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Default Little brat girl at the truck stop - Fiction, Anal, Authoritarian, Blowjob, Cruelty, Domination/submission, Extreme, First Time, Humiliation, Mature, Non-consensual sex, Older Male / Female, Oral Sex,...

Little brat girl at the truck stop - Fiction, Anal, Authoritarian, Blowjob, Cruelty, Domination/submission, Extreme, First Time, Humiliation, Mature, Non-consensual sex, Older Male / Female, Oral Sex, Rape, Reluctance, Spanking, Teen, Violence, Virginity, Young

This isn't really descriptive. It's short, sweet, and to the point.
Be brutal with your reviews.

I was your average trucker: Tall, hairy, big, flannelled. I was 47 and most of the truckers my age have let themselves go. I, on the other hand, have exercised almost every day for the past 25 years. I was happy with my body. So were the ladies. I've had my fair share of hookups. Being a trucker, I travel all over the country and stop at rest stops or truck stops. I often find girls who're horny and are looking for a good time. Sometimes they're my age, sometimes they're 20. Sometimes they have nice tits and a tight body, sometimes they're BBWs. I was really not picky on body size. If she had a pretty face, I'd give her a chance.
Fortunately, my company had plants all over the country so I got to travel a lot. The latest job I had was to travel to from New York, which is where I live, to California to drop off cargo and bring some back.
After a day and a half of driving non-stop, I stopped at a rest stop in Nebraska. It was 10:45pm and the little store next to the stop was about to close so I ran to get some food. After gathering everything I wanted to buy, I noticed an attractive woman. She looked like she was in her early thirties and had a model's face and a pornstar's body. I couldn't stop looking at her. She came on line right behind me. She dropped something and I picked it up.
"Thank you," she said.
"Don't mention it," I replied. "I'm Jim, by the way."
"Mollie. It's nice to meet yo-" she was stopped short by a young girl who was around 7 or 8.
"Mom, buy me this," the girl said. She had to be her daughter. She looked just like except way younger.
"Honey, I don't have enough money!" She explained.
I hated being around spoiled, bratty kids. But I wanted to impress her mom. "I'll buy it. If you don't mind."
Mollie looked confused. "Oh, no. I can't ask you to do that."
"It's really no problem! I have my company's credit card."
"Okay then. I guess it's fine."
I decided to push my luck even further. "You can add your stuff.if you want."
"No, it's fine," she said.
"Honestly, it's no problem," I said.
She put her stuff on the counter, "Thank you."
"No problem."
Mollie looked at her daughter. "Say thank you!"
"Ew, no," she said and walked outside.
"I'm sorry about her."
"Don't be! It's not your fault. She's just a kid."
"I know, but still. I was never that rude at her age."
"Neither was I, but we live in a different era."
"Tell me about it."
"Well, here's your stuff."
"Thank you. Thank you, so much."
I walked out and turned to the rest stop. I didn't realize how far it was from the store since I ran on my way here. When I finally got to my truck, I went in to the back and noticed a young girl with and older woman walking to a beat up car through the window. I realized it was Mollie and her daughter. I opened the window and waved at them. Mollie waved back and they went into the car.
I woke up at about 3:46am. I wasn't leaving until 6 so I tried my best to go back to sleep. I started to notice that I had to pee so I got up and walked over to the restroom. I peed in the urinal and walked back out and saw a young girl standing against the wall. And young wasn't the word. More like little. It was Mollie's daughter.
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Default Acceptance - True Story, Bestiality, Enema, Necrophilia, Rape

Acceptance - True Story, Bestiality, Enema, Necrophilia, Rape

One woman, one heartwarming lesson, five gorrilas
As i begin to write this story i hope that my experience not only lessens your prejudice, but also the gap between our species.
-Mr. Kong

I remember the day of the occurrence very clearly, as if it happened recently, even though it happened earlier today. It was a hot, Wednesday in the amazon forest. I know it was wensday because it was casual Wednesday down at the office. The humid air forced us to shove cool bananas up our asses to beat the heat.

I was traveling with my four comrades, V.G. otherwise known as Vanilla Gorilla, The Jackson Brothers Tyrone and Shantwan, and Kelvin the retarded ass gorilla. It was mating season and all of us, with the exception of VG being the silver back, have not mated and were in a heat that would make the sun seem like a pissed off lesbian's stare, cold. That is when we came across her, a human. She was tired and drenched from sweat from her journey, she was wearing what appeared to be a uniform that we recognized from a local banana farm. She wasn't anything special for a gorilla, hardly any body hair, but her hair had the same color and allure as a banana. She had sat down to rest under the banana tree we were hanging out at.

"LOL like totally let's rape this beotch" said Shantwan

"Hell yea nigga lets do it! Ima rape her like a banana! " replied his brother.

"The probability of rape is 100%" said I.

Kelvin and VG said nothing, VG being too cool to speak and Kelvin just being too damn retarded even for a gorilla.

We all jumped down and proceeded to converge on our startled target. We each grabbed an appendage with one hand, a banana for energy with the other, and proceeded to jack off with our feet. Kelvin almost immediately came on our new acquaintance while the others began to peel the clothes off her, strangely like we peel the skin from a banana. She started screaming and struggling, which is the sign of acceptance in our culture.

"Leave me be gorillas who rape! or at least get this down on video tape!" screamed the banana haired woman.

"Man like wtf is this bitch saying" asked Shantwan.

I being a scholar in our society have studied the language of the humans.

"According to my studies, she said that she expressively wishes for us to implant our seed into her". I explained to my comrades.

"I have mated with chimpanzees that are more attractive than this human!!!!" roared VG.

"But she also stated that she will pay us more then our weight in bananas!!!" I rebuttled.

The very second i finished that statement VG threw her onto the ground and lifted her legs, slid one of his enormous toes into her sweat drenched banana hole and continued to jack off with his other foot.

"Oh gorillas please desist, else my boyfriend will be pissed!" yelped the banana haired girl.

"I believe she said that she requests we insert a banana into her ass otherwise known as a banenema" I suggested.

At which point Kelvin, with a speed and skill we have never witnessed from him before, grabbed a banana from the adjacent tree and threw it directly into her ass.

VG, who never really got along with Kelvin after the day he slept with his cousin, which was an atrocity in our culture because VG had dibs on her first, couldn't but gaze into the banana stuffed asshole which Kelvin so skillfully prepared. He stopped jacking off in order to high five Kelvin. We were all stunned at this brotherly gesture and this motivated us to sacrifice our dignity in order to fulfill what has been requested of us.

The Jackson brothers proceeded to take an ear each and insert their famous banana shaped dicks for which the Jackson brothers are praised inwards. I on the other hand, proceed to take my plantain and thrust it into her moist, warm, mouth.

We began to clap our feet and thrust inside her in unison. The mating season had brought conflict and dissent in our group. But as we pumped into her bleeding orrifices i began to feel as if we were bonding again.

We drenched her inards with our banana flavored cum and proceeded to high five each other.

"Never have I felt such pain, I think theres cum in my fucking brain" coughed the banana haired girl.

"She said that she lied about the bananas!" I exclaimed.


So they proceeded to wrap her up in a banana leaf and threw her into the river which Kelvin said would send her up the waterfall but instead it sent her down the river and into a crocodile's mouth.

"Kelvin, your are singlehandedly the most goddamn retradedest stupidass i have ever motherfucking seen" said VG.

Ever since that day, the occurence between Kelvin and VG seemed to spread throughout the group and even though that woman cheated us out of bananas. She gave us something much more valuable, acceptance.
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Default Family Abduction - Fiction, Anal, Bi-sexual, Cum Swallowing, Incest, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Violence

Family Abduction - Fiction, Anal, Bi-sexual, Cum Swallowing, Incest, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Violence

I kidnap a girl from school and things get out of control
This story is a fictional fantasy and hasn't really happened...yet.

I am basically a fat loser and have no friends at school. There is one other kid I talk to and I pretty much hate him too. I spend most of my time playing video games on my Xbox that my parents were too fucking cheep to buy me so I had to get money and buy it on my own. The joke is that I stole most of the money from my moms purse and my dads wallet without them knowing it. Fucking retards. I also jerkoff a lot and look at porn on the computer. I am board with normal porn so I try to find the sickest shit that really makes my dick super hard. I love seeing myself cum and I like shooting it all over the place and once in a while I will even taste my own spunk wad if I am extra horny.

