finished, our trail had led us to the outlying herd. While Peter busied himself checking them over, I went down to the riverbank deciding to cool off with a swim. The feel of the water on my naked skin was a real tonic and I stayed in until the chill finally got to me and I made for the bank to dry off. I was just rubbing myself down with my shirt when a deep voice growled. "How! Paleface!"

Startled, I looked up to see Peter grinning down at me. Dammit, I hadn't heard a sound. Definitely an Indian thing! I thought. He tied up his horse next to mine and made his way down the slope, remarking dryly.

"Better not stay like that too long in this sun or you could get burnt in some funny places!" Then he walked round me, studying me appraisingly, as if I was one of his prize heifers.

I felt my cock begin to react to his inspection and tried to hide it under my damp shirt, but his sharp eyes missed nothing and I saw a faint grin appear on his impassive face. Ignoring my growing embarrassment (which wasn't the only thing still growing) he sat down on a low rock and pulled off his boots. I heard a sharp click as the buckle of his belt hit the rock as he slipped his jeans down his long legs.

Like many experienced male riders, I could see that he was wearing a jockstrap under his shorts, which, much to my disappointment, he kept on as he made his way gingerly down the stony bank and into the cool water. He plunged forward, his long hair floating behind him on the surface and water droplets sparkling on his brown back. He wasn't a great swimmer and after a few minutes he made his way towards the bank. I watched keenly as he stood up in the shallows, silvery trails of water trickling down his arms and chest. Dam' that jockstrap, I thought as I tried to imagine what lay hidden in that well-filled black pouch.

He waded out onto the bank, wringing the water from his hair and lay down beside me. Was that just a little too close? I thought hopefully. He drew his knees up close to his chin and I heard a kind of elastic snap as he slid the damp jockstrap down his long legs. He looked over at me with a smile that was half-teasing, half-mocking as he dropped the flimsy garment by his side with a slight flourish of his hand. Dammit, he must have known exactly what I had been thinking!

What the hell, I thought. My uncontrollable cock had already given me away so I gave up pretending and studied the naked brown body beside me with growing excitement. He was hairless except for a halo of thick black hair around the root of his cock, which seemed much darker skinned than the rest of his brown body -almost black. Having got my undivided attention, Peter began to show himself off to me, gently sliding his foreskin up and down, making the purple tip bulge and disappear by turn. I could feel my own pecker throbbing with excitement and slipped my hand down to comfort it, matching Peter's stroking with my own.

For a while we just lay there, enjoying our own pleasures until Peter raised himself to look over at me. There was no mistaking the enquiry in those oriental looking eyes. Yes! Damn right, Yes please! My mind raced as I nodded my consent, He knelt beside me and slipped my cock into his eager mouth and I felt the end of his tongue begin to tease me gently. My groping hand closed around his magnificently thick cock and I felt his hand slip away to allow me the freedom to explore. His head began to nod, drawing me deeper and more deeper so that I could feel the tip of my cockhead press against the back of his throat while all the time I was squeezing and pulling and coaxing his splendid manhood.

After a while, he lifted his head and drew away from me, planting a quick kiss on the tip of my cock as it emerged. Then he began to explore my whole body, sliding his hands gently over my skin and making me tingle with anticipation. Quickly, quickly, just do it! My whole body seemed to scream, but it wasn't going to get the release it craved just yet. I let go of Peter's cock and lay back, reveling in the feelings flowing through my mind and body as his hands continued to stroke my chest and arms, sliding lower and lower until he could cup my balls in his hand. I felt a sudden weight on my chest, as he lay down on top of me, belly to belly so that our two cocks pressed against each other. He lifted himself slightly and I felt his hand slide in between us to enfold us both in his tight grasp.

The feel of our two cocks moving together felt wonderful -it was another first for me and I just lay back enjoying this new sensation to the full. His damp hair cascaded over my face so that all I could see when I looked up were his dark, almond shaped eyes gazing into mine. But even as I watched, their gentle expression began to change and a sudden lust overcame him. His weight on my chest eased and I felt his hands burrow urgently under my body to lift me and roll me over onto my stomach. My front pressed against the hard stones of the riverbank so I tried to make myself comfortable, only just aware that Peter was now sitting astride my legs. He leant forward and I felt his sharp fingers prise my butt cheeks apart and a sudden warmth as they squeezed back over his unyielding prick.

God! I'm being raped! I thought with alarm and I shouted desperately at him. "No Peter! -Godammit, No!" He made no reply and I could feel his hot breath against my ear as he leant his chest forward to press down upon my arched back. He was aroused beyond any reasoning and I could feel his prick, like a rigid iron bar, sliding up and down through the warm slipperiness of his pre-cum juices and the sound of his frantic panting. I strained upwards with all the power I could muster with my arms and legs and managed to lift his heavy body just enough for me to land a really sharp jab with my elbow into the soft space below his ribs. It was a good hard blow and I heard his breath hiss through his tightly clenched teeth before he rolled off me onto his back.

For a moment he lay there, his eyes wide open in pain and surprise, then I saw his cock suddenly buck upwards, loosing stream after stream of milky white cum on to his heaving chest. As if it had been a signal, my own cock decided on its release and shot forth a steady stream that splashed in white blobs over Peter's brown thigh.


I stood up, undecided and more than a little bit afraid as Peter lay recovering, his breath making a whooping sound as it forced oxygen back into his starved lungs. The handsome cock that I admired so much had slumped limply over his emptied balls, and was lifting and falling in time with his labored breathing.

Frustrated and angry, I turned away and climbed the slope to where the two horses stood patiently waiting. After a couple of hefty swigs from my canteen I began to calm down and to think straight once more. What's with this guy? I wondered. Am I safe with him? I was miles away from anywhere and I needed Peter to show me the way back. But what if he tried it on with me again? Sure, I was no virgin, but my pleasures have always stopped at mutual jerking and I had no desire to try anything else.

I went over to Peter's horse and with trembling hands I slipped his old Remington rifle from its boot, knowing inwardly that I would never have the balls to use it. I had finished dressing when Peter climbed up the bank and made his way over to where I stood by the horses. He saw my tense expression as I clutched his rifle, and backed off, holding his hands up in a gesture of surrender. "It's OK.... OK.... It's cool," He said softly, as if he was quieting a restive horse. Then he noticed that my hands were trembling slightly and added.

"Are you alright, kid?"

"Yeah, No thanks to you." He nodded slowly and turned away.

"Kinda loused things up, didn't I." Was all he said.


We rode homeward with scarcely a word and it was only when we could see the lights of the ranch ahead of us that Peter broached the subject again. He cleared his throat a couple of times then said quietly. " Uh. Mark?"

"Yeah" I said, still not willing to budge an inch.

"Mark...will you say anything to your uncle about today?" There was no hint of pleading or regret in his voice, so I decided to make him suffer a while longer.

"I'm still thinking about it." I said shortly. He fell silent once more and steered his horse away from my side. 'You bastard'! A little devil-voice inside me nagged. 'You know that this could cost him his job. Now would be a good time to forgive him'. With devilish logic, it added. 'Besides, he owes you -you might get to enjoy this guy's wonderful body again, provided you set some ground rules first.

It was an argument that clinched it for me.

"Relax!" I called over to him. "I enjoyed it. It's just that I'm not into that ....er.. other stuff, OK?" The look of relief he threw me made me feel a heel for keeping him guessing for so long, so I tried to lighten the conversation.

"So, don't ever try to pay me back for Custer again - Tonto!"

His white teeth gleamed in the evening light as he grinned at my playful taunt and replied in kind..

"My people weren't there, Quimosabe. I guess we missed a real good party!" He had enjoyed the joke and the relief that we were friends again showed in his voice, but I never could resist having the last word, so I added.

"Anyway, I've seen enough of your 'little big horn' to last me for now!"


The day had been sultry and airless and the evening promised to be no better. Blue-black thunderheads had gathered over the mountains and sparks of lightning made the sky grumble ominously. Uncle Bob had come in from the fields tired and irritable and I thought it best to keep out of his way and give him time to relax. With every window wide open, my room still felt like an oven as I stripped and drew on my Speedos, intending to head for the pool. As I grabbed a towel, I took a long look at myself in the closet mirror. Not bad! I thought.

I had been blessed with an athletic build and while I was no college jock, I wasn't ashamed to show myself at the pool or the beach. 'Just as well.' retorted my little devil-voice. 'You ain't keeping much hid!' I had to admit this was true: My pearl-gray Speedos had been carefully chosen for their style rather than their modesty and they barely covered my favorite playthings. The thin gray fabric clung to me like a second skin and when dry showed off a marvelous outline -when they were wet the effect was something else!

I turned sideways on and looked over my shoulder at myself in profile, smiling at the way I filled out the tiny pouch. Okay, so who isn't in love with themselves at 20?

Out of respect for Carrie's catholic upbringing, I put on a robe for decency as I made my way through the back of the house towards the pool. The water was blue and inviting with scarcely a ripple on its surface and giving a yell of delight, I threw off the robe and dived straight in, striking out strongly for the far end. When I touched the tiled wall, I stood up, smoothed back my hair and wiped the water from my eyes. It was then I noticed Uncle Bob lounging in one of the poolside chairs -he'd had the same idea as me. He was sipping a drink from the long glass and lifted it up as an invitation for me to join him. I swam over to where he sat and leant my arms on the tiled edge, not wishing to leave the cooling water just yet.

"Beat ya' to it, boy" He said cheerfully. It was obvious that he had recovered from the heat and the cares of the day. He nodded towards the house and declared. "That crazy woman in there has cooked enough to feed an army. She'll kill us all for sure -unless I get rid of her first!" The thought of Bob ever winning that argument with his tiny Filipino housekeeper made me laugh out loud.

"You wouldn't dare Unc. And in any case she wouldn't go!"

"Dam' right" he agreed. How Carrie had arrived at the ranch was a story in itself. She had been there ever since I could remember and was devoted to Bob and my aunt Bethany. When Bethany died, it was she alone who had nursed the grieving Bob through his depression and heavy bouts of drinking. Bob would have sooner shot all of his beloved bloodstock than part with Carrie. In her quiet unassuming way, she could twist my uncle round her little finger -and he knew it!

He poured another glass of iced lemonade and reached over to pass it to me.

The sweet, sharp taste refreshed me and flushed the bitter chlorine taste out of my mouth, but as I looked up and smiled my thanks, I noticed that he had only worn a pair of boxer shorts for his swim. Without an inner liner to conceal them, I could hardly miss the sight of two large creamy-coloured globes, covered in coarse hair and another limp white shape pressed against his thigh. My vantage point in the pool below him meant that I could see right up his leg. I decided to stay in the pool a while longer and do a bit of research.

It had been a few days since my trip with Peter, busy days when I had hardly seen either of them, let alone talk with them, so Bob was curious. "How did you get on with Peter?" He asked. There was a strange tone in his voice and I swear I saw a slight stirring inside the leg of his shorts -he knew something. I decided to play it cool. "Oh, OK.... Yeah, he's a nice guy." I got the impression that this wasn't the answer he was looking for, because he changed the subject.

"It was good to see your Dad again." Adding pointedly. "He tells me that you and he get along just fine." Again that strange tone and, yeah, his cock was really moving some now, pushing his ball sac to one side as it slowly stiffened, but if he noticed me staring, he gave no sign. I could feel my own prick hardening, pressing against the thin stretch fabric of my bathers. I can't get out of the pool -not like this, I thought, feeling slightly panicky. Bob took another pull at his drink and finally seemed to notice his growing erection.