This story starts when I was in science class and the teacher who is a boaring dooshbag made us be partners for a project. Sarah Barnett was absent that day and noone wanted to be my partner so the teacher said Sarah and I would be partners for the assignment. Sarah was one of the hottest girls in our school and would never even look at me or especially talk to me. I popped an instant boner and couldn't wait for what was going to come next.

Sarah was pissed when she found out she was stuck with me for a partner and tried to get out of it, but noone would trade with her so she had to work with me. We talked and she agreed to come over to my house to work on the project. My house is pretty much a crappy shithole because my dad doesn't have a good job and my mom is a lazy bitch. Sarah looked like she was going to throw up when she saw the inside of my house but I didn't care because I had made a plan for her in the past couple of days. We sat down and started working. My parents weren't home buy the way. I said I had to go take a piss and I went to get something else instead. I came back behind her and quickly surprised her with a gag in her mouth. She tired to scream but it didn't make enough noise for anyone but me to hear. It sounded like music to me. Sarah got up to run away but and pulled her down on the floor and used my fat weight to hold her there while she used all her energy trying to fight me and get away. I got some scratches on my face from her but she eventually got tired and couldn't fight anymore. Her long blonde hair was all tangled and her pretty face was red and sweating. I grabbed her boobs and squeezed them a few times and told her that she was all mine now and then dragged her to my bedroom. I tied her to my bed by her wrists and ankles so her arms were up over her head and her legs were apart. I then got out my Gayle Bradley Spiderco Air knife and cut off her clothes.

I started with her shirt slicing up the sleeves then down the front between her breasts. Sarah wiggled and resisted which resulted in her getting a few small cuts along the way. I pulled her shredded shirt away and started on her pants next. I cut up the insides of each of her legs then up the sides until she had on only her bra and panties. Sarah's big tits were almost ready to fall out of her bra and I couldn't wait to see them. I took off all my clothes and she saw my dick for the first time. It was harder than the steel of my knife and ready to fuck! I cut the strap of her bra and her big tits were naked just like that. I felt her up and sucked her nipples to make them hard. She struggled and screamed but there was nothing she could do to stop me so I played with her tits all I wanted. I told her that this is what stuck up prom queen bitches get for being snobby cunts. I rubbed my naked cock and balls on her tits and almost came but I wanted to hold on for something better.

Next thing I did was use my knife to cut slices along the sides of her panties. Sarah had a small bush of light colored pubic hair and it was the first pussy I ever saw in real life. Sarah tried to close her legs but she couldn't because of how I tied her ankles apart. I sniffed her pussy and touched it with my fingers spreading it open to see inside. She started crying but that only made me more horny. I got my camera and took a bunch of pictures of her naked. It was time to cum. I got on top of her and put my cock in her pussy hole. I sucked her big tits and pumped into her and it was only less than a minute before I shot my load inside her cunt. When I pulled out there was some blood which I knew meant she was a virgin before I fucked her. She was still crying and thrashing around which made her a better fuck and I watch my sperm ooze out of her vagina and took more pictures of that. I played more with her tits and slapped them a few times. I liked how that sounded and how it made her yelp through the gag. I fucked her again. It took me longer to cum but it was worth it to have total control over this bitch and her cunt.

I took a rest next and the next thing I knew my stupid mom was in my room screaming about what was going on in here? I told her it was okay that this was my girlfriend and we were just fooling around. She kept yelling at me and calling me a million names for being a disgusting pervert in her house and everything she usually says to me. When I got close enough I punched her I the mouth which shut her up long enough for me to put a gag on her. My mom fought hard against me but I wrestled her down onto the floor and tied her wrists together and tied her ankles to my bed. She got it a few good hits and I was going to have bruises but I didn't care. Now I had control of her too. I got my Bradley Air and did the same thing to my moms clothes as I did with Sarahs. Soon my mom was laying naked on my bedroom floor helpless. My mom is a typical middle aged lady who is chubby but not obese and has big sloppy tits. She has curly brown hair but she doesn't have a very pretty face. My moms pussy was hairy all over and she has stretch marks on her stomach but my cock was still hard over the physcial fight we just had. Mom was sweaty and couldn't catch her breathe easy through the gag. I rubbed my balls on her face and slapped her big old titties around. I rubbed my asshole on her nose and made her smell me back there. I told how this is what she gets for being a bitch to me all the time. Then I got between her legs and gave her a good hard fuck and shot my spunk into my own mothers nasty old pussy. She was acting like she was angry but she probably loved it. I took some pictures of her too. I logged into her email account and sent the pictures to my grandmother so she could see what a stupid slut her daughter turned out to be.

I went back and played with Sarah some more after that. That's when my dad got home without me noticing. He came into my room and saw Sarah and my mom tied up naked and started yelling at me and saying he was going to beat the piss out of me. I grabbed my knife but he knocked it out of my hand and knocked me out with a punch to the head. When I woke up I was tied to my chair and gagged. My father was naked and playing around with Sarah's titties. My mom was still tied up on the floor with my cum dribbling out of her pussy. When my dad saw I was awake he came over and told me what a sick motherfucker I was and laughed. He said I had a tiny dick not like his big cock that he waved in my face. He then got down on his knees and started sucking my dick. I got hard and he kept sucking me until I came in his mouth. He got up and called me a fag for getting my dick sucked by a man then he pulled off his gag and shoved his big cock into my mouth. I sucked until my jaw hurt and my dad shot his load down my throat. I choked some but I swallowed it all. He said I was his good little sissy boy then he went and fucked Sarah while I watched. He blew a load in her. My dad then untied one of my moms legs and rolled her over. He went and got some lube and put it on her asshole. My dad said she never let him fuck her ass then untied me and told me to do it. I got on her and shoved my cock in her butthole and fucked her ass hard. My dad laughed the hole time and jerked himself off while he watched. He then turned Sarah over and fucked her in the ass. After that we switched and dad finally got to fuck his wife in the butt like he always wanted.

After that my dad was wiped out and fell asleep. While he was passed out I tied him up. He woke up when I stuck my dick up his ass and fucked him where my mom could see her husband getting ass raped by her son. I came in my dads ass then punched him in the face and took pictures of him naked with cum coming out of his asshole and emailed them to his boss at work so all the tough guys he worked with would find out what a fag my dad was. I then took videos of me fucking Sarah, my mom and my dad again and uploaded them all over the internet. I had to pee so instead of going to the bathroom I pissed all over my mom and on her pussy. It was about then that the cops showed up. I picked off the first two cops through the door with my Glock 39, but the third cop got me with a gut shot that knocked me down and made me feel like puking. This cop was a big black dude and he looked around the room at what was going on. He went over to Sarah first, who was pretty much wasted and past out. He checked her pulse then pulled out his big black cock. It was bigger than my dads and the cop started fucking Sarah's cunt even though it was filled with cum from me and my dad. After he shot his load he went to my mom took off her gag and shoved his wet dick down her throat. She moaned and sucked his big black cock and swallowed his spunk. After that he went to my dad and fucked him in the ass. My dad was screaming because the cops cock was so big. This whole time I was jerking off even though I was bleeding to death on the floor. The cop then came over to me and jerked off and came all over my face. I got some in my mouth.

The black cop then took my gun and shot Sarah, my mom and my dad in the head. The cop pointed the gun at my head and asked if I had any last words. I said I'm cumming! then shot my load so far that it hit him in the eye. He pulled the trigger and blew my brains out all over my bedroom floor and I died happy. The end.
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Default My First Rape - Dark Fantasy, Anal, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Rape, Spanking, Teen Male / Female, Violence

My First Rape - Dark Fantasy, Anal, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Rape, Spanking, Teen Male / Female, Violence

Twisted & sexually frustrated, I take what I want.
My first

Drifting in and out of some seamless euphoria, i stop and think. to ponder on my thoughts. something i haven't done in a very long time. I've done things every normal person has done, but no one wants to hear about that. you want the dirty stuff, the stuff that makes me sick even mentioning it, yet i thought it up in my own dirty mind. to better understand my actions later on in the story, why don't we start at the end of the beginning.

i was younger, i was incredibly sexually frustrated, I had a girlfriend who was a complete bitch, and i hated her fucking guts. every second word out of her mouth was either a rude comment about someone, or gossip about someone else.She was blond, she never put out. I was a heavy smoker, but i didn't let my family catch on, i kept it a secret and later quit(without anyone the wiser). i smoked dope while not at work, on my couch, murdering people in video games, or masturbating furiously to some pornography(www.fhwl.com From Holland With Love) . I also read comic books or novels, anything that caught my attention, i watched A LOT of movies. and most importantly, i'd never had sex before, it was something i had seen in so many movies and read about in all the magazines. i was at the brink, i had to feel the inside of a woman. enough about me though, how about the story, huh?

i was over at my girlfriends, i'd rather not say her name. she was watching TV while i smoked a joint out on the balcony. i take a long drag, wondering why i stay by this bitch, even though just by being with her lowers me. she was dumb, ignorant, and not that pretty, and she was a huge bitch, plastic! i roached the joint and went inside. she was now watching the end of the original "Poseidon's Adventure", with the priest who dies at the end. i sat down on the futon and ripped open my roach, picking apart the brown weed from the paper. i stuff the weed in my pipe and i get back up to go for the balcony. the roach weed sets my lungs on fire, using a pipe only makes it worse, i slip my pipe into my pocket. i turn around and step through the door and sit next to her, kissing her on the cheek lightly then moving slowly to her mouth.i slide my fingers underneath her panties and start rubbing her pussy slowly, kissing and rubbing i use my other hand to rub underneath her breast.she stops me there. she tells me shes not ready to go that far yet. "Poseidon's Adventure" ends. i leave early. it was a dark night, i was walking home in my usual army jacket and jeans, headphones blaring the same noise, alone. My place wasn't too far, i took a right leaving her place and walked down to the 7-11. i look over the magazines then head to the back, towards the drinks. A hot blond was opening one of the fridges and bending over, reaching for who gives a fuck. her panties were riding up her ass and i was ready to bend her over the fridge and fuck her. but i refrain, taking a step back, i turn around and walk out. Walking down the alley to get home faster and to avoid people, i come across another gorgeous beauty. i took in her body, her figure, i watched her move, swaying her hips back and forth. my mind was screaming, and i already had a major hard-on! My thoughts racing in my head, so many thoughts, i wanted to have her right there every which way whether she liked it or not. i grab her by the waist and pull her close to me, lifting up her bangs to see her face. she's beautiful,like an angel, she screams, and i get angry... I hit her, hard, smack her around a bit, she isn't moving, shes crying. i undo my belt telling her i would treat her gently, i ripped off her clothes, all of them. i shoved my fingers in her pussy, rubbing her clit, and then i slowly began to fuck her violently in the ass, pounding for what seemed like an eternity in a filthy alley. getting faster, going deeper, slapping her bare ass. shes screams a lot, so i fishhook her with my right arm and continue. her tears streaming across my fingers, wiping away the filth, and the dirt. i switch holes, and fuck her pussy. her cries slowly turn into mixed moans of pleasure and pain. her ass red, i finish inside her pussy, my cum oozing onto my cock she bites my finger and screams. i pull out and turn her around, i punched her in the face several times, i don't remember how many, no more than 5. my cock was drenched in cum, so i cleaned it, wiping my cum off in her mouth...
the blood and cum felt so good as i fucked her mouth, that i came again, choking her. she swallows alot and the rest oozes out and around her mouth. she spits a mixture of cum, saliva, and blood at my leg, driving me to kick her in the side of the head. she falls to the ground and goes limp, crying and bleeding.
i clean the blood off my cock, and do up my belt . i told her i had a good time, then i left, finally satisfied. if only for a little while...

depending on the feedback i receive from this particular story, i will decide whether or not to publish my next story.My second story will be done soon, it will take place several months after this incident, and will be a full length story(this being a short story).
I'm also considering drawing some still sketches of scenes, to make the story visually stimulating as well. Any feedback is appreciated.
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Default We are just old lovers - Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Bondage and restriction, Cheating, Male/Female, Rape, Wife

We are just old lovers - Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Bondage and restriction, Cheating, Male/Female, Rape, Wife

It was late at night and i called you . i said that i just wanted to see you , we weren't real friends just fuck buddy at times it seem. We hadn't seen each other for a long time so my call was quite a surprise to you , and you couldn't understand who was calling you . You and I decided to meet up in 15 minutes near my house.

So I rush to my bath room took a quite shower put on my makeup the way I remember you liked it the most. Went to my bedroom and I put that little red dress you love so much on then I fixed my hair and was there right on time. I look up and there you were and wow what a change.

It seems to me you're around your 30's now and your married for your second time, sadly your wife was 19 just like me. I start to shack my head when I think of it now. You sleep with your wife every day and I can't understand why you where looking for a new girlfriend if you know what I mean. I'm guessing you're just a chaser papi. I have seen my share of chaser papi but you are by far the best one I have met yet.

You got really comfortable and pushed me on top of you. I could see desire of sex in your eyes. You reached for my lips and kissed me even thought you were a rough lover from what I remember you always kissed me tenderly and nicely. He hugged me with one of his arms, and used the other to unzip his pants and get his hard dick out.

Please blow me!

You were begging me as if you would die if I didn't do it. I took your dick head in my mouth and began moving up and down, gradually swallowing your dick deeper.

Please deeper, more, more!

You began loosing control. You put your hands on the back of my head and pulled my head towards yourself. I almost choked and pushed you away. Than I continued blowing you, this time helping me with my hand. You weren't just sitting, you were moving towards me. Screaming "I'm Cumming" you splashed inside my mouth.

I like girls who let fuck them at all the holes, you said.

Oh, you're mistaken; I won't let you fuck my ass

I love it when I'm drunk!

You grabbed my boobs and sat me back on your knees.

You're fucking whore! You said.

I got upset.

Have you seen real whores?

Oh yeah.I fuck them often, when she starts sucking on my dick I ask her how much should I add to fuck her ass.

What is so good about fucking whores?

I like the girls, who give you everything. I like gang-bangs, I like perverted girls, -and he squeezed my boobs harder.

You're a bitch, stupid whore, you're cant!
It was getting me excited.

Your family is nice, isn't in? - you asked asked.

Yeah, my mom was a virgin before the marriage.

You're not like her. Your nurture is fighting your nature.

He turned me around and put me on my knees. you pulled my pants down and got ready.

I was scared.

Please don't.

Shut the fuck up, bitch! I'll fuck you wherever I want! Naughty whore!


You're slut! You can be fucked anywhere! Be quiet, bitch!

Damn it was exciting! Those words didn't hurt me, they just made me horny. You pushed your dick inside my ass. I felt pain and tried to break free, but you were holding me tight.

It hurts!

Shut up, bitch!

You got deeper. I was hurt, because your dick was big. But when you were cursing me, I forgot about pain and screamed:

Don't! Oh no, don't stop!

And you continued. Soon I felt not only pain, but pleasure, too.

Oh it feels good, go ahead!

Shut the fuck up, whore! You're dirty cant! - You were unstoppable.

We came at the same time. We lay on the seat not being able to move. You hugged me.

You're wonderful, you're just amazing, and I admire you!

What's wrong with you? Five minutes ago you said different things!

But you liked it, didn't you?

Yeah, I liked it, you stupid disgusting fucker, sluttish fag!!!

We laughed and decided to meet again.

just as we were laying there hugging and enjoying our time togther i remember the time i started to put my dress back on and you looked t me in shock

why are you leaving me already ?

you have a wife and a life that doesnt not envolve me at all times

I walk over to you and i kiss you on the forehead then i run my fingurs through your hair

i know you will miss me but dont worry i will be back again to see mi amor

how can i reach you when you called me it was private and i dont have your number i dont even know where you live or why you picked this place. all i know is that you are one of the best lovers i have been with in my life time and i want use t happen again.

and you will i say to you in a sexy voice.

I walk over and leave my card upside down on the table to the let of you and righ one top of it i left my pen it was red and wite you gave it to me the very furst time we meet up and you been chaseing me every since only thing i never gave you any info on me so for the most part i come in and out as i please.