Ever so casually, he pulled at the leg of his shorts to make himself more comfortable, dragging the hem further up his thigh in the process so that the tip of his cock was almost in daylight. This time it couldn't be a mistake, could it? My stylish figure-hugging Speedos had become an instrument of torture, trapping and bending my erection in directions it was never designed to go, so I slipped my hand past the waistband and shifted my rock hard cock to one side. Looking up again I saw Bob looking down at me and, yes! There was no mistaking that strange smile again as he decided to go in for the kill: "Your Dad told me that you're into videos: Well, I've got a few you haven't seen. We can watch one tonight, if you like"

I stammered out some sort of answer, hoping that my tan was hiding my blushes.

My Dad must have told him everything! If his invitation didn't clinch the fact, the sight of his erection certainly did. There could be no doubt any longer. His cock had lifted itself almost upright making a great bulge in his shorts. Looking up from the pool, I could see a big blue veins pulsing along its underside and those enormous balls were doing a slow waltz as they rearranged themselves. Bob patted the empty lounger beside him and said huskily.

"Come up here and we can talk about it."

I needed no further urging and pushed myself off the floor of the pool, twisting round so that I was sitting on the edge. As I stood up, Uncle Bob got his first sight of my skimpy gray Speedo trunks and the revealing shape of my rigid cock trapped underneath.

"Whoooee, ain't that something!" He said in awe. "Your Dad must be as jealous as hell. He's got nothin' to match that!"

I looked down at the bulge made by his own barely concealed weaponry, and replied.

"I see you've got nothing to be ashamed of down there, either."

Behind us a bell clanged, warning us that it was near dinnertime and I saw a frown of annoyance cross Bob's face as he got up reluctantly, rearranging his shorts. He put his arm over my shoulder as we walked back to the house and said in a low confidential tone.

"Looks like we've both got a pleasant surprise coming to us both then, don't it?"

My throat had got suddenly tight, so I could only gulp and nod my agreement.


Dinner was usually the high point of the working day on the ranch and today was no exception, but I hardly noticed. I ate as quickly as I could, but that only meant a long wait as Bob made his leisurely way through the courses. He didn't seem to be in any great hurry to keep the promise he'd made by the pool, but my balls had ached with anticipation ever since and my errant cock had firmed up more than once since then at the thought of a whole evening's pleasuring.

The meal dragged on and on and it seemed like midnight before we sat over a final cup of coffee. Carrie got up and started to clear the table and I -acting the perfect guest -helped her to take the dishes to the kitchen. We had just got started when a pickup pulled up in the yard outside. It was too shiny to be Peter Long Wolf's and turned out to belong to one of Bob's neighbors. To my intense frustration, his visit turned out to be a long one and the two farmers chatted for an eternity, debating the merits of some damned machine or other. I could only grit my teeth and wait....and wait!

Finally I heard the crunch of tires on gravel as our visitor finally took his leave. Bob came back into the lounge and gave a broad grin as he saw me sitting there, pretending to read. He guessed my thoughts and gave me a broad grin saying. "He's a great guy, Frank, but he's got no sense of timing!" He had all the patience of a farmer and for him, the long wait had only seemed to add a savor to the occasion.

But the time had finally come and Bob led the way to his office, built onto the side of the ranch-house. It was a large room and furnished in the old style, with plenty of wood paneling and a big stone set fireplace. Bob went over to the large picture window and pulled on a cord and the drapes drew across the night-time blackness with a swish. The chances of anyone looking in on us were about the same as on Mars, but I guess we both felt a lot safer with those brown velvet drapes closed and the bolt snapped on the door. A gas fire made to look like burning logs hissed cheerily in the fireplace, making the room look cozy and warm. In fact, if you were in the mood for some secret sex, you couldn't do much better than this, I thought.

Bob went to a cupboard and returned with a bottle of bourbon and two glasses. I'm not into spirits as a rule, but there didn't seem to be any beer on offer so I took the generous slug that was handed to me. After beckoning me to a comfortable leather armchair by the fire, Bob excused himself and went down a short corridor to where I knew there was a small bathroom after a pause I heard the splashing of a shower as Bob prepared himself for our tryst.

"I'll take one after you," I called out and heard the rumble of his reply over the running water. In my earlier haste, I hadn't showered after my dip in the pool and my hair felt sticky and stank of chlorine. Bob reappeared wrapped in a fluffy terry towel robe, rubbing his curly gray hair with a big towel. I dodged past him and hurried into the steamy shower stall. I was eager for action and didn't want to spend too much time in there. When I emerged, I looked for another robe to use, but all I could find was a large towel, which I wrapped round my waist.

As I came back to the office, I saw that my uncle was sitting comfortably by the fire in the twin of the chair I had occupied, so that when I sat down we faced each other. There was an awkward time while each of us wondered how to get started. Bob solved the problem by untying the belt of his robe and spreading the two sides wide over the arms of his chair.

After all my eagerness, Dammit, I was feeling shy in front of my uncle's nakedness and took a while before I slowly pulled aside my towel. We examined each other with interest: I had seen most of his bulky frame before but apart from my peeking at the poolside I wasn't prepared for the sight before me: Dammit, his cock was enormous! It was more square in shape than round and its foreskin had drawn back slightly to reveal a broad coral-colored head from which a tiny clear bead of moisture hung.

If I was impressed with that great shaft, when I turned my attention to his hairy balls I dam' near fainted with wonder and delight. If any screwy scientist ever made a study of how far a man's balls could hang away from his cock, my uncle would have won hands down! The long skin bag that housed his two treasures dropped a full handbreadth down from the base of his hairy shaft. I know because later on I measured it!

Several large folds of hairy skin supported the weight of those testicles and if you can imagine the size of a two large hen's eggs you would be about right for size. My fully erect cock was also under scrutiny and I saw Bob lick his lips furtively at the sight of me lifting up my balls, where my excited sweat had stuck them to the leather seat.

A part from a few slight moves, his cock hadn't been stimulated into an erection yet, but Uncle kept his hands away so that I could admire those truly wondrous genitals. Then as his imagination kicked in, his cock stirred lazily, flopped over to one side and then started to lift slowly out of the deep hollow above his low slung balls. I pulled my chair closer and watched entranced as it make its slow journey to full erection before I wrapped my fingers around its base. As I gripped him, I could feel Bob's racing pulse in the hard pipe that ran under the length of that thick oval cock towards its broad, mushroom-shaped head.

There began a long period of sheer delight for us both as we probed, stroked and pulled at each other's manhood: an uncle and his nephew both sharing the mystery of being male. I started to shudder with the approach of my ejaculation, but Bob released his grip and reached into the pocket of his discarded robe to hand me a small brown bottle. In my comparative innocence, I hadn't encountered 'poppers' before that night and I waved his hand away. I have a thing about drugs, so it took a lot of persuasion for me to take a tentative sniff.

I reeled at the sickly-sweet smell and handed the bottle back with a look of disgust. Bob made me watch him as he closed a nostril with one finger and sniffed heavily from the bottle through the other. A smile of satisfaction crossed his face and his erection began to droop slightly. He took another hard sniff and handed me back the bottle with and said encouragingly. "Give it another try."

I needed something to distract myself from coming, so I took a hefty sniff, the way he had shown me. The smell didn't seem so bad this time and just when I thought nothing would happen, I felt a warm glow come over me and my head began started to swim and throb with a gentle pulse. I decided that I could get to like the feeling and needed no further urging. I lay back in the chair in a dreamy haze with all my senses working overtime. My cock had softened and I felt it flop about as Bob worked on it steadily. When I felt the damp warmth of his mouth enfold me I couldn't keep from groaning with sheer delight as my heightened senses screamed messages to my brain -I had never been sucked like this before in my life.

Soon -too soon for me- the effect began to wear off and almost frantic with lust, I attacked Bob's cock. Soon we were writhing on the floor in front of the fire, stroking and sucking each other with growing excitement. Time and again we had to resort to the little brown bottle to stay our climaxes for just a little longer. Bob was over- enthusiastic and rough in his love play -he had a tendency to seek his own gratification savagely and selfishly without too much thought for his partner. He grunted, bit and scratched at me until he couldn't last any longer and drew his hand away, leaving me to follow his example and work on myself.

With a groan, he lay back on the carpet, his hands a blur as he attacked his thick shaft mercilessly. His balls were flying about uncontrollably from side to side as he pulled faster and ever faster, making his big, red cockhead pop in and out with a wet slapping sound. Finally he let out a roar, and I looked up from my own approaching shoot-out just in time to see jet after incredible jet fly high in the air to fall back on his hairy chest in great globs.

My cock took up the hint and I rolled over and shot my load onto the warm hearth, watching with bleary eyes as the long strings of sperm begin to steam in the heat. We stared glassily at each other, panting and unsteady from our efforts and the effects of bourbon mixed with poppers. My first ever jerk off session with my uncle had turned out to be an awesome experience; We had worshipped and ravaged each other's bodies, leaving them spent and satisfied. Bob slapped my shoulder and used it as a prop to help him stand up. The look he threw me said. "This has got to happen again."


The clink of glass against glass woke me from my reverie and I sat up, my head still muzzy from the heady mix of liquor, poppers and sex. Bob was pouring himself another bourbon from the bottle on his desk in a pool of light cast by the antique desk lamp. His face was in semi darkness but the desk lamp showed up his hairy thighs in sharp relief and his large deflated penis drooping down over that long scrotum. It looked wrinkled and a bit sad now, especially when only a few minutes before it had been standing proud and erect, forcing out jets of thick grey-white cum from those gigantic balls. His body may have lost the grace and beauty of its youth but I think that by gratifying himself with my youthful, hairless body had added to his pleasure.

Bob went down the short corridor towards the bathroom and I heard him urinate noisily into the bowl. I gazed around the office, taking in the familiar scene: the wall covered with a rainbow of different colored prize cards and rosettes; at the Winchester 'yellow boy' carbine that I coveted, and at the bank of high-tech equipment on a shelf by the window. There was the low rumble of the flush and my uncle reappeared. He had left the bathroom light on and was silhouetted in its glow as he stomped back along the corridor. With those long dangling balls swinging from side to side as he walked, he looked like a shambling great bear on the prowl and I couldn't contain my laughter.

"What's so funny, Bub." He growled. His voice made me think of bears even more.

"Nothing" I said between a fit of the giggles. "I've just never pictured Smokey Bear looking like that before!"

We began to exchange cheerful insults. "OK, OK, funnyman. Let's see if you can 'cum' like that when you're my age, you one-shot wonder! I can make it again anytime you're ready -buster!"

I could never resist a challenge, especially one that promised still more pleasure, so I boasted. "One-shot wonder? Huh! I'm like that cistern in there. You can almost hear my balls fill up again!"

But despite our brave words, neither of us was really ready yet, and in any case, I rather enjoy that lazy satisfying time recovering from a good jerking session, so I tried to change the subject. Pointing to a bank of small TV screens on a shelf, I said "They're new."

"Yeah," He walked over to a small console by his desk and scratched his furry chest before adding. "We had some guys stealing from farms in the County a while back, so I got a company from Berneville to come out and install all this. -Here, I'll show you." He pressed a few switches and the screens flickered into life.