I must leave now please dont forget me i walk over to you and hug you tight and kiss your lips for the last time. I walk our of your front door and oyu walk over to the table to read my card but when you read it , it only says

~your little secret~
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Default Maria and her sister Connie - Dark Fantasy, Ass to mouth, Authoritarian, BDSM, Blackmail, Coercion, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Domination/submission, Enema, Extreme, Group Sex, Hardcore, Humiliation, No...

Maria and her sister Connie - Dark Fantasy, Ass to mouth, Authoritarian, BDSM, Blackmail, Coercion, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Domination/submission, Enema, Extreme, Group Sex, Hardcore, Humiliation, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Slavery, Stockholm Syndrome, Torture, Virginity, Voyeurism, Water Sports/Pissing, Written by women, Young

Connie and Maria are sisters
Maria and her sister Connie

Maria and Connie grew up in a big Greek family in Brooklyn. Maria was younger than Connie and they were best friends growing up. Even though they were three years apart they almost looked like twins and people could always tell they were sisters. All girls have secrets and Maria and Connie had their fare share.
Maria never knew it but her big sister Connie was always jealous of her ever since they were little girls because Maria always got more attention from their parents, especially their father, Franco. As they grew up Connie would bully Maria from time to time out of jealousy but they always made up and hugged one another after their fights.
When Maria was just nine years old and Connie was twelve, their mother Christina died of a tragic accident and left Franco a single father with their two daughters. Maria and Connie missed their mother dearly but they were happy to have their father Franco to take care of them.
As time went on Maria and Connie grew up into two beautiful young women, however Maria was slightly prettier and more attractive to men than her older sister Connie and this did make Connie jealous but she still loved her little sister Maria.

After Maria graduated from high school she went to college wither her older sister at the University. They got into a nasty fight over this guy James who had been sleeping with Connie for a year and she considered him a boyfriend. James met Maria her first day at school and he knew she was Connie's little sister but Maria didn't know that James was Connie's boyfriend and James romanced her and seduced her into having sex with him.
Connie caught James fucking her eighteen year old sister Maria up the ass in his dorm room and completely freaked out on both of them. Maria was so nervous and humiliated because her older sister caught her taking it up the ass which was taboo for them since their family was devout Christians and she was doing it with her sister's boyfriend which she was previously unaware of. To make thing worse Maria was an amateur to anal sex and she didn't know to give herself an enema before doing it and when James pulled his big throbbing penis out of her asshole she took a big stinky shit on his cock and his bed and started to cry in a state of utter embarrassment and shock.
Connie screamed at Maria and called her a dirty piece of shit whore and told both James and Maria that she hated them. Maria begged her big sister not to tell anyone and Connie said she wouldn't because she didn't want to ruin their family name but told Maria that she was very mad at her and she didn't want to talk to her for a long time.
After a few years Maria and Connie were talking to each other again. Connie forgave Maria for her slutty mistake and Maria learned a good lesson about anal sex and being a slut. Maria was a slut all through college, she was not just screwing college kids though. Maria found a boyfriend named Justin who was a police officer and she eventually began to serve him and his friends as a full time sex slave. Things were going good and Maria was enjoying her relationship with the her boyfriend and his buddies. Maria and Connie graduated from College and got jobs working as professional hairstylists.
Maria kept serving her boyfriend and his friends as a sex slave which Connie was completely unaware of and would not approve of. When Connie turned twenty nine she got married to a guy named Bruno and Maria was her maid of honor.
One day Justin asked Maria to recruit her sister into sexual slavery and Maria said Connie would not be interested , Justin just nodded his head and said "ok".
Two more years passed and Maria and Connie were now thirty two and thirty five. Maria was still a sex slave and she had done some really nasty and kinky things but she really had no idea what kind of Masters she had been serving.
After coming home from work one night Maria was extremely tired and she needed sleep desperately. She was tired from what her Masters had been doing to her plus a twelve hour shift at the office so she went straight to sleep. What happened next she never expected. Maria woke up in the dungeon she had been serving her Masters in and she was securely bound and gagged so she could not move or make a sound. What she saw in front of her made her shudder in fear but also turned her on a little bit. Maria's Masters had abducted her and her big sister Connie and locked them in the dungeon.
Justin told Maria that her and Connie would be locked in the dungeon for the rest of their lives and that it was Maria's job to help them break Connie and get her to do what she was told without fighting. He told Maria that her and Connie would be severely raped and beaten for the next two weeks straight to get them used to their new life.
Connie was still blindfolded and she could not see Maria's face but she could hear her voice saying, "it will be okay Connie, just do what they say and they won't hurt us." Maria and Connie were both very scared, Maria didn't know what she had gotten herself into with these men, what started off as a fun way to live out her sexual fantasies was now a nightmare of brutal rapes and beatings on a daily basis.
Maria cried as she watched her Masters rape and beat her big sister Connie into submission. She begged them to stop only to get beaten as a punishment for being a bitch and not keeping her fucking mouth shut.
After two weeks of being broken Maria only had a couple of cuts and bruises on her body because she was giving the men what they wanted and going along with what they told her to do, she was in good shape and she was healthy because they were letting her eat good food but she did have to pay a price for it. Treating Maria better than Connie was also part of the men's plan.
At the end of the first two weeks Connie was in way worse shape than Maria. On her first day of breaking the men dressed Connie up in her wedding dress and put her into her own room and removed her restraints.
The next thing Connie knew she was in a cement room with one very heavy steel door and no windows wearing her wedding dress. A group of twenty five men entered the room followed by her little sister Maria who was blindfolded and had her ears plugged with headphones that had satanic heavy meatl blasting in them so she couldn't hear Connie scream. Maria was placed into a chair and a video camera was placed into her hands, she was then restrained and tied into place firmly with the video camera pointed straight at her sister and their Masters.
Maria was completely unaware that she was about to videotape her big sister Connie being gang raped and beaten into submission by twenty five men. A cage was then placed around Maria and the men told Connie that she had permission to try to save Maria and runaway.
The men let Connie try to open the cage for a couple of minutes and laughed as she screamed for Maria and told her she was going to save them and get them out of there. Maria could not see or hear Connie but the video camera in her hands was recording everything. Suddenly five of the men attacked Connie, the first blow she received was a hard punch to the face which knocked her down and made her eyes swell up and tear. Next, the men began ripping her wedding dress off and beating her with chains and sticks simultaneously.
Connie was being a real bitch and trying to fight back but it was useless, she was outnumbered and overpowered. She could not stop fighting back though and the men had to teach her a lesson. All twenty five of the men swarmed on Connie with chains, belts and sticks and brutally pummeled her into submission.
They were picking her up and letting her stand on her feet and giving her a chance to fight back just to knock her down and beat her again. She was now in her bra and panties and her body was completely covered in bruises and cuts, her arms and legs were broken as well as her hips.
The men made sure she wasn't hurt too bad though because they didn't want her to die, they just wanted to hurt her worse than she could ever imagine. After the men beat Connie senseless they picked her broken body up and started to rape her.
Maria was still blindfolded and satanic heavy metal was still blasting in her headphones as she held the video camera that was recording the brutal beating and rape of her big sister Connie. Connie screamed in pain as the men took turns fucking her in the asshole, mouth and pussy. They were picking her up by her broken arms and legs and throwing her around like a rag doll as they raped and sodomized her broken body.
She begged them to stop only to be beaten more. Connie was in really bad shape and Maria still had no idea. One of the men went into Maria's cage and gave her an enema to make her take a shit. Maria's shit was collected in a bucket and brought to Connie. The men had finished raping and beating Connie for now and now it was time for her to eat and drink.
The men all jacked off into a big gallon sized pitcher and urinated into it as well. They then forced Connie to drink the entire pitcher and told her that was all she would be allowed to drink from now on. After Connie drank the semen and urine cocktail, the men started shoving her little sister Maria's shit into her mouth and forcing her to swallow it. Connie was too weak and hungry to vomit up her meal of semen, urine and her sister Maria's shit.
One of the men grabbed a clear plastic bag and after stuffing a piece of Maria's shit into Connie's mouth and smearing it on her face, he pulled the plastic bag tightly over Connie's head and made her choke on Maria's shit and suffocate for about thirty seconds. He pointed her head straight to the camera and said "smile for the camera and your sister Maria, Connie, you fucking bitch." Then the man took the bag off of Connie's head and let her get a breath of fresh air and told her to stop being a fucking bitch or he would break her fingers.
The men then left the room, all but Justin. Justin took Maria out of her cage and took the video camera from her. While still filming he pointed the camera at Connie who was destitute after being raped, force fed her sister's shit and had her limbs broken. She was still alive with no internal injuries but she was in severe pain from her broken bones.
He filmed her as she cried on the floor unable to move, covered in cum and piss and shit, then turned the camera to a still deaf and blind Maria, who was naked and gagged and also had a butt plug in her asshole and said, "Thank you for filming us breaking your big sister Connie, Maria. I don't think she will be giving us anymore attitude.
Justin turned off the camera and removed Maria's blindfold and headphones and left the two sister's in the cement room together. Maria was in complete shock by the state her sister had been left in and there was nothing she could do to help her big sister so she just cried. One hour later the men returned and tied Maria and Connie into fixed positions facing a large flat high definition television screen. Maria and Connie's eyes were held open by their lids with a tool from one of the men who was an optometrist.
The men left the girls in the room watching the videotape of Connie being broken. Maria cried for her sister Connie as they were forced to watch the video while Connie was in such a state of shock she could not do anything but sit and watch the videotape of twenty five men breaking her arms and legs and hips then raping her. They both wished they were dead but things we just beginning.
Connie eventually healed up but since her bones were never set she was now crooked and unable to walk normally and sex was now extra painful for her and since she was being raped on a daily basis, she was in pain constantly. Maria, however remained in very good physical shape as she was treated nicely and well fed.
Maria was allowed to wear beautiful clothes and make up and eat good food while Connie was not allowed to wear clothes and only allowed to drink semen and urine and eat Maria's shit straight from her asshole. Connie began to hate Maria for receiving better treatment than her and began to believe that Maria was in on it which was not true because Maria was just as scared as her and was only doing what she was told.
The only reason Maria never cried every time she was forced to take a shit into Connie's mouth was because she knew she would be beaten and punished if she did anything but smile while she did it. If she didn't thank her Master for letting her take a shit in Connie's mouth she would be beaten and she knew it.
One day the men brought Maria and Connie's friend Diana down to the basement and forced the two women to watch them play gently with their niece before violently sodomizing her. The men were telling Diana that they found her friends and when she came into the room she was so happy to see Maria and Connie.
She asked Maria why her boobs were hanging out of her shirt and said "what's wrong Connie? Are you ok? The men said you were here and you guys want to see me!"
At this point Maria was very scared for her friend and told her that Connie was sick and that everything was going to be okay and gave her a hug. The men then came into the room and pulled Maria to the side, they told her that if she didn't get Diana to suck everybody's dick without putting up a fuss that they would beat Diana just like Connie.
They told her to make Diana eat her pussy while Connie videotaped it then tell Diana to do the same thing to the men. A video camera was placed into Connie's hands then pointed at Maria and Diana and turned on. Maria told Diana that they were going to play a game where she kisses her auntie between the legs. She told Diana to lick her pussy and stick her tongue in it. Diana started to eat Maria's pussy and they were both enjoying it. Justin told Maria to get into a sixty nine with Diana so she did and they started to eat each other's cunts while Connie filmed it.
Once Diana's pussy started to get wet and she started to have fun the men came in and told Diana it was time to play with them. They made Maria teach Diana how to get on all fours and stick her ass in the air. Once Diana's fat ass was in the air, Justin handed Maria some lube and said "put it on Diana's asshole, we are going to fuck her up the asshole everyday so get her ready." Maria told Diana that she was going to put something on her butt hole and not to worry and Diana said "ok, Maria".
Now that Diana's asshole was lubed up the men began to fuck Diana up the asshole very slowly and they were being very nice to her and playing with her as they did it. The men made Diana eat Maria's pussy as they sodomized her and Connie was videotaping it all. Diana and Maria were both wearing ballerina outfits and Connie was completely naked.
The men started to pick up the pace and really fuck Diana up the asshole hard, she started to cry so Justin took his cock out of her ass and stuck it down her throat and said, "shut the fuck up and suck your shit off of my cock Diana!" One of the other men was fucking her up the asshole very hard as she choked on Justin's cock. The men then started to rape Diana's asshole very hard and she was crying uncontrollably.
Maria was telling Diana to do what the men said and it would be over soon. It was not over soon though. Diana was raped up her asshole for 48 hours straight by hundreds of men, they just kept coming into the dungeon twenty five after twenty five and raping Diana while Maria watched and Connie filmed it.
By the end of the two days Diana's asshole was so stretched out that she was shitting her self uncontrollably but her pussy was untouched. Justin lodged a three inch butt plug into Diana's asshole to keep her shit from falling out and to keep it stretched out and loose. Diana was now a sex slave just like her friends Maria and Connie and she was only allowed to remover her butt plug when Justin said it was okay. Diana and Maria stay dressed up in nice outfits with pretty make up on while Connie was kept naked and ugly with bruises all over her body at all times. Diana and Maria were taught to punish Connie and were rewarded for it. Connie is still eating Maria and Diana's shit everyday and has grown to hate Maria and Diana and herself. Maria, Connie and Diana are not allowed to drink anything but a mixture of the semen and urine of their Masters and they are still sex slaves today. Diana's asshole can fit a large fist inside it and she has gotten used to being fucked up her slutty ass twenty five times a day.
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Default A night to remember - Fiction, Cruelty, First Time, Rape, Teen Male/Teen Female, Virginity, Young

A night to remember - Fiction, Cruelty, First Time, Rape, Teen Male/Teen Female, Virginity, Young

This is my first story on this sight, (I know there is hardly any sex in the first bit so you don't have to read that if you don't want to) but please give feeback both positive and negative because I can use this for better stories in the future
It was 7-30 am on a bright monday morning without a cloud in the sky as I looked out the window from my bedroom. I had my tie on my wardrobe door handle and my shirt on a coat hanger. I got out of my night clothes as I went and showered. However, things weren't as they first seemed.

I walked into the bathroom and saw... a red thong? I had to take a closer look at this. Then I saw that they had recently been worn because they were still warm and the stain on them was still quite wet. I thought nothing else of it but to place it in the wash basket and then preceeded to the shower when...

"Aaaarrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh!" a girl's voice screamed as I suddenly jolted back a yard or two. It seems like I forgot my cousin Ginny, a 17 year old virgin was staying with me and my family for a few months whilst her parents were settling a divorce. "Oh, I'm so sorry! I promise I didn't see anything" I said panicking. "Yeah yeah Tom, you just wanted to see my pussy!" she shot back cutely "why are you naked?" "I was going to come for a shower. Oh, and you wouldn't dare show me your pussy anyway!" It was indeed true that I wanted to see her pussy and I turned red in front of her faster than a set of traffic lights. I then went back outside the bathroom and waited for her to finish whilst trying not to get an erection whilst trying to take the dirty pictures out of my mind. I had never had sex before either but something here just felt different.
But oh boy did I think she was a saucy little minx! Her brunette hair stretched down to just below her shoulders and I saw nothing else other than that because she used the curtain to cover herself up. How has she not got with anyone yet? If only I could see more...

Five minutes later Ginny asked me if I had seen her thong and so I told her where I put it and she gratefully grabbed it and darted out of the bathroom. Seems like she's forgot to put her bra on. 'oh well' I though to myself as I picked it up. 34C it said on the label and then I put it under my bed and with no intention of telling her. I then exited my room and went to get my bag ready for college and walked out the house.


As I walked to college, I couldn't get that scene out of my head. Over and over again her face kept appearing from behind the curtain. I was getting hard at the warm soapy water flowing slowly down her neck and chest from what I could see. I suddenly snapped back to reality as I was almost ran over whilst trying to cross a street. "Jerk!" the driver shouted so I just ignored him and got to college in the next couple of minutes.

At college things went pretty slowly as I thought of a plan to see Ginny naked again but this time uncensored. That's when I remembered about my balcony which I hadn't used in years... But then I thought to myself "she's my cousin, cousins don't fuck each other let alone see each other naked" but then the sex crazed side over powered me and without much of a fight I had decided to do what I had in mind.