Pretty soon I began to make out familiar scenes round the yard and the main buildings. Bob was fond of gadgets and lost no time demonstrating how he could pan and tilt the cameras, adjust the lighting and even record on to tape for later playback. To be honest, I was beginning to be sorry I had asked, but something Bob said made me prick up my ears;-

"....I've kept these cameras secret -no one else even knows they're there." His voice dropped low so that I had to strain to hear. "And you'd be surprised at what some guys get up to when they think no-one else is around!"

"Too damn right, Unc.!" I agreed. "Look at the pair of us!" He laughed with me, but then he started to look uncomfortable and I got the idea that he had let slip more than he meant to. Since our first encounter by the pool, I had noticed a subtle difference in his manner toward me; the bluff 'uncle to nephew' act he had always put on with me had toned down one helluva lot, replaced by.....just what? He was now treating me as an equal - like a fellow conspirator in some great secret.

Yes, that was it! I suddenly realised that the same thing had happened with Dad.

It was as though I had somehow been initiated into some great campus secret society.

The liquor had loosed my tongue so I asked bluntly.

"So what do you mean by 'guys getting up to things'?"

It's hard to fathom how anyone could look any more embarrassed than when they are standing in front of you butt-naked, but Uncle Bob gave it a real good try. A look of pain passed over his face and he muttered. Oh,...you know."

"I don't!" I persisted. "Whaddya mean?...Wanking? Fucking?...What?"

"Let's leave it be, shall we? I don't think you're ready for it."

"Bullshit! Here we are dressed only in our skins, recovering from one of the best jerk-offs I've had in months and you say I'm not ready? What else is there for chrissakes? Anyways, if you don't tell me, you can solo jerk for the rest of my visit!"

'Blackmail, even' my little voice joined in. 'Whatever next?'

Blackmail or not, my argument seemed to work, for Bob took a deep breath and after a long pause for thought, finally said.

"You know I asked you about Peter?" I nodded, encouraging him to go on.

"Did he try to do...anything with you?" I had to think quickly but I reckoned that it was OK to come clean. Bob must already know something about his Native American foreman that I didn't -or why did he bring it up now? I took a deep breath and lied in a matter-of fact way.

"Sure, we jerked each other off ...It was great. I enjoyed it." He looked surprised and a bit envious that I hadn't wasted much time in getting it together with his foreman. "Why do you ask?" I enquired with fake innocence.

He seemed lost in thought and it was a while before he drew a deep breath and started on his tale.

"One night, a while back, I left the cameras running in the barn. There was a mare about to foal and I wanted to keep an eye on her as she was getting close to her time. She didn't foal that night, so I rewound the tape. That was when I saw something strange as the pictures whizzed by -It was Peter in the barn."

"So what?" I enquired. "Knowing him and his horses, I expect he was keeping an eye on the mare too."

"No way." Said Bob, sounding like Perry Mason at the end of a case. "He was leading another mare into a loose box." He paused for dramatic effect adding slowly. "And....he was stark bollocky nekkid!"

"Wowee" I said, but my voice was husky with excitement. This was really gross, but why was my cock getting so stiff? I couldn't stop myself from asking. "Did you keep the tape?"

"Dam' right I kept the tape" Said Bob. "Although there wasn't much more to see since the camera only covered the corridor. I checked the timestamp on the tape and it was about 20 minutes later before Pete came back into view, still as naked as a baby. He drew some water from the faucet and washed himself down and...."

He paused to see if he still had my full attention - He sure had!

"...He made dam' sure to see that his prick was clean."

I was fondling my cock by this time as he was telling the story, and I could see that it was having an effect on Bob's hardware too. That big square-looking cock was steadily rising from its forest of curly gray hair and pointing towards me as he looked to see my reaction to his tale. Somewhere in the house a clock chimed and I mentally counted the strokes -there were eleven. It was late -very late for this early-rising household and I hoped that Bob hadn't noticed and bring an end to his fascinating tale. I doubted that I would ever get to know the end unless I could keep his whiskey-fed eroticism going.

"Have you done anything about it since, Unc?"

A faint smile -almost a leer -changed his expression. We were fellow conspirators again.

"Dam' right I did!" Again that leer. "I moved the camera and I keep the tapes running every night since then!" He went over to a gray filing cabinet, his stiff dick pointing the way like some obscene banner. If I hadn't been so aroused myself I would have laughed at the ridiculous sight. There was a dull rumble as the drawer rolled forward and Bob fingered his way along a row of tapes and pulled one out. Sliding the black plastic cassette out of its cover he inserted it into the slot of player.

The screen came to life showing a row of horses standing quietly in their stalls. Bob had spared no expense and unlike the small security monitors, this picture was bright and crisp -and in full color. Bob picked up the remote and came over to sit beside me. The tape speeded forward until he stopped it when the timestamp showed 22:45. The date was about three months earlier. After a minute or so the real action began on the screen.

Peter came into the barn and walked up the aisle checking each box as he went. The horses watched him with lazy interest as he passed them by but it was clear from his purposeful step that he had one particular horse in mind. Bob had done his homework well and the camera zoomed into close focus as Peter stood almost underneath. The sound was muzzy and picked up a lot of extra noise but we could hear Peter's deep voice muttering little endearments as he nuzzled his head against one particular horse. "That's Lucy May" growled Bob in my ear.

For a long time, Peter nuzzled and patted the mare's head and I could see that she was relishing the attention. He moved away slightly out of shot but I could just see him slip off his buckskin jacket and hang it on an old lamp bracket.

He drew his shirt over his head and his long ponytail disappeared through the collar hole only to reappear cascading down the magnificent back I had caressed only a few days before. I had been too interested in the action taking place before me to think about myself, but I becoming aware of a dull ache in my balls. They had been licked, sucked and fondled by Bob earlier -they had even taken a beating from his last crazy masturbatory strokes .Now, as they regained their potency, they were letting me know they were ready for more action.

I glanced quickly over at my uncle: He was leaning forward, entranced by the sight of Peter slipping out of his jeans -this time there was no black jockstrap to spoil the view, for he wore nothing underneath them. I didn't know it then, but he had different riding in mind that night. You may think me na‹ve, but don't forget that I was a city boy and knew nothing of bestiality -I wasn't even sure that it was possible for a man to have sex with animals.

What was taking place on the screen was totally new to me and I was hooked! There was a snick from the soundtrack as Peter unclipped the mare's headstall from the rail at the front of the box and gently shooed her hindquarters round so that she stood almost square on to the camera. He left the box and returned with a straw bale from the stack by the door which he placed behind the mare's hind legs.

All his preparations made, Peter began to stroke the mare's neck, slowly working his way down her chest towards her forelegs. All the time he was crooning softly to her in words I couldn't make out. From the slow repetitious rhythm I guessed it was a love song or lullaby learnt from his Indian mother. Lucy May turned her head round towards him and I could see her nostrils twitch as she sniffed at his naked body. Peter gave a short laugh as her whiskers tickled his side and turned towards her questing muzzle. I gave a gasp as I watched her long pink tongue came out to explore him and saw his balls lift and drop as she licked the salt from his sweaty groin.

Peter arched his back in sheer delight which gave us an even better view of her licking at his dark brown cock, just like a kid with a candy bar. A long gasping groan came from beside me as Bob took in the scene. Uncaring of my presence, his eyes were fixed on the screen while all the time he kneaded and tugged at himself, totally engrossed in the scene being played out before him. Peter seemed to be close to a climax and it took an obvious effort of will for him to pull away from the mare's questing tongue, but he stepped out of her reach and stood back for a while, recovering.

After a time, he squatted down and stroked the mare's belly, close to where I could just see her two black teats. As he fondled them, the muscles of her leg twitched and she straddled her hind legs wider, making an easier for those searching brown hands to explore between them. Peter was in no hurry and it took several minutes before he started to work his way steadily upwards between her wide straddled legs. She responded by lifting her tail like a flag and letting loose a stream of yellow urine. Peter rebuked her gently as he retrieved the wet bale. The damp floor was not to his liking, especially to his bare feet, so he placed the bale in a dry spot at an angle to the wall.

For a moment I thought we wouldn't get to see any more and I slumped back in my chair, disappointed, but I soon leaned forward again with a jolt as I saw that Peter had turned the mare's hindquarters so that her haunches almost faced towards the camera lens. I could hardly believe our luck when the camera refocused to a shot of the mare's leathery vulva glistening with a stringy clear discharge. Her vagina twitched a few times then seemed to pout, exposing its pink inner surface as though it was winking. Bob leaned towards me and cleared his throat, "She's telling him she's ready." He whispered hoarsely.

The tall Native American stood for a while, working furiously on his dick, bringing it to its full hard size before he stepped up on the bale. His body shut out our view for a while but when the mare shuffled sideways a step or so, we could see that Peter was teasing her, slipping his hand right inside her up to his wrist, thrusting it back and forth in a steady rhythm as old as time itself. Lucy May held her tail to one side and humped her back in time with his thrusts, seeming to relish her human lover's attention. He didn't fail her and withdrew his hand, only to replace it with his rampant dick, sliding it in and out deeper and deeper with each slow stroke until his balls were squeezed tightly between their two bodies. He gave a long deep groan and the muscles of his buttocks began to clench and release as, slowly at first, then faster he began to pump at her willing rear end. A minute or so later and it was all over: Peter gave a series of loud grunts and his legs twitched rapidly as he found release. Totally spent, he collapsed forward over the mare's haunches and lay there with his chest heaving.

His panting seemed to ease and he straightened his back slowly until I saw his cock slide out of the mare and drop limply onto his scrotum. The muscles around the mares vagina relaxed and she expelled a string of Peter's sperm, leaving a row of pearly drops trapped in the tiny hairs fringing her long leathery slit. I felt a chill on my leg and looked down in time to see a steady stream of my own sperm tracing a path down the leather seat of my chair towards the cleft of my butt.

Worried that I might mark Bob's favorite chair I looked over at him in time to see him perform a real neat trick: He had pulled his long ball-sack out as far as it would stretch to catch his cum in the hollow it made between his two balls as each pulsing jet splashed off his cupped hand. In our excitement, we must have both shot our cum in time with Peter, but neither of us seem to have noticed, so engrossed had we been in watching his dramatic climax.

Uncle Bob stood up, still holding his ball-sack out like a hairy cup, and rummaged on his desk for a pocket pack of Kleenex. He tore the film wrapper open with his teeth and threw half of the contents at me and we began to clean ourselves up.

"Well, whaddya think of that?" Enquired Bob. "Ain't that something?"

"That was truly awesome" I said sincerely, excited beyond measure.

"But ain't...er, I mean.... isn't it illegal? I asked faintly.

"Not if they don't catch you at it, it ain't." He said in a droll voice. His cheerful acceptance of what we had just seen phased me and I could only stammer. "So! Er, ....what are you going to do about Peter?"

"Nothin'." He lifted his softened penis carefully and mopped a blob of cum from the underside. "I reckon they both enjoyed it, and she sure as hell won't have no foal by him!" He laughed heartily, relieved to see that he hadn't over-stepped the mark by showing me the tape. But my mind still buzzed with questions and I said, half to myself. "I wonder what it feels like?"

"It feels pretty good, boy...pretty good. That's the hottest piece of pussy that you'll ever taste in your lifetime."

"You mean.....you've done it too?" I asked weakly. This was getting surreal.