I woke up at five pm on the same evening with my finallised plan fully formed. I knew that with one slip up I could be grounded for life and so I had to be very carful in what I did. I went down stairs to eat my dinner which consisted of a burger and fries because my mum couldn't be arsed to cook. Whilst eating, I noticed that Ginny had a gorgeous black tank top on which was being shown through a cream coloured cardigan. Everytime she looked away from me I would fix myy eyes to her clevage and get hornier with each passing moment. As soon as she stood up, my eyes checked the rest of her body out. 'What a hot ass! Damn!' I thought

As soon as we finished dinner mum had suggested that we watch a film because dad would be at work for another few days yet and we never watch films when dad is here because he doesn't like them. Half way through, there was a "really hot sex scene" but I knew that It was really faked because the certificated grade was a 12 rating. Despite all this, I saw Ginny put a hand on the inside if her thigh and she rubbed it so slowly that you could only notice if you looked at her.

The film had a good 20 minutes to go when both Mum and Ginny fell asleep. Being as I am never good with messing around with girls in their normal sleep, I have always wanted to make a sleeping potion but never got the time or money to buy the props - until now so I set about to make some up and the end result was pretty good. But the time for this part of the plan was later. I popped to my room to put the bottle in a safe hiding place and returned down to the living room.


The film had now finished and the two girls were awake. It was onlt half nine in the evening when Mum had decided to go to bed. That of course left me and my cousin all alone down the stairs. I suddenly said to Ginny "We can either do this the easy way or the hard way." She looked confused. "What the fuck are you on about?" she asked me. "This" I replied as I kissed her hard on the lips. She rejected my kiss and so I asked her what's wrong. It turns out that she never thought about sex and the fact that she was unknowingly about to lose her virginity with her cousin soon. She then asked me "Did you enjoy what you saw?" with a look of disgust in her eye. "To be honest, no! I was wanting to see all of you naked and you covered up. You've been on my mind all day. Do you know how horny that makes me?" She didn't answer that so I told her to wait. I went and got my bottle and the fun was about to begin...

I got back again to where she was and I showed her the bottle and asked again " WE CAN EITHER DO THIS THE EASY WAY OR THE HARD WAY!" with a sense of frustration in my voice. She was clearly very frightened by what just came out and so I reached out and grabbed her right breast when she slapped me. I called her a bitch and pushe her against the sofa. Now I was on top of her as I forced my way to underneath her cardigan to fondle her breasts, first the left and then the right. I then ripped the front of her cardigan apart as she started to cry. She tried to slap me again but this time I pinned her arms down. As her punishment I lowered her tank top straps and pulled her arms through them. Now I pulled the top so that it went across her eyes. Just after that happened, I put my hand up her skirt and slid the same red thong down as earlier.

"See this?" I smeared at her. She nodded uncomfortably, "this is the same one from earlier which was yours but is mine now haha!" I got the oddest of looks from her as I stripped out of my clothes and got on top of her. I pulled her skirt down and lined my cock up with her pussy. I was about to start entering her when she tried to resist the make shift gag. "NO" I said to her with a menacing look.

Now her bra came off and I started to suck on her nipples as she moaned in sinful pleasure which her body was enjoying and she was not. "Why are you doing this to me?" she kept on asking. I never answered her but I got so bored of it that I stuck my cock into her mouth and she gagged a little because she had never done any form of sex before. "Suck my cock you whore to be!" and she bobbed her head up and down in a small amount.

She was not satisfying my cock and so I held her head and forced myself down her throat. After another five or so minutes I decided to pull out and give her virginity to myself. I lined myself up and didn't stop for anything this time. I went in slowly but broke her hymen with such force that I covered her mouth to cover her scream. She was so tight in there. My 6 inch cock had barely even fit sideways because her pussy is tight and my dick is wide. I got used to the heat inside her nd began to fuck away at her displeasure. "No, no, NO!" she kept wailing but I couldn't pass this opportunity up could I? I licked her nipples as I fucked her and so I decided to see how much milk I can extract from her painfully. I squeezed her boob and milk came out. I then bit and suckled on the breast, fresh tears running down her face. I never thought she would be so juicy and tasty.

I myself was very close to the cumming ceremony and so I left her swollen tits alone and I deep fucked my cousin and I came up inside her tight pussy with about 5 decent spurts that I counted and I buried her face in my crotch to lock the cum off that hadn't entered her.


The next day Ginny had no spare clothes and so she had to stay at home with me - knowing what happened last night would most likely happe again and I still had my sleeping potion hee-hee!

The end.
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Default The Shallow Depths - True Story, Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Humiliation, Incest, Plumper, Rape, Teen Male / Female, Virginity, Young

The Shallow Depths - True Story, Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Humiliation, Incest, Plumper, Rape, Teen Male / Female, Virginity, Young

A dream come true...?
Years past. I was beginning to lose faith that my dreams would ever come true...

It was a cold summer day, not to the point of a jacket, but there was a chill in the air. Ever since We moved into our new house, I have always wanted a pool. It is a kids dream to own a pool that all of his friends could come swim in. But to me, a pool meant something totally different.

I was 15 years old at the time, and horny as ever. Everyday after school, I would dart straight home and get on my computer. I wouldn't get on my computer for the normal computer things, I would get on for reasons only my dick can appreciate. "OHHHH! HARDER! FUCK ME FASTER, BABY! FASTER!" These were the sounds that were constantly springing from my computer speakers. I didn't care if the neighbors heard it, I was never afraid to show my sexuality, and I never will be. I would quickly bring out my 7 1/2 inch dick and stroke it to climax. On days that my parents didn't have work, I would simply wait until it was time to shower, and bring my laptop in the bathroom. It was simple, and I'm sure my parents didn't know what I was doing. Oh yeah, my parents. I had always been one on the kinky side. I have tried every different masterbation technique out there at least once, I masterbate no matter the circumstances, and I think of my parents in an incestual way. Speaking of my parents. On weekends my mother (Jennifer) and my father (Eric) usually go out and run errands, while I am left home alone. This doesn't make me angry, because this is when I have the most fun. I stroll into my parents room naked, and go through my parents drawers. My father, about 6'0 tall and normal weight, has a nightstand. The nightstand looks innocent, cuddling next to his side of the bed, but really it is an incest-lovers dream. This drawer contains condoms, and even contains porn cards. Some of the porn cards even have cum stains where my father must have wanked all over them. Although the cards are a great turn-on, the condoms are my favorite treat. Every weekend a condom disappears which can only mean that my parents are having sex right down the hall from my bedroom! The thought of this turns me on. When I find that a condom is gone, I quickly jolt to the bathroom and dig through the mini garbage can to look for the small, round clump of the weekly napkins. Inside the "treasure box" is a used condom from my parents the night before. I usually stare at the condom in amazement knowing that my mom's pussy, and my dad's dick has touched it. I soon get a hard on, so I put the condom on and jack-off with it. I love to feel the mixture of my dad's cum all over my dick. Before long, I have added my own jizz to the condom, and I put it back where I got it. Not only do I go through my dad's drawers though, I also go through my mom's. My mother is abotu 5'5 and slightly overweight. When I first started going through here drawers, there was nothing to excite me enough. But as I dug deeper through the underwear drawer, I found a white lace thong. I was star-struck when I found out that my mother had worn a thong even though she is so fat. Usually I put the thong on, and jack-off until I cum. I usually cum all over the thong, hoping that my mom will put it on while the cum is still wet. But that never happens. I have always tried to catch my parents in the act of sex, or either of them naked, but to no avail.

Finally, after years of imagining, my dream has come true.

My mom had been home all week from work due to a manditory shut down. I knew that this meant I wouldn't be able to jack-off right when I got home, so I had to find something else to do. I had recently got a pool, and so I decided that I would go swimming. My mom told me she would join me. Although the pool was only an on-top-of-the-ground pool, it cooled me off nonetheless. I didn't go in the pool to cool of that day though, it was only 65 degrees, but I went for a more sly reason. I climbed the ladder into the pool, and to my surprise, the water was warm. Jenny, happy to hear this, climbed right in too. She was too big for a bikini, so she wore a one peice. Instantly, I noticed how revealed her DD boobs were in the top. She dipped down into the water, and I finally after many years to trying, I saw her boobs. The top was so tight that her boobs showwed through, and I was stuck in amazement. She saw me staring, so I knew I had to make my move. I told her I was cold, and wanted to go in. She complied.

When we got in the house, I waited until she got in the living room and quickly threw her down onto the couch. She was big, but I was taller and much stronger. She knew she what I wanted, and she knew I would get it.

I stripped away her failing top, and slapped the top of her boob, letting her know that I meant business. I loved the sight of her fat body, and her hairy snatch. I had a raging hard-on, so I had to let it go. She told me she didn't want me to do this, but I didn't care, I was ready. I flipped her on her back, and rubbed my dick around her pussy lips. She seemed to be pretty loose, but nothing my 8.5 inch dick couldn't please. I quickly stuck my dick in her. She was now flooded with tears, but I didn't care. I had waited so long for this, and I wasn't going to let it slip away now. I rammed my body against the rolls of her ass, as my dick went in and out. I was letting slow grunts, as this was my first time in a real pussy. It felt so good, that in a matter of a few minutes, I could feel the skeet getting ready to drain into her violated pussy. "UHGGGGHHH". I had the biggest climax of my life, right there in my OWN mom's pussy. She was screaming at me telling me not to do this, and I just kept reminding her that I had so condom on, and that I hoped she got pregnant, so she would have to suffer the pain of pregnancy. I flipped my mom over and stuck my dick in her mouth. "Lick off your son's excess cum that your pussy couldn't handle, and if you bite, I'll beat the shit out of you." She knew I meant this, so she did. Within minutes, I had a boner yet again. I flipped her over and asked her if Dad had ever given it to her in the ass. "No, we don't like the thought of that," she said. "Good, then that'll make it even better when I give it to you in the ass," I laughed maniacly. I quickly shoved my ready dick into her tight brown nozzle. "OWWWW," she let out a high-pitched scream of pain. I rammed my cock into her for a good hour, and then I was ready to cum again. "Have you ever had cum in your mouth?" I questioned her. "Yes, I have, and I liked it," she said with some attitude. I could tell she was lying from the tone in her voice, so I flipped her over and shoved my dick in her pryed open mouth. "Good, then you'll like this." I let out another behemoth load of cum, half of it spilling out all over the couch. I knew she was in a state of shock, after what just happened, so I thought I'd humiliate her one more time, then let her go. "Lick up all of the cum that you couldn't swallow, or that didn't stay in your pussy and I'll let you be free for now," I demanded. She willingly licked up every last drop. "Now don't speak of this again or I'll kill your husband, and you'll be all mine," I laughed at her face when she thought of what I had just said. "Okay, but please don't do this again," she begged. "Oh, shut up bitch," I told her.

Ever since then I have been raping her anytime my dad is gone. I even shower with her in the mornings!

For many years I waited, but my dream has finally come true.

If you liked this, tell me, and I'll tell you guys some other stories in my life.
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Default Trash part 3 - Dark Fantasy, Boy, Exhibitionism, Extreme, Hardcore, Lesbian, Rape

Trash part 3 - Dark Fantasy, Boy, Exhibitionism, Extreme, Hardcore, Lesbian, Rape

read the most amazing story ever told first
Julie has sex with Tarea. She licks her pussy while Tarea mashes tacos on herself and Julie. Tarea supplies her with more drugs. Julie sees a gigantic monster telling her to do strange things. She breaks into a butcher shop and eats half of the meat while humming amazing grace and touching herself. She sets fires and breaks down statues. She is put into juvenile hall. The same one as Tarea's. They dunk her face in the toilet bowl. Julie says who she is. She mentions she knows Tarea. Tarea is a legend their. Some of Tarea's old girls are still fighting Megan's. Julie gets raped by her bunk mate Ginger. Ginger is a big breasted teen who gassed a two year old to death, while she slashed his penis with a razor blade. Ginger stabs Julie in the ass and threatens to slit her throat. After the rape Julie queefs out the now pickled cucumber. She gives it to Ginger the next day as a joke. Ginger uses Julie to fight Megan's girls. She tells her to kill Danielle with a spoon. She scoops out Danielle's eyes and rips off her labia. Ginger fists Julie hard and spits in her face. She tells her that she is a dumb bitch.

Now having sex frequently, Mickey and Earn are interrupted by detective Wright. Wright had a prosthetic leg now after being shot by Shannon. Wright was investigating Johnny's disappearance. Wright snooped around the house. He went downstairs and found Johnny uncontrollably urinating while sawing off his infected strong hand. Wright called on his radio. Earn stole the radio and stomped it into the ground. Mickey takes his gun and shoots him in the jaw. Wright's teeth are exposed. The blood sprays on Johnny. Johnny attempts to leave, but Earn grabs him and throws him down the stairs into Marv's skeleton. Mickey sprays a fire extinguisher into Wright's mouth. Then she picks up his gun and blows off his head. Johnny face is forced in the mess. Mickey forces him to give her a toothless blow job. After he eats her out, they glue his forehead to the ground and put him on a liquid diet by inserting a tube in his stomach. They play hardcore rap music in his ears with headphones. This rap music is actually illegal but Mickey brought a bootlegged CD. They give a tourniquet for his arm. The next day Johnny disappears. They frantically look for him by contacting Tarea. Tarea admits that she took him, but that he disappeared after she hid him under a blanket in the back of a moving pick up truck. They ask Trey if they saw him. Trey says he gave him a bath and let him go because he said he could survive on his own. He said he asked for sixty dollars and some Chiclets. He says that was the last they saw of him.

Johnny has survived off the McDonald's dollar menu. He stole a pair of dentures from an old lady in order to chew. He buys one McChicken burger everyday and drinks from a water fountain. He is all alone and intends on going to the Mayo institute to recover. On his way he meets up with Donovan, before the incident at EBU. Donovan molests him and feeds him fish tacos. Johnny appreciates this and chooses to stay. But Donovan flees to the cult. Johnny disappears again.

Julie dreams of escaping from prison. Tarea calls in for her. She plots her escape. She tells them to break through the windows and beat the dogs. Julie leaves and kicks five different dogs in the liver. Ginger follows and plots to kill Julie with a bag of oranges for abandoning her. Julie attacks Ginger and cuts open her thigh and pulls out the bone. She then impales her through the heart. Julie flees the scene of ultra violence and is hit by a car. Tarea had planned to pick her up. She takes Julie in and heals her. Tarea takes Julie to Megan's grave. Tarea digs up the body. Megan's body is horribly decayed. She has sex with the body and pulls it apart. Tarea's naked body is humping the body. She sticks the arm in her pussy and is surprised to learn she died without her penis. She bites the corpse and dismembers it. Julie, in a rage closes it shut and buries Tarea with Megan. She covers the grave again. Julie runs away from the grave. She runs to a donut shop. She is so hungry she eats seven dozen blueberry donuts. While walking through the streets she is encountered by a woman with paper Mache on her face. She pisses in her pants. She slaps Julie. Julie wants to fuck her. She does. The woman dies during the session. Julie runs away once again, having killed three people in a few hours. Tarea was surely dead by now. She has big bottle of pills and she takes more and more. She suffers from chills, hemophilia, eye pains, more hip pains and coughing fits.

Johnny reappears at the house reading Battle Royale. This book prompts him to kill his captives. He steals a gun from a store and fills it with ammo. The clerk tries to stop him. He shoots at the clerk, killing an eight year deaf girl. He runs off. Hal the dog jumps at him but his gun goes off shooting Hal through the mouth.