"When I was young and horny like you." His look told me he wasn't joking. He leaned over and touched my arm and looked earnestly into my eyes before saying quietly. "But, hear me boy. Don't you go trying it out on your own. Not without me or Peter being there. Guys have gotten themselves killed that way."

My mouth went dry and I could scarcely whisper. "You mean ..you mean you'd let me try it? I gasped. He couldn't mistake the anticipation and eagerness in my voice.

"Happen I might, if you're still of a mind to and we can find a mare that's willing to stand for you. It seems that young Pete can spot 'em when they're ripe and ready."

He picked up his discarded jeans and I knew that our evening was coming to a end, but Bob hadn't quite finished yet. He drew his belt tight round his ample waist and sat down again beside me. "Some time back, I was reading up on the life of the plains Indians - It's a kinda hobby of mine, finding out how folk lived here before we arrived. Well, it seems that the young men of certain tribes, (mostly the unmarried bucks, but I reckon some of the older ones couldn't kick the habit, neither).

They used to service their mares when they were out on long hunting trips or on the warpath. They didn't see anything wrong in it. They saw it more as a spiritual thing, a bonding, if you like - of their spirit with the spirit of the horse. By planting their seed in a favorite mare, they believed that they could plant in her some of their bravery and honor as well. That way they figured she would breed real war ponies for them, as fit and strong and brave as themselves." He stood up and turned towards me.

"Perhaps Peter sees it that way -who knows?" Then with a roguish grin, he added. "Or mebbe he's just a horny bastard!"

His laughter rang down the corridor as he turned out the lights behind us.


I lay on top of my bed and thought about the mind-blowing events of the evening. My whole groin ached from Bob's over-enthusiastic attention and I was much too excited to sleep. I had never had such an incredible evening -not even with my Dad, although I much preferred his more gentle touch. I had been really turned on by the sight of Peter humping his mare and I started to scheme ways of making uncle Bob keep his promise to let me try some horse pussy. It wasn't going to be easy: Peter lived in what had been the old bunkhouse in my Granddad's time.

It was close to the barn, so he had to be kept out of the way somehow or he might come in at the wrong time. I could see problems with that scenario for both of them, should he catch Bob and me....What was that phrase?....In flagrante. The benefits of a college education! I smiled to myself and to the sound of horses calling to each other outside, I fell into a deep sleep.

A few days later Bob announced over breakfast that he would be going away for a few days to a convention up- State and asked me if I would be OK in the house alone.

"Sure..no problem." I said trying to curb my excitement. I had spent another heavy evening with Bob the night before, and while we had both enjoyed ourselves, I had found myself yearning for Peter Long Wolf's lithe body writhing in ecstasy beside me, rather than my uncle's heavy frame. I knew that Peter was still wary of me and he had rejected every one of my unsubtle hints that I would welcome another session with him.

Only the day before, I had been out with him in the old red pickup to renew some fence posts in the far pastures, ready to move the stock. It had been another hot day and we had both stripped off to our shorts. The sight of Peter's torso and thick brown legs started my hormones raging and I almost drooled whenever I watched him. His muscles rippled as he banged the posts in with a double- handed contraption and with his sweat-dewed back, he looked like a supple well-oiled machine. I could see the waistband of the familiar black jockstrap appear as his shorts were dragged down slightly and I had to curb my disappointment that I wouldn't catch a glimpse of his beautiful cock by accident.

On the other hand, I had already made my preparations in case I had a chance to reveal myself, hoping that it would be enough to stimulate his interest in me once more. I was wearing nothing underneath my old cutoffs and could feel every movement of my cock as I held the posts upright for Peter to knock in.

We broke for lunch and I perched on the tailgate of the truck and attacked the small mound of sandwiches that Carrie had packed for me. Peter was squatting on the ground, Indian fashion, facing me as we ate and yarned. Hoping to copy Uncle Bob's revealing pose by the pool, I hitched up the leg of my shorts and was rewarded to see that Peter was watching me with his hooded eyes. My erection was growing at a fast rate and if unchecked it would soon be poking itself out of my shorts, but I pretended to be engrossed in my sandwich, while continuing to secretly watch Peter's reaction out of the corner of my eye.

His tight jockstrap hid any physical reaction to the show I was putting on, and his impassive face gave no sign of interest. Just when I was about to give up, Peter rose and went over to a clump of bushes as if he was going to take a leak. He was gone one helluva long time -surely no one spent all that time having a piss! He eventually returned and gave me a slow smile of triumph as he passed. Dammit, the bastard's jerked off! I thought angrily and that was the end of that: If he was playing hard-to-get to rouse my longing for him to fever pitch, then he was dam' well succeeding!


I was still surly with disappointment at Peter's rejection of me that night as I tried to think of any way that I could it get together with that handsome Native American. I even started to blame myself for not giving into him and letting him have his way by the riverbank that first day. But no, I couldn't contemplate doing that with anyone -not even with this bronze-skinned Adonis that held me so enthralled. My only hope lay in the thought that Bob's absence might just give me the slight chance I needed.


Uncle Bob's departure was quite an occasion. I looked admiringly at his best outfit as he climbed into his car ready for the long drive North. "You look like Roy Rogers." I said as we made our farewells. "Sure hope not!" he retorted. "He's dead!" He grinned and handed me a set of keys saying that I could use the Cherokee whenever I wanted. As I thanked him for his generosity, he added that he might stay on up North for a few days more to 'take in the scene.' The conspiratorial leer he gave me suggested that some gambling with his stockmen cronies or even sampling a couple of hookers was what he had in mind.

"OK, Have fun!" I said as he gunned the engine and pulled away. A cheery wave was the last I saw of him for the next six days. Without his larger than life presence, the house seemed strangely empty and quiet as I went back in.

Later on that day, I went up to my room to shower and change before taking a trip into town in the Jeep. I was drying myself off, when I took a closer look at the bunch of keys on the dressing table. They must have been Bob's everyday set, because the ring was packed with keys of all shapes and sizes. Among them I recognised the long shafted key that fitted the lock of the office door -yes that one had become very familiar and scenes that room had witnessed recently flashed through my mind.

It was then that I had a real gem of an idea!

* There was not a sound inside the house as I made my way stealthily down the back stairs towards the office. Outside I could hear the distant blaring of a cow as she called for her calf and I thought that it must be the loneliest sound on earth. The brass key slid smoothly in the lock and I was in. I went over to the window and drew the drapes carefully. There might be a faint chance that Peter might make a late night check of the buildings - I had seen the lights were still on in the bunkhouse as I returned from town. I switched on the security cameras and one by one, the little monitors lit up with a blue- gray glow. They gave out just enough light to see by, so I settled down and started on the sandwiches that the ever-thoughtful Carrie had left out, together with a Thermos of hot coffee for my return from town.


Needless to say, nothing happened that night, nor the next and I was beginning to call myself all kinds of a fool for thinking my plan had any chance of success. The only bit of excitement I had was when one camera caught sight of a small herd of deer making their way across the empty yard. This third night was definitely going to be my last, I decided. I had become irritable and scratchy through lack of sleep and frustration and only that morning Carrie had laid her hand on my forehead, inquiring. "You not well?" You're right, I thought.

A sudden movement on one of the screens caught my eye. The light of a small torch wavered its way steadily along the wall of the barn, leaving a whitish streak on the screen as it moved. I tried to zoom in with the camera, wishing that I had watched more closely when Bob had shown off his new toys to me, but by the time I had got it sorted out, it was too late. I saw a small square of light as a stealthy figure opened a little gate in one of the huge barn doors and passed through. I turned my attention to the little screen that covered the inside of the barn, just in time to see Peter Long Wolf pick up a bale of straw and carry it along the line of boxes. This is it fella! I nearly hugged myself with excitement and glee. Christmas had come early!

Timing and stealth were crucial now. I went down the familiar little corridor and past the bathroom to the door that led out to the yard. Trembling with anticipation, I cursed as my fingers fumbled to find the right key. "Oh God, what if there isn't one on this ring." But I needn't have worried -the third one I tried slid sweetly into the lock and a swift turn let me out into the cool night air. My sneakers made no sound as I crossed the yard into the dense shadow of the barn. I didn't use the same door as Peter, but slipped round the side to a wooden stairway that led up to the hay loft. The steps creaked loudly and I froze, my heart thumping loudly. No more scares please! I pleaded.

I unlatched the door at the top of the stairs and made my way along a wooden catwalk until I was almost over Peter. The noises of the horses in their stalls had drowned my stealthy approach and I could see from his casual manner that he was still intent on his own pleasure and had heard nothing. From this angle his bronzed body looked even more magnificent: His naked torso tapered sharply to a narrow waist and the smooth swell of his buttocks gleamed in the dim lights of the barn. I nearly gasped in awe, but I lay still, trying to control my panting breath and waited for the crucial moment.....my special moment!

My cock was screaming for attention, but I was determined to ignore it. I needed it to be at full strength for later on. If I got my way, I would give it the treat of its lifetime. I checked the pocket of my jeans and felt for a cold round shape. I had prepared everything down to the last detail and had even lifted one of Bob's bottle of poppers from the small store he kept in the office ice-box. I was going all the help it could give me if I had any hope of making myself last beyond first base.

Below me, things were following the same pattern as before. The big haunches of Peter's chosen mare for the night were directly underneath and I had already recognised them as belonging to Candy, the horse I rode.

From my scanty knowledge, I counted this as a definite plus -she would know me and, hopefully, would stand quietly for me. I watched as she stood placidly looking out over the box while Peter stroked and teased her belly. Things are moving on nicely, I thought, but I was determined to wait a little longer. This was going to be pay-back time for Peter: I'd teach him a lesson for treating my advances so coolly. I waited until he started to bring himself up to his full, erect self, watching hungrily as he drew his hands slowly and lovingly along his dark brown shaft. Judging my moment to a nicety, I called softly. "Hi Peter!"

He started and gasped in horror while his back went rigid as if he had been shot. His long ponytail thrashed about his shoulders as he turned his head round, looking for the source of that mocking voice. "Look behind you!" I said in a childish sing-song and he turned to see me standing above him, one hand leaning against a beam while the other was caressing my cock through the gaping fly of my jeans. He gulped and said in a hoarse tone.

"Jee-zusss Mark, Don't ever, never ever, do that to me again!"

"I won't" I said agreeably and slid nimbly down the wooden beam to land on the straw by his side. Already I could feel the heat from his naked body through my thin shirt.

"Don't let me stop you." I added innocently.

"How....er...How long have you been there?" He stammered, totally thrown.

"Long enough." Then I paused dramatically. "But on the other hand: not long enough: -If you catch my drift."

He was recovering his composure and tried to bluff it out, although he had literally been caught with his pants down. I would have loved to have heard that excuse -it would need to be pretty convincing, but I was far too impatient to press home my advantage. The shock of my sudden appearance had made his cock shrivel and withdraw so that it hung like a brown fruit over his balls. I bet they're really aching now. I thought smugly as I reached forward and lifted his cock, letting it fall back on his balls with a slight bounce.

"I haven't done that much good, have I?" I breathed and dropped down on my knees to take it into my mouth. It took a long time for it to respond -I must have really phased him. I thought as I sucked greedily. Then I felt Peter's body begin to relax as he realised that his secret might still be safe. I looked up into his puzzled brown eyes.