Meanwhile, Earn has become a polygamist. He married two twins, whom he forces to have sex with. The twins are named Lara and Polly. They are identical. Lara is a tomboy while Polly is more of a girl's girl. Earn makes Lara throw up in Polly's mouth. In preparation she eats Korean food, bacon, spaghetti-os, purple cauliflower, beans, hard candy, carrot soup, apple, cheese, peanut butter, parsley, Chevada bread, apple sauce, chicken salad and ipecac. They have lesbian sex in the middle of an arcade. Lara pushes the foosball sticks in and out of her ass while Polly pukes out Lara's vomit and a mixture of her own food including a Greek omelet, grape soda, lettuce, fruity pebbles, Casaba melon, chili, chick peas, Jordan Almonds, and spare ribs. The puke takes about 20 seconds. It is slimy and flows slowly out of her mouth. Earn pushes both in the big pile of puke. He fucks Lara in the ass while she fucks Polly. He gives Lara a strawberry shortcake. Polly takes a knife and stabs at Earn. Instead she pokes out Lara's eye by accident. The vomit is in her pussy. She cuts Earn's stomach and fills the wound with vomit. She tends to Lara as they run through the street naked. Earn makes them fuck on the floor of a grimy gym floor. Lara sticks Polly with a strap on that secretes fake semen. Lara takes a humongous shit on Polly. The shit smells awful. Polly shits in Lara's face. They fuck while Polly pukes on Lara. The puke is chunky. One kicks his stomach. Polly kicked him. Lara bites his balls. Earn bashes Lara's head in the door, but Polly jumps on his back. Her puke and shit covered boobs, stomach and pussy press on his back. Earn over powers both. He punches Polly in the nose and savagely throat fucks her while pushing her eyes in with his thumbs. He shits on her chest and spreads it with his ass. He is now sitting on her going in and out. He pushes up and down. He bashes her head against the floor. She sucks the cock hard. She pukes all over him. He pulls the dick out and pisses in her face. He kicks Lara in the face and stuffs a spoon in her ass and coughs while she holds his balls. He vaginally rapes her and spits vomit in her face. Polly grabs him. He pushes her into Lara and forces them on each other. He fucks Polly from behind while she is being pushed against Lara. He stuffs a bar of soap in Lara's ass. He sticks his index and middle fingers all the way up her nostrils and makes Polly suck his fingers. He bashes Polly's face into her broken nose. Earn pulls out Polly's pig tails and calls her a stupid cunt. He whips both of them and rubs feces in the wounds. He feeds Lara lotion and pokes his finger in her eye hole. He sticks his cock in the eye hole and burns Polly's pussy with a lighter. He puts a small beach ball in Polly's ass and inflates it. He bashes her head with a bottle of champagne. He holds a knife to their throats. He pushes Lara's face in the dirty ground and she fires out the soap bar. He anally rapes her until she starts shitting from pain. He punches Polly in ribs. He fists Polly and calls her stupid while kicking Lara. He bites Polly's tongue and throws her on the ground. Her comes on both of them and forces them to make out with each other. Once they stop he slaps both of them over 200 times. He forces them to make a sandwich with Polly in the middle. He puts make up on their faces and beats them. He licks Lara's neck and fists her deep in the pussy. He twists Polly's nipples simultaneously and punches Lara in the head. He stuffs his cock in Polly and the strap on in Lara. He screams at them for ten minutes while continuously raping them. He throws Lara across the room and spanks her. He eats her out and makes her puke on the back of his head. He head butts her and slaps her tits. He makes Polly rim him and he turns around to smack her face. He spits in her eyes and sticks his cock head in her naval. He scratches Lara's face and forces Lara to finger Polly. He takes Hal's decaying body and throws it on them. He forces them to make love to the corpse. He takes both of them in his car trunk and shoves golf clubs up their asses and pussies. He pours a bowl of piss on both of them. He takes the clubs out, kicks them both in the ribs and he leaves them naked in a forest and blind folded and starts a forest fire.

Julie is now wandering the streets, giving people blow jobs for money. She meets Trey who is desperately looking for Tarea. She says she doesn't know where she is. She finds the two girls running around blindfolded. She sends them to a hospital. Polly dies and Lara is in a coma. Polly died from shock. She walks home and swallows flies that buzz around the house. There is a gigantic and easily visible mold creeping out from the corner. It is blue and green and moves visibly. It has consumed plenty of food and even animals. A dead raccoon is in the mound of mold. Julie looks for her wayward parents. They are upstairs eating the pills. Julie has decided to stay off the drugs. She can't stop. But she cuts down more than any one else can. Mickey jumps out of window in a high state. She is saying "Praise the lord!" They rush her to a hospital. She has a rod stuck in her neck. She bleeds vehemently as they send her to the ER. Julie expects her to die. But Mickey lives. While on drugs she devised a scheme. They would masquerade the drugs as lemonade by pouring them into the mix. They will say it's for charity and then people will keep coming back. The plan is ingenious.
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Default Raped in prison - Dark Fantasy, Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Cruelty, Fan fiction, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Rape, Torture, Written by women

Raped in prison - Dark Fantasy, Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Cruelty, Fan fiction, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Rape, Torture, Written by women

Valkyrie is in a gaol trying to ding cylsas nadir when the prisoners escape and have their way with her
As valkyrie was pulled out of the ventilation ducts she screamed with a terrible gut wrenching fear. She was going to die. They finished pulling and she landed on her ass, the tall bulking men standing in front of her, grinning at their triumph. "What should we do with her?" One man asked "we should kill her!" This got some cheers. "No, we should use her as a hostage to get out of this gaol" this got even more cheers " those are both good Ideas but I think before we do that we should see what she looks like under those armored clothes" they all cheered at this and grabbed her. Her jacket was pulled and her jeans tugged with no care and she was left in pink lace bra and g string. The men whooped as they saw her undergarments making remarks like slut and whore and nice d cups. Then a man grabbed her arm. And another rubbed her legs, and another squeezed her breast, and one man started to finger her. She went moist and the man grinned "look at this slut" he said " she's already wet" and valkyrie clenched her legs "let me go!" She pleaded "don't do this!" But it was to late, her bra was pulled off and she was lying across a table, completely naked as the men pulled out and started stroking their shafts. The first man came and pulled her head down so it was below the table and shoved his cock into her throat. Valkyrie gagged and the men cheered. The skin was hard and tasted of semen. A man came from behind and lifted her by her ass cheeks and shoved his 9" cock through her ass cheeks. There was no lube, not even some saliva to loosen her up and the friction was tearing her up. She spread her legs a little further, toned muscles stroked by the men. One man thought this was to much apparently and ran forward and jumped on the table, shoving his 4" shaft into Valkyrie a few times before orgasming. And despite his dick being tiny, he blew a huge load, thank god she was on the pill, she had had so much sex that condoms were a bit too expensive so this was cheaper. The man hopped off and wandered away and another man replaced him. His dick was not small. It was at least 10" and a 1.5" girth. Valkyrie ignored the ripping of her ass and gagging in her throat to appreciate the pleasure she was feeling from this rock hard machine. The man whom valkyrie was giving a blowjob started thrusting harder and went balls deep, his genitals rubbing against her face, and blew a load down her throat, he quickly pulled out and exploded onto her face. "That's 3 years worth of jizz on your face, you're welcome" being upside down she couldn't swallow the cum and she was about to spit when another man thrust his shaft in her face. She wrapped her lips around it and did her best to swallow the previous mans load. His cock was thick and solid and slid down her throat nicely. The man behind her was thrusting his dick deep into her ass and she her ass had gone red. He plunged deeper and harder and faster and valkyrie cried, she had lost all feeling at her hole so she could only feel the effect the cock ha on her insides and it felt incredible. She clenched an the man grunted, before shooting a load into her ass. It filled her and felt good. The man she was blowing roared and blew his load all over her face. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, long ropes of cum drenching her face and hair and covering her tongue. The man fucking her pussy gave one last thrust and shot his load deep inside her. Then one huge man came to her and grabbed her head and wrenched and her neck broke, an d valkyrie died. Darquesse awoke and was aware if the violations that had faced her. The room was bound so she could only keep herself conscious, though to anyone else, she was dead. She could hear the other men argue "you idiot, she was our ticket out!" "Good riddance, one less sanctuary Mage" "throw her in the air duct and be done with it" another said, and they threw her body in the air duct and ran off.

Darquesse healed the neck and returned control to valkyrie. She was covered and filled with come and the taste of cum was strong in her mouth. The slimy cum acted as a lubricant and she slid out. She was naked, the feeling of exposure was arousing and the air was cold on her cum ridden tits. She looked around for a cloth or towel by there was nothing to take away the cum. Valkyrie cupped her hand and wiped the cum off her body. She was about to fling it to the ground when her stomach grumbled, she was starving. She looked at the handful of cum. "Well" she said "it would be a waste" and poured the delicious white goo into her mouth. She swirled her cum, admiring how sweet these men's cum was. She scooped up another handful and poured it into her mouth. She sat down, concrete floor hard on her naked body. She lay down relaxing, enjoying the feeling of complete exposure, swirling the cum around her mouth. She grabbed her boobs, pulling them to her mouth and sucking the cum off the nipples. She got dressed, pants irritating her sore ass, and all she could think about, was the cum in her Pusey she could enjoy when she got home.
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