"Relax buddy...It's OK...Really it is." I breathed, my voice husky with lust.

"I'm here for the same thing as you are; I want a piece of the action too."

For a moment I thought he would refuse, then his face cleared and he said softly.

"You sure about this? Don't you want to talk about it first? I shook my head.

"Nope. I've been watching you and it has really turned me on." I didn't want to beat about the bush any longer so I said bluntly.

"You are going to fuck Candy, aren't you?"

He nodded slowly.

"Me too." I said with more confidence than I felt, then I suggested.

"You go first and show me what to do."

He studied my face with those deep brown eyes for a long time, then amazingly a broad grin transformed his features and an excited tone came into his voice as he said briskly.

"OK kid. Let's do it!"

I watched spellbound as he stepped up on the straw bale behind the waiting mare and began to gently touch her with his long brown fingers. Candy turned her neck and looked at me with her gentle, blue-black eyes as I ripped open the buttons of my shirt and undid the fastner of my jeans. Peter looked over at me, his cock in his hand, smiling as if to say, "Wait your turn, I won't be long."

I caught a quick glimpse of the long pink lips of Candy's vulva part before Peter inserted his exposed cockhead into the void. For what seemed a long time, he played with her, varying the depth and speed of his strokes and thoroughly enjoying himself. His head was thrown back and his eyes tight closed as waves of pleasure made him shudder, then for one brief moment he looked at me and smiled before he started to thrust savagely into the mare. On the video I had watched with Bob, I hadn't noticed that Peter had been particularly vocal, but having a spectator may have had an effect on him because he began to grunt and mutter as he began to thrust faster and faster.

"Yeah....Yeah....Oh...Jeeezzzzusss!" A long moaning cry announced his climax and he fell forward onto Candy's rump, just as I'd seen him do, days before. Eventually he pushed himself up and looked over at me with a smile. "That's how it's done, kid." He panted, adding with a grin. "You want to try it now? -I've warmed it up nicely for you!"

As I entered my first ever mare, my first impression was one of intense warmth and the feel of a strong grasp on my quivering cock. It wasn't at all like I imagined and the thought that the slipperiness I was feeling was probably due to Peter's cumming only a few minutes before was a real turn on. He was standing right behind me, his hands pressing against my buttocks, encouraging me to push and withdraw, push and withdraw. The feeling was so strong that I span the lid off my bottle of poppers and took several hefty snorts to slow me down.

Whether it was that or just my excitement, but my senses reeled as I felt my cock push past the hard ring of muscle just inside the mare's vulva and into a warm cavern beyond. She wriggled her haunches slightly and for an anxious moment I thought that she was going to refuse me after having already been ravished by Peter's long tool. But it seemed that she was only making herself more comfortable and she stood placidly as I began to slide my cock rhythmically back and forth.

Another quick snort of poppers steadied me for only a moment before the inevitable happened: I was not prepared for the intensity of my climax and let out a series of long drawn out "Uhh...uhhs!" as my dick throbbed its release.... It felt incredible and my nails dug hard into Candy's ample haunches as I screwed up my face in ecstasy and pain, unaware that Peter was supporting me as I arched back. I didn't want to leave Candy's warm tunnel of love but she gave me no choice: A series of pulsing thrusts spat out my softened cock and followed it with a long string of my cum, which dribbled down my bare legs. Peter slipped his arms under mine as I stood gasping and I clung on to him tightly until I recovered. He bent his head and whispered in my ear.

"Was it like you imagined, Mark?"

"No way!" I answered, my voice still panting. It was ten times better than that!"

He face broke into a broad grin and he slapped my butt playfully. "Guess so.

I'll see to your new girlfriend here, then we'd better go clean up."
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Default Kari's first tender time - Dark Fantasy, Black, Cruelty, Group Sex, Humiliation, Interracial, Monster, Rape, Transsexual, Virginity

Kari's first tender time - Dark Fantasy, Black, Cruelty, Group Sex, Humiliation, Interracial, Monster, Rape, Transsexual, Virginity

Don't read the epilogue unless you have strong stomach, it's fucked up.
Kari's first tender time - Digimon lemon by MISTER BIG T
This particular lemon contains material unsuitable for 1 year old Polynesian penguins. If you're a penguin and from Polynesia, don't read this lemon.

Chapter 0: It hurts where I pee but not because I need to pee

It was just a day to 18th birthday of Kari. Today she had finally reached her long waited moment as she had promised to TK that on the eve of her birthday, the two would get married. For now though, she and her friends were gathered to a huge party at her home done for her as they wouldn't have the time on the actual day.

"Mmmm!" Veemon mumbled as he pigged out on the cake. He suddenly noticed Gatomon staring at him and offered her the cake "Here, you can have this!"
Gatomon gave a soft groan as she watched the extended mashed cake. "I'm on a diet."

Tai had bought Kari a very pretty pink dress that complimented her body.

"Thanks Tai. This looks really beautiful!" she cooed as she hugged it gently against her face.

Just then, there came a knock on the door and Patamon went to open it.

Outside was Davis, posing off like an idiot with a huge grin.

Patamon closed the door.

Meanwhile, Kari had noticed that TK wasn't all that talkative. In fact, she almost got the feeling that the guy was trying to avoid her. Shrugging to herself, she decided to go to the toilet to clean her up a bit before returning to the party.

Of course, everything would take a dramatic turn during that trip.

Chapter 1: I wish I'd have a gun so I could shoot the birds who shit on me all day long

Kari was approaching the bathroom when she suddenly heard a small racket from the kitchen. When she went to investigate she gagged as she saw seven extremely muscular black women invade and pillage her kitchen. To call these 'ladies' developed would be understatement as their physique would make even biggest Austrian body builder blush in shame. They all wore dark gray tank top that nearly burst from their muscles and their big breasts. They each had blue jeans as well to complete the ensemble.

"Talera! The girl, get her!" one of them suddenly shouted as suddenly Kari's mouth was covered by a hand almost bigger than her entire head.

In her vulnerable state she was able to see her assailants better. The one called Talera had long, completely white hair tied with a hair band. There were two girls who seemingly were twins and both had their hair the same way. There was also the youngest, who had short black hair and she was the most petite of them all. However, the remaining two were even more baffling than these others.
The biggest woman and the most muscular one; had only one eye. She seemed extremely serious and looked at Kari with her only eye so menacingly that she felt like crying.
And finally, the one who had issued the order, obviously the leader; a very athletic looking ebony woman. Unlike the others, she wasn't incredibly muscular. Her boobs however were humongous, probably E cup or maybe small F. She had long gray hair that covered her other hair from time to time and she brushed it away with her hand.

"What's your name girl? Speak and tell us why there's so much noise coming from the other room?" the leader spoke while approaching Kari.
Kari whimpered a bit but was afraid the women would hurt her before Gatomon or any of her friends could save her "It's Kari.. And. It's my wedding party.. Please leave now, I promise I won't call the police."
"A wedding? Surely there must be lots of people eager to meet us then." the leader continued to speak as she placed a knife on Kari's throat. "Let's go girls; we'll see exactly what sort of party this is."

As the women made their way back into the living room, Tai was the first to notice these people. The shock was so big; he dropped his mug that he was holding, making it shatter into billions of shards. This made everyone face the direction.

"KARI!!!" Gatomon screamed as she digivolved into Angewomon.
Just then the leader sank the knife a little into Kari's throat making the girl scream "If you don't do anything, I'll cut this little bitch wife's throat in front of your eyes... "
Angewomon gagged but nodded slowly as she devolved back to Gatomon "F-Fine. What do you want from us?"
"Tie up yourselves. My sisters will make sure that the knots are also tight," the woman spoke while nodding to her companions who tossed some rope to the people.

It took several minutes only before everyone was tied up securely, hardly able to move at all. The youngest sister approached Sora and rubbed her hand along her cheek.

"I like her Feralzen, she's cute. May I have this one?" she asked while looking back at the leader.
The leader, obviously called Feralzen shrugged and nodded "I don't see why not."
"Do you have any alcohol in here?" the young sister asked while she untied Sora and looked over at Kari.
Kari nodded slowly "Just some champagne and wine we were going to drink to celebrate."
"All right then.. Well you girl, go get us the champagne and the wine." the young girl said as Sora began to walk away, she grabbed the girl's arm strongly. "Naked. I want you to go and get those things to us naked."

Sora whimpered but nodded and began to take off her school uniform.

"No! Don't hurt her you big bullies!!" Mimi screamed before the twins moved over to her, suddenly starting to lick all over her face and fondle her breasts throughout her dress. "N-no!!"

Kari sobbed as she closed her eyes, not able to watch the humiliation of her friends.

"Talera, you want to have that one with glasses? Me and Xel will take the bride," Feralzen spoke while looking back over to the blonde woman who nodded and walked over to Yolei.
Yolei screamed and struggled "Stay away from me you sick bitch! We're not your toys!" but the woman forced her tongue in the girl's mouth. Out of fear of what they'd do to her or Kari, Yolei didn't even bite it.

Sora meanwhile returned with the two bottles. Feralzen immediately grabbed the champagne, opened, and began to drink from it straight from the bottle, spilling some of the contents on her heavy breasts and on Kari's hair. She gagged as some also got in her eyes and she tried to wiggle away but the woman had her in a strong grip.
Meanwhile the other girls were passing up the bottle of wine around, each taking heavy gulps from it as the young sister suddenly forced Sora to sit on her lap.
"Mmm so whore.. How many men have been in your tiny cunt?" the woman questioned her.
Sora blushed and silently looked away from the muscular being.
"I asked how many!" the young sister suddenly shouted as she twisted Sora's arm so hard there came a small crack as it bended a bit.
Sora screamed and cried "One! Just one!! Stop you're hurting me!!"

"That's right; let that be a lesson to all you others. We won't mind having our ways with you all one way or other. Whatever it'd be with you all bloody and bruised or worse, is entirely up to you.. Do you understand what I'm saying?" the leader once again explained before shoving the champagne bottle into Kari's mouth, forcefully making her drink it too.
Kari tried to push it out from her mouth. "P-Please. I can't stand alcohol." she protested but was only met with more of the champagne in her mouth.
Feralzen got a sadistic look on her face and she winked at her sisters "Bring the rest of the wine too, let's see how the bride looks as merrier."

Kari screamed and tried to resist as Xel, the one eyed woman brought the wine bottle and now both of the women were pouring alcohol in her mouth at fast rate. They had her locked hard and she couldn't even spit it out.
Soon the women stopped and backed away a bit while Kari looked a bit light headed and her eyes were a bit dreamy, the alcohol working quickly in such light weight girl.

"Ugggh.. Mmm....." she mumbled while she moved forward, only to trip and land against the chest of Feralzen who roared in a laugh where soon, all the other women joined.

The young sister looked over to her sisters before looking back at the girls, whom all were now naked expect Kari. She looked over to her sisters and then the girls. "I think it's time we show these bitches a bit of a treat. Don't you think so girls?"

Each of them laughed as everyone expect Feralzen and Xel began to take their pants off. Mimi and the others screamed which brought attention to Kari's eyes, so she could see something incredible.

Each woman was sporting incredibly large and long dicks, at least foot and half long each. They were throbbing eagerly, spurting some pre cum off their tip eager to get in the girls.

"Mmmm like them bitches? Our dicks are the biggest in the world and they're here just for you.." the young one spoke which was met by the twins giggling in a union.
Sora screamed as she was pushed down and the 'woman' rubbed her huge dick against her pussy's entrance "Oh God you freak don't. That's way too big.. You'll tear me apart!!"

But it was no use, with a single brutal thrust the woman entered her dick into Sora's cunt in an instant making her scream from the sudden entrance. "Aah please! No!! Noo!!" she screamed, shaking her head violently back and forth.

However she was lucky compared to the fate of Yolei. For Talera had entered her dick into the purple haired beauty's ass hole. Yolei had never had anal in her life before and now she was raped by a dick bigger than in any porn she had seen.

And Mimi? She was forced to suck on the other twin while the other violently raped her pussy, like a whore in an alleyway. They were thrusting in and out of her in an almost synchronized pattern while tears rolled down along her eyes, totally messing up her mascara and ruining her appearance.
All the boys and all the Digimon sat there, head mixed with emotions of sorrow, anger, and fear. The inability to do anything was extremely heavy on their morale and they felt extremely useless, like they had never felt before. And despite nothing had been done to Kari; TK and Gatomon were still the saddest, with sorrow completely filling their hearts.

"Mmmh. Her cunt is so tight I'm already going to cum.." the young sister suddenly murmured.
That remark made Sora panic "No don't come inside! No!!"

However it was no use, the young sister moaned hard as she shot a huge load in Sora's pussy, completely filling it with her semen.

"No.." Sora quietly whimpered. She wasn't on a pill and she would get pregnant for sure if these women wouldn't let her go.

That thought hadn't really even crossed her mind earlier but now, she was more afraid than ever. Would they really just be happy after taking their bodies? The Digidestined knew their faces and even names of the two.... What would the women decide to do for them all?
Before she could think that further she could see the twins moan as the other came hard, inside Mimi's mouth and all over her face as the other twin shot her load in Mimi's tight pussy.
From the expression of Talera, it was clear the blonde woman was about to cum as well. Indeed, she moaned and ejaculated hard deep in the ass of Yolei who cried and held on the carpet so hard there came blood from her nails.

Kari blinked few times looking at this as the entire room was spinning and shaking in her head "Ugggh.. Leave us. Alone."
"I can't let you do that. Not before you fuck us darling.." Feralzen murred as she nodded to Xel as they both began to take off their pants.

Chapter 2: I never meant to make you blue; I never meant to hurt you.

Kari gasped hard as she saw the two biggest dicks imaginable. Xel's dick wasn't as long as Feralzen's but it was around 2 feet and extremely thick far thicker than that of her sister. However, Feralzen's dick was over 2? in length and extremely thin compared to its grotesque length. In reality, it was as thin as a regular human dick.
"That. That's impossible.." Kari sobbed as Xel moved behind Kari and lied down to the floor bringing the whining girl along down to rest on the muscular woman's chest.
Feralzen grinned as she stroked her mammoth dick and rubbed it against Kari's pussy "Don't worry honey, I promise to be gentle. I don't want you to die on me."
Just then TK snapped as she couldn't take it any longer "NO! Stop it! Stop it!! Don't hurt her!! Don't do that to her, anything but that!!"
"Hmmm seems like we have someone who likes you really much Kari.. Is he your future husband?" Feralzen asked while eyeing at TK.

Kari slowly nodded as the thick cock of Xel rubbed against her ass crack "Y-Yes. We'll be married tomorrow.. Please don't do this miss Feralzen. I.. I'm a virgin.."

The leader stopped advancing and looked over to Xel who seemed to be puzzled about this turn of events.

"Well I don't think it's okay for the poor hubby to be there out all alone right? So join the fun.. There's plenty of her for everyone in here.." Feralzen laughed as the sisters suddenly tore the boys' pants off before starting to jerk off their soft dicks, starting to get them hard as they dragged the boys close to Kari. "Oh look. The guys like the idea of us taking your virginity."

Tai shook his head hard "No it's not true Kari! These women are doing this to us!"

However the sisters were jerking the boys dicks extremely skillfully and soon they were shooting their cum all over Kari's clothes, her face, and the two bulky shemales.
"Mmm I love taking a cum bath before fucking.." Feralzen murred as she began to insert her insane size into Kari's cunt.

As Kari gasped and cried, she could feel another large member enter her ass totally stretching her ass to the limit and way past it. She screamed hard as both of her holes virginities were stolen in seconds and the inhuman women pushed further in, with Feralzen's dick's outline appearing on Kari's stomach as it thrust in and out of her.
TK could not watch any longer, how the women were taking her beautiful wife. Feralzen pulled Kari's shirt off, revealing her perky tits as she pushed forward as deep as she could go, and began to grab on them hard.
Kari's eyes were rolled back in their sockets and she was just gasping, not even able to scream as the huge dicks went in and out of her holes at fast rate. From corner of her eye though, she could see how the other sisters had gained new erections and were stroking them at fast rate on her. Soon the women came again, drenching Kari with their cum, coating her hair and her face nearly completely.
Feralzen kept pounding into Kari faster and harder, making the girl bleed more on her penis while Xel did the same with Kari's ass.

"I'm going to come.. I'll come lots okay." Feralzen gasped as she pumped in and out at fast rate.

Soon she cried out from pleasure as she shot a load like straight out of a water hose, immediately filling Kari's pussy and her womb. She still moaned while continuing to cum, bloating Kari up a bit before pulling out and shooting still few spurts all over Kari's stomach and breasts. Xel moaned as she also reached her orgasm and shot her load deep into the bowels of Kari, bloating the poor girl's stomach even further.
"Mmm that was good bitch.. We'll have a great time together. You and us.." Feralzen laughed, which was once again followed by the others laughing.


The sad and tragic story has even more tragic and gruesome ending that'll no doubt shock anyone. The humans whom were not even humans but rather turned out to be part of the horrible Humadrion demon race; took Kari and all her friends to serve them in underworld for their demonic needs. Weeks turned to months and months turned to years as time itself was lost as the very existence of these kids became involving around the demon sisters molesting them.

Every single Digimon had their memory erased and forced to serve the Digimon as their slaves. They do all the demons wish for and sometimes get into bloody fights for their amusement. Despite having lost their memory and most of their emotions, some are trying to struggle hard becoming normal again. However they quickly realize there's no more anything for them to return to and succumb to their fate.
Davis got hit by a bus as he was crossing the street, head completely occupied with wondering why Veemon was invited but not him. No one attended the funeral expect a man who rapes dead bodies because the voices in his head tells him to do so. He and Davis have been married for two years as happy couple.

Sora got pregnant and gave birth. They made Sora their breeding bitch and she's now carrying two demons in her at once. She has totally lost her mind from the shock after having seen the first mutant baby. She's a vegetable, only suitable to carrying the horrible infants.
Tai was made into living table. He has burning candles on his naked body from which on the demons eat boiling hot food on daily basis. His charred back has almost no sense left in it anymore, so the demons will most likely kill him after they get tired of him.
Yolei's countless anal sex sessions left her unable to control her rectum any longer. Now she has to wear a diaper always as she has absolute no control over her bowel. The demons no longer fuck her and she'll probably be killed soon.
Cody was eaten out alive after having his lower half boiled.
Mimi lost her mind completely, actually becoming hooked on being fucked by the demons over and over again. Her pussy that now hangs loosely is stretched so wide after Feralzen and Xel's continuous raping that she can even lick it when they're not filling it.

Matt became the whore of Xel. Every time before sex, she whips and beats him around until he's bleeding and bruised. Then she proceeds in riding his poor cock and then ejaculating all over him. It's rumored Xel is actually pregnant for him but that's not yet certain.
TK became whore of Talera who forced the boy to wear skirt and bra always. Indeed, he ended up literally becoming a woman as the girl bit her balls and dick off, making him a total pet who could only be fucked and lick her dick.
As for Kari, she was lucky enough to die during the first week from a heavily bleeding prolapsed anus after Feralzen had attempted to fuck her there.

And it all boils down to nothing.
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Default Maybe I don - Fiction, Male/Female, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Spanking, Toys, Virginity

Maybe I don - Fiction, Male/Female, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Spanking, Toys, Virginity

Well, i hope you don
Have a good laugh, maybe a little excitation. This is all in good fun, if you can't read it, write that comment. If you think i suck, thank you i do, then write it and comment. If you thought it was hilarious, i hope you understand humor, then write and comment. Other than that, may the force be with you..


Back ground info: I hate myself for writing this but i'm really pissed off so i made up the dumbest cracker shit to get it out of my head. have fun reading and i hope you understand humor because it uses alot and it was meant all in good fun. If you hate me, you deserve it.

As always, a good story must have humor. This story contains random humor and may or may not be to your approval. I find this to be a mainly humorous story that has nothing to do with good sex or porn, just straight up comedy fun. Enjoy!

She was a cheerleader at our local High School. being dressed up in her skimpy outfit and seeing her flex her body always turned me on. Sadly though, she was a part of the "cool" people and I wasn't going to be able to get anywhere near her. Unless...

I had hitched a plan that, after close observation, focused around Chelsea's (that being her name *no shit right?*) daily routine. After her workout with her squad, she took a shower in the locker room and then put on her regular school outfit. I had fantasized about that before...from the way her legs took up the skirt and the way her breasts thrust out of her skin, i thought they were surely glued on by some cement. Such beautiful pieces of bodily form! It was orgasmic you know? Just fun to look at, and even better to play with by all means and i did just that. Onward now without my rambling of how great Ireland is, just a great place. Leprechans are real. Get use to it.

When she exited, i put on my Paper Bag (with small holes in it so i could see) and raced after her as she turned around and screamed and fled and i said "I'm fucking superman" but she wasn't paying attention because she was running so much and perhaps having an orgasm while being excited by my paper bag manliness.

Anyways, I tackled her in my arms and dragged her to my truck ( a red pickup, with small purple and yellow lilacs painted on the side) and seatbelted her in a way to prevent her from escaping (oh snap!).

I immediately headed to the outskirts of town, listening to her moans of terror and screams of rage. I liked this, it felt good, my paper bag was getting sweaty so i took it off and she saw me. "Oh Snape" I said "Dumbledore was killed!" She just looked at me and passed out from something or other. I spanked that ass of hers, wanting to hurt her so badly, THen i took off my paper bag and like a naughty person used it as a violating toy upon her ass checks to spank with...such delicious redness floating on her skin. Then i sicked my paper bag mutt/dog/hyena on her vagina, thrusting it in and out with force that would make the speed of light look like a peaceful river. if you get the metaphor of course. all for fun. Did i tell you about the leprechans? they are real you know, and they have some great sex things, oh yea you just thrust into the midgets and you think your life will explode, which it probably will because oh baby it is awesome. Back to teh storyline!

I then proceeded to outskirts of town, by a flowing lake and a wonderful beautiful fantastic forest. Dragging her senseless body into the shadows, i proceeded to grope her ass and lightly spank harder and harder on it, feeling the firmness underneath the material. I then put her down and tore off her shirt, where she managed to wake up and began kicking and screaming. I slapped her to shut her up and continued that until she stopped making noises, where she watched with tears coming down her eyes as i groped her small breasts, nicely firmed. Feelign around was great, my manhood bursting to the rims of my jeans and shirt, oh dam i said shirt, i meant underwear, damn damn damn. Onward. i thrust and thrust but realized i hadn't taken off my pants yet so i sucked them off and thrust with my fingers but then realized my fingers wasn't what i wanted and then i thrusted even more with my head inside, she could really stretch! then i did it over and over, thrusting in. Fingers, penis, head. Repeat, Rinse. Repeat. Douche. Repeat. rinse.

then i fucked and made it goood then dumbledore tried to come back and i was like this isn't right and made it all the more orgasmic and goo goo gah gah stuff... God use to be real but when i fucked her i became GOD itself, all my powers made me Power Ranger Green Ranger (because pink is for pansies and red is for dykes while white is for rabbies and blue is for dicks and yellow is for all you threesome lovers, come on realy, go find a girl and get it on, stop fucking a stool amount) then it was just wrong and suddenly i felt good i had let all that stuff out. Then i fucked again and the morning came and went when i suddenly cummed into her navel (belly button for you idiots) and was like "OH SHIT" and she's like "I'm gonna get a fucken baby now you douche" and i'm like "you naughty son of a bitch horse you know you can only get pregnant through actual intercourse" and she's like "OH SNAP DUMBLEDORE died" and i'm like "O_o" and "fuck you".....so i fucked her reallly hard all night until i became Godzilla and tore her insides out with my rampage of delicicies. Then i fucked. Fuck, fuck, fuck is a great word, except "your momma" really needs to be snapped back into the future.

JENNIFER ANNISTON IS HAWT XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO now let's make the babies and make China even more crowded than ever huh?
goo times goo times. baby talk yo!

Then i had sex with her. Good sex.

She returned the next day. Good sex/

Next day. Good Sex.

Other day: Horrible sex, she was on that (.) period thing and she kept bleeding. That douche.

Other days after that......nice cold hard sex. With a great penis yo.

The End.
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Default I got a story to tell-part 1 - True Story, Blackmail, Blowjob, Cheating, Non-consensual sex, Rape

I got a story to tell-part 1 - True Story, Blackmail, Blowjob, Cheating, Non-consensual sex, Rape

This is a story about a 26 year old girl named Sashe and what happens to her in a days time...
Tuesday morning, Sashe woke to a faint whisper coming from inside the bedroom. Rock, (Sashe's man) was on the talking on the phone in code. Sashe knew what he was talking about, being with him for so long she got used to his language. One of his boys were on his way over with some good (something to smoke), not thinking anything Sashe goes back to sleep. She was so tired from the fucking she got from Rock the night before.Sashe was awaken again by a knock on the front door, Rock wasn't in the bed so she knew he would answer the door if he was home. There was a second knock at the door, Sashe heard the door open and Rocks voice and another mans voice, so she got up to see who it was, it was Rocks best friend Jerry. He knew Jerry all his life they were like brothers, Sashe knew him since she was 6 years old, so they were all close. So Sashe goes back in the room to put some clothes on. As she is in the room changing, she heard someone walking down the hall, she shuts the door quickly hoping that it wasn't Jerry that saw her. She put her usual outfit on (snug shorts that show her pussy and a tank top). She left the room to use the bathroom, she didn't hear noones voice. So she went to take a piss and clean her pussy off from wild fucking the night before. Before she sat on the toilet the door opens and its Jerry with his hard dick sticking out of his pants. Shashe yells "shut the door get out" and tries to shut the door but Jerry stops it with his hand. Jerry says "Rock went to the store c'mon girl let me feel that pussy around this dick, hurry up before he gets back". Sashe just stood there frozen not knowing what to say. She finaly said "you better get out before I tell Rock and he gone fuck you up." Jerry said "no, i been wanting to fuck you for a long time, i cant tkae it, I saw you in your room naked while i was walking down the hallway, I want you, i want you now". SO Jerry grabbed Sashe by the hair and arms and turns her around with her shorts still down to her knees, and takes his cock and jams it in her pussy. HE starts pounding her pussy real hard, faster, and harder. At the same time she is saying "stop, no " he was saying in her ear " you better not tell rock or im going to tell him you are cheating on him". So she is fighting him back trying not to enjoy the fucking she was getting, she could not stop herself from cumming, all at the same time Jerry came all in her pussy and quickly pulls his dick out and put it back in his pants. He told Sashe not to say a word and left out of the bathroom. Sashe just stood there thinking about what just happend. It was only about 10 mins just enough time for Rock to come back home.

Rock comes home he goes to the kitchen where he left his boy Jerry, which had a perfect view of the bathroom and the bedroom Sashe was in. Sashe was in the bathroom thinking what should she do, she started cleaning up the piss and cum that was on the bathroom floor. She heard Rock come home her mind was all boggled not knowing whay to say or do. She calls Rock into the bathroom he comes in and shuts the door, shes looking at him trying to test the waters to see if he suspected anything. SO she just said "Jerry tried to come in here and fuck me" Rock said "did you let him, cause is you did we are over". SHe stood there and said "NO, i told him if he dont leave i was going to tell you, so he left out the bathroom"( she lied so he would not leave her) and i stayed in here until just now. "Okay" he said. He told her to get ready they were going shopping and to smoke.

Sashe throws on a mini skirt with some blue thongs and a wrap around top that just covered her tits, with the thought of what happend with Jerry she really could not get herself together. Rock yelled to her to come on. SO they all left , Jerry got in his car and we got in ours. First we went to the mini mart to get some blunts and then to the grocery store to get some food for the night. As they were walking in the store they see Rocks other boy named Cris. Cris called out "what up cuz?" "what up Sashe?" Rock said what you doing in here? some quick shopping Cris replied. Rock told Cris to holla afterwards cause he got some smoke. So Sashe and Rock finished their shopping. When they went to the car they saw Cris in the car next to them, Cris Said "i know where we can go smoke" so Sashe and Rock gets in the car and follows him to a little cut up the street from the market. They pulled into the spot, park their cars, so they could not be seen from the road. Rock got out then Cris got his car they stood in front of the cars and started talking.
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Default In the Basement - Fiction, Blowjob, Rape, Romance, Violence

In the Basement - Fiction, Blowjob, Rape, Romance, Violence

It kinda suck in the beginning.
"Morning. You want some coffee?" Carrie says to her husband Eric while she was washing dishes. "No thanks." Eric walked behind his wife and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Did you fix the basement door? Because you know you can only open the door from the outside." He moved his hands to her nice and soft ass and squeezed them "Yes, I fixed it last night." He moved her long light brown hair to the side and kissed the back of her neck. "Eric! Can you take out the trash please?" Eric sighed, picked up to the trash and went to the backyard. He seen his neighbor. "Hey, Mr. McLane" he said in a nice friendly way. Mr. McLane looked up at Eric and didn't say anything, just walked back into his house. Eric went back inside. She looked up at him and asked what was wrong. He said "Everytime I see Mr. McLane he doesn't say anything to me." She walked passed him putting a new bag in the trash can.
"Who? Jack?"

"It's that his name?"

"Yeah. He wanted me to call him by his first name rather then his last. Because he said calling him Mr. McLane makes feel old."

"The guy is 62."

"Actually 55. But he's a nice man. I don't understand why he's acting this way. He never acts like that around me."

She walked up to him and ran her fingers through his dark brown hair "Beside, he's probably jealous of you because you have someone that loves you deeply." He placed his hands on her hip "How deep?" She stood on her tippy-toes and whispers in his ears while reaching down his pants "This DEEP" then she drop to her knees.

She began to lick and tease the tip of his 7 inch hard cock. She than slowly took his cock deeper in her mouth. She had every last bit in her mouth. "Mmm. Damn baby" he moans softly. She licked his sack until he got stiffer and stiffer. Then he stopped her and then she got on her feet. He than picked her up and carried her to the living room and layed her on the floor by the fireplace (which wasn't on).
She took off her silky light pink robe and he took off clothes. He began to squeeze her 36C cup breast and lick her soft pink nipples. He slowly moved down to her thighs and began kissing them, while she play with her nipples. She than spred her legs and he moved in one her pink pussy which smelt like roses after her bath she had earlier. He started nibbling on her clit. She started rubbing her fingers through his head. He lick all around her pussy putting his tongue is her juicy wet hole. She moans in pleasure and delight. He slipped his index finger deeply into her hole, in and out faster and faster. "Oh, mmm, yeah Eric'" she moans and calls his name. Eric then sat up and pinned her legs up. He started teasing her pussy with his cock. "Oh Eric, I want you in me" she whispers slowly. Then slowly pushed it in deeper and deeper taking up every 7 inches. Faster he went by the moment. She rubbed his strong thick muscular body. He was beginning to feel to cum. Faster and faster he went and his
face began to turn red, he was ready to cum. Then he shot a load on cum all in her pussy.

Later the phone rings Eric went to go answer it. "Hello? Yeah this him. Work? It'a Saturday can I a least spend the day with my wife? (sighs) Alright. What time? Ok. Alright bye." He went up stairs to the bedroom where Carrie was. "Who was that on the phone?" she was in the bathroom taking a bath. "Jose. He wants me to go in right now" he walked in the their closet to get his work clothes.

"When will you be home?"

"Around 10:00 (pm)"

" You want me to make you a lunch and have dinner ready when you get home?"

"No I'll get somthing. Well, I'm leaving"

"Ok" he walked over to the tub and kissed her good bye, then he left.

She dried off and but on a clean robe. She went down stairs and seen a window opened. "How this get opened?" she said to herself. Then she heard a noise she didn't where it came from. So she went to the down stairs bathroom to get the dirty laundry out of the hamper. Then went to the basement to wash clothes. She left the basement door wide open because she wasn't sure about the door. While she was in the far corner of the basement with her back turned, then her the door closed."Eric?"she calls, but he wasn't there. She ran up the basement stairs and tries to open the door, but it was locked. "Shit." She went over to the shelf to get a srewdriver to unlock the doornob. Then someone called her name " Carrie". She turned around her and it was Mr. McLane.

"Mr. McLane what are you doing here?"

"Hey, remember call me Jack"

"How you get in here, get the hell out my house."

He slowly started walking towards her. "This how you treat all of your guests?"

"Don't you come near me."

He grabbed her wrist, she had the srewdriver in the hand.

"Hey! Don't be mean. I'm a nice guy, remember?"

"Let me go!"

"Ya know, every since you and that husband of yours moved here. I wonder want it would be like to be with you Carrie. 'Cause I've been watching you."

"You sick fuck". Then she spitted in his face. He closed his eyes and wiped his face. Then he looked at her with his evil green eyes. "You bitch" before she knew it she took a hard blow (a heavy hit) to the head and fell to the floor dropping the srewdriver. She was out. Than he ripped off her robe, pinned her arms over her head, dug into his pants took out cock, and began raping her. She finally opened her eyes and started screaming. He was fucker her really fast and hard. She wasn't enjoying it at all. She screamed more and then he slapped her across her face and made her lip bleed. " Shut up" he yells. She looked over to her right and seen the srewdriver.

She started wiggling and shaking herself out of his tight grip. Then he finally got her legs free and she kicked him in the nuts. He grunted and let her go. She grabbed the srewdriver and tried to crawl away. But he grabbed her ankle then she stabbed him in his arm. He screamed, the she stabbed him again in hin left leg. She got up grab her robe ran up the basement stairs, unlocked the basement door with the srewdriver. And ran outside leaving him there and nevered turened back.
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Default A Planned Rape Turned Into Love - Dark Fantasy, Rape, Reluctance

A Planned Rape Turned Into Love - Dark Fantasy, Rape, Reluctance

Raping Ashley
Since the night of the 'sleepover', It has been about 4 years, but just to catch you up on what happened. Remember when i put the two whore's in the trunk and busted the lock on our neighbors car? Ok.
Well our neighbors , Mr. And Mrs. Johnson were arrested due to numerous complaints of smells coming from their car, and were convicted of murder. Worked out perfectly didn't it? And Ashley knew to keep her fucking mouth shut. So now that your all caught up, lets get on with part 2.

Ashley's birthday

It has been 4 year's since I've seen my family and what a better day then my sister's birthday?
Mary and I were driving to my parents house which was an hour away without traffic. We finally arrive , while walking up the doorway, I start thinking out an evil plan, one that would teach Ashley a lesson on how to be an adult, or just to teach her that life is a fucking bitch.

I knock on the door twice, not seeing a doorbell. Mom opens the door, "hey! Diana!" Yells Mary.
I hug my mom and go inside to greet everyone else. When everyone was sitting down I grabbed a beer and sat down . "so, how's work going pops?" I ask, to get some convo going. "Going great!, the company is doing better than ever!" after a bunch of small talk, I ask "Hey, Ashley, how about we go spend some time together?" I then pull out my wallet and lay out a $100 bill to my wife and say "how about you four go out to lunch and catch up or what not?" I ask again. " Sounds great!" Mom said.

The Fun Begins.Again

Later on me and Ashley are driving to eat lunch, while driving , Ashley asked me "you remember that night?" "yeah, Why?" I asked curiously. "Why didn't you rape me?" she said, breathless, I say "Because you were so young ash". "I was raped when I was 13, by a boy in my math class, but the thing is.is I liked it" She said. "and that's why I was wet that one night, when you raped and killed my two friends".

While in awe, my cock got rock hard. I then see a dirt road that I thought led to the middle of nowhere. And it did, I pull over I take a joint out from under my medium length hair and the lighter out of my pocket. I light the joint and take a hit, "You want some ash?!". she takes the joint and hits it and coughs a little. "hahaha, Ashley, your doing it wrong!". so I just put out the joint.

I look over to my right and ash was looking out the window. I then think to engage in my plan. I take my hand and pull Ashley's hair and smash her face into the window, as expected the window cracks. She starts to cry,

The real fun begins!

"Not like this!" She cried
"Well to FUCKING BAD!". I screamed again
I rip her tank top off and play with her tits through her bra.
She starts to fight back a little, I again take her by the back of her head and smash her face on the dashboard.
"You like this, don't you , you trashy fucking cunt?!?!"
By now there was blood on her legs and face, which turned me on big time
I rip her bra off, and lean towards her and grab her medium sized tits, possibly a B Cup.
While squeezing one tit. I take her other nipple in my mouth and bite it. She cries in pain, but at the same time arching her back in pleasure.
Again she hits me in the face. So I start getting pissed and throw to violent swings at her in the face. I throw her on her back and rip off her skirt and panties, in astonishment, her 18 year old pussy was hairless and

bright pink, and already soaking wet. I undo my belt and strip the rest of my clothes off, I pull her by her hair up to my cock, and shove it violently down her throat. Sliding in and out of her mouth puts me in pure ecstasy, while she was reluctantly sucking my cock I was fingering her tight asshole., once I had enough of that , I throw her back on her back, and lift her up by her legs and spread her butt cheeks apart, then I start to lick it, the taste, it was so clean, and fresh, tempting me so hard to put my cock in it. I took my tongue away and lowered her ass down to my cock and rammed it into the trashy slut.

While crying she yelled "OH, MY FUCK!!" and went back to crying. I rammed in and out of her un-lubed asshole, I did one hard shove and blood started to leak out. I looked at Ashley's whimpering face, she was screaming and crying like a fucking 5 year old that didn't get its fucking candy bar.

Pulling my cock out of her ass, I see a water fall of blood leaking from her ass. Not giving a fuck I grind my cock on her soaking wet pussy, and then shove it balls deep into her pussy, immediately my eyes rolled to the back of my head as I fuck her pussy, it was like fucking Jenna Jameson or some shit, after a few more strokes of fucking her pussy. I feel my balls tense up, and my cock starting to swell, I blew one of the biggest loads of cum I've ever had into her tight, heaven-like pussy. Load after load after load. Into her tight cunt. It started leaking the from the outline of my cock inside of her. I then collapsed on top of her. As soon as I had enough energy to get up I got dressed and told her to clean up and do the same. We then drove home, it was quieter than an old man and a midget sitting right next to each other on the bus. So my family and I went out to dinner. Then me and Mary were driving home, and she asked "Why is there blood on my seat?", oh ash had her period on my the seat and it happened she was not wearing any underwear. So it got all over the seat. "Oh, ok" she said.
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Default The Shallow Depths - True Story, Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Humiliation, Incest, Mature, Oral Sex, Plumper, Rape, Teen Male / Female, Virginity, Young

The Shallow Depths - True Story, Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Humiliation, Incest, Mature, Oral Sex, Plumper, Rape, Teen Male / Female, Virginity, Young

A fantasy come true?
Years past. I was beginning to lose faith that my dreams would ever come true...

It was a cold summer day, not to the point of a jacket, but there was a chill in the air. Ever since We moved into our new house, I have always wanted a pool. It is a kids dream to own a pool that all of his friends could come swim in. But to me, a pool meant something totally different.

I was 15 years old at the time, and horny as ever. Everyday after school, I would dart straight home and get on my computer. I wouldn't get on my computer for the normal computer things, I would get on for reasons only my dick can appreciate. "OHHHH! HARDER! FUCK ME FASTER, BABY! FASTER!" These were the sounds that were constantly springing from my computer speakers. I didn't care if the neighbors heard it, I was never afraid to show my sexuality, and I never will be. I would quickly bring out my 7 1/2 inch dick and stroke it to climax. On days that my parents didn't have work, I would simply wait until it was time to shower, and bring my laptop in the bathroom. It was simple, and I'm sure my parents didn't know what I was doing. Oh yeah, my parents. I had always been one on the kinky side. I have tried every different masterbation technique out there at least once, I masterbate no matter the circumstances, and I think of my parents in an incestual way. Speaking of my parents. On weekends my mother (Jennifer) and my father (Eric) usually go out and run errands, while I am left home alone. This doesn't make me angry, because this is when I have the most fun. I stroll into my parents room naked, and go through my parents drawers. My father, about 6'0 tall and normal weight, has a nightstand. The nightstand looks innocent, cuddling next to his side of the bed, but really it is an incest-lovers dream. This drawer contains condoms, and even contains porn cards. Some of the porn cards even have cum stains where my father must have wanked all over them. Although the cards are a great turn-on, the condoms are my favorite treat. Every weekend a condom disappears which can only mean that my parents are having sex right down the hall from my bedroom! The thought of this turns me on. When I find that a condom is gone, I quickly jolt to the bathroom and dig through the mini garbage can to look for the small, round clump of the weekly napkins. Inside the "treasure box" is a used condom from my parents the night before. I usually stare at the condom in amazement knowing that my mom's pussy, and my dad's dick has touched it. I soon get a hard on, so I put the condom on and jack-off with it. I love to feel the mixture of my dad's cum all over my dick. Before long, I have added my own jizz to the condom, and I put it back where I got it. Not only do I go through my dad's drawers though, I also go through my mom's. My mother is abotu 5'5 and slightly overweight. When I first started going through here drawers, there was nothing to excite me enough. But as I dug deeper through the underwear drawer, I found a white lace thong. I was star-struck when I found out that my mother had worn a thong even though she is so fat. Usually I put the thong on, and jack-off until I cum. I usually cum all over the thong, hoping that my mom will put it on while the cum is still wet. But that never happens. I have always tried to catch my parents in the act of sex, or either of them naked, but to no avail.

Finally, after years of imagining, my dream has come true.

My mom had been home all week from work due to a manditory shut down. I knew that this meant I wouldn't be able to jack-off right when I got home, so I had to find something else to do. I had recently got a pool, and so I decided that I would go swimming. My mom told me she would join me. Although the pool was only an on-top-of-the-ground pool, it cooled me off nonetheless. I didn't go in the pool to cool of that day though, it was only 65 degrees, but I went for a more sly reason. I climbed the ladder into the pool, and to my surprise, the water was warm. Jenny, happy to hear this, climbed right in too. She was too big for a bikini, so she wore a one peice. Instantly, I noticed how revealed her DD boobs were in the top. She dipped down into the water, and I finally after many years to trying, I saw her boobs. The top was so tight that her boobs showwed through, and I was stuck in amazement. She saw me staring, so I knew I had to make my move. I told her I was cold, and wanted to go in. She complied.

When we got in the house, I waited until she got in the living room and quickly threw her down onto the couch. She was big, but I was taller and much stronger. She knew she what I wanted, and she knew I would get it.

I stripped away her failing top, and slapped the top of her boob, letting her know that I meant business. I loved the sight of her fat body, and her hairy snatch. I had a raging hard-on, so I had to let it go. She told me she didn't want me to do this, but I didn't care, I was ready. I flipped her on her back, and rubbed my dick around her pussy lips. She seemed to be pretty loose, but nothing my 8.5 inch dick couldn't please. I quickly stuck my dick in her. She was now flooded with tears, but I didn't care. I had waited so long for this, and I wasn't going to let it slip away now. I rammed my body against the rolls of her ass, as my dick went in and out. I was letting slow grunts, as this was my first time in a real pussy. It felt so good, that in a matter of a few minutes, I could feel the skeet getting ready to drain into her violated pussy. "UHGGGGHHH". I had the biggest climax of my life, right there in my OWN mom's pussy. She was screaming at me telling me not to do this, and I just kept reminding her that I had so condom on, and that I hoped she got pregnant, so she would have to suffer the pain of pregnancy. I flipped my mom over and stuck my dick in her mouth. "Lick off your son's excess cum that your pussy couldn't handle, and if you bite, I'll beat the shit out of you." She knew I meant this, so she did. Within minutes, I had a boner yet again. I flipped her over and asked her if Dad had ever given it to her in the ass. "No, we don't like the thought of that," she said. "Good, then that'll make it even better when I give it to you in the ass," I laughed maniacly. I quickly shoved my ready dick into her tight brown nozzle. "OWWWW," she let out a high-pitched scream of pain. I rammed my cock into her for a good hour, and then I was ready to cum again. "Have you ever had cum in your mouth?" I questioned her. "Yes, I have, and I liked it," she said with some attitude. I could tell she was lying from the tone in her voice, so I flipped her over and shoved my dick in her pryed open mouth. "Good, then you'll like this." I let out another behemoth load of cum, half of it spilling out all over the couch. I knew she was in a state of shock, after what just happened, so I thought I'd humiliate her one more time, then let her go. "Lick up all of the cum that you couldn't swallow, or that didn't stay in your pussy and I'll let you be free for now," I demanded. She willingly licked up every last drop. "Now don't speak of this again or I'll kill your husband, and you'll be all mine," I laughed at her face when she thought of what I had just said. "Okay, but please don't do this again," she begged. "Oh, shut up bitch," I told her.

Ever since then I have been raping her anytime my dad is gone. I even shower with her in the mornings!

For many years I waited, but my dream has finally come true.

If you liked this, tell me, and I'll tell you guys some other stories in my life.
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